Edith, Art, Brian and Me

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: I just knew she was cheating and in trying to find out for sure I changed my life. For the better? Who knows.

My wife and a male co-worker had become close at work, just good friends she said, but for some reason I didn't believe her. Edith had never before given me any reason not to trust her, but there was just something about that friendship of hers that didn't seem right to me.

It took a while, but the friendship between her and the man started to affect our home life. One or two nights a week she would come home late from work and she never hid the fact that she had been with him, but she always insisted that she was not attracted to him physically or romantically, that it was just a platonic relationship. But I'm pretty much old school in that I didn't believe that it was possible for a man, any man, to have a purely platonic relationship with a beautiful and sexy woman.

The reasons Edith gave for her late nights were always plausible - she had a flat, he changed it and then she bought him a drink to say thank you. Another time he was having troubles with his girlfriend and had asked her for advice and they had stopped after work to have a drink and talk about it. There was the time they were working on a project together and stopped to swap ideas over drinks and the time the whole office stopped for drinks and after everyone else had left the two of them had stayed a while longer and talked. She always had reasonable explanations - reasonable to anyone except me.

I started looking for evidence that she was hanging horns on me. I checked the dirty clothes to see if I could find panties with dried cum on them. I checked her purse while she was sleeping or in the shower, but found nothing. I checked her car looking for an overnight bag with sexy under things in it - anything that would confirm my suspicions. Nothing - nada- ziltch, but I knew, I just knew that something had to be going on between them. I decided that the only way I was going to find out was to follow them and actually catch them in the act.

I made arrangements with my boss to change my work hours so I could leave work an hour earlier for a couple of weeks. I drove over to where Edith worked and parked where I could see her car and then I waited. The first two nights she drove straight home. The third night she drove to a local lounge and went inside. Ten minutes later Art drove up, parked and went inside. It was two hours later when the two of them came out and Art walked Edith to her car, bent and kissed her cheek and then Edith drove home. The same scene was repeated once or twice a week for the next three weeks and I began to finally realize that Edith had been telling me the truth all along.

And then I found out just how fucked up I was. I was disappointed! I had actually been looking forward to catching Edith having an affair with another man and watching them make love. Just what the fuck was wrong with Art that he wasn't trying to fuck my sexy wife? How could he be so dumb as to pass up a beautiful woman like Edith? Almost overnight I went from trying to catch Edith cheating on me to trying to put her in situations where she could. When we went to parties I would feed her doubles and the leave her to fend for herself. She got hit on a lot, but she never gave anyone a tumble. The closest I ever got was at her company Christmas party when several guys got her under the mistletoe and got a couple of quick feels. I know Edith loved the attention because she sat next to me and played with my cock all the way home and then when we got there she couldn't keep her hands off me.

I began bringing magazines like Penthouse Letters, Variations, Forum and Gallery home. I'd dog-ear the pages where the subject was cheating wives or wives being watched by their husbands and then I would leave them lying around where she could see them and maybe get the idea. She did read them, but nothing came of it. Well, I shouldn't say nothing because something that she was reading was getting to her. Several times she would put the magazine she was reading down and drag me upstairs to bed and then do her best to wear me out. One night after she did this I waited until she fell asleep and then I went downstairs to see what she had been reading. It was a copy of Penthouse Letters and it was opened to the Boys Will Be Boys section. Gay sex? Why in the hell would she be reading about something like that? No, it must just have been the way the magazine fell when she put it down.

Another couple of months went by and I was getting desperate to see somebody - anybody - fuck Edith. It was irrational of me and I knew it, but knowing didn't change a thing. Finally I decided to take a gamble. I called Art and asked him to meet me for a drink. I decided to be blunt and I laid it all out in front of him. My suspicions, my trying to catch her, my sudden flip to wanting to watch and then I asked him to seduce her. I wasn't sure what kind of a response I'd get from him on that one, but it sure wasn't the one I got - he broke out laughing. Not just a chuckle, but a hard laughter that drew the attention of everyone in the bar. When he finally got himself under control he said, "I guess Edith didn't tell you about me." I looked at him, the confusion plain on my face, and he said, "I'm gay."

"But she told me that that you talked to her about problems with your girl friend."

"She cleaned it up for you. The problems I was having were with Brian, my live in lover."

He must have read the disappointment in my eyes because then he said, "I can help you get what you want, but there is a price."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, I'm gay, but Brian is Bi and I know I can get Brian to do Edie, but like I said - there is a price."

"What kind of price?"

"You have to let me suck your cock for a week. Not just once, but a whole weeks worth. I'll tell Brian about it and that will get you what you want and get me what I want."

"How is that?"

"I'll be getting even with Brian for cheating on me with a secretary he works with and it will make him want to fuck Edie to get back at you for daring to mess with me."

I must have looked doubtful and he went on, "That's the problem I've been talking to Edie about. Brian sees nothing wrong in having sex with a woman. To him it's only cheating if he does it with another guy."

"I don't know. I'll have to think about that."

Art looked at his watch, "You go ahead and think about it. This is a one time offer and it's only good until we leave this bar."

Edith gives good head, but I've never had my cock sucked as good as Art sucked it out in the parking lot. Regardless of his sexual persuasion Art was still a guy and he knew how a guy wanted his cock sucked. After he had slurped up my last drop of cum he said, "I get a whole weeks worth of this. Once a day for seven days, unless of course you want more." While he was talking he was stroking my cock and it began to grow again. "Look" Art said, "He likes me, he really likes me" and he bent and took me in his mouth again.

I met Art every day for the next six days and by the end of that time I was almost sorry that he hadn't said every day for a month - a year even. I wasn't about to leave Edith for his magic mouth, but I would seriously have considered keeping him on the side if he got rid of Brian. On the seventh day we were sitting in my car after he had sucked me off twice and he was playing with my cock as we talked.

"When and how do we get Brian to Edith?"

"It will happen this week. I'm not sure just which day so be ready for it when it happens."

"Can't you give me any details?"

"No. Tonight is when I tell Brian about us and from that point on he will set the schedule. He can be very direct when he wants to be. Oh look, he wants me again" and his head went down.

It happened a whole lot sooner than I had expected it too. The very next day I came home from work to find Edith busy in the kitchen. Since she hardly ever beats me home I was surprised to see her and I said so. "We are having guests for dinner tonight and so I came home a little early." The doorbell rang, "That must be them now. You get a beer and sit down and I'll go and let them in." I was taking a sip of the beer when Edith came back into the kitchen with our guests and I almost choked. It was Art and a big blond guy who was looking at me like a bug he intended to squash. "Honey, this is Art and his significant other Brian." I shook hands with both of them and wondered just what in the hell was going on. Art winked at me, I guess to show me that the plan was working, but how I couldn't even begin to see.

Dinner went quickly with Edith doing most of the talking. She chattered away on office politics and the like and Art would make an occasional comment. I just sat there uncomfortable and with Brian staring at me. I didn't like the look in his eye, but I wasn't worried about what he might try and do. He was big, but I believed that I could take him if it came to that. I was looking at Brian when all of a sudden there was a hush at the table and I turned my head to see Edith and Art looking at me.

"I'm waiting for an answer," Edith said.

"To what?"

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