Wedding Bell Blues

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happened after the bachelorette party? Is she cheating the night before the wedding?

Note: This story is told from the first person POV. The speaker does change several times. The line of stars indicates a new person narrating and that person's name is given immediately after in parenthesis.


"No way! There is no way I'm going to do that."

"Oh shut up and suck it up," was the most printable of the replies I received. I looked over all the faces before me. These were supposed to be my friends? My closest friends in the whole world? I saw no mercy, no hint of yielding. Just drunken determination on their faces.

Oh, what the hell. It was a good thing I was drunk myself. I managed to climb up on the platform and stood there, weaving back and forth a bit. Someone, Carol, my so-called best friend, shoved the instrument in my hand. I looked at it. Round and black, about ten inches long, it didn't appear to be a weapon of humiliation but that's what it was. Carol pushed the rounded tip up to my lips and turned me slightly towards the Huge TV type screen hanging on the wall.

"Oh NO, Carol. Not THAT! Please."

"It's appropriate, Jenn. Stop sniveling and do it."

I glared at her. Then I shrugged, mentally anyway. I took a deep breath as the music sounded around us...

"I'm getting married in the morning! Ding dong the bells are gonna chime!" I sang, following the words on the screen.

Well, I was drunk enough that I didn't sound too bad at all, at least to my own ears. I didn't care that my friends were throwing things and pretending, I hoped, to stop up their ears to my singing. And after all, Carol was right. I WAS getting married in the morning. Fortunately, not too early, thank you Lord. And this was my bachelorette party. I might as well enjoy it. No male stripper, thank you for that too, but lots of beer and wine and the chance to embarrass the heck out of me, the bride-to-be, with karaoke.

I thought again, what the hell. I snatched up a half-full pitcher of beer from one of the tables and launched into the second verse. When the song came to its conclusion I tipped the pitcher up and put it to my lips and drank the remainder.

Shortly after that things got fuzzy. I couldn't understand why Carol was trying to stand beside herself. Since she wasn't supposed to be drinking, I thought that it was mighty silly of her. I tried pushing the two of her back into one image but it didn't work. Oh well.

Just as things seemed to finally be getting going, Carol declared that the party was over and it was time to get me to bed. Party pooper. If I could have stood up by myself I would have told her to go away. But I couldn't, so I let her help me towards the elevator. Considering it was all her idea, she seemed to get upset when I insisted on telling everyone that we saw, whether I knew them or not, that I was getting married in the morning. I guess she was tired of my singing.

I shut up though when suddenly Billy Reese popped up in front of us. I was drunk, but not so drunk that I didn't know that this was going to be trouble.

Billy Reese was a handsome, well-off guy. He had been in the same high school class as Carol, me and my soon-to-be-husband Phillip. When we all graduated he went on to college in the capital, the arch-rival school of the University that Carol and I attended while my Phillip enlisted in the Marines.

I had been happy to see Billy go far, far away. He had ignored me throughout much of high school. It was only when Phillip and I became a couple that he suddenly became interested in me. I knew it wasn't for me. I have a pretty good opinion of myself. I'm attractive without being as pretty as Carol, who is a really lovely girl. But Billy and Phillip had always been rivals, and not friendly ones at that. Billy was smug and superior and I didn't like him for beans. He hit on me a lot; I was sure because nothing would have pleased him more than to take me away from Phillip.

Of course that wasn't going to happen. First, I'm not stupid. I knew that if I ever gave in to him, Billy would spend a night with me and then dump me like last week's garbage. He didn't want me; he wanted a victory over Phillip.

Second and of utmost importance, I had loved Phillip since I was 13 years old. Nothing and nobody was going to keep me from him. He was better looking than Billy, stronger, smarter; hell, he was even taller than Billy. And he loved me. We had exchanged high school rings during our junior year, the very moment we got them.

Phillip had stood by me after my parents were killed in a car accident the summer before our senior year. I was an only child of only children and I sank into a deep depression and pretty much ignored him for months. He waited, offering comfort when he could, and respecting my need to wrestle with my pain when I needed to be alone.

He and Carol had pulled me through. Even when I ignored him, sunk in my own gloom, Phillip was the rock I knew I could lean on when I would let myself do that. Carol, she was my closest friend and became pretty much my sister. She had to; I spent that last year of high school living with her and her family.

After the funeral of my parents I had ended up a ward of the state. I didn't turn 17 for another month, when I could have applied for legal emancipation. So I was sitting in the office of a harried social worker who was trying to place me in a foster home when Carol's mom marched onto the scene. She hugged me, took my hand and announced that I was coming home to live with them. Any questions could be referred to Judge Callender of the Superior Court who had already signed the custody papers. She didn't wait for questions, but took me to the sprawling house where Carol lived with her parents and her four siblings and installed me in the second bed in Carol's room.

Between Carol's family and Phillip I had all the love a person needed. I certainly didn't need Billy Reese. Fortunately, neither did Carol.

"What do you want, Reese?" she snapped.

Giving his most ingratiating smile, and giving the devil his due, it was pretty darn ingratiating, he said "I just wanted to give the bride a little kiss. Since my invitation seems to have got lost in the mail, I thought tonight would be appropriate."

Carol was as immune to Billy's charm as I was. Drunk or sober I wanted nothing to do with him. She knew that. She started to give him a glare and then stopped and pasted on the sweet smile she had copied from her mom. That was the smile that told everyone in a three block radius to start running like hell.

"Awwwww, Billy, that's so nice. You want to give ME a little kissy-wissy first?"

Arrogant Billy was, stupid he wasn't. He took a step back, before recalling his reputation as a bad-ass. Backing down before a woman, even a woman cop like Carol, would be bad for it. So he tried to bluster his way through.

"Well, I would, but then you might not ever want to kiss your husband again and he might get upset. I wouldn't want that."

"Oh," purred Carol. "I doubt that would be an issue. However, I'm already tired of seeing you around here. So we won't wait for Roger." Her voice dropped and in a quiet tone she added, "How about I just kick your butt right now?"

Billy paled. Carol was the one who could do it. But she was giving him an out by not challenging him loudly and he took it. Turning away with a mutter, he left. Carol guided me into the elevator. Then I heard him mutter something like "I could have had her if I had wanted."

I SHOULD have let him go, but I couldn't. "Billy," I yelled. When he turned around, his phone in his hand and a scowl on his face I let him have it. "Billy Reese, you have never had me, you could never have me and it will always be the same until Hell freezes over. Now, fuck you! Phillip is my man."

Having made my announcement, Carol and I sort of staggered into the elevator and then down the hallway to my room. I was drunk enough for the two of us so it wasn't easy. Then, just as Carol opened the door, the beer really hit me and I felt my stomach turn over. I made a frantic dash for the bathroom. I almost made it.

Carol had to get my clothes off, all of them right down to my shoes, and throw a hotel bathrobe around me. I had wiped my mouth with my hand, so she had even taken off my watch and engagement ring and laid them on the counter to clean them. She was washing my face when another familiar voice sounded.

"Carol? Jenn? Are you all in here?"

"In the bathroom Roger," Carol called to her former partner, now her husband. "Jenn way overdid the alcohol. We need to get her to bed." She wet a towel and draped it around my neck and sat me on the commode.

"Okay, but I'm thinking we need to do that somewhere else."

"What is it?" asked Carol.

"I saw Billy Reese down in the lobby, talking to Clara Wilkerson at the desk. You know they've both been at odds with Phillip, and Jenn too, for a long time and for the same reason. Clara has always wanted Phillip. She works here and somehow the sight of the two of them whispering does not set well with me. Call me paranoid, but I wouldn't put it past them to try something nasty."

"You're right," agreed Carol. "But where?"

"Remember what your mom did the night before our wedding?"

"Oh yes. Great idea. How are we going to do it?"

"Already done," I could hear the smugness in Roger's voice.

It was a good idea. Even as drunk as I was I remembered that Carol's mom heard that the rest of Roger and Carol's shift planned to drag him out for the whole night before their wedding, get him stinking drunk and deliver him to the church five minutes before the ceremony. She reserved a room under her maiden name of "Morrison" and Roger got a good night's sleep, and truth be told, a nice snuggle with Carol as yours truly, the maid of honor, watched out for them. So I went with them as they peeked out, checked the hall and rushed me down two floors to another room.

I wanted to figure out a way to call Phillip and tell him about the switch. He was planning on sneaking up to my room after I got everyone else safely away. I wanted some serious snuggles with him, and also was planning on giving him the last blow job he would get as a single man. Tomorrow night we would finally have all out, hard-core all-the-way sex. I was damn well ready and I knew he was too.

I hoped the lessons I had got from Carol and her Mom about sex would be as effective as the training I had been given on blow jobs. When I had first tried to go down on Phillip I had strangled on his cock and darn near bit him in the process. I had been in tears when I got home that night. When Carol asked me what the problem was and I told her, she grinned and told me she could fix it.

Well, it seems she had the same problem with Roger. Her mom, who was a good bit more sexually aware than most of us ever think moms are, had taught Carol how to suck using a banana. So she did the same for me. It took a while, but when I next went down on Phillip I was a champ. The last month or two my lessons had been covering even more intimate actions.

I tried to stay awake until Carol and Roger left. I suppose I managed that for all of about ten seconds. Maybe. Actually I think I passed out the moment I hit the bed.


I was sneaking glances at my watch, waiting for the call from Jenn that the coast was clear. Yes, I know it's supposed to be bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding but I wasn't worried. It's not like Jenn and I could see much more of each other than we already had.

I guess I had been in love with Jenn pretty much my entire life. She doesn't have model good looks or a killer bod, but she's pretty, with long black hair and sparkling black eyes. What may be most appealing is that she doesn't realize just how attractive she is, nor how many guys would love to get hold of her.

We had started dating in high school and by our junior year we were going steady. Our sex life was pretty imaginary, but the imagining was getting quite strong by graduation night.

Up until then we had confined ourselves pretty much to kissing and some occasional heavy petting. We would touch each other and strive to make each other feel good. Once Jenn had attempted to suck me off, but she had choked at the first attempt to go down on me and that had ended that. We knew we wanted to get married and had decided we could wait until things were just right before having real sex.

After the ceremonies at the football field we had slipped away in my old pickup truck and driven to our favorite parking area overlooking the recreation park's lake. We had snuggled and then begun kissing. I had unbuttoned her blouse and had slid one hand inside the bra she had unfastened for me when her hand touched my cock through my pants. She unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants. Sliding her left hand down inside my underwear she pulled my cock and began to stroke it.

"Oh, Jenn," I managed to groan. Her fingers were gentle but insistent and it felt so good. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the seat, enjoying her ministrations. I forced my eyes open, hoping that she was doing something to herself with her other hand. I found that so incredibly exciting when she would slide her hand up under her skirt and touch herself. Not that I didn't enjoy doing that myself, but I was perfectly willing to admit, to myself anyway, that it probably felt much better when she did herself.

Then she surprised me. My eyes really popped open when I felt her warm breath on the head of my cock and then her tongue. I really gave a groan as she teased the tip, licking lightly at the slit. All I could see was the top of her head and all I could feel were her lips sliding slowly down my cock, which by this time was as hard and throbbing as I had ever known it.

I expected her to gag. She didn't. Her mouth filled more and more with my cock, until she had completely engulfed it. Her lips tight against my raging hard-on, she began to slide up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I could feel the suction increase and I realized she was sucking deeply as her head bobbed wildly up and down.

"Jenn, Holy SHIT, JENN!" I tried to warn her I was about to come, but she ignored my warning. Instead, she slid her head all the way down until I could feel the air from her nostrils on my groin. I couldn't hold back. I gave a loud cry, my balls emptied themselves and I shot my cum into her mouth.

I felt wonderful. I was also troubled. How she had learned to suck a cock like that I didn't have any idea, but apparently the lessons hadn't included spitting. She swallowed my cum as fast as I could pour it out.

When we were done, she licked her lips and grinned before snuggling close to me. I wrapped her up in my arms

"What? How?" I stammered a couple of times as I tried to find the words to delicately ask my girl how in the world she had managed to go from gagging to what she had just done to me. I couldn't find them. Any way I tried to phrase the question seemed to come out as an accusation. This was my Jenn. I knew she hadn't, couldn't, cheat on me. Not her. And not withy that sparkling hint of mischief in her eyes instead of guilt. Jenn was as transparent as clear glass. She never stifled her feelings. I always knew just what she was thinking. Didn't I?

I dismissed my worries. Fair was fair after all. Some discreet talks with my married older sister and the careful perusal of "The Joy of Sex" were about to be tested. I pushed Jenn back onto the seat, my fingers lifting her skirt. It was awkward, but by draping her left leg over my shoulder and stretching her right over the transmission tunnel I was able to spread her wide enough to bend over and start kissing her right on the middle of her panties. Panties which were already quite wet. Panties that I decided had to go.

If I had been surprised, Jenn was flabbergasted when I pulled her white cotton panties down her legs far enough for me to be able to reach her black curls with my mouth and tongue. Yes, I had fingered her before, and yes, I certainly had seen her pussy, both when I touched her and when she fingered herself for me, but I had certainly never gone down on her. Oh I had always wanted to; I just wanted to get it right.

Somewhere I had read that the more they have sex, the slower men are to cum and the faster girls are to climax. You couldn't tell that from Jenn. The very first touch of my tongue against her and she squealed "Phillip!" and began to buck her hips up to me. As always in our making out, the more excited she got the more it turned me on. It really was amazing that we had managed to refrain from going all the way.

I used my tongue to stroke up and down, flattening it into her opening, then finding her entrance and pressing the tip inside of her. It was amazing. I could feel her quivering all over and her gasps and moans drove me wild. Besides, I found out that her taste was incredible. Other guys had boasted of eating their girlfriends, but also complained that "Cunt tasted awful". Either their girlfriends didn't keep themselves clean or they were idiots. I thought Jenn tasted wonderful.

I rolled my eyes and lifted my head just enough to sneak a peek at Jenn. She had her eyes closed and a dreamy expression on her face. Her blouse was open, her bra pushed down and her hands were massaging her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing over them. Her lips were moving. I had to strain to hear her. She was repeating my name over and over again.

I wiggled my tongue up to find her clit. I had touched her there before but she had never responded as she did now. I licked it, feeling it roll under my tongue, and she went wild. Jenn cried out and slammed her hips up, grinding herself against my face. I could feel her wetness running to me and dripping into my mouth. Since she had swallowed I thought it only fair I did too. She reached down and grabbed my head, arching under me. Feeling her clit throb against my tongue, I lashed it back and forth until she let out an actual scream and shook violently before collapsing limply in the seat.

I shook my head, trying to clear those memories which were giving me quite an enormous erection. Not that I minded it, but I needed to save it. Jenn and I had agreed that tonight would be snuggling only. We both wanted to be a fever pitch when we arrived at our honeymoon destination.

I checked my watch. She should have called by now. I slipped from my car, which was hidden in the back of the hotel parking lot, and trotted up to the front door. The side door would have been nice but at this time of night it was locked. I peeked in, seeing no one I recognized. That was good, since Clara Wilkerson, a pal and sometimes date of Billy Reese, often worked the front desk. I already had a key card for the room, so I walked quickly across the lobby and got into the elevator.

No one was in the hallway. I all but ran down the hallway to the correct door and inserted the card. The light turned green and I pushed the door open. Rather, I tried to open the door. It moved only a couple of inches and then it was caught by the safety chain. What the hell? All I could see was a partial view of the hallway and a glimpse of the bath. The hallway wasn't telling me anything but I could see clothing piled in the bathroom. There was a bra on top of a pair of jeans. They were Jenn's jeans; I recognized the patch she had sewn over the back pocket. And what was the shinning spot on the counter. It was a ring, light glinting off a diamond. It looked to me like Jenn's engagement ring, although I couldn't tell for sure.

What I could tell for sure was the sounds of passion coming from the bedroom area. The gasps, the moans, the panting. The slap of two bodies together. Someone was having sex back there, raw, powerful sex. As I struggled to grasp the situation I heard a familiar voice.

"Billy ... fuck ... me."

Billy? My head swam and I saw red. Billy Reese? It couldn't be. Then I heard him laugh. It was a rich full laugh, full of confidence. I had never liked Billy; we had always clashed, like two male animals striving to be the Alpha Male. But now I hated him.

"Talk to me Jennifer. Tell me who I am."

"You ... my man. Have me." Came her voice in broken words, punctuated by the rthymatic slapping of bodies together.

And what about that wimp you were going to marry? Tell me about him you slut."

"Phillip ... never had me ... you ... until Hell freezes over."

I had heard all I could take. I eased the door closed and fled, from the hotel, to my car. I sat there, trying to come to grips with what I had just seen, what I had just heard.

What could have possessed Jenn to do this? On THIS, the eve of our wedding. And with Billy Reese, the man we both had always despised. Something deep inside me grew hot. I could feel my anger building, about to explode. But one thing I had learned in the Corps was self-control. I sat on my anger and tamped it down. Flying off the handle was not the answer. I needed to find what the situation was before I acted. I needed answers and I knew the best way to find them. I would. And when I did, heads would roll.


Oh God. What was that horrible loud noise? The sound echoed through my head, encouraging the wee people who were busily hammering the inside of my skull. One good thing about that, I suppose. They took my mind off the awful taste in my mouth and the upheaval in my stomach.

I managed to sit up in bed and glared banefully at the clock clicking away on the table. I would have smashed it except the thought of the noise THAT would make made my headache even worse. It was kind of a neat idea to toy with though.

Oh SHIT. Was that time right? I needed to get up. I needed to get moving. I needed to ... I fell back onto the bed. I needed to sleep for about 48 hours. Maybe I would wake up and find myself married and in the Bahamas.

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