Rachael's Night

by writingislove224

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Rachael feels it's her turn this evening and takes control of her and her husband's sexual acts. She's the boss now.

The front door opened and Rachael walked in, her heels slapping against the tile floor of her home. Stephen, her husband, shut the front door and then grabbed his wife by the hips and turned her around. He let himself fall back to lean against the door and lowered his head to kiss Rachael on her lips. Knowing exactly what he wanted, Rachael deepened the kiss by opening her mouth under his and let her tongue venture into his mouth.

Stephen, of course, accepted the deep kiss and pressed his tongue against hers. He grabbed her left leg and hiked it up on to his hip. Rachael wrapped her arms around Stephen's neck in attempt to get closer to him. It wasn't enough though, she wanted him deep inside her.

She broke the kiss and lowered her leg to remove his leather jacket. She tossed it to the floor with a grin. She watched her husband stare at the jacket and she shook a finger in his face.

"If you grab that jacket Stephen Elliott and put it on the coat rack instead of kissing me right damn now, you won't be getting any tonight."

Stephen didn't say anything only grabbed his wife's face with both hands and kissed her hard on the mouth. She took a step back and guided him into the living room. As the two walked into the room Rachael lifted his plain black tee shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor as well.

When they were near the couch Rachael pushed Stephen back on to it and straddle his hips. He leaned his head back as she began to kiss and bite at his neck. With the tip of her tongue she trailed a wet line from the base of his neck to his ear lobe. Pulling away she blew her cool breath on to the wet line. She watched Stephen shake with pleasure.

He turned his head to the side and she took the moment to take his ear lobe between her teeth. She carefully played with his ear rings by tugging on them. Stephen squeezed Rachael's legs as she did so. When she was done teasing his ear she returned to his lips to kiss him. Stephen began caressing her legs, then his hands went up under her dress. He cupped her perfectly round ass cheeks with both hands and gave them both a hard squeeze.

With one hand holding her dress up at the small of her back, he trailed his fingers down between the crack of her ass then back up to her cheek. He pulled his hand away a little and came back down to her cheek with a good slap.

Rachael's eyes shot open and she pulled away from the kiss. She threaded her fingers into his sandy blond hair and lowered her mouth back down on his but didn't quite kiss him. She stared into his hazy dark green eyes.

"Do it again." she demanded into his lips, "A little harder too."

He did as he was told and gave his wife a good spank. In reaction, she moaned into his lips and felt her panties getting wet. Without warning Stephen gave her other cheek a good hard slap which caused Rachael to suck in some air.

"Oh, sorry," He said, worried that he had hurt her.

"Mmm, don't be. I liked it." She told him. "But that's enough of this. This is my night. I get to do whatever I want to you. Now you just sit there and be good and do whatever I say. Alright?" She got up off him as she spoke and stared down at him, waiting for him to take in what she just said and agree.

"Alright." He shook his head, "God, you are so fucking sexy."

"I know." She smiled at him.

She reached back behind her to unzip her dress. She shrugged her shoulders and let the black material fall into a puddle over her feet. Stephen's eyes roamed every inch of her almost naked flesh. He reached out with his hands to touch her but she smacked him away.

"My night." She snapped.

Rachael kicked her dress away and lowered herself down onto her knees in front of Stephen. She unbuckled his belt and slowly removed it then slid it across the floor. Rachael unbuttoned his pants and so very, very slowly unzipped them. Stephen lifted his hips to help with the removal of he jeans. She threw the old blue jeans over her shoulder and fell they onto the coffee table, knocking over a candle in the process.

Not paying any attention to the fallen candle, Rachael stared at the large bulge in Stephen's white boxers. With a finger she traced the outline of his hardness then hooked her finger under the waistline of his boxers. She hooked her other finger in the waistline and pulled his boxers down. Stephen didn't bother lifting his hips up this time because she already had them off by the time he realized what she was doing.

Rachael parted his legs so that she could fit her small body between them. Staring at his large cock, she licked her lips and lowered her head towards his thick hard-on. Right when Stephen thought she was going to take him into her warm sweet mouth, she directed her attention to his inner thighs. First she licked and nipped at both thighs then pulled her face away and ran her finger tips lightly across his warming skin. His cock twitched as she did so and it bounced off his flat stomach, screaming for attention.

A smiled spread across her face when she heard him whisper please. She was going to tease him like he had been doing for the past few nights. She was dead set on driving her man crazy this evening. This was, after all, her night.

"Rachael," he choked out, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because." She simply said while taking his shaft into her hands, "I want to."

Holding his warm cock with one hand, she cupped both balls in the other. She circled his tip with her index finger and Stephen jerked his hips and sucked in some air.

"Oh God." he moaned.

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