One Summers Evening

by Galanor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Participating in a random strangers erotic fantasy

On a balmy summer's afternoon, I'm sitting at the pub enjoying the cool crisp taste of my first after work pint, enjoying the view of the countryside melting away in the distance into the sea. The sky is blue and cloudless and whilst the heat of the day is long past it is still warm and pleasant enough to sit around in a short sleeved shirt and not be cold.

Day dreaming as I am I'm unaware of their presence until a silky voice says;

"Is anyone sitting there?"

As I'm sitting alone at a table with two other chairs and all the other tables are full, I'm inclined not to mind the company and say "yes" before glancing round. As my head turns I get an eyeful of full breast and cleavage as my inquisitor is only 5' 2" and dressed in a wonderfully low cut, form fitting blue blouse and black trousers. I tear my eyes away and look up into her emerald green eyes.

"Thanks, most kind" the "voice" says

"Not at all" I manage to blurt out, hoping to god that I haven't made a fool of myself.

She sits down and grins coquettishly, and I know that I was rumbled, but hey what can she expect, her body is just too perfect for me to have done otherwise and I'm damn certain she knows the effect that she has on blokes in general. She flicks her hair with her hand and draws it forward over her left shoulder draping it down between her breasts like a silk curtain

To my other side, taking advantage of my distraction, her companion folds her tall frame into the other seat and as I turn I catch a glimpse of her hair, like fire glinting in the sun, and next to me a glorious titan redhead sits down, perfect in stature and build, encased in a tight dark purple top, and cream mini skirt. She takes my breath away and for a moment my mouth hangs open. She beams a blinding smile at my shell shocked visage well aware of what she has done to me.

I sit back after smiling at these two beauties, my eyes almost popping out of my head and take a deep sip of my beer. As they chat I let my concentration drift with the wind, my eyes staring out at the countryside, whilst my thoughts are on the two lovely pairs of taught boobs either side of me. Ten minutes later my pint seems to have evaporated and I'm having difficulty sitting still, with my brain working overtime to give me a raging hard on. The spell is broken by the "voice"

"I'm just going to the bar for a drink, would you like one?"

I cock an eyebrow at the unintended double-entendre "Please and I'll have a pint of Fosters!"

She smiles, looks me straight in the eye and replies;

"Ok, coming right up! Same again Stephanie?"

"Yup, a glass of Merlot please."

I turn to the abandoned red head and introduce myself, we chat for a couple of minutes and she tells me that her and her friend Morgan have been catching up, as Morgan was away in Australia and has only just got back.

"We knew each other at Uni" Morgan says as she brings the drinks back "we played volleyball in the Uni Squad"

"Nice" is all I can think of to say, my mind now in overdrive

"I was just telling Stephanie" she continues "about an experience I had while I was in Oz. You'll love it coz you're a bloke, so you may as well look attentive rather than ear wigging and missing half the story!"

"I have always wanted to have a threesome, just me and two blokes, so I asked Tom, my ex, if he could arrange for one of his mates to join in. He agreed on one condition, that I return the favor i.e.; him, me and one of my girlfriends. Of course I accepted as I was horny and wanted two dicks in me at the same time."

"And" said Stephanie, hanging on every word "what happened?"

Maybe my tongue was hanging out or maybe it was the fact that it was Stephanie and not me that said something but Morgan gave me an odd look and continued.

"Well it was great actually. I got Tom to let me know which evening it was going to be, and when Tom turned up with Gav I'd made a real effort, stockings, suspenders, knee high Fuck-me boots, a short short micro skirt with no knickers and strangely enough this top." She said drawing her hand through her hair and then down the inner sides of her breasts.

Both Stephanie and my eyes followed her fingers and as she started talking again we glanced quickly at each other, as Stephanie caught my eye she coloured slightly aware that I had caught her staring at her friends boobs. I smiled gently and looked back at Morgan, whose eyes now glittered with suppressed excitement, having noticed the interplay between Stephanie and I.

"Well Gav came round and the two of them sat on opposite sides of the room after a little coaching from me. Getting them drinks, I gave Gav his and bending over gave him a great big eyeful of cleavage, his eyes almost popped out, a bit like you two's just did!"

Stephanie gasped, as I think that she was unaware that her friend had caught us in the act, and went even redder.

"Anyway I gave Tom his drink and bent over him as well, this time spreading my legs slightly so my skirt rode up my hips, giving Gav a good view of my shaved pussy, with its puffy pink lips. I heard an intake of air from behind so I guess Gav noticed! I smiled at Tom and unzipped his pants, my hand burrowing to release his cock. I bent further forward exposing myself even more to Gav and stuffed Tom dick in my mouth, licking him along the base of his penis as I knew he liked. I then straightened up buried my fingers inside me and turned to Gav ... Fancy some?? His eyes were burning bright and by the bulge in his pants I knew he wasn't going to refuse. As I stood there Tom reached round me and undid the buttons on my blouse, took my Bra off and cupped my boobs from behind, pointing them at Gav. I thought his eyes were bulging before but now he looked ready to pop. I freed Gav's straining dick and leant forward taking him deep down my throat. I felt Tom's hands on my arse, and then he slipped a finger into my sopping wet twat. With his finger inside me I became hotter and wetter, and then he slipped his dick inside me, thrusting in time to my slurps on Gav's rod. After a couple of minutes of this I stopped, pushed Tom gently away and turned round. I wiggled my fanny in Gav's face and slowly lowered myself onto his member, Tom's dick was right there in front of me so I grabbed hold of it and sucked that too. Before they both came I knew I wanted them both inside me at the same time, so. I motioned for Tom to lie on the floor with his feet facing Gav's chair. As I stood up my pussy slid off Gav with a sticky squelching sound. I turned around to face Gav and squatted over Tom, and rubbed my pussy juices into my arse. Tom had been trying to get his dick up there for the whole year we had been seeing each other and fairs fair, I was getting what I wanted, no harm in him getting a little something too. I knelt lower and guided him to my rosy ring, then lower still gently impaling myself on him. Gav's eyes were bugging out at this point, especially when I started rubbing my pussy and opening up my labia for him to look at. I asked him to come over and fill me up, strangely he didn't need much persuading. As I felt him stretch me from the front I felt Tom pulsing in my back passage."

"The feeling of the two of them inside me, was amazing, their dicks stretching me till I felt as if I was going to burst! Their breath became more labored and the I felt one then the other come inside me very close together, some much so that I don't know who came first, what I do know though is that the heat of their cum inside me set me off, and whilst I didn't come first I damn well came the hardest!"

Stephanie's face was glowing and her breath was coming in short pants as she asked "Well??? What happened when Tom had his surprise?"

"Well, I never got round to that as Tom and I split up shortly afterwards, due to Tom getting a job on the other side of Australia in Sydney, and I didn't want to travel from Perth. So I've not yet been with another woman."

"Hmmm fancy remedying that?? You know I've always had a soft spot for you Morgan" Stephanie said in a breathy and husky voice.

"That sounds fun, but I don't want it to be just us if that's OK, that would feel a bit too weird, and since Tom I haven't had a boyfriend, so I want a bit of cock too. So we need to find a man..."

As their eyes slowly turned towards me

" ... That will help us out..."

They both started to smile like cats that had got some cream

" ... and has a raging hard on from hearing me!!!"

What the hell I thought, they both knew I was as horny as hell from the way I kept eyeing them up, and it wasn't like I could really cover up my excitement!

"Ok, I'll help out!" like I'd have refused

"Shall we go back to mine?" Stephanie asked

"Sounds good, I'll follow you two" was my response.

As we got in the door, Stephanie reached by me and pushed it closed, which brought her face close to mine, we looked into each others eyes and I put a hand round her waist and pulled her towards me, pressing her firm body against me. We kissed, our tongues firm against each other, sliding sinuously around, and the taste of wine in her mouth. I felt a hand on my stomach pushing me gently away and thought it must be Stephanie wanting to move. I let her go and found myself pinned against the door by Morgan, who also wanted a kiss, call me a gentleman, but how could I refuse?

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