Turning the Tables

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A rapist has the tables turned on him

He had seen her in town, she wasn't a model, more like a girl next door type. She had a few extra pounds on her and long brown hair, slightly larger than average tits and a round, firm ass. He had liked the way that ass looked in those tight jeans, he had seen her a few times and had followed her home, just to see where she lived. It was a house pretty much by itself, out in the country and he saw that she lived alone. He had never seen a wedding ring and he had cruised by a few times at different hours to check on her, a few times there was another car there and he would wait, always a female coming out late, a hug and she was gone.

He was a rapist, he had raped a number of females in his life, even been arrested, but always managed to get off, then he would relocate. His cock twitched as he watched her load the groceries in her car, she was wearing those tight jeans again and that ass was so inviting, he decided that tonight would be the night. He went home and set up his rape kit, putting the strands of rope into his bag, the blindfold, the lube, the condoms, he had learned that he had to not leave a DNA sample. He rode by to make sure she was home, then went into town and got a bite to eat at the diner. His cock grew every time he thought about her and he got antsy, anticipating taking her.

The power he had when he raped a woman was a real high, making them do things that he knew disgusted them and the physical act of shoving his cock into them. He could barely eat as his anticipation grew, that ass, he wanted to run his hands over that naked ass and maybe he would fuck her there too. Maybe she had a virgin ass, the thought really made him hard, so hard he had to wait a few minutes before getting up, so as not to be so obvious that he had a hard on. He paid the check, noting that the young waitress didn't look bad either, maybe he would pay her a visit as well, he smirked as he walked out of the diner.

He rode by and saw that her car was there and proceeded down the road a half mile, pulling off onto the side of the road. He took an old tshirt and hung it out the window, to make it look like his car had broken down, in case the sheriff happened by. He grabbed the bag and headed off through the sparse woods in the direction of the lights of her house. When he got there, he made his way around the outside of the house, peeking into windows to get the layout and to see where she was in the house. He finally saw her in the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee, noting that she had evidently just taken a shower as her hair was wet and she wore a bathrobe.

That would help, he hated to have to deal with a bunch of clothes, although the ones he had done with clothes, were even more cooperative as they saw the knife he used to cut their clothes off. One woman had even pissed herself as he cut her panties off, his cock grew as the image was relived. She had been a real beauty, the high school prom queen and he had made her deepthroat him and swallow all of his cum, even threatening to cut her nipples off if she had spilled any of his cum, his cock was throbbing now as he thought of that night. She had been too scared to even report the rape, he had done her again a month later, before moving on.

He glanced on the table by the window at the mail there, Gloria Ketcham was the name on the mail, he muttered to himself, 'Nice to fuck you, Gloria.' He was a despicable man, having taken advantage of some twenty women in his twenty eight year life. His mother had started it all, she had been a devout woman, always preaching how wrong and dirty sex was and how men should just jack off and leave women alone. His father had gotten her pregnant and then left town, she never dated after that, found religion and preached abstinence. He had once wet the bed and his mother had threatened to cut his cock off, but then something changed, she had fondled his cock and balls and then inexplicably, given him a blow job, it disgusted and excited him at the same time.

After that, he became bolder, forcing himself upon his mother, dominating her until she became an unwilling sex slave to him. He never had to worry about sex, he would fuck his mother whenever he pleased, always controlling and humiliating her as he did, his mother had no openings that were forbidden to him, he saw to that. She had been an anal virgin when he decided he wanted to try it, he had loved her screams as he plunged into that virgin territory. Afterwards, she had lain sobbing, that turned him on even more and he found his cock hard once more, he added another load to her inflamed ass. Soon, his mother wasn't enough for him and he turned to whomever he could find, there were lots of girls his age he had fucked, most against their will, but he would always threaten them with the humiliation of being a rape victim if they talked or reported him.

Then he found that he preferred older women, they took him back to his mother and a young man dominating an older woman. His mother had died in a car accident a few years back and he yearned to replace her with these women he took advantage of. Gloria was older than him, she looked to be in her mid forties, he closed his eyes and could picture her naked ass as he plunged into her, it would be like a reunion with mom all over again. He tried a door around back, it was locked, he took out a credit card and slid it between the jamb and the door and eased it between the mechanism, gently pushing the door open and sliding inside.

He got his bearings in the dark and moved towards the sound of the television, careful not to bump anything and peering around corners to see if she was there. He heard her talk, giggling like a child as he saw her reflection in a mirror, she was lying on the bed, on the phone with someone. Her bathrobe had parted and he saw that she was clean shaven, her pouty pussy lips slightly spread with her open legs, the sight sent a tremor through his cock. He watched as she talked and giggled, her pussy seemed like it was calling his name, but he had to wait until she was off the phone, he sat his bag down and sat in a chair next to him.

"Ok, Mary, well I've got to pee. I'll talk to you tomorrow, be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do," again a loud giggle, then she laid the phone down and got up, heading for the bathroom across from her bed. He jumped up, his chance had arrived, he reached into the bag and brought out the hunting knife, it was time for a little humiliation at her expense. As he neared the bathroom door, he could hear the stream of urine into the toilet, he burst in, dropping the bag at her feet, as he put the knife to her throat.

"Hello, Gloria," her urine stopped midstream, "Please continue. I wouldn't want you to have a full bladder when I fuck you."

"Who are you? How did you get in here? How do you know my name?"

"Allow me to introduce myself, Gloria. I am your rapist. I am the reason women lock their doors and hope they never meet me. When I am done with you, every hole you have will be visited by me, at least once, maybe more. I don't want to hurt you, so I DO hope that you will cooperate, who knows, you may even enjoy some of what I do to you."

He moved his hand down to his bag and took out some rope, "Please stand and turn around," she complied and he tied her wrists behind her back. "I don't think we need this," and he cut her bathrobe and nightgown off, they fell in a puddle at her feet. He ran his hand over that ass he had pictured so many times, gently prodding between the cheeks, then holding them open as he studied her puckering anus, "Ever had a cock in there, Gloria?' she shook her head no, his cock grew with anticipation.

He had her turn back around and he hefted the tits he had seen in that sweater, much nicer in the flesh. He pinched the nipple and watched her wince in pain, he bent down and sucked it hard, then bit it, relishing as she cried out in pain. He pushed her back down onto the toilet seat, remembering how he had forced his mother to suck him off while she had been on the toilet peeing.

"Now, Gloria. You're going to give me the blow job of my life, sitting right here on the toilet," he lowered the knife to her right tit, resting the nipple on the blade, "and if you bite me, or spill a single drop, I will cut your fucking nipple off, understand?" she nodded, he could see the fear in her eyes. He opened his pants with his free hand, sliding them down off of his hips, letting them hit the floor, he didn't wear underwear, it only got in the way. He could see her glance down at his exposed cock, it throbbed with anticipation. "It's not huge, Gloria, but it will be enough. Open up," and he inched forward, resting it against her lips, she nervously slid her tongue out to moisten it, then he leaned forward, pushing it between her lips as he watched her mouth engulf him.

"Come on, Gloria. I know you've sucked cock before, now give me a good blowjob or I'll cut your nipple off!" she felt the edge of the knifeblade on her nipple and began to suck. It felt good to have a warm mouth around his cock and he began to rock back and forth, forcing more and more into her mouth. He grabbed a handful of that long brown hair and knotted it in his fist, fucking her face harder, hearing her gasp for air. He could feel the release boiling down in his balls, his cock now hitting the back of her throat as she snorted air through her nostrils, then he pulled her head hard against his groin as he shot spurt after spurt right down her throat.

He rocked back on his heels, his cock making a plopping sound as it pulled from her mouth, she fought to regain her breath, he watched her tits rise and fall with each breath and noticed that in his zeal, he had nicked her nipple, a trickle of blood flowed from the cut, he bent down and sucked it clean. He checked her chin, she had indeed swallowed it all, of course he had left her no option. When she had regained her composure somewhat, he pulled her to her feet and dragged her into the bedroom, sitting her at the foot of the bed, then he retrieved his bag.

He took out more rope and then pushed her ankles back and tied each one to the bedposts. He untied her wrists and tied them to the same bedposts, so that she was spread wide, but upright, so that she would be forced to watch. He spread her hood with one hand, then sought out the small bump with his other, hearing a small gasp escape her lips as his thumb found and massaged it. He loved eating pussy, he had driven his mother nuts as he honed his skills, until the mere touch of his tongue on her clit would send her writhing in orgasm. Gloria's clit was much more pronounced than his mom's had been and he knew he would have this bitch writhing in no time.

He dipped a finger inside, she was wet already, he pulled it to his nose first, smelling her arousal, then sucked her juices from it, she had a nice tangy taste. He ran his tongue down her slit, his thumb picked up its rhythm, the juices flowed. He dipped his finger into the juice and pulled it to her anus, coating the twitching opening with her own passion juice, then he began to slide a finger in. She was torn between the sensation of his thumb on her clit and his finger forcing itself into her anus, she gasped when his first knuckle poked through her anal ring, but he stepped up the manipulation of her clit and he was soon up to his second knuckle.

His cock began to grow again as his finger felt her anal muscle tightening around it, she was cherry alright. He dropped his mouth to her pussy, running his tongue in and out as she gasped at the feelings. His lapped his tongue over her clit and she squealed, that was his signal and he began to move his finger in and out of her ass. She tried to protest, but he locked his lips on her clit and applied light suction, her body betrayed her as her orgasm approached, signaling him to add another digit to her ass, as he applied more suction to her clit. Her screams echoed in the bedroom, as he both abused and pleased her at the same time, his chin became soaked in her juices. He kept her orgasm going until she went limp, her bindings the only thing holding her up, he released her clit and concentrated on finger fucking her ass.

He reached down with his free hand and grabbed an anal plug out of his bag, dipping it into her pussy to coat it with her juices, then replacing his fingers with it. She was just beginning to stir as he forced the plug in, she cried out at the cruel intrusion. He saw tears streaming down her cheeks, remembering how mom had cried when he had done the same thing to her for the first time. He noted how her long brown hair had become disheveled from her orgasm, hiding part of her face.

"Well, Gloria, you can't say you didn't enjoy at least some of that!" and he gave a slap to her thigh, making the plug vibrate and causing her to suck in a breath. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her forward, she felt like a pretzel, "See that plug, Gloria? It's twice as big as I am. When I bury my cock in that tight ass of yours, just remember that I'm a lot smaller than that," and he released her hair, she sobbed at the pain and humiliation. He had penetrated her ass, he had forced her to give him a blow job and swallow all of his cum and the most humiliating part was that he had forced her to cum as well.

He untied her wrists, she rubbed them to get the circulation back as he untied her ankles, she felt the blood resurge into her ankles, as he pulled her to her feet and ushered her back into the bathroom. He dropped the toilet seat and forced her on her knees before it. He looped the rope around one wrist and fed it below and behind the toilet tank, then looped it around the other wrist and cinched it up, drawing her upper body down onto the seat, the cold seat hardened her nipples.

"It's going to soon be ass time, Gloria! As you can tell, I like sex in the bathroom, it's not always large enough to accommodate every act, but I find that it works well when I fuck virgin assholes. The guy who invented the toilet probably never fathomed what a great fuck horse it would be!" He looped rope around one ankle and threaded it through with her wrists and secured it to the other ankle, "You see, with you all trussed up like this, you won't be able to escape my cock when I stick it in that tight little ass of yours."

He pulled her head up by the hair, waving his semi hard cock before her, "Now, suck me and get me good and hard, we got some cherry busting to do!!" She considered biting his cock off, but he would just kill her in retaliation, so she just did as told and sucked him nice and hard. It felt good, he was tempted to blow another load in her mouth and fuck her ass later, but the thought of that nice, tight ass won out and he pulled out of her mouth with a plop, opened a condom and slid it over his hard cock. She winced as she felt the plug removed, then he probed her anus with his fingers, making sure the plug had opened her ring enough, then she felt the cock, pushing against her anus.

"Just push, like you got to shit, Gloria, that'll help," she didn't know why she was complying, she just did it, she didn't want any more pain than she had to bear. She was tight, when his cockhead finally plowed through her anal ring, it clamped down on his shaft just below the head. He reached over and grabbed the lube, squirting it over his condom covered cock at the place where it met her anus and moved in and out, to spread the lube, she cried with each movement. It had been a long time since he had taken a virgin ass, women nowadays seemed to get into anal sex, it was no longer taboo as it once was.

"Ok, Gloria, here comes the rest," and he pushed into her ass, as his hands sought out her hard nipples from around each side of her body, she cried out as her bottom was filled with cock, remembering that he wasn't as big as the plug had been, but the plug hadn't gone this deep either. He lubed one more time, then began to steadily move in and out, wrenching her nipples as he did, her sobs filled the small bathroom. He felt the tightness of her sphincter, trying to expel him, exciting him with its actions, he knew he wouldn't last long, he never did if they were virgin, only one last humiliation to get him off.

"Beg me to fuck your ass, Gloria. Beg me to fuck it harder. Tell me how much you like the feel of my hard cock in your ass! DO IT NOW, BITCH!!!"

Pleeaasse, fuuck my assssss, pleeeaaassse, I neeeeeed it sooooo baaaad. II lloooovvveee the fffeeeelll of yooouuurr hhaaaarrrrd cccoooocck in myy assssss," she said between sobs, that did it, he filled the condom with cum, slapping her ass cheeks as he did, at least her brutalized nipples were left alone. He pulled out and watched her brutalized anus as it stayed open for a few seconds, then slowly closed back up. Gloria felt his hand grab her hair and pull her head up, as she was met with the stained condom covered cock. He grabbed a pair of scissors on the sink and nipped the end of the condom off, "Now, suck me, Gloria and take my cum out of my shit covered cock!" She turned her head away, but he brought it back, forcing the cock into her mouth and she unobligingly sucked, tasting his cum and her own degradation, throwing up as he removed himself.

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