Rob And Gina

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He walked away from her and came back to a surprise.

Once upon a time I loved my wife and I thought she loved me. I thought we had a good marriage, but time changes all things and our relationship was no exception.

I met Gina by accident - literally - when she ran into the back of my car while I was sitting at a stoplight. It wasn't her fault; she was rear ended and pushed into me. When we got out of our cars to check out the damage I paid more interest to her than I did the damage to my car. Visually speaking, she was my ideal woman. Tall at five-nine, long hair down to the middle of her back, she looked great without any makeup on and she had legs that seemed to go on forever. It didn't hurt that she was showing off those legs by wearing four-inch heels.

While we were waiting for the cops to come and take the accident report we exchanged names, phone numbers and insurance information and while doing that I checked out her left hand and saw no rings. I decided that I had nothing to lose in going for it so I did and to my great joy she said yes when I asked her to have dinner with me. By the fifth date we were making out like teenagers and by the tenth she was giving me hand jobs while I finger fucked her. I tried to take it to the next level and she shot me down.

"Not until Rob, not until."

"Not until what?"

"Until I decide."

Well fuck this shit I thought and I put an end to the finger fucking, breast play and I kept my dick in my pants and when she reached for it I pushed her hand away.

"What's wrong?" she wanted to know.

"You want to wait, we will wait, but I'm not going to spend anymore nights going home all worked up."

I still kept asking her out and she still kept saying yes and then one night while sitting on the couch in her apartment I went and did it - I asked Gina to marry me.

"I'll give you an answer tomorrow," she said.

"Why tomorrow?"

"Because I need to see if we are a good enough fit for each other."

"How are you going to do that?"

"Come on" she said, "I'll show you" and she took my hand and pulled me up off the couch and led me into her bedroom. When she was done with me I was too wiped out to even sit up. She smiled at me and said:

"You'll do. Yes, I'll marry you."

When we said "I do" I was looking forward to a sex life and a half and for the first three years I had it. We started out our married life as a couple of sex fiends who could not leave each other alone, but somewhere along the way the fire, at least on Gina's part, went out. My fire stayed lit, my desires were still there, but for all practical purposes I was alone in our queen-size bed. It didn't matter what I did or what I tried I was the recipient of less and less sex with each passing month. More and more nights were spent in bed with Gina lying next to me, but with her back turned to me. Any attempt I made at intimacy was met with " Not tonight Rob, I don't feel like it" or the old standby, "Not tonight Rob, I have a headache."

Other than the sexual all other aspects of our relationship seemed fine, but a sexless marriage is no marriage at all unless both partners are on the same page and that was definitely not the case with Gina and me. Lack of sex was turning me bitter and I seriously began thinking of divorce, so serious that I brought it up one night at the dinner table. I wasn't at all subtle about it either.

"If you were making a list of what items you wanted to keep in a divorce what would be at the top of your list?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Just looking ahead."

"Looking ahead at what?"

"A divorce."

"A divorce? Why are you thinking of a divorce? Why in God's name are you thinking of something like that?"

"It is the usual way of getting out of a marriage that isn't working."

"That's nonsense! There isn't anything wrong with our marriage."

"Maybe not from where you are sitting looking at it, but the view from where I am sitting is that we are about to crater."

"What is that you see that I'm not seeing?"

"An absence of sex."

"That again?"

"Yes Gina, that. It is a basic human need as far as I'm concerned and since I have no intention of becoming a monk or an eunuch and I refuse to cheat a divorce that will free me to go looking for the sex I want and need seems to be the only option."

"You would throw away everything we have over a stupid little thing like sex?"

"It isn't a little thing to me Gina. Maybe if you hadn't been such a nympho when we first got married I wouldn't miss it so much, but miss it I do and I'm not going to go through the rest of my life without. I don't know what suddenly turned you off, but nothing has turned me off."

"Well I'm sorry Rob, but I just don't have any interest in sex anymore."

"Your choice Gina" I said as I got up and left the table.

I had hoped that the talk at the kitchen table would serve as a wake up call to Gina, but nothing changed in the following weeks as I made attempts to get something started only to be rebuffed. A month later I made one more try and I asked her to see a doctor and find out if there was a medical reason for her sudden lost interest in sex.

"Good God Rob, is that all you think of anymore? You are behaving like a little kid. Grow up Rob, get a grip."

A couple more months went by and I don't know how much longer it would have gone on, but everything came apart at a cocktail party at Gina's boss's house. It was held to celebrate something that I've forgotten, but I was like a command performance for Gina - she had to be there and it was expected that she have her significant other with her. I didn't really want to go, but not because I thought it would be boring, but because I knew it would cause me to smolder and there would be no way to put the fire out.

I had attended two of Gina's company Christmas parties and one company picnic and at all three I saw more sexy women than the law should allow. It must have been in the company policy and procedures manual that you couldn't work for Herb unless as a women you were a fox or as a man you were married to one. And you put that many beautiful women together in one place and they purposely try and outdo each other as far as drawing attention is concerned. I left all three with a raging hard on. I was lucky after the first one because Gina was still making love to me, but the next two came after she decided to become celibate and I suffered.

The party was just as I feared. There were gorgeous, sexy women almost wall to wall. Gina and I circulated and socialized for about an hour and then I got involved with a group discussing the upcoming Bronco's/Browns game and Gina wandered away to find a group talking about something more to her liking. It was maybe twenty minutes before I left the group and went looking for Gina. Someone said they saw her heading for the restroom. I needed to go so I headed that way. No one was in the bathroom so I went in, took care of business and when I came out I thought I heard, "Oh come on Gina" from the room across the hall. I opened the door and there stood my wife in the arms of another man and they were kissing.

"I guess he can see to it that you get home," I said as Gina turned and saw me just before I turned and walked away.

I went straight through the house and out the front door, got in my car and took off. On the way home I was making a mental list of what I needed to do to get the divorce going, but by the time I got home I was steaming and muttering to myself:

"Fuck a bunch of divorces. Why waste the fucking money."

I went down in the basement and grabbed some suitcases and started packing. I had almost all my clothes, guns and fishing gear loaded in the car when a cab pulled up in front and Gina got out. I headed upstairs to get the last bag out of the bedroom and Gina came into the room just as I closed it and set it on the floor.

"What are you doing Rob?"

"What I should have done a year ago. Getting the fuck out!"

"Just sit down Rob; calm down and let me explain. It is just a big misunderstanding."

"What's not to understand? I get no sex at home because my wife says she just isn't interested in sex anymore. Yeah, right. Just not interested in sex with me, just the assholes you work with. No wonder I never could get any; you were too fucking busy giving it to everybody else."

"Honestly Rob, you are ac..." and when she said "Honestly Rob" I lost it. I grabbed her, threw her on the bed on her stomach and then put a knee in her back to hold her down while I ripped her panties off her and threw them on the floor. I unzipped myself, pulled her up on her knees and drove my cock into her as she yelled, "Damn it Rob, let me go."

"I'll let you go when I'm good and ready you worthless cunt! This is something else I should have done long ago. To hell with the begging, whining and pleading and trying to get what you were giving away to others. I should have just taken it."

"Damn it Rob, stop right now. You don't und ... OOOF," she yelled as I gripped her hips and slammed my cock into her.

"Rob, please, ' she moaned, "You need to..."

"All I need to do you unfaithful whore, is finish and then walk away from your sorry ass."

I held her hips firmly and pounded my cock into her cunt. Unfortunately, since I hadn't been laid in forever I wasn't going to last long enough to punish the bitch the way I really wanted to. She was dry and I had to be causing her a lot of discomfort and maybe even some pain, but then that is what I wanted to do.

"Please Rob, please" she moaned and I ignored her.

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