Easing His Grief - Later That Night

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Food, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Curtis and Steve return to the hotel from the sex club. Steve has some surprises for Curtis.

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Please read "Easing His Grief" before reading this

Steve and Curtis arrived at the hotel without incident. Steve was positively giddy with emotion he had never felt before, the feeling of being a bad boy. The feeling that what was happening wasn't real, that it would be just a dream when he finally woke-up. They entered the hotel and went straight to the bank of elevators. It looked like the two men were leaning on each other for support. Actually, they were trying to hide their uncontrollable laughter. I just fucked my buddy Curtis in public, we were thrown out of a sex club and now we're headed to our hotel room to do who-knows-what. I need to come to terms with my new lifestyle. So far, I have been on the receiving end, receiving a blow-job, receiving Curt's fine ass. I need to find out if I want it both ways.

Steve barely resisted laughing in the face of the 'auntly' looking woman with the pinched face who rode in the elevator with them. Her 'niece' was with her. The 'niece was trying not to laugh as she watched the cum slide down Curtis' leg. Steve was politely civil, nodding greetings to the 'aunt' and trying, unsuccessfully not to laugh as he saw the look on the 'nieces' face. He was trying to apologize to the 'aunt' when the elevator stopped on the floor below theirs and the two women got out. Curtis and Steve roared with laughter all the way to their room.

They were still laughing when Steve stopped and looked deep into Curtis' dark eyes. He took Curtis in his arms and kissed him passionately, invading Curtis' hot mouth with his tongue. Steve started stripping Curtis as he made love to Curtis' mouth. There wasn't much clothing to take off and when Steve was done, he told Curtis that he had permission to take his clothes off. I can't wait until we are both naked. Curtis removed Steve's clothing gently and neatly folded them one by one. Steve's shirt was first revealing his muscular chest and back. The sheen of fresh sweat coated his upper body. Curtis licked his lips then bent down to take Steve's black jack boots off, his erect cock bobbing as he knelt.

Curtis pulled the first boot off and kissed Steve's naked foot. Steve merely nodded and motioned Curtis to hurry up. Curtis removed the other boot and Steve stood up on his bare feet. Curtis kissed his other foot and inhaled deeply. He enjoyed the pungent leather smell. Curtis unfastened and slid Steve's pants down. Steve's erect cock hit Cutis in the face, sending chills down Curtis' naked spine. "Follow me into the bath Curtis, I have plans for us." said Steve.

Curtis followed Steve into the bathroom and entered the oversized bath, which was empty, at Steve's direction. Curtis lay down in the tub, the cold tiles causing his nipples to stand up tall. Steve took the time to gaze at his lover. Curtis was masculine in just the right places; he also had a few extras that had Steve drooling over. Curtis had wonderfully big man-tits with cute little nipples that begged to be sucked. He also had love-handles that Steve loved to hang on to and they made him feel good about his own spare tire he carried around his waist. Curtis also had a wealth of body hair. Some of it was very sexy, but some had to go.

Steve took the sprayer nozzle and soaked Curtis' naked body. He then produced a razor saying, "Some of our hair must be taken off and the skin shaved baby smooth. First I will shave you and then you will shave me." Steve sprayed Curtis' chest with shave gel and then rubbed it in. He loved rubbing his hands over Curtis' chest. He began shaving around the hard nips very carefully. Steve rinsed the razor often and soon had Curtis' chest razor smooth. He rinsed the chest off and re-wet Curtis' groin. Curtis' cock was very hard and standing tall. Steve's eyes fixed upon it and he said, "I'm glad you are hard, it'll give me something to hold onto." Steve grabbed his thick shaft and held it tight. Cutis moaned. Steve's hands were large and manly, yet surprisingly soft on his manhood. Steve began with Curtis' large balls. He was very careful to not cut Curtis, but to get every single hair. He then shaved between Curtis' thighs and his body. His last shaving was the front of Curtis's belly and it went quickly. After rinsing him clean, Steve had Curtis turn over.

Steve got Curtis' ass and the back of his thighs and upper legs wet. He then lathered them up, managing to get some in Curtis' pert man-hole. Curtis' ass cheeks were marvelous. They had just enough extra flesh to still look great, but provide cushioning to lessen the blows during a hard butt-fucking session. Perhaps, Steve's hands stayed too long on them, but Curtis didn't complain. Steve shaved Curtis' butt-cheeks with loving care. He shaved the back of Curtis' thighs and in between his cheeks, around his anus.

A quick rinse and Curtis was soap free. Steve dried him and rubbed ointment onto his smoothly shaved skin. Not wanting to miss a chance, Steve rubbed ointment onto Curtis' hard cock until Curtis moaned. Steve then helped him out of the bath and took his place. He handed the shave cream and razor to Curtis. "Don't cut me or I will ignore you forever." Steve warned. Curtis then shaved Steve the same way. They embraced and felt each other's newly shorn bodies. Steve asked Curtis to get back in the tub and wait for him. Curt was perplexed, but waited in the tub just the same. What is Steve up to? He is full of surprises tonight!

A few minutes later, Steve came into the bathroom with a plastic box. He knelt at the side of the tub and told Curtis to lie down. He then pulled a tall metal cup out of the box. He stuck a finger in it, and then put it into his mouth. Curtis looked on, puzzled. "Just the right temperature, close your eyes." Curtis closed his eyes as he was told. Curtis felt something warm, almost hot, dripped onto his nipples and down between his man-tits. Curtis moaned as it landed on his sensitive skin. Next it went to his stomach and pooled in his belly button. Curtis' dick, which had been going a little limp, was now like a piece of hardwood.

Curtis' eyes popped open as the warm/hot liquid splashed into his piss-slit then covered his cock and scrotum. Curtis saw Steve put down the cup and climb into the tub with his knees on either side of his prostrate body. "Eyes closed my hero." Once they were again shut, he felt a mouth sucking on his right nipple. Once it was clean, Steve's tongue made its way to Curtis' other nipple, where it was sucked clean too. Steve's tongue followed the trail of hot fudge to Curtis' belly button where he sucked up all of the tasty topping. Curtis was moaning as this went on. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of Curtis' cock.

Steve's mouth engulfed Curtis' tall, coated dick and he started sucking. The taste of pre-cum and fudge, yummmmm. Steve sucked and tongued him until Curtis' chocolate flavored balls tucked up close to his body. Curtis came in a rush, dousing Steve's mouth with his grateful offering. Steve swallowed the tasty filling and then sucked on Curtis' testicles and licked his sack until all of the hot fudge was gone. Curtis' shaft was growing erect again. Steve moved back to his dick, sucking it until it was erect.

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