A Joke Alternate Ending

by Raptor5

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Raptor5

Erotica Story: The original author Agena has allowed other endings to be added. Here is my version.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Cuckold   .


When Roger and Flo came down to release me from the handcuffs, he tried futilely to get the key into the cuffs, but

was so shaky, he just fumbled with them. I looked up into his eyes and said, "Roger "give the keys to Flo and then run. "If I catch you I'll beat you to a bloody fucking pulp". With trembling hand, he gave the keys to Flo. She came over and as she squatted down I could see something dripping down her leg. I knew then that this was more then a joke. I could hear Roger run up the stairs and out the door. I heard a truck start up and burn rubber down the street. When Flo got one of the cuffs off, I jerked my hand away from her. Crying, Flo stood up and backed away from me, all the while saying how sorry she was, that it was only supposed to be a joke.

As I stood up and removed the cuff from my other wrist, Flo moved toward me. "Flo, stay the fuck away from me, you fucking slut." She cringed and backed away, I started up the steps when I heard the front door open and slam.

Alice rushed in yelling for Flo and me. As I came up the stairs, Alice saw me and rushed over asking what had happened. As I just glared at her, she saw my bloody wrist and gasped. "What the hell happened here, she inquired". "Your husband and my soon-to- be Ex Wife, handcuffed me in the basement and then went into your bedroom and fucked themselves silly."

Flo heard that and yelled, "We didn't have sex." "Liar, I yelled back. "I saw cum running down your leg when you unlocked the cuffs". "No" she said, that was cream I put there to fool you so you'd think that we'd had sex." As I was walking out the door, saying over my shoulder, "Don't come home tonight," Flo collapsed onto the floor, crying and wailed "We didn't do anything".

When I got home I was still major pissed off that they would do that to us. Then I went up to the bathroom to bandage my wrist. Then I called the Police and reported that my wife and Roger had handcuffed my in his basement against my will. They said that they would come over. They arrived 20 minutes later and took my statement. As they headed over to Roger's and Alice's home, I called her to let her know so she wouldn't be surprised. The policed arrested Flo and put an A.P.B. out for Roger, [All Points Bulletin]. They caught him 2 hours later. Flo called me from jail to say she was sorry and begged me to post her bail. I said "Fuck you, I won't post your bail, but I'll call Mary and let her know." I hung up on her and called Mary and told her Flo had been arrested and she needed to be bailed out.

Mary, annoyed, asked, "Why aren't you doing this"

"Ask Flo when she gets out of jail. Just be sure to let her know that she is not welcome here anymore". After we talked for awhile, we hung up. Then, I called a locksmith to come out and change the locks. He asked, wonderingly, "Tonight?" "Yes tonight. I don't care about the cost, just do it!"

Mary bailed Flo out and then the calls started. As soon as I knew who it was I hung up. When she couldn't get me on the house phone, she tried my cell. When I didn't answer she left messages telling me she sorry and it was only a joke. The next morning after breakfast, I got dressed to go a lawyer's office. I'd called work and told them I needed to take some time off. I explained that I was having problems at home and needed time off. Once they agreed, I got in the car and headed out. The first stop was to the bank, I closed out all of the accounts, paid off the credit cards and all outstanding bills. There was very little left by that time, which I put in a new account under my name only. After I left the bank, I called all of the credit card companies and canceled all.their cards. I had a new one issued under my name only. I headed to the lawyer's office and arrived right on time. As I was ushered into his office, I told him I wanted a Divorce on grounds of Adultery. He asked if I had proof. I told him the story. He looked at me and said that was not enough for grounds of Adultery, but there were grounds for mental and physical abuse. I left his retainer and he started the paper work. He said Flo would be served tomorrow.

When I got home, Patty was waiting. "Dad what is going on? Mom called and said you threw her out of the house and refused to talk to her. I looked her abstractedly for a moment, thinking what to say," Patty, your mom and I are having problems and I filed for divorce this morning". "But why Dad? What did she do to cause you to do this". I held up my wrist and pulled up my sleeve for her to see the bandages. "This is why", I pulled the bandage off to see the damage to my wrist. "She did that to you?" Patty asked. "Yes and no, but she help to cause it". "So the marriage is over as far as I'm concerned. If you want more information you need to talk to your mother".

Patty tried to get more information out of me, but I refused to give her any. She then started just to be nice and wanted to know if she could do anything. She left about two hours later. I went to bed after taking two pain pills.

I got up the next morning and fixed breakfast. As I was eating the doorbell rang. When I got to the door Mary was waiting. I stood aside and invited her in, "What are you doing up and over here so early, I asked?

Mary looked like something the cat had dragged in. She said "We need to talk about Flo and you". "What's there to say? She cheated and I carry the marks to prove it."

Mary, "Flo said all they did was make it sound like they were having wild sex to play another joke on you.

"Bullshit" I yelled, "They locked me up and sent Alice on a fake call so we were both out of the way and they could fuck." "I was under the bedroom the whole time they were fucking," I continued angrily "When Flo squatted down to unlock the cuffs, she didn't have her panties on. I could see her swollen pussy lips and sperm was running down her thighs. No she's out; I have already filed for divorce, on grounds of mental and physical abuse This time the joke went too far."

Mary tried to get me to reconsider, but I refused. I told Mary, if Flo needs anything from this house or needs to talk, then she can talk to my Lawyer. I will probably not talk to Flo without a lawyer ever again. As Mary left crying I called Alice to see how she was handling everything.

Alice explained that she had kicked Roger out till this was settled. She was not happy about all of this or their practical jokes. I explained to her that I had hired a lawyer and was filing for divorce.

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