Shelia The Shark

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Shelia was a district attorney who specialized in murder cases, specifically women's murder cases. Three years ago the cases began to get to her and she released her pent up emotions in a sexual liaison with the lead detective even though they were both married. Follow along and see how their affair started and ended.

They called her Shelia the Shark, oh not to her face of course, but it was certainly whispered behind her back and she hated it! She had been tagged with the moniker because as one of the five prosecuting DA's in the city she alone ate up defense attorneys and didn't bother to spit out their bones! She was especially ruthless when it came to prosecuting murder cases, and of special interest to her were those involving innocent women.

Tuesday, Current Year

Shelia Ross sat at her desk and looked through the first report from the crime scene and then scanned the photographs and winced at the pain that the woman must have felt before finally succumbing to what had to have been the welcome throes of her death. Beverly Watson was her name and she had been a twenty-seven year old mother of two young girls who was brutally murdered and her body dumped deep in the forest to rot with the falling leaves. Shelia leaned back in her chair and re-read the preliminary findings in the e-mail from the detective at the scene and was incensed over the senselessness of the murder and she was elated that she had been assigned as the prosecutor on the case. According to the detectives the woman had been raped, both vaginally and anally and then she had been strangled to death. There were other things the perp did to her body but the detective wouldn't say exactly what that had been, they just said that you have to see it to believe it.

There was a light knocking on her door and when Shelia looked up she saw Detective Lee Child, the Head of Detectives for the DA's office, standing in her doorway looking over the top of his Ben Franklin glasses. "Hey Shelia, you ready to head out to the crime scene?"

She smiled. "Yep, you already check out a car?"

He dangled a set of car keys. "Ready to hit the road."

"Then let's go!" They had been driving for at least ten minutes and neither of them had said a word, then Lee looked across the seat at Shelia's screwed up face and said, "That look on your face is why they all call you Shelia the Shark you know."

"God damn it Lee you know I hate that name!"

"Yea I know but it's your moniker and you have it for a good reason - you always get the perp and then you eat him alive."

"I don't give a crap Lee, stop with the cutsy shit!"

Lee took his hands off the steering wheel and held them up in a gesture of surrender. "Alright, I give." Again he glanced across at Shelia and marveled at how sexy she looked even when going to a crime scene. Today she was wearing a pair of black Jordache jeans, New Balance running shoes and a DKNY white pullover blouse and he could clearly see her nipples even thought he knew she was wearing a bra, after all he could see the strap lines underneath her blouse. Lee Childs was fifty-two and had worked with the thirty-five year old prosecutor for almost ten years and they had become the most dynamic duo in the district attorney's office and then three years ago the unimaginable happened and they became lovers ... regardless of that fact that they were both married!

Three Years Ago:

It was an ugly Monday with an dark overcast sky but the day itself started out innocently enough, just the normal shuffling of papers inside a DA's office. Then early in the afternoon a call came in from the sheriff's office that a murder had been reported and Shelia and Lee were assigned to the case. After a three hour trip into the country through a driving summer rainstorm they arrived at what turned out to be a particularly gruesome crime scene. The body was a woman's; well it was really a teenage girl's, a runaway from California as it happened, and she had been found in a corn field, nude except for dirty white socks on her feet and her bra which had been violently ripped from her body and wrapped around her neck. She had been savagely beaten and raped before the perp shot her behind her left ear with some sort of a small caliber gun.

After the CSI boys had finished with the scene, Shelia stood there staring at the youngsters body with tears running down her cheeks then she got down on to her hands and knees and gently took her own rain coat and placed it over the girl's nude body. When they got back to their car Lee hopped into the driver's seat while Shelia sat down, her feet still on the ground and after taking several deep breaths she shoved her face down into her lap then she suddenly retched and vomited, some of the noxious fluid spilling out onto her pants but most of it hit the ground. Lee sat there and gently rubbed her back and handed her some tissues to wipe her mouth and when she finished retching he started the car and they headed back to the office.

On a whim they decided to stop at an out-of-the-way bar for a couple of drinks and Lee pulled the Crown Vic into a vacant parking spot. Inside they sat there drinking and discussing the case and similar cases from the past, and neither one of them had any idea that later that evening they would end up in a cheap motel in each others arms. In fact sex was the farthest thing from either of their minds as they sat in the dark corner booth drinking and talking about the girl and her horrible death. Lee wasn't sure when it happened or why but one minute Shelia was talking as normal as ever then tears welled up in the corner of her eyes and as Lee sat there amazed the tears ran down her cheeks and dripped onto her blouse. He moved closer to her, unsure as to what to do until she took his hand and lightly squeezed it — he squeezed back then put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her into his chest and they hugged. A minute later she looked up, her face a mess of tears and smeared eye make-up then she smiled and kissed him. It was a gently kiss, lips on lips then she ran her hand through his hair and sat back in the booth. She smiled then thanked him for ... well just being there when she needed him.

After a few more tears Shelia drained her glass then asked Lee to drive her home. They didn't get very far, maybe two miles down the road, when Shelia spotted the old motel and yelled for Lee to stop. "Stop, what for?" He asked.

"Please Lee, pull into the motel and get us a room." Her head was down and she wouldn't look directly into his eyes as she spoke nor when he pulled under the motels' portico.

He parked the car then turned and looked at her. "Shelia ... are you sure about this?"

She didn't hesitate with her answer. "Absolutely, now get us a room."

He complied and they were barely inside the door when she kicked it closed and practically ripped off his clothes. Her lips were on his, her hands touching him everywhere, and he realized that she was in a sexual frenzy. Lee wanted her too but for him it had to be consensual not something that was happening because of sorrow and too much booze. "Shelia? God damn it Shelia, stop just a minute!"

She stopped kissing his neck and stood back and stared at him. "What? Is something wrong?"

Lee stared at her for a moment, then said, "I want this too but it has to be consensual, not alcohol induced ... do you even know what I'm talking about?"

She stood there, her head cocked to one side, thinking. "It's consensual and I'm not drunk Lee, just get out of your clothes and fuck me ... may God forgive me but I just need a good hard cock right now."

As Lee started taking off his clothes he watched Shelia as she disrobed. She shinnied out of her slacks and tossed them onto the floor and he smiled then started to laugh because she was wearing a pair of bright pink 'Betty Boop' panties. Her blouse followed her slacks and then her bra fell onto the pile. Shelia was an auburn redhead and Lee noticed that she had freckles all over her torso and that surprised him because he had never seen one freckle in all the years he had known her. Lee's shorts were gone in an instant and he was sitting on the edge of the bed taking off his socks when she approached him, sank down onto her knees and took him into her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock Lee ran his fingers through her hair and rubbed her shoulders and enjoyed her warm mouth. Finally he stopped her, pushing her backward. "That's enough Shelia."

"What, what do you mean? Don't you like it?"

"Oh I like it alright but right I don't want a blow job, I want you!"

They made love for what seemed like hours. They started out in the traditional missionary position then Shelia rolled over onto her knees and he took her from behind. On all fours and with her head down and buried in her arms Lee let his cock ease between her auburn colored pubic hair and down until he was completely inside her. On his knees he pounded her until he couldn't last a second longer and then he came, almost violently, his hot cum squirting deep inside her pussy. Shelia came several times as Lee fucked her from behind. With her head down on the mattress she could just reach under her stomach and with one hand play with a nipple while her other hand furiously rubbed her clit. When he finished and collapsed onto her back they both sunk flat on the bed and just lay there wallowing in their sexual euphoria then Lee rolled off her and slipped down between her legs and ate her pussy giving her two more long orgasms. After they finished with their animalistic behavior they fell asleep in each other arms not waking until the next morning when a maid began pounding on the door. They showered together, albeit in silence, then they dressed and drove back to the office. It was a long quiet ride and ended with Shelia taking Lee's hand and squeezing it then saying. 'I'm not a damned bit sorry about last night Lee but I hope I haven't done something to damage your marriage or our working relationship."

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