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Desc: Drama Sex Story: Why did she cheat?

Why does a married woman decide to cheat? A woman who has a nice home, a loving husband and two nice kids. Why, after fifteen years of a satisfying marriage? I kept asking this as I read the PI's report and looked at the pictures included in it. Why? I kept asking in my mind and the only thing I could come up with was that she had a mental failure of some kind. Did she love him? They only met for sex according to the report. No woman in her right mind would do such anything to jeopardize all that she had for a few minutes of guilty sex. Mental illness was all I could attribute it to as the tears ran down my cheeks.

The PI had left me in an empty office to read the report; knowing I would need the privacy to assimilate what it said and to handle the emotions he knew it would invoke. I looked through the pictures and noted the almost depraved way she seemed to be indulging in sex with her lover. I recognized him as Chad Wilkens, a co-worker at the real-estate office where she worked as an agent. They'd been meeting a couple of times a week at the Motel 6 out at the interstate interchange and occasionally in our house in the guest bedroom. That's where the PI had gotten the pictures so there was no privacy issue when this went to divorce court. Afer the first time the PI saw them going into our house he'd rigged mini-cams and audio tapes in various rooms there.

So now I had to decide how to confront her and when. I'd pretty much determined that I would have to divorce her. There was no way I could condone her cuckolding me and expecting me to turn the other cheek. I considered myself a Christian man but the pictures indicated such depravity and lack of respect for me that I could not conceive of any reason for me to forgive her.

My name is Frank Nulund, I'm 43 and manage a super market. The job sometimes requires long hours away from my family and this is what may have contributed to my wife straying I thought. But hell, that was no reason to cheat that I could accept.

My wife's name is Joan and she is 42. We'd met in college and from the time of our first date, there was never another woman for me. I'd loved and trusted her all our married lives. As I said, she works as an agent in a real-estate office and spends a lot of time away from the office, as Chad did, and I guess that's what gave them the opportunities to participate in their extracurricular activities. Chad is about our age and married to Mona, a very nice, lovely woman and they have two kids also, about the same age as ours. I'd met them at various family functions the real-estate company had supported and always thought they were a nice family.

I figured the divorce could be done very amicably with irreconcilable differences as the cause if she cooperated. We made approximately the same incomes so there should be no alimony and if our son, Jeremy, 14 came to live with me and our daughter, Kim, 12 stayed with her mother, there would be no child support. The house would have to be sold and all assets split 50/50. If she didn't agree to this then I would threaten to divorce her for adultery and the PI report with all the pictures, audio tapes and videos would be made public.

I thought about Chad and what this would do to his family but I didn't know how to handle that problem yet. I guess at the right time I would take the data I had and give them to his wife and let her decide. I knew it would devastate her as much as it was myself but she had to know the type. of guy she was married to and I wanted some revenge for what he'd done to my family...

Just then there was a knock on the door and the PI came in.

"How are you doing Mr. Nulund? Do you have any questions on the material?"

"No. I guess not. It's all here as I expected." I sadly responded.

"Do you want to see the videos or listen to the audio tapes? You might get a better idea of how the events transpired."

"No thanks, I couldn't take anymore than what the photos show." I answered. I really couldn't take what I'd seen as she'd totally given herself to another man and so I got up and prepared to leave. On the way out I wrote the PI a check for the balance I owed him and taking his report with the photos, audio and video tapes, I left his office.

I'd taken the afternoon off and decided to just let the assistant manager handle things at the market. It was good training for him and he could reach me on my cell if needed. Stopping at a park near our home I mulled over in my mind the events that had led me to discovering my soon- to-be ex wife's adultery. I didn't want to go the house we called home because I could no longer think of it as a home; just a house where we ate and slept. I decided I would have to try to hold the family together as long as possible for the sake of the kids as they needed the security of a home.

Joan is an attractive woman and keeps in shape with workout and the activities related to her job. She isn't svelte by any means as she'd filled out some after the kids were born but I'd noticed she'd lost a little weight and was tired a lot lately which I'd put down to a new diet. She still looks very nice to me. Our sex life had been frequent up to a few weeks ago and very loving but bland mostly, using the missionary position and little or no oral sex. I'd thought about broaching her on spicing up our sex life but was always afraid of her reaction to some of the fantasies I had.

I didn't catch on right away as to the reduced frequency of our mating but looking back she didn't want to have sex with me on the days she'd been with Chad. But all other times our love making continued as before. It was when I accidently saw a bank billing for her personal business card and noted charges to our local Motel 6 that I became suspicious and decided to do some checking. The PI's report was the result.

Maybe I should have confronted her about it then but if she was cheating I wanted it documented. It was very expensive and I'd had to go into our retirement savings to pay for it. I determined that if he found out what I expected, I wouldn't have to worry about growing old and retiring together someday.

The thing that bothered me the most was that she never seemed to change her loving attitude toward me even as she was having her affair. I wondered about how she could be so two-faced about it and act like nothing had changed in her life. She must be a good actress, I thought. What she was doing with Chad indicated she'd lost her love and respect for me as her husband and lover and her insidious behavior must be dealt with.

As I sat in the park where we'd taken our kids so many times as they were growing up I could feel my eyes tearing up again and my thoughts went back over the fifteen tears of what I thought was an ideal marriage. All the good times with only occasional problems. How could she have given it up so easily? I sobbed quietly with my head back against the head rest in the quiet of the park for some time until I brought myself under control.

Another thought came to me. If she truly were suffering from a mental illness could I stay with her? Our wedding vows included the words " ... in sickness and in health." Mental illness is a sickness. Could I stay in the marriage to honor that vow if she stopped her affair? But the marriage vows also included the words " ... and forsake all others." and she had certainly not done that. I decided that I could never trust her again and if I can't trust her, even though its caused by a sickness, I couldn't live with her. How could I control her and work too? So divorce was the only solution.

Next, I considered how to manage the break with minimum impact on the kids and without having a major confrontation with her but first I needed to find and talk with a divorce attorney. Using my cell I called our attorney to get a recommendation from him. Jerry was surprised when I told him what I wanted but provided me with a name, Ron Jenkins, and a phone number. Before hanging up I asked him to rewrite my will removing Joan and naming our kids as the sole beneficiaries. I immediately called and made an appointment for the next morning with the divorce attorney. Then I decided to go home and try to act normal for a few more days.

When I got home, Joan hadn't arrived yet, but the kids were home from school and doing their homework. I was proud that they'd disciplined themselves (with a little help) to do it as soon as they got home from school.

"Dad," Kim asked. "What are you doing home so early?"

"I had some business to take care of honey and rather than going back to the store afterward, I just came home to check up on you guys."

"Oh, dad. You know what hard workers we are." she responded with a roguish grin as we hugged.

She was a great daughter and I was going to miss her when I split with her mother.

"Oh sure you are. Isn't your mother home yet?"

"No, she called and said she had a showing and would be a little late. She's bringing chinese home for dinner."

"Sounds good to me. Is Jeremy up in his room?"


I wondered if Joan was meeting Chad this afternoon at Motel 6 as I went upstairs and rapped on Jeremy's door. I'd pulled off the PI as I had all the information I needed so wasn't keeping track of her affair as I had before.

Jeremy opened the door and I ruffled his hair and hugged him.

"What's up dad?"

"Nothing Jer. Just letting you know I'm home. How's school going?"

"Good. No complaints."

We talked for a few more minutes then I went downstairs and made myself my favorite drink, scotch on the rocks, while I waited for Joan to get home.

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