I Sat On The Edge

by Vie

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Spanking, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: an afternoon

I sat on the bottom edge of the bed facing the mirror. "Get over my knees," I say in a demanding voice as I pat the bed where you should lay your head. Without hesitation you quickly obeyed my command. I feel your pussy as it rests wet against my leg. You could feel my hard cock where it pressed into your leg. I place my left hand on the small of your back knowing you will need to be held you firmly in place. With my right hand I begin to gently brush my hand across your ass in a circular motion. "Look at yourself in the mirror" I say ... and you lift your head to do as you were told, I move your long hair from where it hung across your face as I look at your reflection as you gaze into the mirror as I had instructed. You didn't want to look, you are laying over my knees ... waiting for what was going to happen next ... you don't like to witness what you were submitting yourself to. Your mind screamed "just do it!" I look at you, our eyes meet, "I can be gentle with you" I say, as you watch my hand gently rubbing your ass "but you need something more, don't you?" as I raise my hand and firmly bring it down on your backside. Then I gently rub the pink spot that appeared ... preparing you for what you badly needed and what was yet to come. You watched as my hand raised and with a short pause firmly return to your backside, and then the next and the next, each time I pause to gently rub the now reddening spot that appears, each pause briefer than the last until the only sounds in the room are my heavy breathing, your moans and the slap of my hand against your now tender backside. You bite into the pillow, eyes focused on the image in the mirror, you don't want to continue watching, but you know you must. The feeling of helplessness fells over you ... you are giving into the desires you can no longer hold back. I have given into the forbidden pleasure your mind and body seem to crave. My hand is numb from smacking your ass smack after smack. I continued to smack your bottom watching your white skin turn red. Your ass is over my knees, your body is pressed into the bed, and my hand moves from the small of your back and now grips your hair. You grit your teeth together as I make the spanks harder and harder branding your ass with my handprint ... I owned her, she is my servant, my slave, she wants to please only one person - and that is me. You wiggled your ass when we started, trying to avoid my hitting the same spot over again ... you submit. Knowing that allowing yourself to be taken in such a manor is the only way to satisfy the burning desires of your wanting body. The thought of it is so perverse and against your better judgment and that makes you burn all the more. You get used to the stinging feeling of my hand as it smacks your burning ass ... your hidden desires are being fulfilled like they never imagined they could be. You know now that you will forever submit yourself to your desires. Who were you a slave to, yourself or Papi? You realized it was your burning desires that would push you into the obscene act that you were painfully enjoying so much. You couldn't reason with it, you couldn't let yourself stop it, the only thing you could do was let yourself go ... surrender mindlessly to your inner needs. You have never felt as aroused as you are feeling now, your body was hot, like had the flu ... you didn't have the flu ... your face felt flush and your womanhood oozed like never before. You had accepted that your mind was craving what your body was experiencing, you stopped fighting it, your body quivering in excitement.

I find to my surprise that I am enjoying myself. This is the first time I have had a woman laying across my lap wanting to be spanked. As your ass reddens I smell the musky odor of female excitement. I run my hand between the cheeks of your red-hot ass and find that you are very wet. With one finger, then two, I insert them into your pussy moving in and out, pulling the wetness to the rubbery tight spot that was begging for attention. Rubbing the wetness with my thumb with my fingers still buried in your swollen pussy. I pushed my thumb in your ass while continuing to slowly spank your willing bottom with my free hand. I rubbed my fingers against my thumb feeling the membrane separating the two. A gush of your wetness ran down on to my lap as my thumb and fingers slipped in and out of your now content body.

Your eyes now closed, biting the sheets, moaning into the bed in absolute bliss as my finger stimulated your clitoris my thumb satisfied every nerve of your ass. Faster and faster I moved in and out. Then I removed my finger and thumb, suddenly you felt something different on your tight yet relaxed ass. My finger began stimulating your clitoris again as you felt your ass being stretched more than before. Groaning softly, your eyes closed and the look of surrender on your face as your ass was being stretched more and more. If there was any discomfort, she found it pleasurable. With her clitoris and anus being played she rocked her ass positioning herself to ensure Papi would drive her to new heights of depravity. Her juices oozed as she moaned in pleasure. "Don't even think about cuming yet! I have not given you permission!" as my fingers pulled out of your almost satisfied body with the instruments still in your backside. "Stand up", without pause you did so not knowing what was to come. Looking in the mirror at our naked bodies you watched as I tied your hands with my neck tie, pulling you forward to tie you to the dresser. You could see me standing behind you. I slid my hard cock up and down your slit stopping on your clit, stimulating your eager pussy. As I entered you in a quick thrust a new feeling of satisfaction heightened your now excited body. I pressed in until you could feel the instrument push deeper into your ass ... my cock now deep inside you I began to move in and out as you began to moan..."oh god" ... my hands on your hips, my grip tight on you, my fingers biting into your skin, my pace gaining spend to a rhythm that slapped against your ass that drove the sensation of your ass to a new height of pleasure ... my balls slapping against you ... Pulling you to the side so you could see my cock pound in and out of you ... your head and breast laid on top of the dresser watching your body receive what it badly needed. You didn't try to lift your head to look at me, moaning in a sound you never heard come from you ... biting your lip you watched ... as I pounded your eager pussy ... I was hitting the spot that would take you to the place you wanted to go ... your orgasm was building, "oh god ... harder ... harder ... you began moving back to meet my thrusting of my cock ... wanting to use your hands ... you could not ... your body hotter as your orgasm was building to a new sensation from my body hitting the instrument in your ass and my cock on the button deep in your pussy. Faster and faster I moved in and out of you knowing the pleasure it brought you. You could not take it any longer as your body tightened up from the soon to be released orgasm. Just a few more deep quick thrust of my cock ... then in rush your orgasm reached its zenith and released a flood of pleasure throughout your body ... your legs could no longer hold you as your knees buckled from under you. Feeling the long intense orgasm as wave after wave shuttered your body ... The waves of pleasure subsiding slowly ... you looked in the mirror wondering if I was making the noise you was hearing. Grunting in deep moan, pulling you deeper into me you could start to feel my hot white cum shooting deep up inside you. Watching in amazement as pumped every drop of my cum in you. My hands loosened as I laid my head on your back.

Hi Vie, I spent the last hour editing a few paragraphs ... its a weekend ... time to relax and play ... hope you enjoy

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