The Gift Of Submission

by aka_ireland

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A wife returns a husbands gift on his birthday. The gift of accepting submission.

"Honey, I'm home," Greg said as he hung up his coat and set down his briefcase.

"I'm upstairs, Greg. So traffic was bad?" Jill asked.

Greg answered while pulling off his tie, "There is a game tonight, so around the stadium was all backed up."

"Wow, and only 20 minutes late because of it, lucky you," Jill said as she brushed her hair at the vanity in their bedroom.

"It's not like I could avoid it. We've known for months I had to work late all this week," Greg argued.

Jill laughed, "It sounds like you want out of your birthday present a day early?"

"Oh no. Not at all," Greg said kissing his wife lightly on the shoulder, "I'm just," another kiss, "throwing myself on the," now the other shoulder, "mercy of the court."

Still laughing, "There's no mercy, silly. Now strip." Jill stood up from the mirror.

She wore black stockings secured by a garter belt and matching panties; a bustier completed the outfit.

For years, Greg and Jill had included domination in their sex life. They both preferred to be submissive so they took turns dominating each other. Greg had the idea to give Jill a week of being submissive for her birthday. Jill loved the idea and enjoyed a blissful week. Now she was returning the gift, and with one night left she hoped to make it one he would remember.

Greg quickly removed his clothes. He neatly placed his jacket and pants on the bureau. Wearing only his boxers, Greg admired the graceful curves of his wife's body and the way her dark brown hair fell down around her shoulders. Jill rested one hand her hip, tilted her head and shifted her gaze to her husband's crotch. He had been semi-erect as he removed his clothes, but the look from her made him grow stiff. He pulled down his boxers and tossed them in the hamper. Greg breathed deeply with his hands at his sides, he was not able to look her in the eye.

A grin crept onto Jill's face, "Now go take a shower." Greg's eyes dropped into a pleading gazed. Jill continued, "and make it fast." She punctuated the last statement by tapping her hairbrush against her palm.

Greg blushed and walked past his wife to the bathroom. One swat from the brush on his right cheek sped him on his way. As soon as the water was warm enough not to freeze him, Greg jumped in the shower. He ducked under the water and washed as fast as he could. As Greg rubbed his soapy hands over his chest, down his stomach, then leaned back under the water and closed his eyes. His hands traveled down his body until his fingers were sliding over his hard cock. Greg imagined Jill wrapping her fingers around him. He cupped his balls as he stroked himself; his excitement was building. He arched his back, letting himself take longer strokes. When he felt the first wave of pleasure that led to release, he snapped out of his trance. "That would certainly get me in trouble," he told himself.

Greg quickly rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Greg went back to join Jill wrapped in a large fluffy towel.

Jill was sitting on the corner of the bed with her legs crossed and her hands folded in her lap, "Come here," she said. Greg stepped up and stood in front of his lover. She added, "Loose the towel."

Greg opened the towel. He didn't think she wanted him to leave it on the floor, but he had nowhere to put it. He glanced around, finally deciding to toss it back through the bathroom door. Jill smiled, satisfied.

"I spent all day thinking about the week you gave me and how great it was. I tried this week to give you just as much pleasure," Jill said as she ran her hands along her husband's sides. "I realized that you did more than just give us pleasure. You made me submit to you in ways I didn't think I could."

Greg nodded slowly; he was eager to give her more pleasure tonight.

"That's what I want to give you tonight," she continued, "I think you'll like what I have in mind, but if you want me to stop, I will and I'll do whatever you want."

"I want to please you. I want to submit to you. Anyway you want, for as long as you want. I know this is my present, but I am yours tonight," he answered looking down, as if he had practiced these words a thousand times.

Jill smiled, "Good, then let's get one thing out of the way first. You got home late." Jill uncrossed he legs and reached behind her, "I told you to be home on time, so here's your punishment." She took the hairbrush out from behind her back. Jill took her husbands hand and guided him over her lap. Greg was several inches taller than Jill, but the bed gave more than enough support for them to be comfortable.

"I'm waiting."

Greg answered quietly, "Please spank me, Jill."

The hairbrush popped off of Greg's right cheek. Almost instantly a red spot appeared. Greg thrust back against each swat; he liked it hard from the start, not a slow buildup. As Jill increased the speed, his rocking motion also let him rub himself against her stocking clad thighs. Greg was careful not to grind into her too much. If it was too pleasurable, he thought, she might not punish him anymore. He smiled at that thought and wondered if she was cruel enough not to spank him. Jill continued to spank Greg until the only two thoughts in his head were the sting in his ass, and the pleasure from his cock. Swat after swat focused him on nothing else.

Jill knew her husband well and when she felt that he was near his climax she brought down a flurry of blows on each red cheek. She stopped suddenly before his release and hugged him to her thighs to stop him from grinding. Greg let out a deep moan, he was so close, but knew that waiting would only make it sweeter.

"Mmm, good boy," Jill whispered.

"Thank you, mistress."

"Now get up," she said. Greg got up and sat next to his wife. He moved his hands to his lap; she lightly stroked his thigh. "I see you enjoyed that, now it's time for me to enjoy something." Jill removed her panties. She guided her husband to kneel facing the bed as she sat in front of him. Jill was already wet from the excitement of the spanking. Greg could smell her, and wanted her. She spread her legs and pulled his head between her thighs. Greg's tongue made contact with his wife's sex; she fell back slowly onto the bed. Greg loved to pleasure his wife. He felt like he could lick her hours, running his has all over her body while never taking his mouth away. Jill moaned and pushed her hands through her hair. Greg took his wife's hips. He pulled her into him, letting his tongue open her, then slid his mouth up so the tip of his tongue played with her clit. He let his tongue circle her, over and over. Jill pushed into him, so his hands cupped her ass. He imagined the next time he would be spanking her, and seeing her ass as red as his.

Jill rocked up and down against his hungry tongue. Greg moved one hand and penetrated her his fingers. Her lips dripped from his mouth and her juices. Greg savored the taste. He only took his tongue away to lick his lips clean then went back for more. His fingers moved like a piston; he grew more aggressive with his mouth. Jill was swollen with excitement, so he was able to get his lips around her and sucked her clit. He pulled gently on her, as his thrusts grew faster and stronger. Jill's hands moved up and down her body before they settled on her breasts. She pinched, squeezed and twisted her nipples. Greg listened to his wife gasp for air and squeal with delight, until finally she clamped her thighs against his head. She gripped both breasts tightly and arched her back completely off the bed. She shook once then relaxed; shook again, settled down and releasing her grip.

Greg let his wife recover from her orgasm. He knelt back on his heels; his cock was still stiff. Jill still breathed heavily. Her hands still clutched her breasts. Greg remained on the floor, and waited for a command from his mistress. He needed relief and after a minute began to stroke himself. He rubbed slowly with one hand. Jill sat up; Greg quickly moved both hands behind his back.

Jill smiled, "You certainly learned a few things this week. That was great."

"Practice makes perfect," Greg replied.

"On my birthday, you asked me to try something new. It made me nervous, but I do enjoy it now. I realized it's something that you can try too, and I hope it makes you feel the same way."

Greg thought. They had tried several new things that week. All were running though his head now, but no one stood out.

"Look in the drawer," Jill said as she motioned to the nightstand.

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