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Desc: Sex Story: He had no luck with females

On a list of the top one hundred things I wanted to do it was about number three hundred and seventy-six. To begin with, I did not like Leslie. She was one of those "I'm cool, you're not" kind of girls. You know, the girl who smiles and says, "Hi Roger" when she passes you in the hallway between classes and after passing you by she turns to whomever she's with and says, "What a dweeb." But she was Betty's friend and Betty wanted to double date with Leslie and the loser that Leslie was currently dating.

Mark was on the football team, although just barely. His scholarship record was so bad he was constantly on the edge of being dropped from the team. He was a pretty good running back however and so at the last minute some how enough pressure was brought to bear on the teacher who was going to deep six Mark and Mark would end up with a barely passing grade.

Mark had a reputation as an asshole. He was a nice enough looking guy, but he had what my grandma called "shifty eyes" and she had always said, "Never trust anyone with shifty eyes. The reason those eyes keep shifting is because they are looking for a way to stick it to you."

Anyway, I had a car and Mark didn't and there was a movie on at the drive-in that Betty and Leslie were dying to see and Betty practically hounded me to death until I gave in and said okay.

One of the things I couldn't figure out was how Betty always seemed to get her way with me. She was great looking, smart, witty and had a wild sense of humor. She was fun to be with, but for the first time in my life I was with a girl that I was unsure of. She seemed to like me well enough; my class ring hung on a chain around her neck as the sign that we were going steady, but it was unlike any other time I'd had a steady girlfriend.

There was kissing, but no "Frenching." When we hugged I could feel her try to hold herself far enough away from me so that certain body parts did not touch. Even though we had been going together for almost five months I'd only touched her breasts once and that had gotten me a slap that still had my ears ringing four months later. After that I'd never even remotely considered putting my hand on her leg.

"Time enough for that nonsense when we're married" she had said.

I'd never gone steady before with a girl that I hadn't tapped and maybe that had something to do with it, I'm not sure. I do know that her not coming across for me had nothing to do with me having a bad reputation. I never kissed and told and the girls I had bedded all had left me and not the other way around. Still, chaste relationship or not, Betty could pretty much talk me into anything, even a date with Leslie and Mark.

I still remember the name of the picture that the girls just had to go see, it was Tammy and The Bachelor.

Why in the hell Leslie had been so hot to see the movie was a mystery to me as she and Mark were in the back seat necking hot and heavy before I even got the speaker hung on the window. Ten minutes into the show I heard moans coming from the back and I looked back to see Leslie stroking Mark's exposed cock and Mark playing with Leslie's exposed tits. Fifteen minutes into the movie Leslie was sucking Mark's cock. Betty was on her knees and looking into the back seat and I couldn't tell whether the look on her face was shock or rapt fascination.

I watched Betty watch what was going on in the back seat and I decided to take a chance. I reached over and put a hand on Betty's bare leg and when she didn't do anything I began to think that I might get a hand up her skirt and reach the Promised Land. I moved my hand another inch and Betty turned and gave me a look that could have killed and she knocked my hand away so hard I had a bruise on my wrist the next day.

Twenty minutes into the movie and Leslie was straddling Mark and riding his cock. After a couple of minutes of that Mark pushed Leslie off, laid her down on the seat and started putting the meat to her. Betty was still watching it happen so I tried again. I tried putting my arm around her and pulling her close to me so we could at least neck, but she gave me another nasty look, pulled away and went back to watching what was going on in the back.

A couple of more minutes and Leslie and Mark were done and Betty turned around and started watching the movie. Fifteen minutes later the moans started again and Betty turned around and watched as Mark ripped off another piece. When Leslie and Mark finished the second time Leslie said she had to go to the bathroom so she and Betty got out of the car and headed for the restrooms.

"Hey man" Mark said as soon as they were gone, "You want the back seat when they come back? More room to do the nasty back here."

"Betty doesn't do the nasty; she's saving herself for marriage."

"All girls put out man, you just have to approach them right."

"I wish, but not my Betty."

"So get in back and whack a piece off Leslie."

"She wouldn't do that, would she?"

"She will if I tell her to."

"No, I don't think so; it would piss Betty off something fierce."

When Leslie and Betty came back it was my turn to go take a whiz. Walking toward the restrooms I had the boner of all boners and I wondered if I could get away with beating off in a stall. I wouldn't have thought that I could get so turned on by watching and hearing two people get it on in the back of my car. The stiffie had gone down by the time I had finished taking my pee and I hit the concession stand and got Cokes for everyone and headed back for my car.

I saw Betty on her knees looking into the back seat and I groaned, "Not again, I just got rid of my woodie." I opened the door to get in and saw that it wasn't Betty looking into the back seat — it was Leslie! She was looking at Mark pounding his cock into Betty and urging him on.

"Fuck her Mark, fuck her good. She's loving it baby, she's loving it so give it to her good."

I took one lookin the back and saw Betty's legs locked behind Mark's and I saw her hands clutching his ass and then I turned and looked forward out the windshield at the movie. Two minutes of Betty going, "Oh, oh, oh, oh" was all it took before I rolled down the window and let the speaker hit the ground. I started up the car and pulled out and Leslie said, "Hey, where are you going? The movie isn't over yet."

"You want to watch it? Get out and sit in the dirt."

In the back Betty and Mark scrambled to sit up before we started down the town's well-lit streets. I drove with my eyes straight ahead and not looking at anyone in the car. I stopped to drop Mark off first.

"Hey pal, thanks for everything" he said with heavy emphasis on the "everything."

"Just get out of the car."

"Watch the tone pal, ain't my fault that you can't handle your woman."

"Just get the fuck out of the car."

"Why don't you see if you can make me?"

I was reaching for the door handle to do just that when Leslie screamed, "Get out of the car you fucking pinhead! You two start fighting and the neighbors call the cops and my dad will find out. I'm not supposed to be anywhere near you."

"I don't need any shit from you."

"You'll take it though, if you expect to get any more of my pussy."

"I don't need your pussy anymore. I've got Betty here for when I want to get laid, right babe?" and he reached over to put his arm around her.

Betty jerked away from him, "Don't touch me!"

Mark looked around the car at all of us and then said, "Fuck all of you" and he got out.

Leslie's house was the next stop and as she was getting out of the car she said, in a voice fairly dripping with sarcasm, "Goodnight Roger. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Call you in the morning Betts" and then she was out and closing the door.

Betty made as if to move from the back seat to the front, but I put the car in gear and hit the gas before she could get the back door open.

"Roger, I..."

"Just shut up Betty. Just sit there and be quiet."

The rest of the ride to her house was made in silence. When I was stopped in front of her house she said, "Listen Roge..."

"Get out of the car Betty."

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