While The Cats Away

by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Coercion, Science Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: You get back from a long deployment and all you want to do is rest, but while the cat has been away one of the mice has been playing up.

A Piece of my Imagination

A Note

I've added Mulligan as a co-author on this story as he did so much work on it and convinced me that it was worth publishing. The mistakes that remain are, as always, all mine.

Gunnery Sergeant William Thentis finally relaxed as the ship's AI made the traditional announcement that told him another mission was over.

"All systems are secured for orbit -- All Marines prepare to disembark -- Welcome to Prik."

As he was travelling alone this time he didn't need to wait for a whole unit to form up. His rank -- along with his position in the Confed Space Marines elite Force Recon -- allowed him to slip past the lowly grunts, who were being chivvied into position by a herd of First Sergeants. He was able to grab an early slot in the lineup for transportation down to the surface. He really was looking forward to getting home and relaxing for the first time in nearly three months, a three months that had been stressful to say the least.

A half an hour stroll under the warm heat of Prikat, the local sun, and he was slipping into his expanded pod home and -- after dumping his carry sack on a convenient side table -- he announced his presence by yelling, "I'm home!"

There was a patter of feet and the three women and the lone male who made up his household appeared before him. William hadn't gone for much in the way of augmentation for his concubines when he'd gone through the extraction process, happy to live with what nature had provided. So Amanda, Becky and Carmen still looked like the All American soccer moms they had been and, apart from being healthier than they had been since they were in college, they were remarkably unchanged by the turmoil of the last three years.

Zak, the former star quarterback of the college team had also avoided any significant changes. Looking back at events later William realized that that was probably what started the problems that now blew up.

As the star of the football team Zak had an inflated sense of self and when his CAP score had comeback at six point two he'd ranted for three days before dropping into a sulk that lasted for the best part of a month. Physically he was up there with the best and intelligence wise he wasn't far short of the mark but -- as his petulance had shown -- he didn't cut it when it came to attitude. None of this had been apparent when William had picked the young stud to keep his harem happy while he was away on duty. It was a task that Zak had seemed happy to perform diligently ever since they'd set up home together.

The three women clustered together, rather than rushing to William as they had in the past and waited as Zak -- practically strutting -- moved between them and their sponsor. The young man was the first to break what was becoming a strained silence.

"So you're back again are you? Well I've been forced to make a few changes while you were away," Zak stated boldly.

"You have?" queried William, quietly looking around and taking in the situation.

"Definitely," said Zak, "you see, I've taken over this household and from now on these," he indicated the cowering women with a sweep of his arm, "are mine."

"I see," said William, "and where, may I ask, does that leave me?"

"You will be allowed to stay as a guest in my home and, if you don't cause any trouble, I'll allow you to use any of the women for your," Zak paused, "entertainment," he concluded with a smirk.

"Why would I go along with this arrangement?" asked William, controlling his anger and waiting to see were this was going.

"Because you don't have any choice, Billy boy," pontificated Zak, "it's a done deal." He stepped over to the women and continued, "While you've been away I've made each of these gentle creatures mine and there is nothing you can do that will change that."

"So what did you do to them?" William asked.

Gloating, Zak started, "It was easy really -- you see -- each of them had a little kink that you failed to fulfil and when I did so instead, they became putty in my hands." Zak indicated the brunette, "Take Amanda here, she was easy to bring round when you realize that..."

Amanda was a bubbly brunette who'd been happy to escape a loveless marriage when William had picked her up during the extraction from McDonald's in the mall. That William had allowed her to bring her thirteen-year-old son with her had been an advantage that turned out to be short lived. As soon as Tommy had turned fourteen he'd been CAP tested and with a score of six point six he'd volunteered immediately for service. Amanda had been shocked when he'd gone off and picked two older women from the Civil Service barracks to be his concubines, but having had a chance to meet the women in question she was now happier than she had been in a long time.

When William went away again she knew that Zak would take care of her noticeably increased sexual needs in a way that William had never done. She'd always had a fetish for being restrained and William, as considerate as he was, had never taken her down that route. Zak however had cottoned on to her little kink very quickly and had taken advantage of her every chance he had. As much as she felt humiliated by her actions the thought of what was coming had her hot in a way that she hadn't been since long before her marriage back on Earth.

William was barely out of the door before Zak made the move that Amanda knew was coming. He stepped behind her and placed his hands on her upper arms, holding her in place firmly before running his hands down to her wrists and squeezing hard enough to cause a jolt of pain.

"Bedroom, now," was all he hissed into her ear and Amanda was off, blushing furiously as she weaved past the other two girls who smiled knowingly.

When Zak came through the doorway Amanda was stood in the middle of the room waiting for him.

"Well, strip then," he demanded of her.

Amanda was ripping her clothes off with no thought of the damage she might be doing to them. When she stood up from removing her knickers she found Zak stroking several pieces of silky rope and giving her an evil grin. She shivered when he pointed at the bed, "Get on there you little slut and reach up."

With her knees barely able to hold her she staggered onto the bed and threw herself on it lengthways, her arms reaching for the corners of the headboard to help Zak with her own immobilization. Zak moved over to the bed and moved her arm more to his liking and then looped the soft rope around her wrist, giving a slight tug after tying it to the headboard to ensure that it was secure, before moving on to another limb. Each time Zak jerked one of the ropes Amanda felt her pussy spasm and by the time all four limbs were secured she felt like she had a stream running between her open legs.

"You know that by the time Little Billy comes back you're going to be mine don't you," Zak whispered in her ear. Amanda tried to struggle but as she opened her mouth to complain Zak dropped a soft rubber ball in and looped a soft cloth around her head, effectively gagging her.

Amanda fought her bonds but it did no good, Zak had her exactly where he wanted her and nothing she could do was going to change that. Zak just looked on as she struggled and stroked her breasts, teasing her nipples as he did so. Once he even gave her a gentle slap on the pussy which half scared her and half-elated her like nothing had ever done before. Her mind was racing with the possible consequences of Zak's actions, but her body wouldn't let her think, it was that horny.

Zak left Amanda tied to the bed for what seemed like hours, appearing every now and again and teasing the naked woman, sometimes gently and more often than not introducing a little pain. When he started stroking her with a cane Amanda became frantic, but a light tap on her exposed nipples put paid to any thought of rebellion.

It took a few hours of torment but in the end her mind gave up the fight and when it did her body surrendered to Zak's actions and the whole pod heard her scream, even with the gag, as a tremendous orgasm flushed through her. The second cum took no time at all and from that moment Amanda was done for. Zak and his little cane played her like an instrument, leaving her -- just before dawn -- begging to be Zak's slave.

Between kisses on her still bound body Amanda heard Zak whisper, "One..."

"What about Becky?" asked William as he glanced over at the cowering woman.

"Becky, she's such a wimp," began Zak.

Becky was the timid woman in the trio. Back on Earth she'd been the stereotypical librarian, the daughter of a preacher father and a teacher mother she'd never been an outgoing sort of person and her time in college, studying to be a librarian had merely reinforced the impression. Only a sense of impending desperation -- not based on fact but a creeping feeling that the lizards were close -- had caused her to stand at the end of the line of those looking to be picked up by any of the volunteers during the extraction.

She was convinced in her own mind that only Hobsons choice had forced William to pick her instead of some other, younger and sexier, woman. That she gave off an air of calmness and control -- even under the stress of the goings on during the extraction -- was a factor that she never considered when thinking about Williams motivation for selecting her.

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