Betty's Convention

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Group Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Betty was bad!

My wife Betty is a very good looking lady, five feet, two inches tall, long lustrous brown hair and a nice tight body kept in shape by plenty of exercise. At forty years of age she is the sexiest woman I've ever seen in my life. Men are constantly hitting on her, but she always laughs them off with self-deprecating remarks about herself. Despite all the male attention she gets, Betty has always been a shy and introverted person, which makes what happened all that harder for me to believe.

The company that Betty works for has its annual sales convention, a three-day affair, in Las Vegas every September. I usually go with Betty so I schedule my vacation time accordingly. Since in my company the vacation for the coming year is bid during the month of December I had Betty get me the dates of the convention and I bid accordingly. In June, when it was too late for me to change my bid, Betty told me that due to a scheduling mix up the sale meeting had been moved forward two weeks. As the meeting drew closer I noticed that Betty was not her usual good-natured self and I asked her what was wrong. It seems that she didn't want to go without me, no that's not quite right - she didn't want to go alone. I spent the next month trying to convince her that she should be looking forward to the chance of having a good time without me looking over her shoulder. I even joked about her having a chance to find some young stud to fuck her brains out and she had blushed and stammered that I knew she could never do anything like that.

The week she dreaded finally arrived and I drove her to the airport. The last thing I said to her as she boarded the airplane was "Relax. Enjoy your self." And then I jokingly added, "Find yourself some young hard bodied stud. He'll help you relax."

"Honestly Ron! If I didn't know better I'd think you were trying to get rid of me" and she turned to go, but suddenly stopped and turned back to me, "You're not, are you?"

I heard the insecurity in her voice and I pulled her to me and gave her a big hug and a passionate kiss, "Baby, you could never do anything that would make me give you up. I love you too much." She gave me a bright smile and boarded the plane.

When I picked her up at the airport on her return from Vegas she gave me a great big hug and kiss, "God baby" she said, "I've missed you."

We had talked on the phone every night she was gone, but a casual observer would have thought we hadn't seen each other in years. I stepped back and looked at her - she looked fabulous. A simple black mini dress and heels - she looked good enough to eat and I planned on doing just that as soon as I got her home. When we got home all I could think about was getting her into the bedroom, but she stopped me and said she had to talk to me first.

"Did you mean it when you said you would never give me up? I mean really mean it?"

Without hesitation I said "Yes' I really meant it. There is absolutely nothing you could do that would make me give you up. You are mine forever if that's what you want."

"Oh baby" she cried and threw herself into my arms. "Hold me baby, hold me."

"What's this all about?" I asked.

Betty looked at me and I could see that she was trying to work up the courage to tell me something and then she blurted out, "I got fucked in Vegas." She looked at me with a heartbreakingly plaintive look; "Do you still want me?" My answer was to pick her up and take her into the bedroom. After some of the most passionate sex we'd ever had I asked her to tell me what happened.

Betty and two of the girls she worked with decided to go out to dinner together. They were having such a good time that they decided to go into the hotel lounge for drinks. The lounge had a live band and pretty soon guys were asking the girls to dance. Betty was a little hesitant at first, but not wanting to be a party pooper she loosened up a bit (the drinks helped) and got out on the floor a couple of times. She got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back there were three guys sitting at the table with her friends. She wasn't too keen on the idea of the guys being there, but what the hell, safety in numbers, right? Another hour of drinking and dancing and it soon became apparent that her two friends had paired up with two of the guys. She wasn't aware of when the third guy, his name was Sam, first put his hand on her leg and it wasn't until he had his hand up her skirt that she noticed it, but his fingers were just about to touch her pussy. It was almost as if she had been asleep and his touch jerked her awake. She had pushed his hand away and moved a little away from him. More drinks and more dancing and suddenly she was aware that his fingers were back. This time, however, she didn't push his hand away.

"I'll teach this asshole a lesson" she thought, "I'll let him get himself all hot and bothered and then send him home with a case of blue-balls."

More drinks and more dancing and by then he had worked two fingers into her pussy. Betty decided to get really wicked, do something that would give him an even bigger case of blue-balls. On her next trip to the bath room she had taken off her panties and when she got back to the table and Sam had his hand up her skirt again, she opened her legs wide and gave him full access. More drinks and more dancing, a lot of it real close with a lot of cock poking, tit squeezing and the like. Betty was feeling flushed now and she was slightly week in the knees. Sam kissed her and slipped her a little tongue and she gave him some back and for the next fifteen minutes they did some very heavy necking. Sam whispered in her ear that he was going to give her the best fucking of her life and she had said

"No. We can't. I'm married."

And Sam had said, "That's good. I like experienced women" and he had kissed her again and she had kissed him back.

She was hunching forward on his hand as he was finger fucking her and he had just pulled his zipper down and was getting ready to pull his cock out when Linda said it was time to go and they all got up to leave. Betty was a little unsteady on her feet and Sam had to help her walk to the elevator. When they got off on their floor Betty was surprised to see that the guys were still with them. Betty turned and headed towards her room when Laura stopped her.

"Please come with us. Have one drink and then slip away. If you go now it will break up the party."

Betty had agreed to go for one drink and the she was going to her room - alone. Within five minutes all three couples were engaged in heavy necking. Betty was sitting on the edge of the bed swapping tongues with Sam while he finger fucked her. After a couple of minutes Betty had broken away to take a sip of her drink and as she looked around the room she was amazed to see Alice leaning against the headboard, her skirt up, and her guy eating her pussy. Over on the other side of the bed Laura was on her knees sucking her studs cock. While she was taking all this in Sam had taken out his cock and had put her hand on it. She turned to him and started to say that she had to go, but his mouth closed over hers and as their tongues intermingled her hand had started to stroke him. A sudden sharp cry caused her to break the kiss and look toward Laura who had straddled her guy and was pushing her pussy down onto his erect cock. A glance at Alice showed that she too was being fucked by her guy. Betty turned back toward Sam and once again started to tell him that she had to go, but Sam had put both hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. Betty found herself on her knees with Sam's cock only inches from her face. She stared at it, mesmerized, and then she had leaned forward and taken him in her mouth.

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