Displayed Again

by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, BDSM, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A follow up to Displayed, only a little more willing this time around.

I looked at the video the postman had just delivered, resting there on my coffee table, the business card lying on it said "ENJOY", what sort of advertising was this, there wasn't any other paperwork with it, no sales leaflet or special offer details, intrigued I pushed it into the video machine and hit play.

The opening scene was of a wooded clearing, the camera panned slowly round to reveal a hooded, naked girl, suspended from a tree, that was when I realised that this was no advertising campaign, this video was of me, it was going to show, to who ever watched it, what had happened to me. I sat there mesmerised as the tape played on, unable to do anything but stare at the screen. I watched as the body on the screen moved, twisting in its bonds a little and then you heard her scream. The body slumped down, suddenly still, I remembered that I'd fallen unconscious at first.

I continued to watch, I couldn't do anything else, was it embarrassment that kept me there, I can't say. After a short while I saw the body on the screen start to move again, spinning about, her legs flailing around, her arms being stretched by her own body weight. You could hear her sobbing inside her hood as she spun around. Although I knew it was me I was thinking of the girl in the video as somebody else.

Finally she stopped moving and hung there for a while, it was only a couple of minutes on the screen but you could tell by the position of the sun that she had been there for quite a time. Then from the edges of the screen two figures approached her, very carefully and quietly, the first figure, a women, was dressed in a body hugging PVC cat suit, her tall, muscular body totally covered in black shiny plastic, it even had a matching face mask, all you could see of her was her red hair cascading down her back, clasped in her hand she had a feather duster. The other figure was a male, he was wearing a pair of skin-tight leather shorts, which showed off his magnificent physique and outlined his erection nicely, he had on a similar mask to his partner, he had what appeared to be a cane or small whip in his hand.

For the next half an hour I sat and watched as the girl on the screen was teased and tormented by her captors, I watched as first one then the other used and abused her in various ways. I saw the pair stroke and pinch her breasts. I watched as fingers, vibrators and dildo's were stuck into her cunt and her arse. I heard her begging for an orgasm and then scream as she was granted her wish. I watched as she begged to be fucked in her cunt and her arse, knowing that the girl on the screen was me, and as the video played I felt every one of those touches again.

When the tape finished I sat there covered in a fear induced sweat, as the tape re-wound I tried to think, I had never done anything like that in my life, I'd never even thought of doing it, yet from the evidence before me, both on the screen and on my fingers, I'd enjoyed being held prisoner, I'd actively encouraged my own physical abuse, and now the whole world would be able to watch the video and see how much I'd enjoyed it. The fact that neither my assailants, or I, could be identified didn't matter to me, I'd know.

I made myself a coffee, more to steady my shaking nerves than anything else, then sitting before the screen again I pressed play on the video, I'd watch the tape once more. As the show proceeded I watched the two who were attacking me, both had strong, muscular bodies and moved like cats, soft and lithe but with a hidden strength. Both of them had bought me to orgasm as I'd hung there defenceless before them, although it seemed to me that the woman was the one who enjoyed inflicting the pain, you could see a smile on her lips whenever she heard me scream, he seemed more tender in his attacks, if you could call this sort of abuse tender.

At the end of the second showing I was covered in sweat again, but this time it wasn't all caused by fear, I had to admit to myself, that this time a lot of it was caused by excitement, I'd enjoyed watching the two of them abuse my body, I was even turned on by it, was that a strange reaction to have, I admit there was a little anger and fear involved as well. I took the video from the machine and went and had a shower, anything to cool down.

I watched the video several times over that weekend, wondering who the other people involved where, I didn't recognise either of them. Sometime on the Sunday afternoon I had a sudden thought, had anybody else been abducted that night. When I'd gone into that side room there had only been Jane, Mandy and Sandra still with me, the rest of my colleagues having gone home. Had any of them had a similar experience?

Then again, how was I to find out, I didn't think it would be a good idea to tell anybody what had happened to me, I didn't think anybody would believe me, and I wasn't showing them the video as evidence, that's for sure. I would have to play it by ear and see if anybody let anything drop.

That following week at work seemed quite strange to me, just about everybody had enjoyed themselves and the stories we told each other were outrageous, Jane and Mandy had picked up the waiter and taken him home, they'd even kept him for the weekend, eventually letting him go just before they left for work on the Monday.

Sandra, it seems, had somehow managed to get home all right, even in her new, revealing outfit, mind you she did say that she'd left her normal clothes in the carrier bag back at the fetish club, and would anybody who went back there please collect them for her. There were a few questions asked about my absence on the Friday but I stuck to the story I'd made up of being that ill at home, I hadn't even got out of bed, I'd been that bad I'd forgotten to phone in sick. As to the party, I'd remembered arriving at the club and seeing the people there but other than that I couldn't remember anything else.

As the week went by I thought more and more about what had happened at the club, it seemed that none of the girls I'd gone with had seen anything unusual happen. Jane and Mandy said that the last they had seen of me I was talking and drinking with some woman in the side room, they'd left with the waiter and they'd had a wonderful time.

As Friday approached I spoke with Sandra, asking her if she had got her clothes back yet, it seemed that she hadn't so I suggested that we went there for a drink and got them back at the same time, she agreed. I made sure that Jane and Mandy didn't find out that I was going back there, for some reason I didn't trust them, I had no reason for this, just the feeling that they knew more than they were telling.

I was going to pick Sandra up at about eight thirty so I took my time getting dressed, I had already decided that I was going to wear the same dress as the last time, but I wasn't going to drink, the only change, well addition really, was that I wore the black patent leather choker that I'd bought from the club. I arrived smack on time outside Sandra's, she'd obviously been waiting for me because she came out as soon as I pulled up, I was surprised to see that she was wearing the outfit she had bought from the club. The bright red crop top and mini-skirt really did look outrageous when you saw it away from the club, mind you Sandra really did look sexy in it.

We arrived at the club and immediately ran into a slight problem, apparently guests had to be signed in by a member, and as we were not members, and there were no members with us to sign us in the guy on the door wouldn't let us in. Fortunately for us a couple who turned up whilst this was being explained to us and where members signed us in. Once inside I looked around, it wasn't as busy as it had been last time I was her, then again it was three hours earlier than last time.

The people present were still dressed in the leather and PVC but the really wild outfits were missing, the club wasn't as vibrant as it had been. We made our way over to the bat where I ordered the drinks, bacardi and coke for Sandra, just a coke for me, whilst Sandra went to try and track down her missing clothes.

The evening with Sandra was fun, she drank quite a bit and was getting just a little bit smashed as midnight approached. By that time the club had livened up, the wild crowd had started to arrive just after eleven, the outfits were getting as extreme as I remembered. As midnight struck Sandra suggested that we go to that little private room that we'd gone to last week, I followed her, a tingling going up and down my spine as I did.

There were a few couples cuddling on the settee's when we entered but there was space for us to get seats. As we sat there a waiter bought us a bottle of wine and two glasses, as I started to tell him that we hadn't ordered any wine he said that it was on the house. He poured us both a glass and retired, I decided that one glass wouldn't hurt me.

Sandra downed her glass in one and poured herself another, she was well and truly gone, that last glass of wine had pushed her over the edge. I sipped away at my drink whilst watching the video, it was another of the bondage films, this time a man was being tormented, I wondered if he had been taken the same way that I had, the video looked home-made so it was possible. As we sat there laughing away the other people in the room slowly left, I'd finished that first drink and was feeling very light-headed when I got an awful shock, what looked like the man from my video walked past me, I couldn't say a word, he was dressed exactly the same way with a similar build. I was about to try and do, or say something when a voice in my ear said simply "Sit still" I went to look at the person when a hand grabbed me by the hair and she hissed "I said still, do you want to be taken again?"

I froze, they had come back to the club, but this time it wasn't for me, I looked around, but only with my eyes, I held my head perfectly still, the man approached Sandra and, taking her by the hand, pulled her to her feet, he kissed her full on the lips and just carried her away, she didn't struggle or scream or anything. "Your friend will be returned, like you were." The voice in my ear said, I didn't think, I just blurted out "What are you going to do with her..." the response I got shocked me "Pet, you shouldn't worry about what we are going to do to her, you should think on what I am going to do to you."

My hair was released and then the voice from behind said "Pour yourself another drink, pet", I was going to refuse but the vision of the woman on the video came back to me, a vision of her smiling as she inflicted pain on a defenceless body, and believe me I was feeling totally defenceless just then. It never occurred to me that I could just get up and walk away or scream or a million other things, I just sat there and slowly filled the wine glass before me.

"Well done my pet, now drink it slowly, feel the taste as it fills your mouth, the coolness as it slides down your throat." I slowly did as she said, the fear I felt heightening the sensations I was feeling. Thinking back I believe that the wine must have been drugged in some way, Sandra had gone away so easily and I felt as though I had to do as I was told, I couldn't muster any defences against the voice whispering commands in my ear.

It wasn't just the voice that was caressing me, I could feel her fingers stroking my neck, ever so gently, slipping over the surface of my skin, the sensations fluttering through my body. Her voice continued to seduce me, "Now my pet it's time to continue with your training, stand up for me," I did as she said, rising to my feet, "turn around, slowly, I want to admire your body," I felt myself go bright red, but I did as she had ordered, turning, letting this woman feast her eyes on my body.

When I was facing her I studied the woman sat before me, she was wearing a similar outfit to the one in the video but this one was bottle green, the mask still covered the top half of her face, but I could see vivid green eyes through the slits in it, her mouth was full and sensuous beneath it, I felt a tremor run down my spine as she allowed her tongue to moisten her lips. Her red hair fell past her shoulders, creating a red halo effect around her head.

She beckoned me towards her and as I approached she held her hand up to my throat, gently gripping my choker, she lifted the little D ring on the front and clipped a lead to it, it was all done so quickly and smoothly that I didn't have a chance to complain, I'm not even sure that I would have. I'd seen the little D rings all around the choker but I'd thought they were just decoration they looked so pretty, sparkling silver against the black patent leather, obviously they weren't just for show.

She remained seated and, gently, used the lead to move me around her, first one way then the other. After a couple of minutes of just walking me from side to side she shortened the lead, making me move towards her. When I was stood inches from her she wrapped the lead slowly around her hand, forcing my head downwards, just as it became difficult to stand, and I was contemplating pulling back she said "You may kneel", my legs bent, dropping me to my knees before I'd even thought about obeying her or not.

She stared into my eyes as I knelt before her, she raised her free hand and caressed the side of my face, her fingers moving through my hair and the around to the back of my head. Slowly, but firmly, she drew me towards her, those sensuous lips waiting for mine to reach them, as they touched I felt an electric shock tingle through my body, the blood surging to my nipples and clit, raising them from their dormant positions.

Her tongue teased its way into my mouth, exploring and probing as it went, leaving me excited and wishing for more. "Stand, my Pet, its time for us to go for a little walk." I did as she said, the lead unwinding from her hand as I stood. She then walked towards the door, leading me into the main part of the club, parading me around on my lead. We did one full lap of the bar area before returning to our private room. When we re-entered the room she returned to her seat, still pulling me along behind her.

Once she was seated she said "Kneel my Pet," I did as I was told wondering whether we would kiss again, she fulfilled my wish, pulling me towards her with the lead before kissing me. Her free hand started to roam over my body, stroking and squeezing my breasts, gently touching my neck, teasing me with fleeting touches. I didn't object to this I was enjoying the sensations to much.

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