Big Mouth

by Anthony Concept

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A down trodden woman escapes the tyranny of an abusive husband and finds happiness. A story with some sex but not a stroke story

"Get me a drink bitch"

I had just set up my motor home when I heard the voice of my next door neighbour; it wasn't a pleasant request but a snarling demand.

I'm Jim Wilson, mid fifties, single and semi-retired. I'd just sold my small engineering business and bought a converted bus with the intent of taking a leisurely tour of Australia. I was towing a trailer with a small four wheel drive vehicle and an aluminium boat inside plus the usual things that went to make life as easy as I could make it. The bus had an onboard shower and toilet, LP gas stove and hot water system, a comfortable bed, satellite TV and a good sound system, all the essentials without being extravagant.

'Big mouth' was ranting again and I heard the sobs of a downtrodden woman, then the slamming of a door as he left their van. "Make sure you have my tea ready when I get back." He drove off in a late model Toyota Land cruiser, "must have a lot of money I thought" noting he also had a fairly new boat with all the trimmings along side the van.

Early the next morning I heard him start up the 'cruiser and connect up the boat, with his snarling demand "get the bait and beer out of the 'fridge and hurry up" a meek voice enquired "do you want me to make you something to eat?"... "No he snarled" no reason given. "What an arsehole I thought, why would any woman put up with this kind of shit?"

Later during the day I noticed what I assumed to be his wife sitting in a deck chair reading a novel. "Hello I called" she looked up startled by my voice "Er ... hello" she replied and then returned her attention to her book, obviously she wasn't wanting to continue the conversation.

About four o'clock 'Big mouth' returned from his fishing trip, "I'll let you clean the fish" he generously informed her, "get me a beer first and don't take all day about it." She scurried of to do his bidding: I must admit my opinion of him hadn't improved any.

During the evening 'Big mouth' became violent and I heard him abusing her and a lot of crying. The following morning was a repeat of the previous day with the same ranting and snarling. When he had departed his wife took up her perch on her deck chair with her book, being the nosey type I wandered over and introduced myself.

"Hello again, I'm Jim Wilson looks like we will be neighbours for a few days." She cowered like a cornered animal "Oh ... I'm er ... Jenny ... um ... Taylor, I don't think you should talk to me, if Bob finds out he'll give me a bad time" she stuttered out.

A closer look and I saw she was sporting a black eye. "Why do you put up with his abuse, surely you don't enjoy being a punching bag?" She stood up and went to enter the van "mind your own business she muttered, I don't need any more troubles so keep out mine." I shrugged my shoulders and told her if she wanted help I was willing to give it and returned to my bus.

A short while latter there was a timid tapping on the door, Jenny stood trembling as I opened it. "I'm sorry the way I reacted" she said, I invited her in. "would you like a cup of coffee?" I asked, she agreed so I put the kettle on and got out two cups; "white no sugar please" she whispered.

When we settled, cups in hand, she told me of the life of misery she was forced to live. 'Big mouth' was a dominating bully, she had left him once a few years ago, when he caught her he broke her arm and beat her badly putting her in hospital for a week. He told her if she was ever to leave him again he would kill her; she believed him.

She opened up and talked about her background, at first 'Big mouth' was an attentive boyfriend. He was a wannabe biker; he had the Harley and ran with a few of the lesser bikers but didn't really have the incentive to go all the way, underneath the bluster he was disinclined to commit himself. She said he was a 'neat freak' which probably accounted for his reluctance.

'Big mouth' ran a small but profitable workshop manufacturing small components, machining and repairing engines. He ran it with an iron fist, 'my way or no way' was his catch cry. He got results so everyone put up with the bluster. Jenny did all the bookwork and handled all the ordering, she could tell you to the last cent how much was in the bank and down to the last cent what the business was worth; 'Big mouth' was constantly riding her so she dare not make a mistake.

They lived on a small acreage just outside of town in a respectably large country style home; an outsider looking in would consider 'they had the lot' in fact it was 'Big mouth' who had the lot, Jenny was just another chattel. They had a daughter 'Claire' who left home at sixteen to live with her aunt, 'Big mouth' didn't even ask where she was, it was as if she never existed.

"If you knew that you could escape safely, would you" I asked. "Yeah, and what happens if things go wrong, he meant it when he said he would kill me" she replied. "OK let's consider what could go wrong, if he didn't know where you were nor had any way of finding you what could he do.? I meant it when I said I would help you and as long as you play it straight with me I'll make sure he doesn't get to you."

Mixed expressions crossed her face, fear, hope, confusion and finally rebelliousness, "yes damn him, I hope you're right, every thing depends on this" she held out her hand and we sealed our agreement with a shake.

Our plan was a simple one; the next day when 'Big mouth' went fishing Jenny would pack every thing she wanted from the van into garbage bags and stow them in the storage bins under my bus. I would follow him to his fishing location and when he was under way and out of sight I would disable the Land cruiser, this would give us enough time to carry out our plan.

When I had my engineering business a young lad by the name of Ray Spence worked for me; he was to put it mildly 'an avid gun nut'. I had a nice little bolt action .22 rifle for which he made a very light weight silencer for. The body was aluminium with a steel insert which was closely machined to fit the slight taper of the barrel, when it was slipped on, a slight twist locked it snugly behind the foresight. This rifle was an important part of our plan.

Following 'Big mouth' at a safe distance I saw him launch his boat and head off upstream out of sight. When I was sure he was gone I parked my station wagon along side of the 'cruiser and slipped out grabbing my rifle. A shot through the transmission cooler and then bending down I put three shots into the sump at above what I figured was the oil level; "that should get him a few kilometres down the road before something packs up" I mused.

With the sabotage out of the way I headed off to pick up Jenny, we had arranged to meet outside of Safeway. As I drove into the car park she was waving to me, pulling up she climbed into the car and with a determined face said "there's no going back now."

The plan was to now drive to the family residence and for Jenny to retrieve anything she thought off as hers. As we drove we talked about our lives and both gained a closer bond. I asked her if 'Big mouth' had any skeletons hidden in the closet. She laughed at that one, "he's been double dealing the tax man for years, there are two sets of books in the safe at home. The one for show is in the records box and the other is in a hidden drawer in the back of the safe" I asked "how is the drawer hidden?" she went on to explain that the safe was in a wardrobe and it was the type with a sliding drawer, because of the way it was situated you had to get down on your knees to reach the hidden drawer which was on two slides at the top and back of the safe.

When we reached her house we collected all the things she wanted to keep and packed them into the station wagon. I asked her about the 'double books' and suggested they might be a good insurance policy; so she opened the safe and retrieved the books, in with the books was an automatic pistol, I carefully removed it without putting my fingerprints on it an asked Jenny for a plastic bag. She raised her eyebrows in curiosity "two years for having an unlicensed firearm" I told her, "another clause for your insurance policy."

I wandered around having a sticky beak while Jenny finished packing her clothes; as I walked into the bedroom she was looking at the bed, "eighteen years he screwed me on that bed and I never once enjoyed it. I would like for just once to be able to say 'that was love making' not 'sex'. Jim would you please make love to me, even if it is just this once, I think I need to prove I'm not just a sex object."

Having been brought up to respect a lady's requests I readily agreed to help her prove her womanhood, hell who wouldn't. We went into a clinch and explored each other's mouths while struggling to remove our clothes. When we were naked we sprawled out on the bed still kissing and caressing, Jenny had a lovely body, not to tall, slim with B cup breasts which I made a beeline for (pun intended). Suckling on her nipples she moaned "save the foreplay for after I just want you in me"

On my way past her pussy I couldn't resist the temptation and did a little muff diving, "Christ, you're driving me up the wall; Bob never did that to me." After she had an orgasm I slipped my cock into her dripping cunt and we made gentle love. "Thank you Jim that was the most satisfying sex I've ever had and I hope there will be lots more like it." I replied "it's me who should thank you, when we started this venture, sex wasn't part of my itinerary but I'm sure glad you made the change." Jenny wiped her pussy on 'Big mouth's pillow, "just to let him know that he's not the only one to have me" she chuckled.

After we had dressed and made a final check around to ensure we hadn't missed anything I had a fiendish thought. "Have you got any pepper Jenny?" she rushed off to the kitchen and returned waving a pepper pot, "what have you got in mind?" she asked. "Pepper and sweaty skin do not go together, so a little in his socks and shoes and just a sprinkle in the crotch of his undies; just a little payback for all the discomfort he gave you." She giggled "this is the most fun I've had since I was a kid."

Before we left the house Jenny pulled the plug on the freezer and fully opened the door, "that will stink the place out by the time he gets back." We locked up and backed the car out and headed back to the bus. Jenny's mobile rang and a look of fear swept past her face "it's him she quavered" I said "don't answer it, just switch it off, I'll give you my phone and keep your's, that way you can contact me without having to worry about him."

The plan was for Jenny to stay in a motel until I vacated the van park and picked her up. I wanted 'Big mouth' to see me around so as not to draw suspicion.

When I arrived at the park, I notice that 'Big mouth' hadn't returned from his fishing trip, wonder what was keeping him?

He finally arrived in a rental vehicle with his boat in tow. He went into the van yelling at Jenny "where the hell are you bitch, why didn't you answer the phone?" When he realised she wasn't there his anger increased and he started ranting and raving, seeing this as a golden opportunity I yelled at him to "keep it down, there were others in the park." He gave me a belligerent look and yelled "get fucked shit head" and took a step towards me raising his fist. He was angry, frustrated and irrational, just what I wanted. "Think you can take me on dickhead? I'm not some defenceless woman," he swung a haymaker at me, I stepped aside and grabbed his wrist and as I helped him on by, I tripped him with my foot and he landed flat on his face, quickly I launched myself onto his back making sure my knee caught him in the kidney. Two good smacks behind the ear and he was out to it.

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