Her Place in the Garden

by Phoenix Arrow

Tags: Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Humiliation,

Desc: : Career woman tries to show her doubtful neighbors that she can garden just as good as they can.

The warm sun rained down on me as I knelt in my garden. The fresh smell of flowers and bushes combining with the peaceful tranquility of moving the garden dirt around with my shovel.

As I squatted doing my daily morning chore, Cynthia peered over her wood picket fence and gave a snort.

"Think she'll finish on time this go around?"

Florence looked me over, inspecting my progress before checking her stop watch.

"Its gonna be close. She still hasn't even put in the Azalias."

Oh fuck I had almost forgotten about them. And the rest of my gardening looked like shit!

"How much time has she got left before work?"

Florence giggled, "She'll never finish, she's only got 20 minutes."

Cynthia shook her head. "Definitely no time to shower up. Good idea you gave her. Gardening in her work cloths is efficient indeed." Both women gave out a big laugh.

Well it was a good idea. Seeing how I don't have time to clean up and change it only makes sense to do my gardening in my work cloths. And it was Florence's suggestion, so why is it so funny?

"And she looks like just the little gardener all dressed up! Well, ALMOST all dressed up!" Cynthia chirped.

As the breeze flowed between my legs, cooling my already wet puss I tried to ignore them. They both knew dame well that not wearing my business pants only made sense if your going to be working over dirt.

I looked over to my suite pants, folded just where I left them, beside Florence at the garden table, my panties folded neatly beside them. Actually Florence never did suggest I take my panties off as well, I just assumed...

"17 minutes!"

Like an automation I turned my eyes away from Florence and her stop watch and went back to work with renewed fervor. I just HAD to finish this time.

"She doesn't look like the big important business lady kneeling in her blazer and heels now does she Cynthia?"

"That big ass she's sticking out says otherwise."

Just then I could hear a far off distant french door closing. I just knew who it was.

Margaret's head soon popped over the pink fence on the other side. "Morning ladies! What a wonderful bright day it is today."

A trickle of sweat rolled down my brow at the mention. It was beginning to be bright, and hot.

"Hows our little house girl doing?"

Cynthia smirked, "Not good. She's only just begun putting in the Azalias, and the rest of her work leaves MUCH to be desired."

"Come on girl, you've got to really get in there and get dirty. Show us house wives how 'simple and easy we've got it!', as you put so eloquently." Margaret berated as I took her advice and dug my knees into the dirt.

"Its no use Marg," began Florence, "she's just not cut for the domestic lifestyle. She's a big girl who dresses up and gives orders all day. Isn't that the truth hun?"

I shook my head no while bitting my lower lip. I can be both dammit. I can show them I can be an important executive AND a house wife. I can tend to my garden AND have a career. Just because these chatty domesticated women missed out on a more important rewarding career doesn't mean I can't cut the hedges just as good as them. Dame why are all these roots sticking out?

"Do you remember the attitude she gave us at tea two weeks ago. As if we were nothing but throwbacks and dimwits. Living out lives maintaining a house hold while she makes a woman out of herself.", Florence recounted.

Ok so I DID sound a little demeaning to them. But how hard is it to tend to a garden? Try handling 6 digit accounts. Owe, these things have thorns?

"Its been 10 days and she still cant even come close to finishing her chore, let alone doing it well!"

I looked up at my garden and wanted to cry. It was a mess, a complete and utter mess. How can this be so hard?

"And now look at her, scurrying around in the dirt trying to prove herself. Its no use honey, you only have 12 minutes left."

I tried to give Florence a stern look to leave me alone but only managed to blush and quickly turned away. How did she manage to talk me into this?

I welcomed a gust of wind, letting it roll between my thighs just a bit to help cool off.

"And the funny thing is that she actually gets off on it.", noted Florence.

Margaret craned her neck to get a better look, "Oh thats nothing knew. She's been wet from the beginning."

"But what I don't get is why she does it?", Cynthia wondered. "I mean sure she's an arrogant nose in the air work alcoholic and am more than happy to watch her humiliate herself like this but..."

"She knows she needs to be put in her place don't you honey?"

I clenched my wet inner thighs at the question. Dame her.

"Did she just nod? She did didn't she?" Chirped Cynthia with glee.

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