The Education Of Louise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a true story of an Irish couple I interviewed over the Internet. I added the interviewer as a way to pull a lot of information together. It is about a young married woman who has permission from her husband to meet other men.

Hell ya she was a pretty young woman. Infectious smile, small delicate breast, excellent legs and an ass that you might have wished had been a little smaller, until you saw her walk away, then you would know, it was perfect. Soft waves of dark brown hair fell to her shoulders high lights mirrored and blinked challenging the sparkle in her warm brown eyes.

He met Louise while he was interviewing participants in a survey studying sexual permissiveness (swinging), in England, Ireland and Scotland. The survey was being followed up by a number of personal interviews. It was all part of a huge survey being funded by the Cambridge University's school of medicine in conjunction with the school of psychology. This was all heady stuff for a twenty one year old aspiring sexologist.

Louise and her husband Colin had an 'arrangement' that suited them both fine and allowed her to have occasional dates with other men. An Irish couple, they lived in a quiet middle-class neighborhood in a village just north of Dublin, they were quite radical in there thinking. Or were they? That was the goal of the survey and the follow up interviews.

The couple had decided that Louise should feel free to meet other men for love making. More accurately to have fuck and suck sessions with other males. They were both quite comfortable with the idea in general but it still wasn't working out as well as they had planed or hoped in some specifics.

Being very much in love, and they were, they were looking for help. That was part of what Cambridge U. had offered for frank discussions. The arrangement had been that Colin had wanted Louise to tell him all the details when she returned home after her dates. A blow by blow, stroke by stroke account so to speak. But time and again when she returned home to her husband, night after night, her sex still wet with her lovers sticky offering, she just couldn't tell all. She was embarrassed and shy to give him details. Ridiculous they agreed but true.

Louise's first problem was that she was to shy to go into all the details she knew Colin wanted to hear. Second there were areas that ... well he wasn't aware of and she didn't know how to tell him. So the couple reasoned that if they gave him, the interviewer, the story of their experience then as a professional perhaps he could give them some advice, guide them actually, as to how this could be more fulfilling to both of them. Well that was the plan anyway. His name is Russell Gordon their interviewer.

At their first appointment they had explained the problem to him that I have just outlined. He decided that under the circumstance he would have to see them separately at least for the time being. They agreed and he assured them, that only information that they agreed to be made public, would ever make it out of his office. The appointments became a very interesting set of meeting especially Louise's appointments. This is an account of some of those meetings.

Session One

Louise's first session set the tone and temper for the following ones. She was open, friendly and honest (as far as Russ could tell) and very, very sexy. She sat on his very comfortable patient's chair. A plush, soft, green leather chair that had a soothing, comforting effect on patients. Almost at once he saw that she had a pleasant habit of crossing and re-crossing her legs. She was wearing a loose fitting white sleeveless blouse, a tight fitting light green skirt, nylons and green high heels. Each time she crossed her legs she flashed her pretty black lace panties. And she would look at him and smile knowing he was watching her legs move.

"Do you like my legs Doctor?" she had asked Russell in a coy voice with a wide smile.

"I'm not a doctor Louise, I'm a research assistant and I think your legs are lovely." He already had a huge hard—on from the glimpses he had been getting of her panties and garter belt, and it was difficult not to grin.

"Now why don't you start your story? Let's see if we can't find out why you're not able to talk openly about sex with your husband, or about your adventures with other men. I take it you like men a lot don't you? Why don't you tell me about when you first became interested in boys?"

"Alright" she spoke up brightly and once again re-crossed her legs. "Darn I don't remember a time when I wasn't interested in boys ... you know their wee plumbing and all. When I was a little girl, around eight or something like that, I remember playing that ... you know ... I don't know the name, 'You show me yours', game with my good friend Susan and some boys, my cousin Bill and Phil his friend. We were all friends and played together all the time. That was the first time I saw a cock and I really liked it. I mean I really ... really liked it. The little cock gave me a funny feeling in my tummy ... like a lump of sugar or something. I remember how much I liked looking at their little peckers. And that was the first time I saw a regular cock and a circumcised one too. Sue asked Phil why his was smaller than Bill's. She is like that very forward. I wanted to touch one of them but I was to shy. Well then we pushed down our panties I wasn't shy about that, and the boys looked at our bald cunnies. We wouldn't let them touch us down there but they seemed to enjoy what they saw.

"Did you touch either of their cock's Louise?"

Louise was playing with the edge of her skirt as she answered.

"Nope, but I wanted to."

"Why didn't you Louise?" Russell asked as he continued to make notes. He lifted his eyes from the yellow pad and their eyes met.

"I was just to shy." She forced back a giggle and added, "I guess."

(End of Session One)

Session 2

Russell found him self looking forward to his pretty young patient's appointment. He had ended their first one with a huge erection, and he got a warm feeling between his legs as she walked into his office for the second time. Although Russell didn't realize it, Louise had noticed the bulge in his pants when she had said good bye at their last meeting. She though it was cute, and it could even have some possibilities.

"Good after noon Louise. Ready to talk to me some more?" He smiled as she sat down.

"Yes Russell, I am", she smiled,"if you're ready to listen." That was the first time she had used his first name and he liked the feeling it gave him. She was wearing a black and red silk blouse, again a tight skirt but this time black with red heels. Sitting, she of course crossed and re-crossed her legs.

"Then lets get started shall we", he said opening her folder.

"You told me about looking at your cousin's private parts and how you enjoyed it." Russell looked up from the papers,

"What was your next memory of sexual thoughts or touching between yourself and a boy, Louise?

"Well you know Russell," she was beginning to fidget again, "it was like most any girl I think." She re-crossed her legs flashing mint green panties.

"Well you know Russ, just the regular little girl stuff. Boys that teased and sometimes you actually gave a quick kiss to. But no real sexual boy friend until Ron. Ron was my older sister's boyfriend's friend. He was around a lot. I was just sixteen and he was twenty-something, so that was a big difference. Still we became very close."

"It started out pretty innocently; you know kissing and cuddling in the hallway of our house that kind of stuff. Little by little over a few weeks it got more serious. I know at some point he had started to fondle my little tits. I developed late. And I could feel his hard cock inside his pants when he pressed against me. My panties were beginning to get wet when we fondled. I liked the feeling but was a little scared to."

"Then I let him put his hand between my legs inside my panties and that really felt wonderful. He gave me my first orgasm ... I was dazed by it. Some times he would give me more than one orgasm a night. It wasn't long after that that he showed me his big, hard cock. It was amazing; I just love the way a man's cock looks. It always gives me that funny feeling in my tummy, makes my mouth water and dries my lips. Remember I had only seen my cousin's and his friend dicks before that. And here was a grown man showing me a gorgeous ready for business cock. Heck Russell I would have done anything he wanted." Louise was noticeable relaxed now, as if a dam had been broken. She sat back re-crossed her legs and smiled at him.

"Why don't you call me Russ, Louise ... my friends all do. And we are friends now I think. Don't you think so?"

"Yes we are Russ." She smiled a knowing grin and looked at his lap under the thin open desk top. "Do you have a hard-on like you did at the first session Russ? I thought that was nice."

Embarrassed Russell crossed his own legs saying, "I'm sorry that you noticed that, very unprofessional of me. I apologize Louise, it just happened." He could feel his face getting warm, a trickle of sweat ran down his back.

As she flashed him again he looked back at his notes. "Shall we continue? How far did you go with this Ron person, did the affair last long?"

Back to business now Louise straightened her skirt. "Well to tell you the truth it seemed like a long time then but it must have been the better part of one summer. Not really that long. I think our age difference started to show and I may have been boring him."

"Anyway he let me hold his cock, at first I wouldn't, but then I did, (I let him talk me into it ... but I was dying to touch it). Then he showed me how to wank him off. I just fell more in love with male cock. It was so hard, almost like steel. But covered with a thin soft layer of the silkiest skin one could imagine. And the head was like a spongy, firm arrow head with a slit in the tip. I loved to wank him off and see the 'white stuff', come shooting out, that was super cool. I did it a lot for him while he had his hands in my panties. One night he asked me to kiss his 'thing'. A light went on in my head and I knew I wanted to kiss it and put it in my mouth. What a wonderful thought. Then just as I got down on my knees a neighbor only a few doors down opened her door and that was the end of my first try to suck cock. " Louise was very excited now as she neared the conclusion of the 'Ron' story. She took a sip of the water on the low table next to her.

"So I guess the next step wasn't so surprising. But I was surprised anyway. I was fascinated, thrilled and scared as hell. He liked to push my top up and suck my little tits. My nipples were often sore the next day but I didn't mind it was all so wonderful. One night while I was playing with his cock he pushed me against the wall and spread my legs open. Next he put his cock head against my virgin pussy lips and finally after pushing the head of his cock into me just a little, he suddenly pushed very hard into my pussy and broke my cherry. Then he fucked me for the first time. It was very nice but I did bleed some. My skirt was so soiled I had to throw it in the dust bin. He fucked me many more times that summer but his cock never gave me a climax. His finger did many, many times."

"And that Russ is how this little girl lost her virginity. See I don't have any trouble talking to you."

"No you don't do you. Did you have trouble talking to any of the men you've fucked Louise. Or is your husband the only problem."

"Just Colin. If it's a fuck friend it's easy to talk. Colin is the only one that I have trouble with. But you know something strange Russ? Since I've been talking to you we have been able to talk a little more then before. So maybe we are moving in the right direction.

"And of course Colin is the only one you love."

"Of course, yes. That's for absolutely sure."

"Perhaps your afraid Colin will think of you in a bad way. Like as a slut who sleeps around a lot. Not his pure as new snow, virgin like wife. Do you think that could be true?"

She lifted her eyes to meet his, "Yes maybe."

"Well we can get into that later. For now I want you to keep talking with him as much as you can. You already know intellectually he wants to hear you and will love you more not less. Now we have to make you believe that in your heart."

Russell was sad to see the session come to an end. Then he noticed Louise looking once again at is erection.

"Sorry Louise ... I should have better control."

She just smiled, slowly uncrossed her legs and stood up, "That's alright," she said as she walked around his desk. Bending down she gave him a light kiss on the lips. "I have that effect on men. Especially the ones that know I'm available. Why don't you just stop trying? I think it's very sweet."

(End of 2nd Session)

Session Three

Louise knocked lightly before she walked into Russell Gordon's office for her third appointment, then opened the door and walked on in.

"Good morning Russ."

"Good morning Louise. It's so nice to see you again. In fact I've been looking forward to it very much. You have such interesting adventures to talk about. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee before we start?" Taking her hand in greeting he pressed it to his lips, and kissed it gently. His eyes danced with pleasure at seeing her again.

"No thank you love, just a glass of water if you could." She let her hand stay at his lips longer than may have been polite but she like the tingle of his warm moist lips on her skin.

Placing a bottle of mineral water and a glass next to her Russell walked back around this desk and sat back in his seat. Opening Louise's folder he smiled and looked up at her.

"And how is it going with Colin, Louise? Are you able to talk more now? Colin seems to think it is getting better. I meet with him too, as you know, and he sees improvements."

"Yes it is really. We think it may be that we are talking to you and I just seem to find it easier. Of course we are only talking about imaginary sex partners, not real ones. I still can't do that." She took a cool drink of water settled back in her seat, and smiled.

"Fine keep up the good work. Now you told me at our last meeting about loosing your virginity. What is your next major incident concerning sexual relations.

"Oh that's an easy one. Yes I lost my virginity at sixteen. We had a lot of sex in a few weeks but then nothing. I really missed it.

"You remember my cousin I told you about when I was little and seeing his little cock?" Leaning forward in her chair Russ could see she was anxious to tell the new tale. He noticed that her grey pleated skirt was exposing quite a bit of her thigh, and garter belt. He coughed mildly and said "Yes I remember. His name was Bill wasn't it?" He could feel his erection growing.

"Yes that's right. Well I always liked that guy and of course he had a special place in my heart because I had seen his cock, small as it was." She sat back in her seat again and sipping again on her water, started her story.

"It all started when I went along with other girls from my beautician school, into the city to celebrate someone's birthday. Oh my, we had such a great time for our selves and by four o'clock when the party was over we were all mostly drunk."

"Well I headed off to the bus stop thinking I was looking just fine and who should I run into? Right! Cousin Bill. He is so nice and I was glad to see him. He was surprised that I was so drunk and said I couldn't go home like that or I'd be in big trouble. So he took me for coffee and then a long walk in the park. At least I think it was long. At any rate we ended up under a huge tree kissing and feeling each other I remember how great it all felt. I got my second look at his cock and wasn't disappointed."

"He had his finger inside my cunny and he felt like something really special. His finger slid over my clit thrilling me in the nicest possible way. He pushed up my sweater and fondled and sucked on my very erect nipples. I loved every minute of it. At some point one of us took off my panties and Cousin Bill got between my thighs with that beautiful cock of his, and I opened wide for him. His cock seemed much nicer than Ron's had been and he knew how to use it. Well Bill fucked me very hard and fast the first time and finally made me cum. That was the first time I ever got the feeling while I was being fucked ... it was very special. And I was pretty drunk still but he waited a while and then fucked me again and I reached another fantastic climax with fire works and colors and all that."

"Bill wanted to go out with me again. But I wouldn't go out with him ... you know being cousins and all. But it was tempting, darn he had a nice cock."

"Louise, how old were you when you let your cousin Bill fuck you?" Russ stopped writing for a minute and looked up at her.

"Well Russ I didn't actually let him."

"Did you try to stop him?"

"Not really"

"Did you wish he had stopped?"

"Hell no. Ya I guess I did let him. I was seventeen." Louise raised her eye brows and grinned.

"He was hot as hell Russ. He really was. The only problem now is that I've never told Colin and I don't know what he will think about me being with my cousin. I hope he doesn't hate me, or think I'm weird." She did seem to have had a cloud pass over her thoughts as she fiddled with her finger and lost her pretty smile for a moment.

"It sounds to me like you really enjoyed Bill a lot. I'll bet Colin would like to hear about it. Don't you agree?"

"I'm not sure Russ, maybe. I wish I could tell him."

"For now just keep talking fantasy people with Colin. Keep it make believe. Then when you're both relaxed you could start sharing some of the stories." Russ stood as soon as Louise did, and walked around his desk to escort her to the door.

"You'll see it will keep getting easier for you to talk to him. I shouldn't be telling you this but he told me he is very pleased with the way things are going. So you see it is working for him."

Putting his arm around her shoulder they moved to the door where they stopped for a moment. Turning toward him she continued, "I'm sure that's true Russ and we have you to thank for getting us started." She fluttered her eye lashes, her soft brown eyes sparkling. "I'll owe you a big favor when we are finished won't I?"

"Not really Louise but if you think so that would be nice. I'm looking forward to our next meeting." Russ drew her close to himself and kissed her with unmasked passion. As their tongues twisted his hands slid down her soft curves and his hands cupped her firm full ass. Her hands had moved to the sides of his face as she released a slow soft moan.

Breaking the kiss she smiled up at him. Then with out words she turned the door knob and was gone.

The only words that came to Russ's mind were simple, 'Holy Fuck'.

(End of Third Session)

Session Four

"You look lovely as usual Louise. And you have a bigger smile than I remember, anything special happening?"

"Well yes! To tell you the truth and I always tell you the truth, there is. My lovely, wonderful, special husband and I are having fantastic sex. I've been making up fun fantasies and while I talk to Colin about fucking other men he makes delicious oral love to my pussy. He really loves to hear about how they fuck me what their cocks look like and all the positions they use. He likes to hear about what their cocks feel like inside me. Last night Colin brought me to a climax twice and a low level of surging pleasure of pleasures that went on for the entire night.

"Well that is good news isn't it. I'm pleased for you. Now let's see what other thought's we can pry out of that pretty head. What is the next link in the chain that we can break?"

"Well I was thinking about that this week. Nothing really happened until I got married when I was nineteen." Louise re-crossed her legs, carefully straightened her plaid skirt and relaxed.

"We were really happy and still are. I just love him to bits and he feels the same way about me I know." She took a sip of water and looked back at Russ with his head down writing. "The first thing I noticed was when he wanted me to dress in sexier clothes. You know tighter shorter skirts, more reveling tops ... stuff like that. Well I kind of liked that anyway but I was surprised when he enjoyed other men looking at me or even whistling when I walked by. Then I realized we both liked it so I was happy doing it."

One of the funny things that used to happen to me was at parties at Sue's house or with the family Colin would be talking to either Ron my brother-in-laws friend, (You remember the one that took my cherry ... that horny bastard), or talking to my cousin Bill, (the one that really did me good under the tree in the park and was the first male cock that ever gave me a climax) and I would get wet. I got a tingle in my belly when I thought about how sexual I was with them and how Colin has only a little idea of how serious our sex was. Heavy, hard sex I'll never forget. And I know he would like to know the whole story and every cunt pumping detail. I just can't tell him. At least not yet." Louise took another sip of water.

"You will be able to talk about it with him soon Louise," Russ had looked up for a moment, "Please go on".

Her legs again caught his attention the graters were pulling up on the dark nylons, making small peaks where the bronze clips held the stocking over the rubber plugs.

"The first time, after I got married that is, that a really sexy thing happened was at a party at Sue's. How sexy? Well I got fucked for the first time since I was married, by a man that wasn't my husband. That's how sexy. I was there with Colin of course and Ron showed up. He knew who Colin was but hadn't met him, he came over to us any way with a big grin and started a conversation. He liked to tease me about giving me a spanking ... I know he really wanted to, and I could imagine what else he wanted."

Russ moved slowly in his seat, his hand moved down to his hardening cock to straighten it out. The warm soothing feeling in his cock spread upward into his belly and made his mouth water.

Louise smiled at him watching his hand. "Does that feel good?"

"Yes it does Louise, but let's stay with your story for now." Russ started to write again.

"I'm glad you enjoy this." She took another sip of water and continued.

"I don't now if I told you or not but Colin hates to dance ... he just won't. But he is fine with me dancing with other men. So I always get to dance with a lot of men both of us like that. I danced several dances with Ron, and I was ready to play. That night Ron was very horny. He kept talking about how he had fucked me when I was sixteen. Taken my cherry and I had promised to suck his cock some day. We danced very close and he kept pushing his hard cock into my stomach. And Russ the truth is after a few dancers and a few drinks I started to press back."

"Soon we were in the back of the outdoor garden. Kissing, fondling, touching and kissing again. He pushed up my top and bra and started sucking my nipples just like the old days. He thrilled me. While I was taking his cock out of his pants his hand went under my skirt and down inside my panties. I closed my eyes and I was sixteen again and in the hallway of my house. Oh how I loved those hands on my pussy the finger that always got me off. And the tongue on my nipple, that slippery bumpy tongue with the wiggly tip. I just loved the feeling of it so much. I came quickly with loud gasps my finger nails dug into his back while the fireworks went off as he fingered me and bit my nipple."

"I knew what he wanted because I wanted the same thing. I happily dropped to my knees and took his cock in both hands. It was a beauty ... not as big as Bill's about the size of Colin's ... in the moon light I could see the crystal clear pre-cum oozing from the slit in the head. My tongue slowly cleaned the pre-cum from the under surface of the fat cock. I looked into his eyes as I did it and then when I slid the soft pink head into my mouth his eyes closed. His head back. I just played with the head with my tongue and lightly sucked more pre-cum out of him. I took my mouth away and my tongue lapped its way down to his balls heavy and full of cum I would be soon swallowing. One at a time I sucked the egg shaped balls into my mouth and bathed them with my lips and tongue. Then I went back to sucking his cock. At first it almost choked me but I adjusted and soon he was holding the sides of my head and truly face fucked me. He was using my mouth like a pussy. I was sucking him and wanking him off while my lips formed a tight ring around his straining, hard cock. It didn't take very long unfortunately. Only a couple of minutes after I had started he began filling my mouth-cunt with streams of hot salty cream cum. I swallowed as much as possible but it came so fast. I could feel the sticky cum in my nose and some ran from the corners of my mouth, while I gulped it down.

When he was finished he withdrew his cock and whipped the final offering from his balls against my lips and cheek. I was in girl, cum heaven. I always loved looking at cocks from the time I was a girl and wished for years that I had been able to suck Ron's cock the night as a girl we were interrupted. So this was my first cock sucking and I loved it. The first time that I swallowed too. I loved it all."

Russell his own hard cock needing attention listened to Louise with interest and noticed as she seemed to squeeze her thighs together, in need of relief as she relived the exciting event.

"You really liked that didn't you Louise? I can see from your enthusiasm, and body language."

"Ya I did like it." Louise blushed at her own admission, "I always loved his cock. But now I was a married woman and once I had cum. I, we I mean, cleaned up straightened out our clothing and got back inside before we were missed. I definitely needed a fresh drink. Almost immediately I ran into Colin who said he had been looking for me and I told him Ron and I had stepped into the garden for only a few minutes to get a breath of fresh air. He didn't seem bothered at all, so I relaxed and continued to have a good time. I again danced with Ron and again his hard cock got my attention if you get my meaning."

"Still all that would have been the end of it except that an hour later and a few more drinks Ron asked me if I wanted to take another walk in the garden and I quickly said yes. I couldn't see Colin; I wanted to tell him where I was going so he wouldn't be upset. But not finding him quickly I just left." Louise looked out the window and readjusted her position in the chair. She hesitated in her story as she seemed to visualize her late night adventure with an old lover. She smiled at the visions.

"Back in the same place we had been earlier I flung myself into his arms. Kissing and biting his lips I ran my fingers through his hair while I pressed my body against his. I left no question about what I wanted, and he of course knew and understood perfectly. In only moments my panties were thrown somewhere never to be seen again (by me), and his pants and shorts were around his ankles. I held his rigid manhood with both hands its engorged throbbing fullness matching my own pulse. He held me in the air with his hands forming a seat under my bum while I pushed the head of his enraged cock into my dripping wet cunt. I think my legs just dangled but I may have wrapped them around him I just know he gave it to me good ... hard and fast, just like I wanted it. I bit my lip from making to much noise. Like an innocent little bitch dog being taken in a public place by a huge male stud dog that just took her as he wanted and drove into her with out further thought, (never knowing he just had her because she had voluntarily made herself available)."

"It's easy for me to imagine the entire scene, I so enjoyed that fucking. I can still feel that wonderful cock, fat and long, thick purple veins surrounding it in eccentric patterns. Ramming that into me with such force, God it was grand. My pussy was running like a faucet and I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my butt with every stroke. Of course he had my blouse up again and while he fucked me, my back against the wall, he sucked on my nipples like a dam mad man." Her hand moved to her breast her fingers finding the erect nipple beneath her blouse.

Russ no longer tried to hide his erection or the fact that he was rubbing it as he listened.

She sat back exhausted, "it was amazing Russ, really amazing but then we were done. He brought me to a climax twice before he filled my pussy the way he had filled my mouth earlier. It had been incredible good but again my husband was waiting who knows where so we went back inside and I didn't see Colin. Actually I was more interested in finding the toilet to clean up some. Ron's cum was running down my thighs and I had to pee something awful. When I did come out Colin was waiting for me again just as if nothing had happened. At home later Rex did ask what had happened in the garden the second time and I told him Ron and I had been doing some snogging in the garden and to my surprise he didn't seem surprised or particularly unhappy about it."

"That's about all there was to that story. I see you enjoyed it didn't you?" Louise smiled glancing at Russ's hand on his pants over his cock.

"Yes it was very clear to me. You describe it so well. You're quite a story teller Louise."

Without moving her eyes from his she got up from the chair and "Well thank you Russ. It's easy when it's all true. But my time is up isn't it?"

"I'll see you next week Russ." She turned and walked to the door.

Russ watched her delicious ass swaying back and forth, wondering if he would ever get the chance to enjoy it.

(End Session Four)

[Special note!!! An addendum to session four]

I have been so fascinated with telling the reader about the sessions with Louise, I've completely forgotten about the sessions with Colin. The fact is many of the sessions were quite uneventful in so far as they were his view of what was happening and he really didn't understand all the details of course.

His lack of clarity was simple from her lack of telling him all the details or as we have seen in some cases telling him anything at all.

So it has been easy for me to dismiss his sessions as 'not helpful', in getting to the root of her problem. For in fact that is what it was her resistance to talking to him that was at the core of the problem.

However it accrued to me that there was one major exception to this. One point where he had not told her of an event she would have liked to know. In this case he was concerned that she would be angry for his having been 'spying' on her.

This is what he said had happened.

"Colin's Session"

Colin started off his fingers fidgeting in his lap. "Well Russ it's true she hasn't always told me what she was up to, not in detail at least. She told me she had told you about the night at the family party that she danced with her old boy friend Ron. Well she disappeared a couple of times with him but I was keeping better track of her then she realized.

The first time I couldn't see them I started to look and it wasn't long before I found them in the back garden in the dark against a wall. The scene was just what I thought it would be. They were kissing and feeling each other. I was careful to hide in the shadows and I'm sure they didn't see me. The whole scene was very erotic. I kept rubbing my cock ... it felt very nice. I could hear them joking and laughing. Louise said something about his cock and he said she had promised to kiss it. One of his hands was under her skirt and the other under her blouse. She had spread her legs to give him full access. They were having a fine time but then so was I. Then she did something I don't think she had ever done before (I personally don't care for oral sex)

... but she dropped to her knees and began sucking his hard cock. Then I guess he came off in her mouth and they pulled them selves together. I got out of there before they saw me.

Inside I talked to her as soon as she came back in. I do love that girl and it was hard for me to think the lips I was looking at had minutes before surrounded another mans cock.

We had a drink and she went off and she and Ron danced again. A while later I missed them again. This time of course I knew where to look. Again I hid in the shadows but this time I took my cock out and gave it a good slow wank while I watched them.

Soon he had his pants and shorts down around his ankles and she was giving him a good wank. He had her blouse and bra pushed up and was groping her tits to her pleasure if her moans were any indication. Then she took off her panties and just threw them away. I knew what was coming next. He lifted Louise off the ground grasping her ass cheeks and she directed his cock into her. It was great and I don't know when my cock ever felt better. She had her legs wrapped around his hips and all of a sudden after a few minutes of serious fucking Louise threw her head back in a very typical fashion for her and made some muted sounds I knew she had come off. At just that time with Louise in the throws of a climax with another mans cock inside my wife pussy I came off too. White cum splattered onto the ground as I watched the erotic show. They had slowed down so I knew they would be going in again, I put my cock away and quietly left. They were soon behind me.

So you see Russ, just the way she can't talk to me I didn't share with her either. I knew by that time she wouldn't give me much of a description of what happened and when I asked she just said "We just did a bit of smogging."

Session Five

"Well do I have a story for you Russ you cheeky devil. I know you like hearing about all this stuff. I saw you get hard last week remember? That's not very professional is it? I'm just kidding ... I really think it's cute." Louise had come into Russ' office like a whirlwind. Obviously excited and pleased with herself, she had made herself quickly at home and started to chatter.

"Well I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Colin let Tom kiss me, after the tight clothes, but the rest? Wow. I never expected him to go along with that."

Russ held up his hands for her to stop. "Louise, for heaven sake your not making sense. Start at the beginning and tell me the whole story. What about tight clothes?"

Louise just looked at him a moment and wondered if he had been listening. Then she realized that she had started in the middle of her most recent tale.

"Sorry", she said and took a deep breath, settled down a little and continued.

"Well right after we got married Colin told me that he thought I should try to wear some tighter cloths. Some things that were sexier ... you know ... men would notice. Well I thought that was a fun idea and I started wearing a little more daring cloths. The men did notice and Colin liked seeing me turn them on." Louise stopped for a second while she sipped on her water.

"So that was OK but this week we went to the dance club and I danced with a few men one of them was a man I knew. He has a store next to the beauty parlor where I work and he wanders in and out a lot. So we danced a few times. He came back to our table and he and Colin got along just fine. We danced a few more dances and his flirting became passes. I know that Colin saw some of it but he seemed to be OK with it. While we danced he kissed me a few times and rubbed my ass once or twice too. I liked the attention and touching."

"And Colin didn't say anything?" Russ seemed as amused as surprised. "What did you think of the touching Louise?"

"Well it made me a little nervous, Colin being right there and all. But I did like it just the same. What happened next surprised me even more. When we left we left together and waited for a taxi Tom asked Colin if he would mind if he gave me a kiss good night. I said no because someone would see us. But Tom said we could go into a dark doorway and Colin said it was OK. Well did we ever snogg. He got me very hot kissing me with his tongue in my mouth and feeling my tits and ass, out side my cloths of course. God he was great. I loved it. I got really hot"

"I didn't know what to think. And when we got home it was clear that Colin was not only not unhappy at what had happened but was pleased and turned on. He wanted to know all the details. You know how I am about that so I just couldn't really tell him much. I know he was disappointed. Still he did do oral on me and made me come off like crazy."

"We went back to the club the next night and Tom was there we danced a lot and he asked Rex if he could take me out side for some air. Well did we ever get air. We did a lot of snogging and his hands were all over me outside my clothes."

"Again when we left the club he asked Rex if he could take me into the doorway and Rex said yes. The same thing with his hands feeling me and him pushing his hard cock against me. I pushed back against his hard-on and he felt the hell out of my ass. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too. He asked me to go out with him and I told him I would have to ask Colin. At home I did ask Colin and he said it was all right with him. I told Tom the next day in the shop and I saw him that very night."

"We went out in his car and he stripped me naked. I was embarrassed to be sitting nude in the car but it was very exciting ... and my cunt got wet as hell ... I liked it a lot. He felt my pussy and played with my tits. Then the big thrill when I took his cock out and slowly slid it into my mouth, and sucked it for him. I made love to his cock, like I said, I like to suck cock, and he came in my mouth while I fondled his balls. Later he fucked me and made me come off twice. It was wonderful."

"Were you able to tell Colin about what had happened Louise? Or were you still shy about talking about it?" Russ was writing again in the case study.

"No" Louise said, "I still couldn't tell him. Not the details anyway ... of course he knew I had been fucked. But he liked the idea of sucking my pussy even more than usual, so he must have known that Tom had fucked me. I mean he must have tasted the cum ... don't you think? Colin is really a good lover and I loved it."

"Louise, why don't you just try making up stories for Colin to listen to. Not something real just anything about you and another man. That might get you more use to talking about sex, but it wouldn't be a confession."

"Maybe I could try that Russ. I just love Rex so much and I want to please him. Yes I can try that." Louise smiled at Russ, "I'll try this week."

(End Session Five)

Session Six

Russ greeted Louise, at the door of his office and noticed she was in a very coy mood. She was certainly pleasant and wiggled her priceless ass across the room and sat in her accustomed chair.

Russ behind his desk now opened her file. Positioned a fresh lined yellow tablet and looked up. Well it's been almost two weeks Louise. You had gone out with," he looked at his notes, "this fellow Tom. Did you see him again? What did Colin think about it?"

"Well did I ever. That Tom almost fucked my brains out. Colin is happy about it although he would like me to tell him more of the details. But I still can't really go into details like he wants me to." She re-crossed her legs reveling red lace panties and a red garter belt.

Russ repositioned his cock anticipating the hard on he would soon have.

"The first week I saw Tom almost every couple of days. We fucked in his car or in the park mostly. Tom liked to strip me and play with my tits and pussy. He did a good job sucking my cunt too. He would kiss and suck my nipples while I felt his cock. He was always hard so I would suck him off and on. He really liked that. He was a good lover and always got me off. Like I said he really liked me to suck his cock but usually he didn't come off in my mouth. He would always put his fat cock into me and fuck me like a whore, hard and long. A few times on the way home we had gotten horny again and we would fuck again in an ally behind my house. I sucked him off there a few times too, and then he did come in my mouth. I like that and he seemed to like to do it too."

"When I got home of course Colin knew where I had been, and he seemed happy for me and happy for himself. I told him that Tom and I had fucked but I couldn't tell him much more. Still he never complained and would take me orally. He is a great oral lover and always makes me come."

"We did try your idea of a make believe person and it worked pretty well. We would just pick out a person we knew and I would make believe I was making love to him and describe that to Colin. He really liked that."

Russ stopped writing to listen to her for a moment. "I'm glad it worked for you Louise, but remember it's just a way to get you to start talking about what you're really doing, it's not an alternative."

Russ had felt his cock get hard as Louise spoke. From where she was sitting she could easily see the mound in his pants. No longer embarrassed about her looking at him he began to softly rub his cock.

"Go on Louise, this is quite a story."

"I see you're hard again. You must really like my story." She grinned watching his hand.

" Well Things were going along pretty well I thought and Colin did too. The only problem was that Tom who lived with his mother didn't have a good place to take me. He couldn't go to his house and wouldn't go to mine. So we just did the best we could, but it wasn't always comfortable."

Louise took a drink of water and looking at Russ said, "You may not believe what happened next. Tom has a married friend who has a shop just down the block from where Tom has his and where I work. His name is Jim, Tom had mentioned him to me before, and he had a house trailer parked outside of town. Well Jim let Tom take me there and it was very nice. We had a bed and could just sit around the living room and talk or fool around, or have drinks some of the time. I liked it a lot better than doing it in the car or on the ground. So it seemed perfect until the night we got there and Jim was there. That was the first time I had met him."

"Well I was surprised and Tom seemed surprised to see him too but not so much, as to be upset. I don't know if Tom was surprised or not to tell the truth. He never offered to leave so I have my suspicions.

Anyhow we all had drinks and I sat on Toms lap and we began to fool around. Tom unbuttoned my blouse and started to fool with my tits. Jim just watched at first and to tell you the truth it didn't bother me that he was there, it kind of made it more exciting. It kind of turned me on. Then the first thing I knew both men were undressing me. Every one was joking and Jim told me if I wasn't a good girl he would have to spank me. I kidded him back and the first thing I knew Tom put me across his lap and held me while Jim pulled down my panties and began spanking me. He didn't hurt me of course but the whole thing just turned me on like crazy. I loved the attention of the two men. Then they finished stripping me, and the idea of both of them looking at me was delicious, exciting and thrilling. My pussy was sopping wet and waiting to get fucked. I needed a big cock up inside me and I needed and wanted it badly.

Soon after I was nude the men were nude as well. Their hard cocks were amazing in the light of the living room I couldn't stop staring knowing they were dripping pre come just thinking about fucking me. And I couldn't wait. Cocks standing up straight and hard as steel poles out for me to see, to see, to feel, to fuck and to suck. Cocks dripping pre-come, in anticipation of sliding into my mouth or my pussy. My, my what more could I want. And I did it all for and with both of them. Jim came off in my mouth while Tom fingered me to a great climax. They took turns sucking, twisting and pulling my very hard nipples, took turns fucking my mouth, took turns fingering me and took turns fucking hell out of me."

"Finally we stopped for awhile and had some more drinks while we rested. After a little while Jim picked me up and took me into the bedroom, Tom came with us. In the bedroom it is a blur what happened next. They fucked me hard and fucked me softly. They fucked me a lot. Over and over they took turns while I wanked off the cock that wasn't inside me. Jim squarted over my face, facing my feet, and pushed his cock into my mouth while he held my legs high in the air and spread apart so Tom could get maximum penetration. I lapped and sucked his balls and continued to suck him while Tom did me deep and hard. I never gave a thought to Jim being a stranger. They never stopped fucking me until they ran out of condoms. We were all exhausted."

"When I got home Colin wanted to know what had happened like always, but how could I tell him that I had been fucked many times by two men, Tom and the stranger Jim? I just told him I had, had a good time and Tom had fucked me. I just couldn't tell him any more."

Russ was so aroused he asked a very un-professional question. "Louise would you mind if I rubbed myself while you talk. This is the horniest story I've ever heard."

"No I don't mind what ever you like is fine." She had been wondering what Russ' cock looked like.

"But it's time for me to go. I'll be meeting with Tom again tonight and during the week I'll be with both of them so I should have a new story next week." She smiled knowing that Russ wanted her now just as much as Tom or Jim.

"Very well" Russell said as he walked to her chair and offered her his hand. As she rose he bent and kissed her, slowly running his hand over her hip and over the curve of her delicious ass.

"I'll see you next week Louise." And he kissed her unresisting lips again while he felt her ass.

(End of session Six)

Session Seven

"It was such fun" she started right off when Russ gave her a glass of water and sat down him self at his desk.

"You sound like you have had a fun week, Louise tell me all about it. Did you see Tom? Or that other man ... Jim?"

"Did I ever. Yes I did. You know it's almost like being their sex slave or something. I mean I love it all but they tell me what to do and I do it. I think it kind of turns them on to tell me what to do and it does turn me on making believe I have to do what they tell me." She wiggled in her chair and crossed her legs, noticing that Russ was looking at her legs again.

"You like my legs don't you Russ? It's OK I like to have you looking at them." She pulled her shirt up inches higher so he had a good look at her nylons, garter belt and even the side of her panties. He went on with the story.

"I went out with Tom a couple of times during the week. We did it in his car and in the park both times. I gave him another good sucking in the ally behind our house and swallowed his hot load of come. It really doesn't taste like anything special. I just think it's sexy, and it is erotic to think about.

Then on Friday we went to Jim's house trailer and as I suspected Jim was there again. I was hoping he would be to tell the truth.

It started out like before, except they were a little bolder ... I guess I was too. First thing I knew Jim had my skirt up, my panties down and me over his lap and was spanking me ... on my bear ass I mean. Then they stripped me and made me walk around the living room nude getting drinks and stuff. At first I was embarrassed, I still thought of Jim as a stranger and all, but I got over it and I could tell they really liked looking at me. There was a lot of kissing, touching and sucking. It was a lot of fun really ... but before long we were off to the bed room."

"Tom fucked me first and I played with Jim's cock until I came off and then so did Tom. Jim fucked me and then I knelt on the bed and started to suck off Tom, with my ass in the air. Then I felt Jim lapping my pussy and then my ass hole. His tongue pushed into me a little and it really did feel great ... it made me very horny. Finally Jim said he would like to fuck my ass. I had never done that so I didn't know what to say finally I said maybe if he was extra careful and promised he would stop when I told him to. He said he would and Tom said I could trust him so I said O.K. It was all very exciting and a little scary. Jim said it would hurt just a little but then would feel good, and said again if it hurt me to much he would stop. A few minutes later with my butt in the air, and some pillows under my tummy Jim spread open my butt cheeks and began lapping my back hole and fingering it. First with one finger then with two and then three. He gently put a lot of Vaseline jelly around the edges of the hole and inside me, then pushed his cock head inside my ass. It just kind of popped in. Oh my that did hurt some but not that bad so I just bit my lip and stayed quiet. Then Jim began to push his cock deeper into my ass. A little at a time his rock hard cock slid deep into me. In a couple of minutes he began to use a fucking motion and I relaxed some. As he stated to move faster I could feel his balls slapping against my inner thighs ... it began to feel really good and I even came off while he was doing my butt hole. Tom was sucking and biting my nipples while Jim fucked my ass then Jim and I exploded at the same time. I had a great climax when Jim shot his hot come deep inside my ass. I liked it a lot."

"Later Tom fucked me again and I sucked Jim's balls and let him fuck my mouth then he shot another big load down my throat.

'After a couple of hours we were all exhausted and Tom brought me home. It was a swell night I won't forget for a long time. But the old problem, ' how can I tell Colin'?" She moved in the chair giving Russ another good look at her panty covered crotch. She was enjoying watching him rub his obviously fat, hard cock.

"Let's talk about that again next week Louise. Now our time is up so have a nice week with your friend and try to remember the details." Russ new he had to get her out of there before he lost control of himself and just grabbed her.

(End of session seven)

Session Eight

She was in a talking mood the next week. Russ hardly had to say a word. He just listened. But this time they sat on the couch it was more intimate Russ had said.

"Well it was kind of like before Russ. You know I went out with Tom a couple of nights and we played around like always but to tell you the truth a lot of the fun was starting to disappear. Like letting the air out of a pretty balloon. I don't know why. We fucked in his car then I sucked him off. But what we did a lot of was talk about meeting up with Jim again. I was getting a funny feeling about Jim and it was confusing. Not all good. Some how I liked him and all that, but at the same time he gave me this funny feeling and I didn't know why."

Russ had rested his hand on her leg and she left it there. "Well we did go to the trailer and of course Jim was there waiting. It really was fun. "

When we got to the trailer Saturday, Jim was waiting for us. They gave me some wine and had lemonade them selves. I was sitting on Tom's knee for awhile and then they had me stand in the middle and strip for them. That is really sexy and I do like it. Then like before Jim put me over his knee and spanked my bare ass ... but not to hard. I kissed and teased him after he got through spanking me. He is a good kisser and I liked the feel of him playing with my nipples. Then of course it was off to bed with the two men."

Russ undid the front of his pants and brought out his cock. "Hope you don't mind Louise but this story is so hot I have to play with myself." He started to masturbate while Louise watched with a shy, sly smile on her pretty lips. She went on with her story.

"In the bed room it was kind of crazy and I can't really remember what order we did things and some times we were doing different things at the same time. I remember that Tom fucked me really hard two times. Some times while one fucked me I would wank off the other, keeping both cocks good and hard. Jim fucked me good once and then while I was kneeling over Tom giving him a blow job, Jim got behind me and started to kiss and lap my dark hole again. I knew what was coming next because he had done it the last time. He pushed his hard cock deep into my ass and kept fucking my ass until he came. I like the ass fuck thing but he really likes it better than pussy.

Later I sucked both men's cocks again and both came in my mouth. Finally Tom brought me home but we did stop in the ally for a quick fuck and suck.

The only trouble Russ is that Jim is getting kind of demanding and not always nice. He asked me if I had ever been with a woman. I told him no and didn't want to be. Then he said maybe I would like a woman to just do things to me. I don't know what he thinks I am. I think he may want me to do his wife. But it made me feel uneasy. I think he's treating me like some kind of bar girl or something. Not like Tom he treats me like a lady. I'll see how things go this week but I don't have a good feeling about it."

They talked for a few more minutes, and then Russ made her smile and asked her...

"Can you do that for me Louise? Wank me off I mean?" Russ put her hand on his cock and she began to jerk it up and down. It didn't take long before he started to shoot cum into the air. Come ran down and over Louise's hand and stained Russ' pants. Before she left Russ gave her a long French kiss and felt her tits.

(End Session Eight)

Session Nine

When Louise showed up for her next appointment she was quite unhappy looking.

"Well Louise", Russ started off, "you don't look like you had a very good week. Is something wrong?"

She smiled at him, "Not really ... well yes there is. You know this guy Jim the one that likes to fuck my ass. He's been getting on my nerves. He asked me again about being with his wife. I told him no once what does he think I am? I really have decided not to see him again, I think. I'm confused a little. And it's not much fun with Tom either. The buzz has gone out of what ever we had. It's all kind of disappointing. There is no more thrill to it."

Taking her heels off she tucked her feet under herself and went on. "You know Russ the thing is this. I never told Colin about Jim. I didn't know how. I can barely discuss Tom with him so how can I tell him about this guy. Any way it's time to end it. Its no fun so why do it. I do like Tom but you were right I should find men I don't know. That would make it a lot easier."

"Of course if you're not enjoying the sex anymore or you feel some guilt about Colin, than stop." Russ was very matter of fact and Louise just looked at him for a moment. "It's simple."

"Your dam right ... I will ... That's just what I'll do. Thank you." Louise left the office without looking back. A woman on a mission.

(The end Part one)

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