Trapped in Stone

by RH Music

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Magic, Heterosexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Foot Fetish, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: John finds himself trapped in a small, penis-shaped statue owned by his new girlfriend. She delights in creating many embarrassing and intensely sexual situations for poor John as they work together to figure out how to reverse the magic.

She was part Syrian and part Egyptian on her mother's side, and part English on her father's side. Definitely the most exotic person he had ever had the opportunity to call his girl friend. It was a magical and potent mixture.

They met in a bar on campus. She walked up, sat down, and introduced herself as Surrain, "But just call me Surrey," she said with a smile. Her eyes had a twinkle that entranced him. "You are beautiful," he replied, then, after gawking a bit, "Oh, and my name is John Barrows."

That night, and the night after, they stayed together in his dorm room, in delighted exploration. John was completely entranced, she was a taut bundle, inventive, cute, and fun. The third night, they agreed to go to her place.

"Wow!" John exclaimed as he entered. He stepped in an took a tentative step towards the middle of the room. "This is an incredible apartment!" The room was nearly a museum, with elegant glass display cases of the netsuke, jade carvings, ivory sculptures, Egyptian coins, and other artifacts.

"Thanks!" she said. "It all belongs to Daddy. He's an art and antiquities dealer. Those are all really just indefinite loans," she explained. "He travels all over looking for available antiquities, especially visiting estate sales and things like that, where important finds are occasionally brought to light." She took him on a tour of the apartment. Each sculptures had a fascinating background and story, of gods, humans, quests, curses, and capturing souls.

Eventually they wandered into the bedroom (which was relatively bare by comparison), stepped close, and tentatively began to kiss.

That night John woke with a start. He sat bolt upright and looked around. "Surrey?" he whispered. She didn't appear to be in the bed or in the room. John felt over to her pillow, and touched a small stone object.

In the dim light, he could tell that it was a small ivory statue, about the size of his thumb, but thicker, with an oblong shape. It was a man, about 3 inches tall, squatting on his knees on a small pedestal, arms by his side, leering. Overall, it was shaped like a bullet ... or a penis. John chuckled and looked at it more closely, if this was a fertility statue, then it should have ... and there it was. The man was sporting an oversized penis which lay flat against his stomach, pointing straight up, carved into the side of the statue. "What will she think of next?" John wondered if Surrey masturbated with it. The thought was exciting.

As John studied the statue, he lay back down and, starting to nod off, rested the figure on his chest. As he dozed off, the figure began to warm, the carvings appeared to gradually melt away, and, very gradually, reshape themselves...

"Oh Shit! It worked." Surrey stepped into the bedroom in the morning, She had spent the night on the couch in the living room. As she opened the room she saw that John was gone. And in his place, was a small statue, about 3 inches high.

John snapped awake at the sound of her voice and right away knew that something was very wrong. First, he couldn't move! His whole body felt like it was encased in plaster - although on the outside it felt naked, and sensitive. He shivered from the morning cold.

Second, he panicked when he realized he was not breathing, although he didn't feel like he was suffocating. "Is this what it feels like to die?" He wondered.

And finally, the bed looked huge! Instead of merely five feet wide, it looked 20 yards wide, and god knows how long. John was hysterical. He was completely immobilized, he couldn't talk, move, or breath. His mind whirled in frustration and fright.

"John!" she exclaimed, delighted at her new discovery, but a bit worried. "I never thought the legend was true! It was just a lark that I tried it." Surrey reach down and gently lifted the statue. John felt her warm, silky fingers close around him and warm him. His body had become incredibly sensitive, as if all 6 feet of his touch sensors had been collapsed into the 3 inch statue. John calmed down a bit and forced his mind to settle. Surrey lifted him 30 feet into the air (to him), and then walked over to her dressing table.

For the first time, John saw his new form. They both studied the statue in the mirror. The carvings on the statue had changed. This time, they were John's features, a perfect likeness, except not exactly in proportion. In particular, the body was sculpted to be smooth and torpedo shaped, completely bald, about an inch and a half in diameter and 3 inches tall. John was squatting on his knees on a pedestal. The pedestal had a pencil-sized hole bored through it.

But worst of all, for John, was that he was carved completely naked. His penis was hard (and felt hard! Eternally hard) and was carved as this huge member pointing straight up towards his chin, alongside his stomach. Further, his nipples were large and extended, looking a bit ridiculous, almost as if he had slight breasts carved in, and his ass were exposed with a deep crack carved in. The statue, and John, had become pink ivory.

"Oh John," Surrey felt she should be sorry for him, but she couldn't help being excited at the discovery. "I never really thought the legend was true! Daddy told me that this was the Iqasirra [ee-kah-SIR-ah], a statue designed to capture the body and soul of a slave as a plaything for an Egyptian princess. Since he calls me his Egyptian princess, he thought I should have it. It's the only one in the world ... or rather, you are the only on in the world, that we know of. He acquired it last week from the estate of a British WWI general."

She covered her mouth with her hand, in shock. "This must be awful for you!" Surrey realized. She held the statue between her hands, gently warming it. John felt her fingers stoking his naked body. "The reason why I chose last night to try it out, was because of the lunar eclipse, which I know has played a role in Egyptian religious ceremonies. I guess I'm hoping that the next lunar eclipse will reverse the spell." John was grateful for some element of hope, although slim, he was glad there might be a way out.

"Unfortunately," she continued, "the next lunar eclipse, according to my friends in astronomy, will not be for another 4 months, and even then we'll have to travel to California to view it."

John's heart sank. Four months! He was going to miss the entire summer, his last summer after college before he would start work. He looked at Surrey feeling despair.

She looked down at him. "I'm sorry John, I really never thought this would happen." She held him close to her chest, trying to be comforting. John was in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening, expecting the whole thing to be a dream.

John felt his body nestle between her breasts, covered by a thin silky night shirt.

The rest of the day was spent doing research. Surrain called her father, not explaining what had happened, but just asking for more information about the statue. He passed on several references and Surrey decided to check them out at the library.

After getting dressed to go out, Surrey looked at John trapped in the statue and wondered if she should take him. She wanted to compare the statue against pictures at the library, but didn't want it to be lost, or accidentally misplaced.

"What should I do, John?" She looked at him and noticed for the first time the unusual size of the carved penis. "That's curious" she muttered. It seemed the penis was a bit pinker than the rest of the statue.

"Wait! I know!". She went to her jewelry chest and fished out a length of silk cord, threaded it through the hole in the pedestal, and hung the statue around her neck. "Now, I'll be sure never to leave you behind," she said. She lifted her shirt, slipped the statue inside, and left the apartment.

This was unexpected for John. He had thought he'd be left on the shelf for the entire 4 months, going insane with boredom while trapped in the statue. Now, he was upside down, with his head and face nestled between Surrey's massive breasts, his head barely touching the top of the half-bra that she wore for support. As she strolled to the library, her breasts bounced up, gently enclosing his entire head and upper body, and then stroked down.

John was beside himself. He was always obsessed with breasts, and especially Surrey's breasts, which were full, ample, and firm. Now, he was practically encased in them, as they stroked his entire body. The sensations were just too much.

And his penis felt hard! Well, of course it was hard, it was carved to be hard. But now, it somehow felt hard and hot, and pulsing.

A friend called out and Surrey stopped to chat. On the last bounce as she turned around, her breasts had spread and then trapped the statue deep in her cleavage, John's head actually inside her bra. Her answers were a bit short, she was anxious to get to the library. He felt hot and moist, and smelled a mixture of animal sweat and perfume. Her breasts compressed around him. His penis was pressed hard against her warm baby smooth skin.

Eventually, she said good-bye to her friend and then continued to the library. As she jogged up the stairs, he was roughly bounced and rubbed between her bosoms and then John lost all control: he orgasmed. No sperm came out, but the sensation was more intense than he had ever experienced. Electric shocks raced through his body and he blacked out for a minute from the sensory overload. "Oh jesus," he thought as he woke up, "that was incredible."

Surrey reached the section on Egyptian antiquities at the library and started scanning for books. Hidden in the stacks, she fished into her shirt and pulled the statue out to take another look.

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