Rare Earth Rare Seed

by satyricon.21

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Dream or prophesy ? Fantasy or wish ? When you're rich and different it's sometimes hard to tell.

Sentences within one asterisk are private thoughts; sentences within two asterisks are shared or 'Voiced' thoughts. It's not an ideal method of distinguishing thought from dialogue, but it's what there is.

The helicopter banked over the valley one more time and then turned, heading back to the airstrip. I sat back and did calculations in my head. Numbers don't lie, and the numbers said this was going to be the big one. I closed my eyes, ignoring the chopper pilot, the way I ignore most people. It's safer that way.

Heading back into town in the stretch Hummer I shivered and came back to earth. The woman was sitting quietly, her dark eyes veiled. I couldn't remember her name, and she wasn't Beth, so I just looked at her.

'Celebration time, honey.' People do what I say. She smiled and raised the partition to exclude the driver, then began to unbutton the jacket of the dark business suit I'd insisted she wear; she wriggled out of the skirt and put it on the seat. She was wearing a maroon bra and wide-legged French knickers, matching hold-ups contrasting with the creamy skin of her thighs.

'Everything?' she asked. I eyed her for a moment.

'Leave the stockings.' She reached back and undid the bra, her ripe breasts scarcely sagging as she freed them, then lifted her ass and eased the knickers down. She parted her thighs and stroked her mound, ruffling the strip of dark hair that bisected it. As her finger dipped lower, slipping between her smooth labia, I unzipped my pants and extracted my cock. It was semi-flaccid, lolling in my hand like a fat pink animal.

'Wide open, fingers in, ' I muttered, caressing my cock luxuriously as it came to life, thickening and stretching. She used her other hand to hold her pussy lips apart and pushed one, then two fingers into herself. Her hips rose and she rolled the ball of her thumb over her clit. I watched as her nipples stiffened and stroked myself slowly, spreading precum over my glans, my eyes fixed on her face as she masturbated. She smiled again and glanced down. I followed her gaze and saw that she now had three fingers buried in herself, her wrist curved awkwardly as she pushed down on them.

Watching her as she thrust up towards her womb brought my cock to attention.

Watching was OK. Risking her life wasn't an option.

'OK.' She dropped to her knees, shuffling forward so that her mouth was poised over my crotch, and then looked up at me pleadingly.

'Deal with yourself later, ' I said as mildly as I could. 'You're on my time.' Her shoulders slumped slightly but she lifted her hands to my prick, holding the root delicately so that it stood away from my body, then paused, waiting. I leaned back and nodded. She lowered her head and drew me into her mouth, closing her lips hard over my shaft, and began to slide her tongue over and round the taut head.

I let sensation fill me as her mouth coaxed me to full erection. She was good, I thought.

Hell, for a grand a day, she should be good. Her breath was snuffling in her nostrils and I lifted my hips, forcing myself further into her. She squeezed the base of my cock and pulled her head up slightly.

'Keep going, honey.' I learned a long time ago that people respond well to displays of affection.

Hell, why not let her celebrate too? 'You wanna come, you can come, ' I said, filling my voice with warmth. She glanced up and her eyes thanked me, then her head dropped again and her mouth resumed its task, suckling me with renewed enthusiasm as one hand slipped between her legs.

Funny how they always do better when they think I care. The thought floated into my head as my balls tightened, and I felt her prepare for my ejaculation, one hand jacking me coaxingly, the other a blur, rubbing her clit as she whipped her tongue across my glans. I closed my eyes and groaned, thrusting deep into her mouth as my cum flooded into her. She quivered as she swallowed, faint tremors transmitting themselves to me, and I guessed she'd come as well. Well, why not? It wasn't costing me any extra.

'Off.' She obeyed immediately, moving back and reseating herself. Her neck and chest were flushed and her pussy was damp and glistening.

'Get dressed now, honey. We'll be at the hotel in a minute.' I tucked myself back into my pants.

Later that evening I rocked back in the chair, my calculations confirmed. It was as big as it could be, and it was all mine, and I'd be right up there with the serious players. My cock stirred. Might as well get my money's worth, I thought.

'You there, honey?' 'Where else would I be?' There was a hint of nervousness behind her casual answer.

Just as it should be. She was naked, her body glowing in the last rays of sunlight.

'You're on the clock again. Lube.' Apprehension and expectancy flickered over her face as she hurried to obey me. Maybe she gets off on it, I thought. Maybe I should be getting a discount, a little lagniappe to sweeten the deal. But what the hell could she offer that I didn't already have?

Don't ask that question. Don't try to answer it either. I stripped off my pants and boxers and settled myself on the sofa. She came back and knelt in front of me, looking at me questioningly.

'Like last night. You're heading into bonus country, honey.' She flushed, then dipped two fingers into the tub of lubricant and began to massage my cock gently. Her fingers slipped over my length, rubbing delicately as I grew. The lubricant spread over me as she worked, and the double vein along the bottom of my shaft began to pulse. She looked up at me again.

'Your turn and lemme watch.' I heard a touch of urgency in my voice. She immediately scooped more lubricant and swiveled, dropping to all fours and presenting her ass to me. One hand slipped between her legs and spread the gel round her pussy, and she held herself open.

'Not there, honey. Open your ass up for me.' My voice was hoarse now. She smeared her dark little ring, and pushed a finger into herself, then another, working lube over her inner walls. Better. I might hurt her, but she wouldn't die. I slid off the sofa and settled myself behind her, then closed my hands over her hips, my heavy cock nudging the crease of her buttocks.

'Showtime, honey.' Her fingers made a sucking noise as she pulled them out of her ass and my cock throbbed. Taking hold of me she raised her butt and pushed my glans down towards her anus. When the head was nuzzling her half-open sphincter she pushed back, and after the briefest resistance I breached the slackened ring of muscle and was nestling just inside her. I moved slowly, flexing myself, settling myself comfortably before working my girth deeper. Her breath caught and I felt her muscles tighten, then relax.

I leaned forward, gaining another inch, and she gasped as I rolled my hips and widened her passage even further. I pushed again, the engorged veins of my cock gliding past her gates, and nearly smiled as a moan was forced out of her. My breath was quickening, and I withdrew slightly. She held herself open, then forced herself back and I felt my pubic hair tickle her ass. I grunted and began to stroke, holding her hips hard, taking my time, savoring each slow thrust. Getting my money's worth, I thought.

I did my best to keep it slow, and for a while I managed, and then couldn't help but tense up, my thrusts becoming more urgent; she squeezed her sphincter down hard on my shaft, her fingers dancing over her slit, reaching back to my balls and stroking them, sliding forward again and rolling her slippery clit. I didn't have the heart to tell her stop.

I drew my breath in with a sobbing gasp and my balls grazed her perineum as they tightened, then I swelled inside her and my contractions began. The hot spurts bathed her bowel, and her ass quaked round me. Hell, she did get off on it, I thought as her ring tightened again over my softening cock.

'OK, honey. Wash up time and then sleep. Don't make any noise: I gotta busy day tomorrow.'

My shirt was damp with sweat as I wrestled the four by four up the narrow track. I'd seen the cabin from the air, and the map insisted that this was the only access, but Jesus, it was going to take some work to make it fit for heavy vehicles. Six miles so far, and branches were brushing both sides of the jeep.

Maybe I should have delegated this part, I thought humorlessly, and then almost smiled.

No way. No way was I sharing this with anyone till it was watertight. I'd checked out of the hotel, sent the girl back to the coast with a good bonus, ignoring her tears when I told her I didn't do goodbye kisses, picked up the rental jeep and set off by myself. This was the last piece: land, access, agreements, contracts; get them nailed down and then tell the fucking world I was on my way.

I braked, a surge of annoyance filling me. Two thick trunks were almost touching, leaning across the track like sentinels. It'd take three hours and a power saw to get the jeep past them. I sighed and squeezed out of the vehicle. Nothing wrong with feet, and at least I was dressed for the part. The trunks loomed over me menacingly as I ducked under them, and a shiver ran down my back. They'd be gone soon, I thought as I carried on up the trail.

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