Naughty Pickup

by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Science Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: It looked like a pickup but things are not always what they seem.

A Piece of my Imagination

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please remain seated and we'll get this over with quickly and allow you to get back to your meal."

The man - now that he'd drawn attention to himself - cut a truly imposing figure at over six feet tall with short dark hair and a physique that looked like it belonged on a body builder or a football player. The words he'd just delivered were now almost a cliché and had been heard thousands of times before all over the planet. They signified a chance to escape for the people eating in this remote diner, a chance the few people here ever expected to be offered.

The man doing the talking looked down at the pad in his hand and then asked, "Would those who've volunteered for service with the Confederacy make themselves known and could the rest of you have your ID cards to hand."

The second man, who was as impressive physically as the first, moved over to the door and took a look out at the deserted desert highway. Nothing seemed to be moving out there.

Two men and one woman held up their hands and started making their way towards the speaker. Behind them several women had already started to disrobe, in a couple of cases over the protests of their partners.

The first volunteer to reach the front was John Wellington, a technical sales rep. for a computer company. His ID card gave him a score of six point six and as he knew a chance at two concubines. The second volunteer was Jenny Small, who was anything but small. She came in at six point nine and like John was entitled to two concubines.

The last arrival was Bryan Petersson, a former pilot in the Air Force and a veteran of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. He came with a score of seven point one and therefore was entitled to take four concubines with him when he departed.

The man ticked a couple of times on his pad and then looked up, "Thank you," he said, "I'm sure you know what happens now and I guess you know how many concubines you're allowed." This last was greeted by nods and in the case of Mr Wellington by an unpleasant grin.

"So just let me say a few words to the rest of the people here and we can get things started."

As the speaker started to turn away Bryan, who'd been looking out through the front window asked, "Why is there no interdiction field?"

"Look around," said the leader, "Do you think we need one out here?" the last accompanied by a shrug.

"True," said Bryan before looking back into the diner and the people waiting there.

"All right!" the man called out, ensuring that he had everyone's attention. "For your information our volunteers are eligible to take eight concubines with them when they leave. Anyone wishing to join them should start moving forward. If you don't wish to be considered could you please make your way to the back of the diner and we'll try not to disturb you too much."

He continued as people started to shuffle around, "I'm sure you've heard all this before but I'll just cover the high points as a reminder. First of all, if you are hanging back for some medical reasons you need to remember that the Confederacy can cure most of your physical ills."

He started to move around a little as though he'd done this many times before, "Secondly the Sa'arm invasion of Earth is still on schedule so the best chance for everyone is to get away from Earth and breed. That ladies and gentlemen is what you will be doing if you are picked. This does have its good and bad points, a new planet is a hard and often dirty place but that in itself can be rewarding. Making babies is also fun, as I'm sure you know and that is the main thing that concubines will be doing."

He looked to his companion at the door, who took another look around outside and continued to appear bored. "Thirdly this is quickie divorce time, if you get picked any previous commitments are terminated. If you have children and they're under fourteen you can ask your sponsor to take them with you. Note that it is the sponsor, not the concubine, who decides if the kids are to be picked up."

"And finally," he said turning his full attention to the audience, "the hard part to believe. If you get picked you will have no rights, you will be property and just like you can dump something you don't want here, out there the same thing can happen to a concubine. Remember that, it will be important."

He looked around noting that a couple of the women who'd been stripping had stopped, he grinned before finishing off, "OK now that you've had the basic briefing it's decision time. If you're still interested than I suggest that you get out of your clothes and get lined up. If you're not then move to the back of the room," and with that he turned and moved back to the volunteers.

"Jenny, they say this every time a pickup is made but you have the hardest decision to make. Personally I'd suggest that you pick a man to give you children and then a woman to look after them but there is nothing stopping you picking two men or two women if that's what you want."

He turned to Bryan, "It's normally recommended that those with four or more concubines also pick a male as the volunteer is not going to be there all the time and it helps keep the groups stable." He grinned, "It's also convenient on those odd nights when you just want a rest."

He glanced back over his shoulder and saw a mixed crowd of partially clothed women and the odd man and jerked his thumb in their direction. "They're all yours," he said and stepped out of the way.

First to react, which was a bit of a surprise, was Jenny as she called out, "Any of you guys who are interested in keeping me company get naked and get over here." She then stalked off to the left hand side of the diner and waited for a response.

Bryan looked at John who shrugged and then the pair of them walked forward to where the women were gathering. John had a quick look down the line and called out," If you want me to take you you'd better be naked when I get there."

Several women, especially those closest to him started ripping off clothes in a mad rush.

Bryan shook his head and moved off in the opposite direction to John, he'd already decided to speak to the two women behind the counter. He approached the pair, the younger one of whom already had her uniform open and her amply filled bra on display and said, "If you're both interested in coming just dump the clothes back there and join me in that booth." Then he simply turned and walked across to the booth he'd indicated.

Settling down in the booth he watched the young waitress throwing her clothes off and the older woman doing the same but slower. He heard John call out, "Kneel!" and watched on as the women in that half of the diner dropped to their knees. The two guys who were apparently running the show stood over by the door and looked on.


Bryan snapped his head around and glanced over to the men surrounding Jenny and watched as two of them backed away shaking their heads. Before he could figure out what was happening the young waitress appeared in front of him.

"What's your name love?" he asked her.

"Theresa," she replied, "Theresa Jones."

"Well Theresa, one of the things that you have to be to get off this planet is obedient," said Bryan. "So I want you to lay on this table, flat on your back and open your legs as far as they'll go." He waited and after a moments hesitation the plump girl climbed on the table and did as he'd asked.

Through the prone girl's legs he watched as the older woman approached the pair of them nervously, her belly and boobs sagging and wobbling as she crossed the room. She stopped a good six feet from the table and the lewdly displayed Theresa.

Bryan raised an eyebrow and asked, "Still want to go?"

The older woman nodded, clearly too scared to speak.

"Then stick your tongue up her twat and make her cum," Bryan ordered.

Theresa gasped and started to close her legs but stopped when Bryan barked, "Freeze," in her ear. "If the two of you want to go this is what you will do," he looked up from the girl on the table, "and then the two of you will swap places and it'll be her turn to be on the receiving end."

He looked from one woman to the other and said clearly, "It's your decision," and then sat back to await developments.

Across the room Jenny repeated what she'd said moments before, "It's simple enough guys, I won't be there all the time and I'm not having you fucking around with any other women. So to take care of your urges you'll fuck each other," she declared. "If like that pair," she waved at the two men who'd already stormed off, "you're not going to obey my commands before we leave Earth then you'd better drag your arse away because I don't want you."

The men looked at Jenny many of them in disbelief as they hummed and hawed, when everything sorted itself out there were just three males left, two of them were young guys and the third was a middle aged chap.

"So who's going to get butt fucked first?" she asked almost gloating.

The two young bucks looked around nervously and then the older guy sighed and bent over the table, "Come on guys, it's what she wants and if it's our only way off the planet then we need to do it. Just take it easy will you," he looked back over his shoulder and said plaintively, "but let's get it over with." He grasped a cheek of his ass in each hand and splayed them wide in preparation.

It was too much for the young guns, they turned tail and ran, literally. Jenny watched them go and laughed. When the guy bent over the table looked at her she said, "You'd better tell me your name, it looks like you'll be coming with me."

John was working his way down the line of kneeling naked women and was quite brutally ramming his six and half inch dick into their throats. Nothing gentle, no attempt to build up slowly, just a simple face rape for each woman in turn.

He stepped to the side as the woman he'd been seeing to threw herself backwards coughing and spluttering. The next in line, a coloured woman looked up at him and said calmly, "Issues Mister?"

John paused for a moment and then found that he was answering the question, "Every woman I've ever been with has refused to take it all the way," he glanced down, "Now I know I'm not the biggest in the world but I will get it all the way in or you can stay here and rot."

The coloured woman looked at the saliva covered prick in front of her and smiled, "Well come on then big boy, ram it home." and John did just that.

When his pubes hit her nose he stopped and slowly pulled back. It felt like the woman was determined to keep him on there and when she started to hum he had a hard time hanging on to his load she was that good. He drove in a couple of more times before whipping his glistening cock out of her mouth.

She looked at him through soulful eyes and waited.

"Do you fuck as well as you suck?" asked John breathing deeply.

"Even better," replied the kneeling woman.

"You're in," said John before stepping to the next woman in line.

Back in the booth Theresa was thrashing around like a demented dervishes. Her whole body rocked under the onslaught of the older woman. Her first orgasm had been interesting but this second one looked like it was going to be the best she'd ever experienced.

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