Miserable Monica

by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, MaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The senior secretary ran the firm with a rod of steel and a tongue of pure vitriol. Something needed to be done about it and our hero was the man for the job. Another of my older stories.

Monica was the senior secretary, and the oldest of the female staff, in the company I was working with. Monica was in her late forties and had been with the firm for over twenty years, longer, in fact, than the office junior, Emma, had been alive and she was as miserable as sin. Now whether she had always been like this or it was something that her, rather turbulent, life had forced upon her was open to debate, and it must be admitted that we did debate this on a Friday lunch-time down at the pub.

Most of the women were of the opinion that Monica was a bitch, that she always had been and always would be a bitch. This may have had something to do with the fact that as the oldest, and longest serving female, she tried to dominate anything within the company concerning the women. She did this regardless of whether she was involved or not, uniforms for the factory floor, where the next social event should be held, whether a young girl should be taken on, all fell within her remit as far as she was concerned.

As you can imagine this attitude, and the abrupt manner in which she put her point across, upset most of the girls. The men had a slightly different point of view. Yes, she was a bitch and a miserable sod and she did spend most of her time moaning about anything and everything, but and it was a big but, her tits were about size 40D, which did tend to distract us somewhat. Unfortunately for us she kept them well covered at all times.

Now I'm a mutant, a genetic freak, both of my parents had the ability to influence people by the power of their minds, not very much, just an ability to bend people's will to a more agreeable state. This was a conscious ability, not something that just happened, they knew they could do it and had used this power to improve their lives, and mine. This ability had been reinforced in me, I could, just by thinking at a person, get them to do whatever I wanted, and unlike hypnosis I could actually change the way people acted and felt permanently.

My parents had educated me well in the cautious use of my abilities, pointing out that there were limits to what I could do and how many people I could control at once. Their experiences had saved me from many disasters as I'd made my way through my early years.

They were on hand when I discovered how twisted and dark the mind of even the most outwardly honest and kind person could be, when I was shocked to find how much time people spent dwelling on sex, and much of it what, even they themselves, would call perverted and shocking. They offered me strength and support when I needed it, before letting me free to live my life the way I wanted.

I had used my powers to get my business started, it came in useful for cutting out the bullshit that many people sprouted when you asked what were simple questions. It gave you the ability to actually provide what your customers wanted not what their mouth's said they wanted, because of this my company became well respected and grew. I was able to pick and choose my staff carefully, knowing in advance what their personal plans were. I was able to 'help' them achieve better results by solving some of their internal problems, this enabled them to become part of a successful team and allowed the company to reach a size I was happy with. Now I could pick and choose my customers and only did what work was required to keep me comfortable and the company profitable, without having to worry about it.

I was working for the company Monica worked for as a part time consultant on their computer systems, two or three days a week I would go in and help keep the system running smoothly. I would sort out new hardware and help with any problems that the users had, and as Monica was a user of one of the machines I'd felt the sharp edge of her tongue more than once, often because of things she herself had done wrong.

One final attack of verbal abuse over the results of another of her mistakes had finally succeeded where most other people had failed, she had managed to make me angry and so I started to plot my revenge, to actual set about 'correcting' her social failings, (OK read that as get my own back).

Having sat and planned for a while, my parents training having made me cautious, I had decided that she needed to be humiliated, publicly, with as many people whom she had bullied or abused present as possible before I adjusted her mind to a more agreeable form. This required that everybody from work be present and the easiest way of achieving this was at a works function of some sort, with me invited as a guest to attend.

I approached all the right people and made my suggestions to them and a summer dinner/dance was arranged. I had to do a bit of leaning on people to get them to agree to the party being a solo affair, no partners to be present, except for those who were both employed by the company.

I had decided that Monica's downfall was to be a two part operation, in the first she would be seen to criticise people for their behaviour, and the second part, obviously, was for her to perform in the same way, or even worse. I had already decided who my accomplices were going to be, even if they didn't know it yet, the first was Monica's former husband, well one of them anyway, he used to work for the company but had left to set up his own engineering business, he'd left Monica at the same time. He still did work for the company and so got an invite in the same way that I had. He was a bit of a lad, very fit and enjoyed flaunting his body, I was just going to help him along a little.

The second set of unwitting accomplices were a couple who worked for the company. They had been going out together for a year or so and were as horny as hell, they had difficulty keeping their hands off each other at work so there should be no problems helping them to perform after a couple of drinks. All I had to do now was wait for the function to come around, and that did prove difficult, I found I was enjoying the feeling of anticipation, probably more than I was going to enjoy the actual act. I was even being nice to Monica, which I think worried her a little. The big night eventually came upon us.

My first instruction was to Monica before we left work on the Friday, I told her that she would be dressed as sexily as she could for the party and to definitely wear stockings. She, of course didn't know that she had been instructed, she would just decide it was a good idea when she was getting ready to go out.

I arrived early to ensure that I got the sort of seat I wanted, I was going to have a good time and I didn't want to miss any of the entertainment. I watched as people arrived, you could see many of them flirting with their colleagues, something that wouldn't have happened if their partners had been present.

Monica showed up about half an hour after I'd got there, I'd already got Emma and a couple of the other girls to sit at my table so when Monica made her way towards us it seemed perfectly normal.

Monica had dressed in a blue suede suit consisting of a wrap around skirt and matching blouse, she was wearing four inch high heels and a leather handbag, all in matching blue, a very expensive looking outfit. I knew she was wearing stockings because I had told her too but you couldn't tell that when she walked towards us. She had shoulder length dark wavy hair which nicely framed her face, her boobs pushed the blouse forward making a very pleasant valley for us men to gaze down, if you could get close enough.

The evening started very well, we were sat around the table, drinking, waiting for the entertainment to begin, Monica was on vodka and orange whilst I had a single lager shandy, I was definitely staying sober tonight. The compare came on stage and the evening's fun began, we had a comedian who wasn't to bad, a group then took the stage and invited us all to dance whilst they played. Monica passed a few bitchy comments about the two girls who fronted the band, they being blonde and wearing short skirts meant that they were bimbo's as far as Monica was concerned.

The group was on stage for three quarters of an hour, and at the end of their first session Monica was telling anybody who would listen how bad they were. We were spared slightly when the meal was served, but she kept up a steady stream of complaints throughout the meal, she also kept drinking, quite a bit more than she realised. By the time the meal was finished she was totally pissed, I stopped her drinking anymore at that stage, I didn't want her to pass out before she'd made her little performance now did I.

Once the meal had been cleared away we all settled down for the band's next session. Monica could clearly be heard moaning as they took to the stage, a lot of people, including the band were giving her evil looks but she seemed oblivious to them. The band started it's act and most people, away from Monica, seemed to be enjoying it, her ex-husband took to the dance floor and started to strut, a few of the younger girls started to add vocal encouragement to his show, urging him to get 'em off I gave him the faintest of nudges and away he went.

First his shirt was whirled around his head, eventually ending up flying in the direction of his chair, then he hoped around as his shoes and socks came off, then he undid his belt and everybody cheered when he approached Emma, hooked his belt around her neck and led her onto the dance floor.

From where I was sat I could see him giving her instructions so when he moved back from her slightly she went down on her knees and started to undo his trousers, his audience were chanting 'Yes, Yes, Yes... ' in time with the music.

Just as his trousers hit the floor, and before Emma, or anyone else for that matter, could get near him Monica goes charging onto the dance floor, bowls Emma over and, grabbing her former hubby, drags him away. The crowd that had gathered around jeered her as she left.

People settled down and started to dance after that little bit of excitement and the band slowed the pace down, switching to smoochie tunes. Couples started to get together and you could see a lot of cuddling happening on the dance floor.

My second set of accomplices were already up there and her tongue was so far down his throat I was surprised I couldn't see it sticking out of his bum. He had both of his hands under her blouse, having a slow, thorough feel of her tits, as he moved his hands around her back I could see her stiff nipples showing through the material of her top. As the time went by I lowered their inhibitions a touch and he started to undo her blouse, she had her hands working on the front of his trousers, squeezing his stiff prick. Her tits had just popped out and her hand had slid inside his trousers when Monica walked back into the hall.

She went ballistic!

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