The Collector: The Chance Meeting

by Karl P. Dahl

Tags: Heterosexual,

Desc: : The main character stumbles upon the person who had sex with his wife and stripped her in public, and decides to follow him.

When I saw him at the bar my blood started to rush immediately. The same reddish hair and beard, same height and body - it had to be him! It wasn't a year since the events at the rock concert, but I felt the veins bulging at the temples as if it was yesterday. There he stood, talking smoothly with the bartender, a 30-something woman with nice features, and sipping on what looked like a whiskey of some sort as casually as if it was any other day to him. Which it probably was.

I, on the other hand, was brought back once again to that night when I and my wife had gone to that concert to watch a band I couldn't remember the name of anymore, when that guy had robbed my girl of all her clothes and fucked her in front of me. The events came rushing to me, and without helping it I felt an erection coming when I once again saw those hands ripping of every shred of clothing from Laura and thrusting his dick into her - to her extreme pleasure, i must add - while I could only watch.

It was my buddies that brought me back to the present. "Hey, pal, where are you?" I turned to the voice of my friend Paul and saw his hand waving in front of me.

"You still with us? You were far away just now. What were you staring at?" The other two, John and Reuben, was looking right at me now as well. I shook my head to get back my bearings.

"Sorry, I was just lost in thinking" I said, trying to smooth things over.

"Yeah," Reuben said, "Have to concentrate then, have 'ya?" Always a quick remark on his lips, Reuben. The other laughed, and I had to smile myself.

"Nah, I saw where his eyes had gone: they were right at that bartender's breasts!" John filled in. "Probably already underneath her sweater by now!" That got the others another round of laughs at me.

"Poor fella, not getting any at home these days?", Paul said. I had told them all that Laura - with me - was pregnant a few weeks earlier. It had of course caused a lot of cheers, but at the same time we had made a deal to get out of a beer or two more often, since the opportunities wouldn't come so often in the future. In fact that was the reason we were sitting here this night.

When the laughs had subsided, we got back to the conversation we had earlier, something about the football season, but my concentration remained elsewhere; I couldn't let my mind of that guy at the bar. I was more cautious to when I looked at that direction so that my buddies wouldn't notice, but by getting a glimpse from time to time I could see that he was still talking to the bartender, and that he was seductive. He was making progress, to! The bartender seemed to follow just fine.

Immediately I felt adrenaline pumping inside me. I wanted to get up and confront him - no, smack him good in the face! He deserved that for what he had done to us! But my senses told me that this wasn't the right time, so I cooled off. I decided to follow him out of here instead, to get to him at a better place.

I stayed with my friends for a while, and joined their various topics for the rest of the night, but my attention was at the couple at the bar almost all the time. After a while i started yawning in order to simulate that i was about to leave soon. Not long after, i saw the guy finish his drink and say goodbye to the bartender (he obviously wasn't getting anything tonight from her), and that was my key. Immediately, I got up and took my jacket. "Adios, fellas, I must be off now."

My fellows looked rather surprised at my quick leave, but I didn't bother; I had other things in mind. I made for the door and got out just in time to see the red-head disappear behind a corner out to the main street. As I followed him I thought 'Hope he doesn't take a cab - I don't want this to turn into some bad agent story'. I was bad enough at tracing him walking and didn't want to follow him using other transportations.

But I was lucky on that part; he seemed to walk casually along the street. Hopefully he lived somewhere nearby, making it easier for me. I worried a little that he would turn back and look for followers, but he didn't. And why should he? He just walked on along the street a few blocks until he turned right into a smaller street, which he followed one more block before taking another turn left. I followed as close as I dared and saw him stop at a doorway. He got out some keys and opened. My mind raced for a moment. I knew where he lived now, but was this the right moment to get to him? Should I try to come back another day? No, I thought as I rushed for the door before it would close, this is the moment. I got it just before it was about to close and stepped inside.

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