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Sex Story: Caught with his dick in his hand.

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It had been a long hard week and normally I would have been happy to see Friday arrive, but this was not going to be a normal Friday because my wife Ginny had made plans for us to attend a party at the home of her best friend Mary. I did not want to go even though a good party was just what I needed to relax me. The problem was Mary's husband Alex. I could not stand the man. There was something about his smug superior attitude that ground on me, but there was no way I was going to get out of it.

Watching Ginny dress made me want to stay home even more. As she rolled on her nylons and hooked them to her garter belt my cock started to stir. By the time she had her black lace panties and bra on I was rock hard. She stepped into her black 4" heels and wiggled into a black cocktail dress and did a little turn in front of me.

"How do I look?"

"I want to strip you back down and fuck you right now!" I replied.

She laughed and told me to hold that thought until we got home. It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type I thought; she is going to have a lot of male eyes on her tonight. At 5 feet, 100 pounds, 36-24-35, this 37-year-old mother of 4 with flaming red hair and green eyes was the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on. And she worked hard at keeping herself that way. She had turned half the basement into a home fitness center and she religiously spent an hour a day down there.

The babysitter arrived and we left for the party. About three blocks from the house I reached into the back seat and grabbed a blanket that I keep there and tossed it to Ginny. She looked at me quizzically, "cover your legs" I told her, "or we are not going to make it to the party."

"Poor baby," she laughed and slid over next to me. She put her hand on the bulge that showed through my pants and rubbed it saying' "Did little ole me cause that?"

Luckily we did not have much farther to go or I would have pulled over and jumped her bones right there on the street. Ginny has always had that effect on me and believe me, it is a good feeling to have.

We arrived at the party and as usually happens we ended up going separate ways. The women group together and talk about whatever it is that women talk about and the guy's get together to talk business and sports. The current topic was the Super Bowl. I was the only one pulling for the Ravens, not because I had any great interest in the team, but because I'm from Denver and I thought Shannon Sharpe had gotten a raw deal from the Broncos. I wanted to see him get another ring just to spite Pat Bowlen and Mike Shanahan. After half an hour or so I went looking for Ginny. I couldn't find her so I grabbed Mary and asked her if she had seen her. She told me Ginny hadn't felt well and had gone to lie down in the spare bedroom. I went there to check on her and found her asleep. She hadn't even kicked off her shoes. I debated going in and making her more comfortable, but decided I would just cause her to wake up so I closed the door and went back to the party. A little more time passed and I went to check on her again. She had moved and her dress had ridden up showing more leg than I would have liked anyone else to see, but again, not wanting to wake her up I closed the door and left. Twenty minutes later, on my way to the bathroom, I paused to look in on her again. The door was locked. Someone must have disturbed her, I thought, and she had gotten up and locked the door.

When I returned to the party I saw several guys talking together and looking my way. When I looked over in their direction they quickly averted their eyes. "I wonder what that was all about?" I thought to myself. The next time I passed the spare room I checked the door and found it unlocked. Looking in I saw that she had moved around enough that her dress was really high up on her legs. So high in fact, that I figured this time I should pull it down even at the risk of waking her up. And then I noticed two things almost at once. Her pussy was in plain view - her panties were gone, and I noticed part of a nipple showing over the top of her dress. Something was wrong here. I remembered the guys who had looked away when I looked in their direction. I closed the door behind me and moved to the closet. Getting inside I positioned myself so that I could see Ginny through the partially closed door and then I waited. No more that five minutes passed before the door opened and a friend of Alex's came in. He walked over to Ginny and shook her shoulder. She didn't stir. He shook her again and still she just lay there. He moved back to the door and locked it. He went back to the bed and pulled out his cock and placed it against Ginny's lips. Reaching down he pushed Ginny's dress down until her breasts were exposed. He started to roll the right nipple between his fingers and Ginny's mouth popped open as if the nipple were a switch. He eased his cock in and slowly started to fuck her face. Ginny's lips closed around his cock and he moved his hand from her tit to her pussy. As he drew his fingers along her hairy furrow Ginny's legs spread slowly. He was still fucking her mouth as he let his trousers drop to the floor. He slowly pulled out of her mouth and moved between her legs. Positioning his cock against her cunt he slowly entered her and began pumping in and out. At first G

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