David And Diane

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A party at her boss's house turned her into a slut.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .


Things were a little frosty when I left the house that morning and they probably wouldn't be a whole lot better when I go home. This is a bad time of the year for me anyway. Everyone wanted to have a party; company Christmas parties, both mine and Diane's, half of our friends planning holiday parties and I am just not a party animal. Diane is pissed at me because I wouldn't go to her company party with her. She knows I hate to go to those kinds of parties; I didn't even go to my own company Christmas party. Besides, I had a legitimate reason not to go. The project I was working on was due in three days which means I not only had to work tonight, but also would probably have to work the tomorrow night too. Then there was the fact that her company decided to have the party on a Tuesday night. Hell, the next day was a workday for everyone so how much fun is anyone going to have anyway? And if being held on a Tuesday wasn't bad enough the party was being held at her boss's house and a creepier guy I have never met. The first time I laid eyes on the man I took an instant dislike to him. There is definitely something wrong with him - I could just feel it. When I finish up here I don't guess it will really kill me to run over and drop in on the party. Who knows, a couple of drinks in Diane to loosen her up and I might even get lucky when we get home.

I hadn't really expected to have a good time without David being here with me, but so far I was having fun. It sure didn't hurt that I was one of only two unescorted females at the party. There were seven single guys constantly keeping me out on the dance floor and keeping my glass full. I was beginning to think that I might even have more fun than I would have had if David had come. I was a little apprehensive about dancing with some of the guy since they seemed to have a bad case of roaming hands and some of their comments made me think that they thought that I was fair game since I came alone, but I was a big girl and I knew I could handle it.

When they heard that I was going to the party alone some of the girls at work had advised me against coming and when I had pressed for a reason they had just given vague answers like "You just shouldn't, that's all." And I wondered why more of them hadn't come to the party. After about two hours I began to get a bit of a buzz on and I decided that I needed to cut down on the booze and so I switched to plain ginger ale, but somehow my glass always seemed to have alcohol in it when I came back from the dance floor. All the whirling around out there was keeping me thirsty and I drank pretty much drank whatever was put in front of me.

Looking back on it later I probably should have paid more attention on what was going on around me, like when all the couples began leaving. What I did notice was that all of my dance partners were getting me under the mistletoe. At first I tried to break away when the kisses were more than just pecks on the lips, but as I had more drinks I began to loosen up a bit and I became more receptive to the tongues that were being slipped into my mouth and I even responded - what the hell, it was a party and a little harmless flirting never hurt anybody.

The first that I knew that I was in trouble was when Mark danced me over near the couch where five other guys were standing around talking and then pushed me so that I fell back on the couch. It caught me completely off guard and before I could do anything a mouth closed on mine and hands grabbed my arms and legs and I was helpless. A tongue snaked into my mouth and I felt my panties being pulled off and then my legs being pulled apart. I screamed but the mouth covering mine kept the sound from coming out. I tried kicking my legs and twisting my body to break loose from those holding me but they were too strong.

And then I felt it pushing at my pussy and I knew that someone was going to put his cock in me.

I tried one more time to try and break free and then I felt the cock push by the outer lips of my pussy. I arched my back to try and get away from it, but five pairs of hands held me firmly down. The top of my dress was pushed down and hands undid the snaps on my bra. I felt tongues on my nipples, the cock in me was driving hard and the tongue in my mouth was working on me. I tried to fight it, but my body was liking the attention; I felt hot, a fiery heat was in my loins and my hips started pushing up at the invading cock. I started to respond to the tongue in my mouth and at the same time I heard a voice say:

"I'm there, I'm there" and I felt a flood of warmth in me.

I felt the cock pull out and only seconds later another one was shoved into me. Mouths and hands played with my tits, the cock stroking into me and the tongue probing my mouth were all turning my body into an inferno. I didn't know what was happening to me, but whatever it was my body wanted it. My hips were pushing up, trying to get more of the cock in me and the hands holding my legs let go and I lifted them and locked them behind whoever it was who was fucking me. A voice said "She's into it now" and my arms were turned loose and I reached up and dug my nails into the ass of the man between my legs and I pulled him to me. The mouth kissing me pulled away and a cock pushed at my lips and I opened my mouth and accepted it.

I was sure that Diane would be happy to see me and that the argument we'd had this morning would be forgiven. I found the address and then found a place to park. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell and when no one answered I rang it again. When no one came after a minute or so I decided that the doorbell didn't work and I knocked. I tried the door handle and found that the door was locked. I took the paper with the address on it out of my pocket and checked it against the number on the house; I was in the right place and besides I had seen Diane's car parked out front. I walked around the side of the house and onto the patio and I was just about to try the patio door when through the window I saw Diane.

She was on a couch and she had her legs wrapped around some guy who was fucking her. She had a cock in her mouth and was sucking it while four other guys stood and watched while jacking themselves off. My God, that's my wife in there - how could she do something like that to me? Don't our marriage vows mean anything to her? I reached for the handle of the door and even as my hand closed around it I hesitated. What I was watching my wife do was the most exciting and erotic thing that I had ever seen. Seeing my wife being a slut was turning me on in a way I would never have believed possible.

I saw the man who was in her mouth pull his cock away from her and I saw a rope of cum hanging from it's head and I knew that my wife had just taken another man's load down her throat. I had my cock out and I was stroking it as another man stepped forward and pushed his cock in her mouth. I watched for several minutes and then my cock throbbed as cum gushed out of it as I watched the man fucking her move aside and let another man in. I saw Diane's hands come up and pull the man to her. I watched as two more men took her mouth and three more emptied themselves into her pussy. I had cum twice on the patio stones and I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore of what she was doing. I went home to wait for my slut wife to come home.

I felt myself being pulled off the couch and my dress was removed. I was pushed down onto my hands and knees and a man moved up behind me and speared my pussy and as he pushed in I pushed back to me him. In my new position I saw some of the other things that had been going on in the room. I saw my boss's wife watching two men fuck her eighteen-year-old daughter and I thought how depraved is that? I saw my boss talking to the teenaged daughter of Stu Hansen as Stu and his wife stood off to the side and watched. I saw my boss take the young girl by the hand and lead her toward the back of the house and I suddenly knew who the new vice-president of sales was going to be. A few seconds later Stu's wife followed my boss and her nineteen year old daughter down the hall and my boss's wife went to her knees in front of Stu.

Then a man moved in front of me and all I saw was the cock he was moving toward my mouth. Things became a blur as cocks were pushed into my pussy and mouth and as I had orgasm after orgasm. Then my mouth was free for several minutes and I saw Stu's wife and daughter come from the back of the house and I noticed cum stains on both of them. I saw the bosses wife and daughter lying on the floor next to each other as they did what I was doing - take on any cock that wanted a hole to root around in. Another hour went by and then the women were alone in the room and as I struggled to get to my feet the bosses wife came up to me and told me that I was a very welcome addition to their 'extended family.'

Only then did I fully realize the full extent of what had happened to me. True, I had not started of my own free will, but after it did start I became an active participant who did not want it to end and I spent most of the rest of the evening being an absolute slut - and I had loved it! Now I was being told that I would be invited back to do it again, and often. I was surprised to find that not only did I want to do it again - I was looking forward to it. I found my panties, bra and dress. My nylons were in ruins so I peeled them off and put them in my purse and then I dressed. I was headed for the door when Dora came up and took my keys away from me.

"I would not be a good hostess if I allowed you to drive in your condition. I'll have the chauffeur run you home. Henry will see to it that you are taken care of."

Henry helped me into the back of the limo and then pulled away from the house only to turn into the drive that led back to the seven-car garage. Stopping the car Henry got out and climbed in the back with me.

"I watched you from the patio and I saw how much you liked all that cock, but not one of them could do you justice. This one will" and Henry took the largest cock that I had ever seen out of his trousers.

I was stunned by the size of it and I reached out to touch it. It throbbed in my hand and I felt a charge, like a mild electric shock run through my body and the only thing I could think was "Thank you David for not coming tonight."

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