Watching The Watchers

by MissLynn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: They met for a weekend to play out their fantasies. Find out what sex, a wall of windows and an office building have in common.

The flight attendant's ass swayed with the movement of the plane. I imagined a hard cock as it slammed into her pussy each time she leaned over to assist a passenger. Her last trip past my row she stopped, smiled at me and winked before reaching in to check the seatbelt of the elderly woman next to me. Could she read my thoughts, I wondered?

I squirmed in my seat as I pictured her naked. Would Sam approve as well? Sam and I had been friends for a while but not until last week had we talked about our fantasies. Both enjoyed exhibitionism as well as some voyeurism. We made reservations for a popular hotel in Phoenix with massive windows in every suite that very night. We agreed to look for a female to join us for an evening as well. This trip was all about our fantasies so who knew what might work out.

Our flight landed on time and soon I was in line with hundreds of others waiting for the carousel to spit the luggage out. I'd laughed when Sam said I didn't need a suitcase. This might be a short trip but I never knew what I wanted to wear ahead of time.

"I swear it takes longer to wait for this damn thing to give me my suitcase than it does to fly here."

The voice came from just behind me, on my right side, out of view. Shivers ran down my spine at the raspy sound. All sorts of images ran through my head even before I saw the gorgeous body that stood there.

"Where did you fly in from?" I asked the standard traveler's question.

"San Diego, but I was all over California the last couple weeks on business. It's good to be home."

He was about six foot one I guessed, lean, muscular and looked to be my age, in his early forties. He sure didn't fit the image of an overweight traveling businessman that I had.

"How long is your vacation?" His question brought me back to our conversation.

"Why do you think I'm here on vacation?" I wondered at his observation.

"It's simple. Your skin is pale and smooth." His eyes focused on patches of skin as he spoke.

I lost my balance just then when the carousel light flashed and someone shoved me in the back to get there ahead of me.

"Are you alright?" Hands that were strong and warm circled my ribcage, keeping me from falling, holding me close.

His fingers slowly massaged my skin as we stood in the throng of people. The noise and chaos of the airport returned and it occurred to me I should move away.

"Do you have any idea how tempting you are? If I moved my fingers a fraction of an inch I could feel your nipples."

"Now if I knew you, that might be possible," came my sassy reply.

"Then maybe I can see you while you're in town."

"I'm here to meet a friend." I struggled to get the words out.

"He's one lucky guy."

He walked away before I could even reply. I retrieved my luggage from the carousel and followed the signs to the exit where the hotel had a van waiting. The line for the van was filling quickly so I grabbed a spot and waited my turn. After a short wait I was seated and on the way to the hotel. The lobby was just as busy as the airport had been it seemed. I followed the others to the front desk to check in.

"Ma'am, do you have a reservation?" the young clerk asked impatiently.

"Yes, I do," I told him as I gave the information he required.

With my keycard soon in hand, I turned to follow the bellhop down the short hall and into an elevator, my mind back in the airport once again. The slight clunk and lurch of the elevator when we stopped at the nineteenth floor brought me back to my surroundings in time to see the doors open.

I thought of the toys in my suitcase and wondered if I dared play with them if I was alone. At our suite, the bellhop knocked first before he unlocked and then opened the door. He set my things in the front room and began to explain things to me.

"I'll be fine, thank you. If I need anything I can call." My words were sharp but I wanted to be alone.

I motioned him back to the hallway as I handed him a tip. While I walked around the room, my hands found their way to my body, the need to touch myself driving me wild. My fingers drew circles on my nipples just before my nails scraped the tips through my shirt. Chills ran down my spine and to my already wet pussy.

I decided to forget the toys, just lie on the bed, and play for a while. As soon as I opened the bedroom door, I saw Sam there, asleep, naked, on top of the bedding. I moved toward the bed as I undressed without making a sound. My fingers ached to stroke him awake almost as much as my tongue craved his flavor. Yet I wanted to straddle him, slide my wet pussy over his soft cock, see how long before he responded and hardened, then take him deep inside me.

At only five foot five and not much over a hundred twenty pounds, it was simple for me to climb over him without causing the bed to dip. I lined myself over him and began to lower as slowly as I could the short distance before I first touched him. Already the juices flowed from my swollen lips as I anticipated the feel of his cock.

I closed my eyes as I teased my nipples again with my fingers. In their place, I imagined the stranger's hands on me. In that second my pussy touched Sam's cock enough to make it jump. I sat down all the way and tucked my legs in next to his body as he stirred in his sleep.

"What the—" Sam's eyes tried to focus but his cock was already swelling.

I leaned over and brushed my nipples along his chest. My mouth found his lips and sucked on the warm soft flesh. My pussy clenched hard to hold his now almost fully erect cock tight inside me as I lifted and lowered my body. Soft cries of need came from deep in my throat. My hands ran over Sam's chest and shoulders as I rode him.

"Lorri, you scared the hell out of me! But, oh, god, don't stop, baby, don't ever stop!"

His hands gripped my hips as he thrust his cock high inside me. I was wild as I slammed down against his body. I felt warm hands on my nipples, twisting them, pulling them as I bounced on his cock.

"Yes, oh yes, like that. Oh, I love my nipples played with."

The image of the tall stranger touching my nipples sent me over the edge. Convulsions pulsed through my body. That was all it took for Sam as his cock exploded high up inside my pussy. Hot thick cum spewed out, filling me as he pumped himself dry. Satiated for the moment I slumped over onto his chest. His arms held me close as we tried to catch our breath.

"Lorri sweetie, I'm so glad you made it. My god, that was hot. I can't believe how quick we were."

"Oh Sam, it's all I've thought about, being here like this."

"There's no end to what I've imagined. Many things to do with this suite have been in my head a lot." Sam laughed and rolled over.

"I think it might be similar to what's in my head too, Sam."

At least that was true. One of the main reasons we reserved a suite here was the huge window over-looking the office building right next door. Though we didn't intend to, Sam wrapped his arms around me, and, in minutes, we were sound asleep.

After a quick shower and fresh clothing when we woke up, Sam took me to dinner. He had requested a corner booth-type table in the back of the dining room. Service was discreet and the setting was romantic. We talked about some of our plans for the next couple of days over appetizers and drinks. Sam had complimented me on my outfit at the hotel, but now he couldn't stop staring at me.

"You want to touch me, don't you, Sam?"

The sharp intake of his breath was answer enough but it just made me want more.

"Right now you want to slide your fingers under my blouse and touch the curve of my breasts." My voice was seductive as I continued.

"Watch me unbutton it, Sam. All the way so you can see my nipples from there."

My voice was husky as I told Sam what I was doing, my fingers matching the words, my body sliding closer to his. I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were already hard and peaked. His eyes glazed over as they never waivered from the mounds on my chest.

"Lorri, you're so beautiful. I want to taste you so bad right now. My god, you make me throb." Longing and desire made his voice shake as his fingers adjusted the tightness in his crotch.

"Do it then. Taste me. Please, Sam, do it right now."

As if hypnotized he leaned over and took one tight nipple between his lips and flicked his tongue over it several times. Sparks danced behind my eyelids as I let my head roll back and whimpered in delight. My hands held Sam's head close to my chest as his warm tongue darted over my sensitive flesh.

"Excuse me, sir, ma'am. Dinner is served."

Sam sat up, winked at me and grinned. I smiled back and left my blouse open as I slid to my seat.

"Great. I'm starving," Sam's eyes fixated on my chest as he remarked.

The young woman, whose nametag said Kasey, caught the double entendre as she was placing our food in front of us.

"The appetizer looks delicious if I may say so myself." Her gaze wandered to my chest and stayed there for a few extra seconds before she finished serving.

"If you need anything more let me know." She turned and walked away with an extra swing to her petite ass.

"I could enjoy that." I wanted to mold my fingers around her cheeks right there.

"So ask her, Lorri," Sam's come back was almost casual.

"We did talk about finding someone while we were here."

"Do it." A heated look came from Sam's eyes as he gave the short command.

"If you're okay with her, Sam, I will."

We nibbled on our food as we planned the evening and waited for the young server to check back our way.

"How is everything so far?" Kasey stood next to our table and looked at Sam as she spoke.

"It's fine, thank you," Sam told her.

"Anything else I can bring you?"

"Maybe," I chuckled at her statement. "Do you have something in mind?"

"I was thinking of dessert, something sweet and tasty," Kasey said.

"Kasey, how old are you?" My voice was soft as I asked her the simple question.

"I'm almost twenty two. Is there a problem?"

"Lorri just wanted to be sure," Sam interjected for me.

"This is where Sam and I are staying, Kasey. The room number is on the back. If you're interested in another kind of dessert join us in an hour."

I put the card in her hand and caressed her fingers as I did. Sam reached over and ran a thumb over my nipples as a reminder to her as well. Kasey's soft gasp let us know she got our message.

"I'd love for you to join Sam and me." My voice was low and seductive as she pulled her hand back.

"I, ah, I don't think so," Kasey mumbled the words, clearly flustered.

She gave a brief nod and fled to the kitchen. I was disappointed but knew it was her choice. Sam took care of our check while the taxi he had ordered earlier sat waiting for us at the front door. I started to button my blouse before I left the booth when Sam spoke.

"Leave it open, Lorri. Walk out with it draped loose."

I lowered my hands at his soft command then gave him a smoldering look. The satiny material floated across my nipples as I stood next to him. I picked up my purse and moved to the exit knowing at anytime someone could see a nipple or the curve of my breast. With each seductive sway of my hips my skirt rose to show the top of my stockings.

Conversations stopped and hands paused with forks mid-way to their destinations as I passed by tables. A glass of wine spilled when it was set on the edge of a plate and not the table as the patron stared at my retreating figure.

Once we were out the door and in the taxi, Sam pulled me close, his hands on my back, and kissed me deeply. Every cell in my body was alive and on fire. His mouth moved down to my neck as he nibbled on my ear. My head fell back, I arched my back into his chest, and my whimpers became louder with each touch of his lips.

"Hey, you two, we're here. Finish in your room." The driver cleared his throat as he knocked on the window.

Sam grinned at me as he pulled back. After a quick exchange to settle the fare, we slid out of the taxi and walked into the hotel. During the ride in the elevator, Sam held me close and continued to caress my body. I felt his arousal and shivered. The teasing in the restaurant and again in the taxi left my skin flushed and sensitive. I reached down and ran my palm over his cock just as the elevator doors slid open.

The man waiting whistled softly when he saw my blouse still open and exposing my puckered nipples. I winked as I walked close to him and brushed my tits over his arm. Sam grinned and cupped my ass as we walked to our room. Once inside I slipped my blouse off and turned to Sam.

"I'm going to shower. Why don't you fix a drink and relax?"

I gathered my things, went into the massive shower room, and turned on the faucets to let the water warm up as I undressed. The steam rolled around the room as the multiple pulsating jets pounded my skin with thousands of tiny beads of water. My hands made suds everywhere with the almond scented soap.

My body was already in a state of arousal from all the teasing. The steam, the rich scent, and the suds all made me heady. I lingered under the hot water until my skin was pink and felt flushed. With the water turned off, I wrapped in a huge towel and spent several minutes applying lotions and creams. My hair was a simple towel dry and hand style for tonight before I did my make up.

I took the satiny nightgown I bought just for Sam. He let it slip during a call one night that he imagined me in a peach gown that floated around me. It took some time to find one, and I struggled not to tell him about it when I did find it, but now I was glad I could surprise him here with it. This was the perfect place.

The door was silent as I opened it so Sam didn't realize I was finished. He lounged on the sofa in the front room of the suite with a drink in his hand. He had chosen some music from the entertainment system provided and it played on in the background. It was a perfect setting and I was thrilled to be here with him at this very moment.

"Did you miss me?" I asked quietly.

I leaned against the doorframe about fifteen feet from where he reclined. Sam turned his head at the sound and almost fell off the sofa when he saw me. He set his drink down as he stood and gazed at me with such an intense longing in his eyes I melted.

"Oh, Lorri, the gown is just as I imagined you in. So gorgeous you take my breath away."

All I wanted right then was for Sam to explore every inch of my aching body. I took a step his way but he was already in front of me. Our lips met in a sizzling kiss that ignited a fire in every nerve ending of my body. My hands caressed his back and shoulders as I pulled him closer to me. When I felt Sam's lips on the warm flesh of my neck, sparks danced behind my eyelids.

"Sam, oh, that's it baby. I love it."

I held his head to me while the chills ran down my spine. We began to sway to the music as our bodies, fingers and mouths continued their dance on heated skin. Sam reached down to unbutton his shirt without taking his lips from my skin. I didn't even wait for him to take it off before I was scraping my nails across his nipples.

His stomach clenched when I twisted the rigid peak. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I slipped one hand under his waistband. Soft whimpers of delight came from each of us as the passion mounted. I caressed his smooth hard shaft inside his silky boxers only to crave more. My fingers shook as I worked his zipper down, the sound somehow in tune to the beat of the music. His rigid cock sprang free from the confining slacks only to have me engulf it with my fingers.

I took my hand away and grabbed both of Sam's as I backed up to the bed. Right now, I had my mind on one thing and that was to give Sam pleasure. I pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. At the bedside, I pushed him down, where I tugged his remaining clothing off as he sat on the edge of the bed. He scooted to the center, leaned back to watch as I untied the single bow on my gown and let it float to the floor before I joined him.

"Lorri," Sam hissed, "you are exquisite. I want you so bad right now."

"Watch me, Sam, watch my warm soft fingers wrap around your shaft, my thumb resting at the base before I begin a slow steady motion up, until only the very tip of your throbbing cock is visible, wet pearls glistening from your slit. Keep your eyes fixated on my slowly extending tongue ready to flick a bead of juice from you."

"Oh, my god, Lorri, I need this," he groaned.

"Watch my wet lips as they move closer, opening wide, ready to surround your cock. Get ready to feel me, Sam, as I slide you deep inside my hot mouth. My teeth will graze you each time I begin to suck you in and drop back down. Watch me, baby." My voice was hypnotic.

Sam was writhing on the bed, his hands clenching the covers, hips arching high to meet my face. I moved faster over his cock, driven by his reaction to my words and the feel of my mouth on his pulsing cock. My fingers found the sensitive spot under his sac and rubbed hard.

"Fuck, Lorri, oh god." Sam's words were tortured.

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