The Ejactulator

by JackBro

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Story: Teacher gives a lesson on a new machine to her class of female students by demonstrating on the only male student in the class. Set in a femdom society.

"Can anyone tell me what this device is called?" Miss Harumi asked from the head of the room. She held the device, a loaf-sized mechanical apparatus into the air.

The class looked with interest. It filled both her hands. Long and narrow, basic shape that of a cylinder, about two feet in length and perhaps a foot wide. Four rubber legs stood out on the bottom so it could be set down on a surface.

From the middle of the class, Jason looked with special interest. The device appeared quite heavy. It took some effort on the part of his teacher to lift it, especially when she lifted it above her head. He tried to figure out what it was, but had never seen such a device before.

"No one?" Miss Harumi gave the class additional time to examine the device and come up with an answer. She turned it upside down and rotated it all around so they could get a comprehensive look. In one side there was a hole; out the opposite was a clear plastic tube. An electrical cord extended out from under the device, indicating it was powered.

The class couldn't figure it out. Jason couldn't either, but then he didn't expect to. The girls always came up with the answer before he did. They were smarter than him. They had more years of school. Even when on those rare occasions when he did happen to know the right answer, he was cautious not to answer too smartly out of fear of being expelled. They could expel him at any time, for the smallest infraction, or do something even worse. He always had to be very careful to do what the rest of the class told him to do.

"Not even you?" The teacher carried the device over to his table. "I could understand the others not knowing, but I would think you would understand, Jason, being you are the only male in the class."

She set it down in front of him.

He gave it a closer look. The power cord, the hole, the plastic hose; All were curious, but seemed to have no connection. Up close he noticed several dials. One extended out from the side and two on top. They were small; the size of thumb dials, indicating they were for making some sort of adjustment. Miss Harumi's selection of his table in particular made him curious. Why did she pick him out from the rest of the class? He was the only male in the class, true, but what difference did it make that he was a male?

"Well?" She turned it so the hole in the side of the machine pointed towards him. About three inches in diameter, it had a webbed interior, just the right size...

He gasped.

He understood! He didn't need to look any closer. He suddenly realized what fit into the hole.

"Or what about you?" The teacher moved the device closer to his lab partner, who slid up close to him on the bench. The entire class sat at benches: two people to a bench, six benches in all. In front of each bench stood a single table that each student shared with their lab partner.

In Jason's case, he shared the table with Martha, his lab partner. Martha was a short Hispanic girl with an overdeveloped chest. On most days she wore a tight fitting t-shirt. Other days she preferred low cut blouses to display her cleavage. Today was a mixture of both. She had decided upon a button down blouse looking two sizes too small. It was as if she wanted to make special note of her chest.

Martha brushed up against him to get a more critical look. As she looked, he couldn't help but notice the three open buttons on top. Down into her blouse he could look. Between the buttons more of her sexy boob came into view.

Jason found her sexy. She had the biggest tits in the class. He also liked the way she enjoyed teasing him, the only male in class. Martha brushed up against him quite frequently. Of course he knew why she did so. That was why Miss Harumi assigned her to be his lab partner.

"I'm not sure what it is Miss Harumi," Martha finally announced after a seemingly thorough examination. She turned one of the dials and then squeezed two of her fingers inside. The width of two fingers fit, barely, which was just the right size!

"Would anyone else like to take a closer look?" Miss Harumi continued on. She picked up the device and took it to another table where a pair of girls examined it like delicate piece of jewelry.

It happened only a few seconds after the teacher turned away. Martha gave him a nudge with her elbow. She had told the teacher that she didn't know, but then gave him a mischievous smile when she looked at him.

She knew! He could see it in her eyes. He could tell it by the way she looked at him. The width of the hole probably gave it away. Perhaps the length of the device gave another clue. First she looked into his eyes, and then she sneaked a glance down at his waist.

In response, Jason squirmed in his seat, knowing what she silently communicated. He then tried to slouch down into his chair when he realized what she was trying to look at in his lap.

There were two differences between Jason and the rest of the class. First, he was the only male. The eleven remaining students were young ladies. That meant 12 to 1 odds when he included the teacher.

The second difference was clothing. The women all wore a full compliment of clothes, while he only wore shorts. No shirt, no shoes, not even pants. He never wore anything more. The shorts were his only clothing, and he did not even were underwear underneath. He dared not dress any more fully in Miss Harumi's class, less he be expelled from school. He was thankful just to be given the opportunity to attend. The vast majority of men stayed home. Only boys went to school, and then only half days. The rest the day they stayed home to work the farms, make the meals, and do the rest of all the menial tasks around the house. School normally ended for boys when they reached their 18th birthday, but he was unique because he was special. Miss Harumi always made sure he remembered why he was so special.

"Stop slouching!" A wooden ruler smacked down on the desk in front of him.

He jumped and automatically sat back up straight. He didn't need to be told twice. Jason knew where the ruler would smack next time if he didn't obey.

"Now let's get back to the lesson," Miss Harumi continued the class. "I'm surprise no one's figured it out yet. The size of the opening on the end should give you your first clue."

Beside him, Martha gave him another nudge with her elbow. Her eyes, he noticed, pointed down at his lap. It was the opposite as before, when he looked into her blouse. Her eyes now violated him the same way.

A giggle came from his opposite side. It was from another girl, Yuka, seated at the desk on the opposite side of the isle. He wished he could have pulled in closer to the table so she couldn't see, but the table stood high and he sat on a bench. Martha sat on the same bench. It would take the cooperation of both of them to pull it up closer, but no way would Martha be interested in pulling the bench in any closer, not with what he had on display in front of him.

Jason knew what the two of them looked at. He could feel the stiffness for himself. Martha's open top started it. The device only served to finish him off, and then there were the memories of what they did to him all the other times he sported a hard-on in class. Miss Harumi would allow her students to do anything they wanted to him, and most of the time they did. These were girls, freshman girls, and college freshman were interested in experimenting. They could be extremely creative when it came to a man of his age, especially when nothing stood in the way of stopping them.

"It is obviously much too big to fit my finger," From the back of the class he heard her. Miss Harumi taught class from somewhere seemingly far away. "But it is big enough to fit another appendage."

A gasp sounded from behind him. Another young woman had figured it out. Someone else determined what the device was for, which meant the rest of the class soon would know too. They would all know in a minute.

"Does anyone want to guess what appendage fits into the open end," Miss Harumi seemed not to hear the gasp, or perhaps she ignored it. Maybe she wanted others to come to the realization all by themselves, somehow making it more exciting, more erotic for all of them.

Martha could hold back no longer. Her hand went up. She rose it violently, as if she quickly wanted to give the answer before someone else figured it out.

"It's for a cock!" She decided to say before the teacher even had a chance to call upon her.

More gasps sounded. The rest of the class suddenly knew. They voiced shock; then surprise. With the utterance of a single word, "cock," the secret was out. It took less than a second for the entire class to know. Whispers could be heard in the background as some of the women just couldn't keep quite and had to discuss it with their lab partners.

"It's called an Ejaculator," Miss Harumi announced at last. "And what do you suppose an Ejaculator does?"

The hand of the girl sitting next to him went up again.

"Yes Martha?"

"It's used to milk a male!"

Jason could hardly breathe. He couldn't believe it; especially with the way she said it. "Milk" sounded so cold, so clinical. And then he started to wonder what they might want to do with the machine.

Laughs and snickers greeted her answer. The girls thought it funny, the way she said milk. A man could not be milked, not in the usual sense, but he could still be milked in other ways. They already knew. They had seen it demonstrated in previous lessons.

All except Jason laughed. Might they actually use it? Could they even want it demonstrated? It wouldn't be the first time. Never before with a machine, of course, but they had seen him do it. There was no way he could get out of doing it, not in this female dominated society. If they wanted him to wear only thin white shorts to class, then he wore only thin white shorts. If they wanted him to wear even less, then all they had to do was ask. The girls liked to see him naked. They especially liked it when he sat at his desk with a hard-on.

"You are essentially correct," Miss Harumi continued with her lesson. "Into the open end you insert the male cock, and then you turn a switch to milk it."

She demonstrated by plugging it in and turning it on. A soft purring noise sounded from the device.

"Very convenient when you want to give a boy a reward after a hard day's work," She lectured. "You hardly have to do any effort: just stick it in and turn it on. The machine gently vibrates and produces a sucking motion to stimulate the male organ. It even has adjustments for tightness and fit, or you can open the chuck wider for the larger size."

"Like Jason!" Lucy spoke from just in front of him, turning around as she said it, smiling at him.

"Yes, like Jason for instance," Miss Harumi accepted. "Let me adjust it to its widest opening so you can see." She turned one of the dials on the machine.

She knew. They all knew. They had seen him in the nude, and they had seen him with an erection. All eleven women plus the teacher knew about his unusually long length and extra wide girth. That was the only reason he was granted the privilege of going on to school. Normal sized males had to quit school on their 18th birthday. From then on, they spent their days hard at work farming fields and providing subsistence to the women. He got to go on school to give the girls entertainment, to give them something to play with when they got board.

Miss Harumi went on to explain the intricacies of the machine: how it vibrated, how it sucked. It could be turned to squeeze down tight and quickly eject a man, or the controls could be loosened to draw it out and extend his stimulation. She also explained how it could be used as a form of sexual torture to keep a man on the edge but prevent him from going over. The girls hung on every word.

"It even has a feedback mechanism to keep him lubricated," Her words shocked Jason most of all. "The male pre-cumm is collected at the tip and feed back to lubricate the length of the cock. This makes it especially economical to run. Nothing wasted. No need to buy extra lubricants."

She talked about the machine as if she was a saleslady in front of a group of customers. It was just a machine, like a vacuum cleaner, except this machine happened to be designed for the male organ. And the more she talked, the more agitated the class became. The girls seemed to have trouble sitting still on the benches. Martha gradually sat closer and closer until she pressed up tight against him. At some point she had even reached up to undo another button of her blouse. Jason never saw her do it, only the result. The buttons were open down so far he could see the cup of her black bra underneath.

"So into the open end of the machine you insert the male cock," Miss Harumi concluded her lecture. She demonstrated by turning the open end towards the class and inserting a single finger. Her finger was much too small to be encompassed by the machine, especially when it was set to its widest opening, but everyone got the general idea.

"And out the other end," She rotated the device around to show the backside, the side with the plastic tube. It was a clear plastic tube, not much wider than a straw.

"Out of this tube," She took hold of it. "From this tube the male sperm is extracted!"

The girls fidgeted most of all with the sound of the word, "sperm." They liked the word. They took pleasure in it. Some seemed ready to jump out of their seats, steal the machine, and take it home to try it out on some of their farm hands. No doubt they found it arousing, the possibility of a machine capable of ejaculating a male.

"How much sperm?" Martha raised her hand to ask. She seemed to always be the least shy to ask. She was willing to ask almost anything, which perhaps was another reason the teacher sat her next to him.

"That depends mostly on the male," Miss Harumi answered like a good teacher should answer the question from one of her students. "It depends on how long it's been since his last milking. It depends on the size of his balls. It can also depend on how long you tease his cock with the machine before you extract his milk."

They fidgeted some more with her explanation. Martha smiled at him, apparently pleased with the answer.

"Depending on the quantity of spunk you expect to be milked out determines the size of the to capture it all," The teacher added as an afterthought. She took the mug of coffee that had been on her desk and placed it at the rear of the machine. "Like perhaps if you need some cream for your coffee." Into the mug she pointed the open end of the tube, the straw, the place where the sperm would come out.

"Or for those of you who like to serve it fresh," She reached down under her desk to pull out an empty wine glass. Into the glass she pointed the plastic tube.

"Or for those of you who like to drink it down really fresh yourselves," She bent down and took the tube into her mouth as though sucking on a straw.

Jason was ready to die. The machine was his worse nightmare, the ultimate subjugation device for a mistress. It would allow a mistress to provide her slave pleasure by simply flipping a switch, or give him sexual torture by keeping him on the edge. His sperm would have no choice but to exit through the tube, and she would get to choose when it exited. He imagined her with the tube in her mouth as the machine worked. No doubt Miss Harumi would take it fresh.

"Any other questions?" She asked at the conclusion of her talk.

Martha's hand went up again. "How long does it take?" She asked some more.

"About thirteen inches," Miss Harumi answered. "Plenty long enough."

"No, not that," Martha giggled. "Although his length is important too, I was talking about how long it take after you turn it on?"

"Sorry," Miss Harumi apologized for her misunderstanding. "That depends on the boy. It depends how horny he is. It depends on how much spunk he's got saved up in his balls. It also depends on the settings on the machine."

"What about Jason?" Yuka asked from his opposite side. "How long do you think the machine would take to make him cumm?"

Jason understood full well what was happening. He knew what the girls wanted. Several of them giggled in response to the question, leaving no doubt that they wanted to know for themselves.

"I'm not sure," Miss Harumi brought the machine up to his desk. "What about it Jason? What if I set the machine on its lowest setting? How long do you think it would take to milk your hose?"

The top of her blouse splayed open when she leaned over to set down the machine. She made sure to lean far over, both for him to see and to take a look for herself.

"Well, well," She took a look down at his lap. "You seem to have taken an interest in the machine, shall we say."

She didn't actually say it, but the rest of the class knew what she meant. Martha and Yuka already knew, but now the entire class knew too. Some of them leaned over their desks to take a look. Others bent down low to get a clearer view of what stood up under his desk. Lucy, from the front row, behaved the most blatant of all by getting up from her bench and going down to her hands and knees to get a closer look.

"Back in your seats," Miss Harumi reestablished discipline. "No need to be so anxious! You'll all get to see."

Jason gasped. It was a hint of things to come. More giggles sounded from around the room. The girls heard it too.

"Now Jason," Miss Harumi turned her attention back to him. "Tell me, how long has it been since your mistress has last allowed your cock to cumm?"

They all looked at him. Martha smiled. Even the cute Lucy turned around on the bench to look at him give his answer. He couldn't believe the teacher was asking him such an intimate question, yet he also had no choice but to answer truthfully. She could easily check with his owner to test his answer.

"Five days," He answered mostly in a whisper.

"Five days!" Miss Harumi said louder so the whole class could know. "In that case, he probably wouldn't last very long even with the machine set at its lowest settings."

"But think about his cumm load!" Someone shocked him from behind.

"Oh yes!" Martha whispered into his ear. "A huge cumm load."

Jason could hardly take it. His cock pounded. It felt so hard it almost hurt. As the class snickered and laughed around him, Miss Harumi took back the machine. She set it down on her desk in front. Jason distinctly noticed the way she set it at the edge of the desk. The open hole pointed out so that someone could stand on the edge of the desk and...

"What we need is a demonstration," Miss Harumi interrupted his disturbing thoughts with a worried proposition. "Would anyone like to volunteer to come up to the front of the class to help demonstrate?"

She looked out to her class to search for a volunteer. Her eyes wondered across the front row and then to the back. They searched in circles, around Jason, seeming to ignore him.

Jason felt anything but ignored. Every eye in class seemed to be upon him. Every eye, except that is, the teacher. She seemed to want one of the girls to volunteer, but he knew full well who she really wanted.

"Anyone?" She offered when no one volunteered. "I'll give you extra credit!"

Jason knew it was inevitable. His decision didn't matter. Weather he volunteered or not, she would still choose him. No matter what he did he was going to be called upon to give a demonstration, so he hesitantly raised his hand to get it over with.

"Anyone?" Miss Harumi continued to ignore him even with his hand partially raised. Her eyes continued to roam in circles and ignored the middle of the room. Only after Martha helped raise his hand higher and cleared her throat with a loud "ugg" did the teacher notice him.

"Oh, Jason!" She acted surprised. "How gracious of you." A single finger rose from her hand, and then it waved him forward. It was calling him to the front table.

"And don't worry about your shorts," She added just as he was about to rise out of his sea. "Leave them behind."

Martha helped him. With no warning, he felt her. Her hand touched his thigh. Her fingers slipped under the elastic of his shorts. She pulled down, pulling his shorts down along with her.

"Oh Yes!" Yuka shrieked from across the aisle.

She was unable to pull them all the way off because he remained seated on the bench, but she was able to pull them down enough. He first felt it and then looked down to confirm it for himself. He could tell by Yuka's shriek as well. The head of his cock lay bare. Half the length of his rod stood exposed.

First Yuka saw it, and then Martha. Others followed as Martha helped pull his shorts off the rest of the way. He wiggled in the chair as she pulled them across his behind and then the rest of the way down in front. By the time he left his seat, his shorts lay on the floor. He had to step out of them to avoid tripping. A few seconds later he found himself walking up naked to the front of the room.

"Very nice!" Miss Harumi admired his length. "Yours should work fine!"

She looked right at it. She didn't bother to be polite or look away, but looked directly down at his raging erection. Once he got to the front of the room, she had him turn around to allow the rest of the class to see as well. They had seen him before. Everyone had, on three separate occasions. Jason thought he might eventually get accustomed to the class seeing him, but not yet. The girls made it especially difficult with their whistles. It was as though he was the main attraction at a male strip joint.

"This is the male cock," Miss Harumi announced the obvious. "And a very fine cock at that!"

The class naturally agreed. "Oh yes!" One of them let out a cheer.

"And as you can see," She continued to look down upon it. "It's ready for the machine."

"It sure is!" He heard Lucy agree from just in front of him. Of all the girls in the room, Lucy was the closest. She also was the most beautiful. She always got the best show because she sat in the middle of the front row.

"So whenever you're ready," Miss Harumi turned him towards the machine and gave the class a side profile of his cock. "Don't touch yourself. Just slide your big salami into the hole like you're sliding a long length of sausage into a meat grinder."

He heard snickers from behind him. The girls seemed to like her choice of words: "salami," just as they liked "milk." Jason worried. For all he knew, the hole in the machine might really have been a meat grinder. He knew only what stood at the entrance of the hole. The rest of the channel lay dark and mysterious. He hadn't tested it. Perhaps he should have slipped one of his fingers inside, but then it might have hurt his finger. Better to hurt his finger than his cock.

But now it was too late. Slowly, he pushed it in. Miss Harumi's instructions about not touching himself made it more difficult. His cock stood up so hard and so ridged that he had to squat down to get it at the right height, and then stand with his cock sticking straight out. Sighs sounded from the audience when he stood up. No doubt his already impressive length looked even longer when it stuck straight out. At least it felt bigger to Jason. Only the tip of his cock, his cock-head, extended into the machine.

Once in place, he tried to insert it as quick as possible.

"He's anxious to try it out," Miss Harumi noticed.

He slowed, but not because he was anxious, but because of the width of the machine. First it went easy, but then the hole seemed to grow more narrow. It became quite tight.

"That's the way," Miss Harumi urged him on. "I know it's tight, but that's because you're just so damn big. I already have the chuck opened to its largest size."

Inch by inch he pushed it in. Indeed it was tight, but the sides of the machine were also smooth. He had little trouble sliding it in once he put some force behind it.

"Now let's turn it on and grind us up some cock!" She continued with the theme even after he was fully inserted. "How many of you are hungry for some cock-meat?"

"Yes! Yes!" Members of the class shouted back. He distinctly recognized the voices of Lucy and Martha, being they sounded louder than the rest.

"Perhaps not cock-meat," She teased him and excited the girls in the class by taking hold of the tube extended out the far side of the machine. "But certainly we should be able to squeeze out his juices!"

A second later it started. Miss Harumi turned it on. He immediately felt suction and then a gentle vibration along the length of his cock. It wasn't a strong suction or even a very intense vibration. It was more subtle, as if she had the machine set on its lowest setting.

"They say no boy has ever left it dry," Miss Harumi continued holding the plastic tube. "For every boy who has ever used the machine, something has come out the other end!"

"Yes!" Someone shouted with delight.

"And I'm sure you all know what that something will be," She smiled.

"Spunk!" Lucy spoke up.

"His sperm!" Martha added.

Another girl shouted "jism" and still another added "milk."

Jason couldn't help but notice them fidget in their chairs. They acted as if they were anxious. They all wanted to see. At least this time they wouldn't see it all, not like the other times. He felt relieved by the fact that at least his cock was covered.

He also felt relieved at how good it felt. The machine actually felt quite relaxing; even titillating. It felt like a girl was sucking on his cock, and then he closed his eyes to try to imagine Lucy or even Martha doing the sucking. It could have been any girl in class. They all were so beautiful.

Not long after he felt what she had described earlier, what she said about the feedback mechanism. The machine sucked, and then soon after he felt the wetness. His own pre-cumm was being fed back along the length of the machine to make him wet. First near the base and then it traveled up the length of his shaft. Soon his entire length was coated in its own juices.

The machine kept working his cock. Not hard, but very slowly it worked. As it worked him over, Miss Harumi demonstrated the various adjustments of the machine. She made it squeeze tighter and then sucked him faster. He couldn't help but imagine different girls taking turns and doing the same.

"Nice and slow," Miss Harumi instructed. "I know it's a tight fit, and we don't want you to withdraw too fast and cause damage."

She giggled at this remark.

"Don't damage it!" Lucy added from the front row

"We certainly don't want it damaged!" His lab partner agreed.

As if to emphasize her point, Miss Harumi placed the palm of her hand solidly on the middle of his ass, pushing him forward, preventing him from withdrawing too fast. He noticed the way she felt his ass only after he had withdrawn most of the way. It was as if she wanted to show off his size, and then he was sure that was exactly what she wanted.

"Notice how nice he looks," She addressed her class as she watched him pull out. "Notice how wet he is."

"It sparkles," Martha exclaimed with excitement.

"It looks so slimy!" Yuka voiced.

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