Linda: The Butt Plug

by aubie56

Copyright┬ę 2008 by aubie56

Erotica Sex Story: Linda's mistress has sent her to a sex shop to buy a butt plug, but she has no idea what size to buy, so she asks the shop owner for a fitting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Humor   Humiliation   Anal Sex   Fisting   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .


Linda marched through the door of the sex shop as if she owned the whole world. The heels of her thigh-high boots of highly polished black leather clicked on the tile floor as her shapely legs carried her into the depths of the shop. There was just a glimpse of her bare thighs as they vanished under the micro-mini skirt, also of shinny black leather, cinched over her broadly curved hips and around her well neigh impossibly narrow waist. Her beautifully trim abdomen was bare under the tight and thin shirt stretched snugly over her gloriously formed C-cup breasts and fully extended nipples. Linda's puffy areolas were plainly visible under the shear material of her shirt, making it obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her long neck led the eye up to a face that would rival the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti. Her large green eyes were in perfect contrast to her shimmering black hair. Over all, there was not a distraction in her beauty from her toes to her crowning hair.

She progressed in her determined, but very sexy, walk up to the proprietor of the store and said, "Good day, sir. If you are not too busy, I need your advice on a purchase I need to make."

The man, who was dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans, looked to be about 40 years old, 5-feet, 4-inches tall, and significantly over weight. His 2-day whisker growth contrasted with his completely bald head. He was not used to 22-year-old sexy beauties, 2 inches taller than he was without her high heals, speaking to him so politely in her contralto voice. He stared at her with wide eyes and savored the scenery. After a few seconds, he visibly gathered himself, and said, "I've got plenty of time to talk to someone as beautiful as you. What can I do for you?"

Linda said, "My mistress has sent me in to purchase a butt plug, but I don't know exactly what size to get. She said that she would whip me if I came back with one too small, but I am afraid that a butt plug that was too big would hurt. So, I need your help in finding the right size. Here's what we have to work with."

She turned around so that her back was to the man behind the counter and bent over at the waist. She flipped up her skirt in the back so that her perfect ass cheeks were exposed to his examination. Linda was not wearing anything under the skirt, so her lower charms were readily visible. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks to exhibit her petite ass hole and the lower part of her pussy. Her hair was completely removed by electrolysis in that area, so everything was available for viewing.

Linda said, "I am a virgin back there, so I have no idea what size will fit in the best. Please examine me closely and judge the proper size. If you need to, go ahead and insert a plug to get an idea of the correct size. I will pay for any you use, so don't be afraid to try several sizes. My mistress said that the butt plug might need lubrication, and she suggested that my pussy juice be used for the lube. Please go ahead, I'm not ticklish."

The man was taken aback by this exhibition of the best physical charms he had ever seen outside of a porno movie, and he had never had a woman ask for this kind of assistance. It took him a full 30 seconds to swallow a couple of times and to get his voice to operate in the audible range. "Er ... Just a minute while I will get some plugs from the display case."

By now, the man's cock was so hard and erect that he had trouble moving without pain. He rearranged his cock as best he could and leaned over to get some butt plugs from under the counter. He selected a range of sizes, hoping to bracket the proper size within the range he had taken. Suddenly, it registered on him what was about to happen, so he said, "Just a minute, please. Let me make sure that we are not disturbed." Linda smiled as the man went to the door and locked it, flipped down the CLOSED sign, and pulled some shades over the front windows.

He came back to Linda, who was still bent over with her bare ass exposed to easy view. The man said, "I think that it would be more convenient if you turned so that you could hold onto the counter while I insert the plug."

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll do it." Linda turned as suggested and grasped the edge of the counter to steady herself as the man pushed the butt plug into her ass hole.

The man laid three plugs on the palm of his hand and held it near her ass. He studied the plugs for a moment and selected the middle size plug. He said, "The plug is completely dry, so I will have to lubricate it with something. Do you want me to use some KY that I have handy?"

"No, my mistress specifically mentioned my pussy oil, so we better use that. Check with your finger to see if I am wet enough between my pussy lips. If I'm not, just rub me with your finger for a minute, and I should get pretty wet, particularly if you rub my clit."

The man was surprised at this, but he decided that "the customer is always right," so he followed Linda's directions. He checked with his finger and found that she was only a little damp, so he rubbed his finger between her pussy lips, bumping her clit with every stroke. In a minute or so, Linda surprised him as she came with a gush of liquid from her pussy. The man kept rubbing Linda's pussy and bumping her clit until she quit coming. She shook herself one last time and gasped, "Thank you, sir. That was very nice! I think that I am wet enough for now."

The man agreed and rubbed the middle size butt plug in her juices to get it thoroughly lubricated. Once it was fully coated with lube, the man gently pushed and twisted the butt plug as he slowly inserted it into her ass hole. He was surprised at how easily it slipped in, maybe it was a size too small. He said, "Stand up straight and see how that feels."

Linda stood up and said, "I'm a little worried. I can hardly feel it. Are you sure that it is large enough?"

"OK, bend over and we will try the next size larger." Linda bent over and the man flipped up her skirt so that the could get to her ass hole. He grasped the base flange of the plug and pulled gently. The plug popped out with an audible sound of release.

The man looked at Linda's pussy and couldn't resist the temptation to rub it some more with his finger before collecting more lubricant. He rubbed her slit and bumped her clit as he had done before. Linda sighed in contentment as he continued to massage her pussy. Linda felt a come growing and begged, "Please, sir, rub a little harder. That feels so good. I never want the feeling to end."

With such encouragement, the man was not going to end his massage until he had to. He continued to rub Linda's pussy as she began to breathe harder in short gasps. As she breathed more quickly, he rubbed more quickly, until he was pumping her faster than he could have possibly done with his cock. Linda began to bounce around a bit, and the man's finger slipped into her vagina. It truly was an accident, but neither one was in a hurry to correct the mistake. In only two more strokes, Linda came explosively. She screamed as loud as she ever had during an orgasm and nearly collapsed to her knees with the intensity of her feelings. "I guess you can tell how good that felt!" she said with a smile.

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