Jpb 2006 Invitional - What To Do About Edie?

by Deuce

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Husband discovers wife is a cheating slut. He looks for and finds way to not only punish her, but remove her from his life. Along the way, he punishes her cheating partners and earns some money from the sale of the women. He finds true love - truth and justice triumph!


I started reading on SOL in July of 2007. JPB is one of my favorite authors. I really enjoy his "slut wife" stories, in many of them the slut finds herself the recipient of an offbeat revenge - see "Beverly's Homecoming". When JPB issued his second Invitational, I decided to try my hand. I had not written or posted a story, anywhere. Well, There were times I wrote some very creative expense reports, but no stories. So, I did it. In the process, I wrote and posted Best Birthday Ever. I remembered JPB commenting that only two persons had tried his first "challenge" and I wondered why. I ended up with this half story. You will need to go back and read "What to do About Edie", or reading this will be a waste of time. And yes, there are copies of some of JPB's techniques in this one also.

PLEASE READ JPB's "WHAT TO DO ABOUT EDIE" OR THIS HALF STORY IS WASTED I also recommend reading the other two entries from last year as well. PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT on all the stories, as well as my half story. I welcome all feedback.

JPB's original story ends with -

First, I was going to have to come up with an excuse for my boss for being gone so long. I was going to have to reevaluate my friendships with Marvin, Harry and Joe and then I was going to have to figure out what to do about Edie.

Deuce's answer -

When I went back to work, I got lucky. My boss had been called away his son had a minor accident at school. The dispatcher was a woman about my age, or just a little younger who seemed to really like me. Her name was Beverly. The other guys teased me about her being sweet on me. While I was gone, she covered for me, using other guys to cover the runs I would have normally made. When I checked in with her, she noted my time back as just after the boss left. I was a few minutes over, but not enough to be a problem. Every now and then traffic is a problem or there is a wreck that slows us down.

Beverly said," You owe me big time lover. What, did you go home and get a nooner?"

I said, "No and I probably never will!"

Bev said, " Do you want to tell me about that? You seem upset."

"No, just rushed and I missed lunch."

Well if you didn't have lunch, I guess you shouldn't drink while you buy me a drink on the way home."

I told her, "come on Bev, you know I'm a married man."

She looked me square in the eye and said, "maybe I don't care about that any more. Maybe I want to spend time with you. I'm not asking you to go to bed with me, YET, but just spend some time with me."

Wow, I didn't need this, not now. I decided that I shouldn't get in a hurry after all; she did cover for me today.

"So, since we can't be seen together without it being a company wide scandal, where do we get this drink?"

She gave me a sweet smile and said, "When I leave, I'll go to the parking lot of that big hardware store at hwy 14 and Grand. You pull up by me and I'll get in your truck.

The rest of the afternoon, I tried to work and thought about Edie and her fuck buddies. The first thing to do would be to get rid of the realtor and his potential customer. Then I thought, no house, no buyer, right. The realtor might still come around, but not as often if the house was not there. He was local, his name was Dan, and I knew I could find him. The potential buyer, Jim would be hard to find, but it could be done.

Bev took me to a quaint little tavern about 5-6 miles out in the country. It was a nice place, clean with good food smells and really cold beer. Bev was not hungry, but I ordered a BLT. The sandwich was delicious. The place was clean, the staff was pleasant and the prices were reasonable. I started to say to myself, Edie will love this place and then it hit me, my Edie was a slut who would apparently fuck anything male.

Bev was looking at me and said, "now what's wrong, that is the look you had when you came back to work today and you need to tell me what's wrong."

"Why should I bother you with my problems? If you're like most people, you have your own problems to deal with.'

"Yes I do have a major problem and I'm in the process of dealing with it this very minute."

I stammered," what do you mean?"

Bev grinned at me and said," Jerry, every one you work with has told you I'm sweet on you and you ignored them. So, lets make it official, please watch my lips, I love you and I don't mean as friendly platonic love. I am in love with you passionately and I want you, not just a quick roll in the hay or an occasional one night stand, but 24/7/52. Is that clear enough to get through to you? Do you understand?

'Yes, I hear what you are saying, but I need time to process it. Why me?"

"Why not, you are a handsome, intelligent, funny, kind, patient and caring man."

I laughed and said, "You left out trustworthy and brave, that's all I remember from the boy scouts oath."

Bev reached out and put her hand in mine on the table and said, "I have watched you since I started working at the company, five years ago. I have been sure of my feelings for over two years now and I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you how I feel. I have studied you in different situations and I know something major happened today and I want to help you get by it. It doesn't matter to me; I just want to support you with my love.

I was totally blown away, here was this attractive sensitive woman who cared about me without any notice from me and I had been living with and supporting a whore. Whoa, there was thread of a thought there, remember that.

Bev said, "I probably should not have dumped all this on you today, but you seemed so upset about something that I wanted to give you some support."

I looked her right in the eyes and said, "I had a major revelation about my marriage today and your expression of feelings for me has lifted my spirits more than you can know. I will not make any promises, but once I put this thing behind me, maybe, if you are still around, we can figure out what to do about all these feelings."

Bev said, "Fair enough, lets get out of here,

When we got to the truck, she climbed in and said, I'd like to sit next to you and snuggle, but I don't want my hair or perfume on you when you go home to your wife."

I drive Bev back to her car and headed for home. I told Edie I was late because I had an emergency last minute parts run. She didn't complain, at bedtime, I told her I thought I was getting a cold and would sleep in the guest room tonight. She reacted to that, saying, "I need your cock, baby, and I've been looking forward to it all day."

I just wondered if that was when you were being double fucked by two strangers or while you used that huge dildo to fuck yourself. I was gone all morning, what happened in my house in the mornings.

Tomorrow morning - I would start finding out about a lot of things.

At work, I talked to my boss, telling him I had some domestic problems. He was only six months past a messy divorce. He caught his wife at the car wash. She was being gang banged by a group of 15-20 of the employees. They had her in the equipment room at the back of the building. He had just stepped out of his car as it was going into the wash. He heard a woman's voice yell, FUCK ME HARDER, DAMN IT.

He had heard her say the same thing to him early that morning in their bedroom. He opened the back door of his car and grabbed his briefcase. He opened it and took out his mini digital camcorder. He stepped to the open door and taped his wife with 3 cocks in her. The black guy with his cock in her mouth pulled out and she screamed I need a cock. A fat Latino walked over and stuck his cock in her mouth. He continued to record as she fucked and sucked several more. She took on Latinos, blacks, Whites, a couple of Asians and one man who was some kind of

Middle Eastern Arab looking guy.

The black man standing at the head of the car wash line to supervise the hook-up to the chain came over to him and told him he couldn't be there, he would have to leave. Leaving the camera, he set it down on a barrel, pointed at the fucking action. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a razor and told the black man to go away or he would cut his throat. He was not bothered after that. He ended up with a one hour and a half tape of his wife taking on all comers, or, as he later joked, should that be all cummers? Because our state has a no-fault divorce law, the only things to discuss were the property split and custody of their 9-year-old son.

The judge was a woman and was known to believe that children should stay with their mother. She pointed that out as soon as she saw Bob was asking for custody. Bob's attorney had arranged with the bailiff to have a TV set and VCR available. When she asked the judge for permission to play a tape, the judge asked Linda's attorney if he had objections. He asked Linda and she just shrugged her shoulders. The judge said, "Press play."

The first sound on the tape was Linda yelling, "I need a cock." Every eye in the courtroom was riveted on the large color TV showing Linda with a fat black man lying on her back, enthusiastically fucking her stretched ass hole. She was lying on her stomach on top of an Asian man. His cock was in her pussy. It was then that the fat Latino walked over and stuck his cock in her mouth.

Linda's attorney jumped to his feet, yelling, "Objection!" The bailiff stopped the tape. The judge asked what was his objection. He said that he and his client had not been given a copy of the tape, prior to the trial.

The judge laughed at him and pointed out that this was a civil case, not a criminal case and the plaintiff had no right to pre-trial discovery. The judge called a recess and took the tape to her office. She ruled that Bob would have sole custody of his son. Any visits of Linda to their son would have to be at Bob's convenience and monitored by Children's Services officers. She also ruled that Linda had to pay child support, or walk away with nothing, leaving Bob with sole ownership of all their property. Linda took a transfer with her employer and moved to upstate New York.

So, Bob was sympathetic to my problem without knowing any of the details. I had worked here a long time and was considered a valuable employee. I helped Bob break in when he was hired. If I had been willing to go back to college for a degree, I would have had his job. Bob knew that. I had comp time due and I had an extra two weeks of vacation to use. Bob agreed that I could come and go, as I needed, doing enough work that Edie would not be suspicious.

Bev would keep track of my time to satisfy payroll and accounting.

Now, my friend Craig had a 5-6 year old Honda he was thinking about selling. He agreed to let me rent it for $50.00 per week. I had always been so critical of foreign cars no one would believe I was driving one. I also bought a trak- phone with 120 minutes, paying cash at a Radio Shack store. After using it, I could wipe it down good and throw it in a river, driving down the interstate.

I left and went toward home, parking on the street behind my house. Earl and Marge's house was on this street.

Wow, I got lucky, there was an SUV in the drive with a magnetic sign for a real estate agency on the door. Now I will find out if it was the ass-hole who fucked my wife yesterday. I rang the doorbell and knocked on the door, no answer, so I walked down the side of the house to look into the back yard. There they were, the same two guys from yesterday coming out of my back door and headed toward me. At the front, I quickly made a note of the agency name and phone number. I could get the address from their Yellow Pages ad.

I looked up the real estate agency in the phone book. Dan had his picture in the ad. His last name was Whitley. The residential pages had only one Dan Whitley. He lived at #7 Mockingbird Lane

I was sitting in the car at the curb right by the SUV. I could hear them talking, the realtor said, "I don't think you are really interested in this house, but I thought a good morning fuck would give me a head start with you. The other ass-hole, Jim, I remembered from yesterday said, "I enjoyed it very much, especially while I was in her pussy and you fucked her ass. That was awesome. I have never done that before."

The realtor, Dan said, "Neither had I, it was her idea."

As they drive away, I tailed them from a distance. They stopped for lunch at a Denny's and I had a sandwich. Then Dan, the realtor took Jim to a Ramada Inn at the edge of town and left. I watched Jim go into a second floor room next to the stairs. It was too late in the day to check, out, so I knew he would be there overnight.

I called home to tell Edie that I was going to fill in as a substitute on the bowling team. I suggested she call her friend Bonnie and do something. I didn't expect to be home until after midnight. She told me to call home later; she would leave a message on the answering machine about where she would be. That would give me an evening at home to spend in my workshop. As soon as I thought Edie was gone, I called home. The message told me that Edie and Bonnie were going to a double feature at a drive-in theatre. It started late and she thought she probably would not get home until after 3:00 AM.

To be safe, I parked the Honda 3 houses away, in front of Steve and Wanda's house. They were out of town. I walked to my house and went in the side door of the garage. I went to my basement workshop. I cut 8 pieces of cardboard about 2 inches square. I pushed a two-inch roofing nail with a big head through the center of each piece. Putting them in an old box, I sprayed the side with the nail sticking through. I used the flat black paint I used on my bar-b-que grill - smoker. Lying on the asphalt, with the nail sticking up, they were almost invisible, especially in the dark. Even though I had painted them, I wore rubber gloves to handle them. Placed on the ground, or pavement, with the point of the nail pressed into the last inside groove of a tire, the cardboard holds the nail in place until the car moves. AS the wheels turn the cardboard quickly wears away as the nail causes a flat tire. Use of more than one will usually immobilize the car

The first thing to do was dispose of Earl and Marge's house. I knew where Earl had kept a Spare key and I doubted he moved it. The key was still hanging two feet from the door out of sight behind the siding. The real estate market in our side of town was very depressed. Earl had told me three weeks ago that if the house did not sell in the next two months, they were going to have to take a drastic reduction in the selling price to get out of it. They were making two mortgage payments hand ad planned on the money from the sale to pay off some large interest bearing loans. The extra money was to expand the little business they bought in the resort town, three hundred miles away. The house was insured for the cost of rebuilding it. That was much more than it would sell for. My plan to burn the house would, A) remove a legitimate reason for the ass-hole realtor to be in my neighborhood several times a week; and B) help my friends resolve their cash problem.

Using a penlight, I went to the basement. I knew that Earl had left some galvanized pipes standing against the basement wall. I was wearing some heavy-duty kitchen rubber gloves. Using a piece of pipe, I bent the thin tubing which delivered the fuel oil to the furnace. I left the pipe leaning on the bent tubing. It appeared to have fallen against the oil tube with enough force to cause a very small leak. I laid several layers of newspaper on top of the drain. The drain was at least forty feet away. I thought that the paper would slow the flow of oil down the drain. I used the real estate section of last Sunday's paper. As I left the basement, I could already smell the fuel oil fumes. I took out a large chemical hand warmer I had activated before leaving my house. Upstairs, I attached the hand warmer to the bottom of the thermostat, using a very small amount of Scotch tape, expecting it to burn away when the house was destroyed. Then I turned the selector to heat and set the "comfort level at 90°. After locking the door behind me, I replaced the key behind the siding and staying bent over, went home.

I took an old aluminum baseball bat and the painted nails. I drove to the Ramada Inn. I parked a few doors down from the stairs. I put the nails under all four tires on Jim's car. A petty revenge, compared to what I planned to do to him. I quietly forced open the gas filler door and poured a five pound bag of sugar into his gas tank

Using my trak-phone, I called the motel and asked for his room. When he answered, I asked excitedly, "Do you drive a dark blue Lincoln town car?"

When he said, "yes I do."

I said, " I think someone is trying to break into It." and disconnected. As he ran down the stairs, I was under and behind him, he never saw me, I popped him in the head hard enough to knock him down and daze him. I then broke his left knee and his right elbow. As he was lying there writhing in pain, unable to speak or see, I used the bat to take out both headlights, all of the glass and both taillights and back-up lights. As he began to scream, I tucked the bat into my left armpit and calmly walked away.

Back in the Honda, I drove to Mockingbird Lane. # 7 was a corner lot, immediately on the right as you pulled off the major thoroughfare. There was an alley and I parked at the curb right next to the alley. I left a note on the windshield, gone for gas and the date and time. If I was stopped later, I had a gas can in the trunk, still wet inside. I walked the alley to be sure it was clear. Mockingbird was a short street terminating in a circle. The addresses started on the left as you enter and went to the circle and turned back to the main street. The alley was a large horseshoe shape. Dan's SUV was sitting out, behind the house. There was a thick hedge between his back yard and the busy through street beside his house, shielding me from a casual observer passing by. I put my nails under all four tires so that when he backed up, he would end up with four flat tires. He also got a five-pound bag of sugar in his gas tank.

I drove the Honda to the office, got in my truck and headed home.

When I got Jim, the newspapers carried the story as a car break-in gone badly. Jim claimed to have lost an expensive laptop computer and several custom made suits.

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