by Bradley Stoke

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fiction, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: All is well in the Garden of Eden. The lion sits with the lamb and Adam and Eve are truly in Paradise. But this is a Paradise about to be lost when Rhonda arrives from the City of Angels bringing with her knowledge that the first couple had never before suspected.

A slight breeze blew through the garden, rustling the leaves in the trees and bending the stems of the tall flowers. A lamb lying down by the side of a small pond twitched its nostrils, but soon relaxed. This was about as rough as the weather ever got. The lamb returned to the flowers it was nibbling, unperturbed by the nearby presence of a lion on the other side of the pond. And why should it be bothered. The lion would no more wish it harm than he would himself. The sun stood high in the clear blue sky, just a single white cloud to break the utter blueness in front of which flew a squadron of migratory birds.

The garden was peaceful but not wholly quiet. Bees and other insects buzzed amongst the flowers and shrubbery. Birds sang melodiously from the fruit-laden boughs of the leafy trees. The slight breeze brought a welcome coolness to the warm air and added a rustle to the ambience. And amongst it all could be heard shrieks, gasps, cries and yells. The birds and the beasts in the garden were not troubled by it in the least. This was a noise to which they were accustomed. It was just Adam and Eve, the guardians and prime benefactors of the garden, once again indulging in passionate and totally abandoned lovemaking out in the open on the short grazed grass.

Ever since Adam woke up one morning to find a slight ache in his side and the beautiful sight of Eve beside him, there had been very few hours indeed where the couple had not indulged the passion they felt for each other and explored their sexuality in a world free of guilt and sin. Adam had not had to endure many days of solitude before Eve arrived, and like him she arrived fully grown and with no memory of an earlier time. He had never really questioned this. He assumed this was how it should be. And, lo, what he had seen of the world was good and right, and he had no reason to believe that it should ever be otherwise.

Indeed, he had not been especially unhappy in the time before Eve arrived. He had plenty to do in exploring the grottoes and woods and ponds and streams of the garden. There were so many interesting and beautiful things to see and he knew all of them by name. As well he might, as there were no names before he granted them to the world. There were some places he preferred over others. He enjoyed bathing in the still waters of the pond or lazing on the grass lawns that spread out in all directions or climbing up the trees to regard the garden's vista stretching in all directions as far as he could see, toward the far distant horizon. But just as he had no conception of a time before he arrived in the garden, he was never much concerned about thoughts of a world beyond the garden.

And now with Eve, there was a new world to discover, and the garden itself was a world they could now explore together. When they weren't enjoying the fruits of the trees, they were enjoying the feel of their own bodies. There was so much to relish, and although Adam was sure he knew every inch of Eve's flesh and loved every part of it, somehow he never lost his desire to enjoy it again and more thoroughly.

At the moment, Adam was thrusting in and out of Eve's spread open legs, her ankles interlocked behind the taut muscles of his buttocks, while she lay back on the short soft grass, her full apple-shaped breasts shaking up and down to the same rhythm as Adam's thrusts. The passion drove her face into expressions of agony, but this was the agony of achieving peaks of orgasmic ecstasy that was pushing her body close to the limits of endurance. Her long blonde hair splayed out in all directions for a yard or so. Her waist was slender but her hips were wide and round, perfectly designed to accommodate Adam's foot-long penis as it thrust back and forth, seemingly inexhaustible in how long it could stay erect and the volume of semen he could generate when self-restraint was finally sacrificed to his need to achieve an orgasm of which Eve would by now have had her own experience in the dozens.

Eve looked at Adam above her, his hands grasping her thighs and hips the better to keep thrusting into her. Although the long hair of her head came down to her waist, otherwise her hair, except on her crotch and under her arms, was very much sparser than Adam's. His chest and face was blessed with a growth of light brown hair that curled rather more than the shoulder-length hair that framed the penetrating green eyes and the warm reassuring smile of his face. She smiled back at Adam, her light green eyes sparkling in the sun, as her crotch pushed against his thrusting penis. She was so lucky. So fortunate. She lived in a beautiful place. And she loved the most beautiful man. She couldn't possibly ask for anyone more kind, more considerate, more loving or more virile. She was truly in Paradise.

And still Adam thrust away at her, as she melted and dissolved in the ecstasy to which she had become accustomed, until Eve could sense from the twitching movements of his penis inside her that he was himself at last about to come. This awareness merely heightened her passion and so, mutually and simultaneously, the two of them burst out in an orgasmic climax where their cries drowned out all other sounds in the garden. Adam released his semen deep inside Eve, intermixed with the juice her own passion had generated. This was, they both felt, the proper place for him to release his load. They had tried other alternatives. But somehow the taste of semen in Eve's mouth never matched the joy she felt when it was down below. And her arse had never felt as comfortable a receptacle as her vagina.

And then the two collapsed, sated and exhausted, jerking spasms of semen trailing out of Adam's penis onto the grass and Eve's thighs. She could feel its trickle seep out between her legs and join the puddle on her inner thighs and in a small damp patch on the daisies and leaves of grass that brushed against them. The two of them lay together, arms and legs entangled, as the breeze brushed against the small hairs of their skin and ruffled Adam's beard. A heron strode close beside them, unconcerned about their presence, while a doe stood grazing within feet of Eve's face.

"I must wash myself," Eve remarked, as the juices became cracked and dry on their skin. "Do you want to come?"

Adam smiled, but shook his head. "I feel so relaxed. It's so beautiful here in the sun. I'll rest here. I'll see you later."

Eve smiled in return. There was nothing unusual in this. They had all the time in the world and whether they were together or apart, in spirit they always felt close together. And, of course, Eve had no conception of fear and no thought that solitude would in any sense make her more vulnerable. And vulnerable to what? There was nothing in the garden that could ever harm her. She stood up and stroked the doe on the head as he muzzled against Eve's hand. Her naked body was a delight to Adam as he lay there, the sun in his eyes as he watched her silhouetted figure stroll unhurriedly towards the wood where Eve's favourite pool awaited under the shadow of tall fruit trees and willows. He closed his eyes and felt himself drift off to a post-coital doze.

Eve knew that Adam always felt so tired and exhausted after they had made love, as did she but somehow never to the same extent. This was just one of the many differences between the two of them that she loved and would never wish were any other way. She strode off, her hands brushing against the flowers and the heather that dotted the grass lawns, and entered the wood that afforded welcome shade from the midday sun. Birds flew through the trees welcoming her with their song, while squirrels and monkeys run up and down the branches as happy to see Eve as she was to see them. Her feet pressed down on the grass that protected her feet as she strolled unhurriedly along. She had no notion of wasting time or of ever being longer away from Adam than he might expect. In fact, time had almost no meaning to her at all.

And there ahead of her, shining in the sun in the opening between the trees, was the pool she would soon sink into and bathe the stains of her passion away. But just by the pool was a white and red figure she'd never seen before. Her heart jumped a beat in anticipation. Another new being with whom she could get acquainted. Like the elephant she met whose long trunk wrapped itself in friendship and affection around her slender waist. Or like the pair of unicorns who approached her and nuzzled her face, carefully ensuring that their horns would not harm her. Or the yale that jumped and danced for her pleasure. But this creature was different, and the strangest thing about it was that it resembled Adam and her. Indeed it much more resembled her than it did Adam. Long hair, breasts and a feminine shape. Just like her own reflection as she saw it in the waters of the pool.

However, this person was strange in other ways. She had long red curly hair that came down to her shoulders and bushed out. Her skin had a reddish hue to it, but where the skin wasn't red it was very white, unlike the slightly brown tanned skin that Adam and she had. But strangest of all was that she was wearing a short white skirt and a tight tee shirt that covered, but did not disguise, her full breasts, and white socks and trainers on her feet. She was bent over, a pair of knickers discarded and lying to one side of her, while her hands were busy stroking and caressing her vagina. She was far more intent on masturbation than on noticing Eve approach her. Eve had, of course, masturbated on occasion, but as she could rely on Adam to bring her more satisfying, more physical, sex, it wasn't something she felt the need to do very often.

"Hello there! Who are you?" Eve asked, not even thinking she might be interrupting the girl's privacy.

The girl looked up at her with pale blue eyes and Eve could see that the source of the redness on her skin were small discreet spots that, had she known, she would have called freckles. This was strange in itself. She and Adam had no such spots on their perfect skin. These spots were at their most dense around the girl's nose, but they were everywhere else as well. On her legs, her knees, her bare arms, her high forehead.

The girl pulled her hand away from her crotch with a start and pulled the white skirt over her groin. It came half way down her upper thighs and flared out at the hem. She looked up at Eve with a startled expression.

"Who're you? And why aren't you wearing any clothes?"

"I'm Eve. And what are you called? And what are 'clothes'?"

"Rhonda. That's what I'm called. Rhonda. Like the Beach Boys song. And clothes? Surely you can't be serious. These are clothes." She touched the fabric of her skirt and tugged her tee shirt forward. "You must know what clothes are."

"No. I've never seen things like that before. They must feel very strange on you." Eve smiled and knelt down next to Rhonda and stroked the soft cotton fabric of the dress by where Rhonda had just been masturbating.

"Are you shitting me? Is this some kind of weird nudist colony or something? Where the fuck am I?"

Eve was slightly puzzled by Rhonda's linguistic expressions, but she smiled quizzically. "This is the garden. That's all that it is. Don't you know? Do you come from somewhere else?"

Rhonda sat back resting her weight on her arms, and watched Eve stroke her clothes with a puzzled expression. "Well, hell. Of course I do. Venice Beach is where I was."

"'Venice Beach'? Is that near here?"

"It's in Los Angeles. You must have heard of it."

"No. What is 'Los Angeles'?"

"The City of Angels. California. Christ! You can't be that stupid. You aren't telling me you don't know LA."

"'Ellay'?" Eve laughed. "You are telling me so much I don't understand. If you don't come from here, and you come from some place with a strange name, how did you get here?"

"Fucked if I know!" Rhonda swore angrily. "One moment I was in Venice Beach. Just mooching. Not doing much. And then, I dunno, I got all dizzy or something. And then I kind of fell over. And I didn't just fall a few feet. Fuck no! I was like falling for like hours or something. Like spinning around. It was like the weirdest trip I'd ever had. And I hadn't taken anything either. And then I arrived here. By this water pool and under all these trees."

Eve grinned. "Well, I'm really pleased you came here, Rhonda. I must introduce you to Adam. He'd love to meet you."

"'Adam'? What kind of fucking weird shit is this? You're called Eve. And you've got some guy called 'Adam'. Just tell me I'm fucking dreaming."

Eve laughed. This Rhonda was so funny. She had the strangest way of speaking. Adam would really like to meet her. A new friend. Just like the unicorns and that giraffe. But one that could speak. How truly delightful! She placed a hand on Rhonda's tee shirt covered shoulder and smiled warmly and welcomingly. "No. You're not dreaming. I came through the wood and there I saw you masturbating under the tree."

Rhonda became visibly even redder. Eve was slightly startled. She'd never seen such a discolouration before. Except perhaps when she and Adam were in the heat of lovemaking. If she'd known better, she'd have realised she'd seen her first ever blush. Rhonda was very embarrassed.

"Look, Eve. I'm sorry about that. Like I don't normally do that. But I thought I was like alone here. I just didn't realise there was anyone else here. And somehow, you know, there's something real freaking weird about this place. I got here and just somehow felt, you know, kind of warm and tingly. You know, like horny. And it just seemed like natural. I can't really explain. It just got me that way."

Eve laughed at Rhonda. "I don't know what you're trying to say. I feel horny all the time. That's just the normal way to be."

Rhonda frowned at Eve, but her eyes sparkled in a way that puzzled Eve rather more. "Really. Is that so?"

"Yes, of course. I just love making love. Adam and I do it all the time."

"And it's just you and Adam, is it? No one else?"

"Well, who else is there?" Eve laughed innocently.

"I'm sure you know the answer to that," remarked Rhonda placing her hand on the hand that Eve still had on her skirt.

Eve frowned, slightly troubled. She looked at Rhonda's light blue eyes and the lips, which seemed unnaturally red and shiny, through which Rhonda's strong white teeth gleamed in a curious, almost wicked smile. "I really don't understand."

Rhonda didn't reply, but instead leaned forward toward Eve's face and kissed her gently on the lips. Eve gasped a little but didn't pull herself away. Emboldened, Rhonda moved to a more comfortable position next to Eve, her knees touching the inside of Eve's thighs, her lips pursing and kissing Eve's face, her hands stroking the bare skin of Eve's shoulders and thighs. Eve was thoroughly puzzled. This was somehow quite different to the affection showed toward her by the animals of her acquaintance.

And then Eve was aware of just how very different it was, as one of Rhonda's hands grasped a breast, her nipple between splayed fingers, while another hand grasped the back of Eve's neck, the fingers pressing her long hair down onto the nape, and her mouth pressed hard against hers. The tongue pushed open Eve's lips and twisted horizontally against her face, so that Eve's eyes were focused on Rhonda's long curls of red hair. And then the tongue was deep inside her mouth, pushing against her own tongue and running over her teeth. Eve eased Rhonda's face away from hers so she could gaze into the girl's face. Their eyes were so close, and Eve saw for the first time that there was a strange blue hue to Rhonda's eyelids.

"What are you doing, Rhonda?"

"Only what you want me to, Eve."

"Kissing me. Stroking me. Pressing my breasts. But that's what Adam does to me."

"And isn't it ever so delightful?"

"Well..." puzzled Eve. There was something slightly wrong about this, but Eve was uncertain what it might be. "What might Adam think if he saw you doing this?"

"He'd want to join in!" Rhonda replied, pushing her face back against Eve's and pressing her palm more firmly against Eve's bosom, while her other hand stroked Eve's thigh. Eve raised an eyebrow, but Rhonda's reply was fairly convincing. And, in any case, Eve found that she was rather enjoying Rhonda's warm freckled skin against her own. She was fascinated by the differences in the textures and flavours of her flesh and the taste in her mouth. She responded more vigorously to Rhonda's kiss, matching the strange girl's nibbling and tonguing with the energy she practised with Adam.

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