Life Of Winter

by Tigerseye

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Boreas cold existence is hopeless unless Kore can bring him much needed warmth.

Floating through the lustrous night air, Kore allows the breeze to take her ethereal form where it will. Knowing that the one controlling the rapidly cooling currents will bring her to where she is needed to be. She has been making this journey or at least one like this for as long as there has been spring, and will continue for as long as there is winter.

Kore eagerly awaits for this moment all through the warmer seasons and although she has no knowledge of where her journey will end, she is confident that the one who beckons her will no doubt leave her breathless. The crisp breeze she is floating on carries her gently over the rolling earth, which she has been comforting with soft caresses and encouraging with shy kisses for as long as she can remember.

As the breeze floats lower towards the vibrant colors of life that blanket the ground, Kore's seductively throaty laughter is heard echoing in a distant thunderstorm across the looming mountain tops. Rich feelings of life swim through her veins as she stretches out a pale hand and brushes long delicate fingers over the rolling hillside, bringing forth new life.

When the breeze finally exhausts itself from carrying her diminutive form, it allows her to slip from its cold grasp and for the first time Kore shivers from the cool touch. Kore takes in her surroundings for the first time since receiving the summons from Him and smiles appreciatively at the site he has chosen for her.

Before her, stretching out in an inky calm is a lake held by no bounds, which is surrounded by fragrant pine giants. Behind the lush dark-green forest, the soaring dark peaks of mountains can be seen in the shadowy sliver moonlight.

Kore spins slowly in order to absorb the splendor that surrounds her and when she stops, is held spellbound by icy blue eyes that sear her flesh from across the dark lake. Boreas is here. He is the one she calls friend. Lover. Executioner.

"I approve of this place." Kore huskily whispers into dark as she smiles from beneath lowered pale lashes. One moment her dark chocolate eyes are devouring him from across the lake and the next he is standing close enough for her to inhale his wild, fresh scent uninhibited by all other things.

"I'm glad you approve, but there is much more that I will show you this night Sweetling." Boreas replies in a gentle voice that is somehow cool and passionate at the same time.

"I don't believe you have brought me to this place before. Did you have it created especially for me?" Kore asks with a hint of admonishment. She hates surprises and he knows that well.

Instead of answering, Boreas walks away from her and towards the dark lake leaving Kore to follow as she always does. He can feel the warmth of her spirit as she glides closer to him and is caught off guard when she slips her life giving hand into his cold one. Boreas is always amazed that this little creature can create a fire in him that should not exist.

Coming to a stop at the edge of the water, Boreas inhales Kore's spicy, warm scent, searing his lungs with her fragrance and blows a gentle breathe across the water causing it to slow its lapping.

"Will you fight me in this?" Boreas questions quietly as he stretches out one broad strong hand over the quickly freezing water.

Kore's deep brown eyes watch as the warm liquid slows it dancing until it stops completely. She has no idea why after so many lifetimes the sight of lifeless water still breaks her heart. Bending down without releasing Boreas' hand, she glides her heated fingertips over the top of the cerulean ice and feels a trembling run through her slender body.

"It's so cold." Kore whispers sadly as the warmth from her fingertips cause small rivers of water to form on top of the ice.

"I have more to show you Sweetling. Come with me." Boreas tugs on Kore's hand, dragging her away from the now melting ice, even as he breathes another breath of artic air over the slowly seeping ice, freezing it once more.

Kore tightens her grip on Boreas' hand as she stands slowly, rising up from the once again sleeping current.

Boreas understands her silence to be that of acceptance and steps out onto the crystalline lake, pulling her slight form behind him.

Kore pulls her hand from Boreas quickly and steps back from him as she gazes into his beautiful indigo face. "I can't go out there. I'll fall through."

"I will keep it frozen ... Now no more fighting me; we both know what must come." His tone as tender as it always is when he speaks to Kore.

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