After A Hard Days Work

by Galanor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A fantasy about what happens after a long day at work

After a long day at work I drive home, tired and ready for a shower, my suit jacket hung up in the back and my tie loose around my neck. I drive past Anouska's office and pick her up from work. She is dressed in a medium length skirt, just above her knees, and a red silk blouse. As she gets in the car she leans forward, and her blouse drapes open revealing her lacy red bra. She notices the direction of my gaze, leans over to kiss me and says, "Like the view do you? Nice aren't they?" As she wriggles in her seat to get her seat belt on, and to get comfortable, her skirt rucks up higher on her thighs, revealing her stockings and suspenders. I smile and place my hand on her leg, just at the point were her skin is revealed, and gently rub her leg, sliding my finger under the top of her stocking. She takes my hand and gently placing it back on the gear stick says, "Later my darling".

After arriving home, I cook us dinner. Pasta with chicken in a tomato sauce, and we sit down to eat with a glass of wine. After dinner Anouska volunteers to do the dishes while I have a shower. As I am washing my hair the door to the shower opens and I feel two hands on my backside, they caress their way onto my hips as the door closes. I am pulled gently backwards until I feel her nipples rasping on my back. She runs her hands up my sides until they are in my hair. She takes a handful of lather and starts to massage it into my pubes, her hand slipping under my balls and around my dick, which is getting harder by the minute. She picks up the soap and washes my back, then down my sides and legs, her hand brushing against my balls every now and then. I feel her breath of the back of my neck as she reaches round me, her breasts slippery against my back, "my turn" she whispers in my ear.

I turn around and look her up and down, her breasts glossy from the water, nipples erect with little bubbles of soap on them, and give her a deep kiss. I then take the soap and start washing her front, across her belly, her skin slippery and warm. Down her legs and feet, and up between her thighs, her pussy dripping with water, which I lap at, teasing her with my tongue. She turns around and I wash the backs of her legs, around her smooth arse, up her back, and then with my cock nestled between her cheeks, I start to wash her hair. As I start to rinse the soap off she leans forward slightly pressing her backside against me more insistently. She reaches round and positions the tip of my cock into her cunt, and eases backwards, the waters lubrication gliding it smoothly into place, deep inside her. I reach round and fondle her dangling tits, as she starts to rock on and off my prick, then as the rhythm gets faster, my hands slide down onto her hips, and I plunge deeper, and harder into her as I start to climax, the feel of the water splashing off us both, erotic and pleasurable, as I pump my cum deep inside her.

After drying each other off, we go into the front room to relax with some more wine and to watch the TV. I am lying on my side on the sofa, my head in Anouska's lap. As she bends forward to put her glass on the floor, I can hear the rustle of her nipples on the woven silk of her dressing gown. I move my head slightly and the sheer material, slips off her legs allowing me to feel her warm, soft skin against my cheek. I blow gently down her thigh and watch the Goosebumps start to appear.

"Stop that!" she say's, mock sternly, smiling gently and stroking my hair.

As she bends forward for her glass of wine she deliberately bends too far, and squeezes my head between her boobs and legs. Sitting back she sips her wine innocently and slips her free hand into my gown and starts fondling my chest, lightly scratching it with her finger nails, gently tweaking my nipples with her finger tips. I move my hand so that I can gently stroke her calves. Her hand slowly works down my chest, across my stomach, and down to my groin, her nails tickling along the length of my cock, and then around my balls.

"I was wondering what reaction I would get" she say's, as I grow steadily harder, the longer she teases me. I roll over so that I am on my back, looking up at her. I open the front of her gown uncovering her breasts, she bends forward slightly so that I can reach them with my tongue. I lick up towards her nipples and watch them harden, she leans further forward so I can take them in my mouth and suck them, whilst her hands continues to move over my dick, tickling and teasing, and playing with my balls.

I sit up and kiss her deeply and motion her to lie down next to me. I rest my head back down in her lap and as she lies down, she moves her legs apart so that my head is between them, her pussy in front of my face. My hands rest on her breasts and play with her nipples as she kisses my helmet, and licks along the length of my shaft. She places her lips around the tip and slowly sucks me inside her mouth, her tongue playing over the glans. I can feel the warmth of her breath on my balls as she cups them in her hand.

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