What Would I Do Without Leslie

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: "What will you do without me to guide you?" is what she asked him.

I remember the day and the time. It was the day of my thirty-fifth birthday and the time was 5: 26 am. I know because I saw the clock when I reached over and silenced the alarm. I looked over at Leslie who would stay in bed another hour and saw something that I hadn't noticed before. Her night gown had slid down and I saw a love bite - a small hickey - on the underside of her left breast. And I had not been the one to put it there. I have at times put love bites on my wife so I knew how long it usually took them to fade and that told me that the one on her breast was recent.

My wife was cheating on me!

As I sat there on the edge of the bed and stared at the mark on her breast I thought back trying to think of any signs that might indicate how long she had been doing it, but I couldn't think of a thing. I hadn't noticed any lack of affection on her part or any changes in her behavior. Well, there was one small change; she was usually all over me when I got home from one of my frequent business trips, but when I'd returned the day before she hadn't. She said she really wanted to, but it was her time of the month.

At the time she told me that I had just accepted it as a fact of life, but looking at that obscene thing on her left tit I had to ask myself if she was really on the rag or just using it as an excuse so that she wouldn't have to get naked with me. Like most men I didn't keep track of my wife's cycle; I just kept on keeping on until she said, "Sorry honey, but I'm out of commission for a while."

Well, I thought as I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom, at least now I know why she didn't answer the phone when I had called her on the two nights I spent in Chicago. Out being busy with her lover or not brave enough to reach over and pick up the bedside phone while he was there in bed with her.

And then I started thinking on what I was going to do about it. Immediate confrontation was out! I was going to want to know who, where and how often and I obviously could not trust her to tell me and be truthful. Confrontation would only cause her to deny things and come up with some excuse for why the mark was there and then quit or slow down on what she was doing. Nope. No confrontation till I had all the facts. And then? Good question I thought; damned good question.

Leslie and I went all the way back to grade school. We were the same age so we were in the same classes. Her last name was Taylor and mine was Talbot and in the early grades since the teachers usually had you sit in alphabetical order we usually ended up sitting next to each other.

The alphabet thing threw us together for a lot of activities like the time in the seventh grade when during Phys Ed they gave us dance classes and Leslie ended up as my partner. In the eighth grade we had a teacher who was big on class projects and she was always breaking us up into groups. Naturally she did it alphabetically so Leslie and I usually ended up together there also.

All of that alphabetically caused closeness had a far reaching effect that I did not realize until much later. Somewhere along the line that closeness gave Leslie the idea we were meant to be together - that I was supposed to be her boyfriend. Girls started thinking about things like that earlier than boys do. I had no interest in girls until I hit the ninth grade and when I did start to notice girls Leslie wasn't one of them.

The first girl to cause my heart to speed up was Pauline French. I dated her twice before she started turning me down when I asked her out. I was crushed - for all of two weeks - and then I went after Nancy Wilde. I had three dates with Nancy before she started putting me off when I asked for a date. After Nancy there were a half dozen others who would go out with me once or twice and then not have anything more to do with me. I moved into the tenth grade thinking that I had a bad case of body odor and really bad breath. I couldn't understand it because I took regular baths and brushed my teeth two or three times a day.

Our school had a dance once a month on a Friday night. Not a prom type dance, just a dance designed to help kids learn to socialize (and keep them off the streets on a Friday night). You could go to it stag and dance with the girls who came alone or you could take a date. Going stag marked you as "lame" and most guys did not want that tag hung on them so if they couldn't get a date they didn't go.

It was the third week of the tenth grade and the dance was the coming Friday. I had been turned down by four girls and had decided not to go when Leslie leaned over to me in Civics class and asked me who I was taking to the dance. Rather than admit that I couldn't get a date I just said that I hadn't planned on going. Then she asked me if I would do her a favor. I asked her what and she wanted to go to the dance, but that she really wasn't interested in any of the guys who had asked her.

"Would you take me Rob? I'd really like to go."

I'm not sure why, but I am guessing that my constant closeness to Leslie had me looking at her more like a sister or something like that, maybe a "not seeing the tree because of the forest" thing. I pulled back and took a good look at Leslie and suddenly wondered why I hadn't been paying attention to her. She was a great looking girl!

I told her that I would like very much to take her to the dance and that was the start of it. I had a great time at the dance and when I walked her to her door when I took her home she kissed me. I asked her if she would like to go to the movies with me on Saturday and she said yes and from then on we were a couple.

Most people could not understand it since Leslie and I were as different as night and day. We were oil and water and everyone knows that the two don't mix, but somehow we did. I was a quiet, unassuming guy and my after school activities were things like the Chess Club, the History Club and the jazz and classical music clubs. Leslie was an outgoing, aggressive over-achiever. She was on the cheer leading squad and played soccer and field hockey.

Looking back at it now I guess that it was maybe six months into our relationship that Leslie started running my life. It was so subtle that I never even noticed. In fact it wasn't even something that I realized until after I started looking into Leslie's cheating. It was little things like, "Oh no Rob, that tie just isn't right for you" and telling me that the barber that I had used for years "was just butchering my hair. You need to go to Anton's."

The biggest thing she did to me way back when was to get me to go out for a sport - any sport at all.

"It makes me look bad to the other girls on the squad (meaning the other cheerleaders) to have a boyfriend who isn't into sports."

I wanted to please Leslie so I went out for football and I even made the team and played varsity in the eleventh and twelfth grades. I wasn't any good and I knew it. For one thing I was too slow. For another at 6'2'' and 165 pounds I lacked the beef to be able to block for beans, but I had one thing going for me - my hands. If the quarterback could get the ball to me I would catch it. I couldn't go anywhere with it after I caught it, but then I really didn't need to, Third and twelve and I'd go down fifteen yards and if Jason could get the ball anywhere close to me I'd catch it, get tackled, but we still have the first down. Coverage didn't matter. Get it to me and I'd catch it.

When football was over I tried basketball. But was just too clumsy. I tried baseball, but pretty much sucked at it. Again, too slow and I could never hit the ball. Track and field was out - the slow thing again - but then a coach suggested wrestling. My weight put me in a class where anyone else who was that weight was smaller, height wise than me, and my 6'2" against their 5'9" or 5'10" gave me what amounted to a four inch reach advantage. I wasn't all that great as a wrestler, but I did well enough to letter in it.

Two other areas where Leslie worked on me were education and sex. I intended to get a degree in Business Management and then go on and get an MBA. When we started eleventh grade Leslie began pushing computer science.

"You don't want to be a stodgy old businessman honey. Put that fantastic mind of yours to good use. Information technology is the wave of the future."

By the time I graduated she had managed to talk me into computers.

And then there was sex!

With my upbringing I had the mind set that you abstained until you were married. Leslie was having none of that. It made for an awkward situation. Every other guy I knew was in a constant hunt for a willing girl while I was doing my best to hold Leslie off. We had hot - very hot - necking sessions, but every time Leslie's hands would wander I would push them away and tell her that we needed to wait.

"But I don't want to wait. I'm ready now."

I mentioned she was aggressive didn't I? We were at the lake on a Saturday. It was just turning dark and I was lying on a blanket when Leslie came out of the water and dropped down next to me. "I hope that you are not too worn out" she said and then she jerked my swimming trunks down and took my cock in her mouth before I even knew what was happening. I went to push her away and she clenched her jaw and I felt her teeth close on my cock and I wisely stopped trying to shove her away. She relaxed her jaw muscles and proceeded to give me my first ejaculation that wasn't by my own hand.

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