Where the Heart Is

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Brother's best friend seduces younger sister.

Dante walked up towards the large country mansion; truly it was magnificent with its stone carvings but it still dwarfed his by far. He rang the door bell and waited. This was going to be an exciting five day visit, the main reason was to celebrate his best friend's birthday as well as being a small and intimate reunion too. Theo's father and his had been business partners for over twenty years and they had grown up like two brothers.

He was looking forward to spending time with his God-children Jemima and Jeremy. They belonged to Maya-Theo's sister, but he smiled when he remembered Theo's youngest sister; Belle. He had always teased her since he's known her and with a five year gap it wasn't a wonder why. She had always found him to be arrogant and she was too direct and opinionated.

"Hey, Dante. How are you?" Theo's voice brought him out of his thoughts. He could hear the footsteps of the twins running towards them. Stepping into the hall, he was wrapped around by fours arms. The twins had grown so much since he last saw those three months ago and they were only seven.

"Did you miss me Dante?" Jemima asked excitedly. As she smiled he could see one tooth was missing.

"Has the tooth-fairy visited you lately?" he asked sweeping her off her feet.

"Hehehe I'm too old for that now" she replied.

"I've brought my cars so we can play" Jeremy said smiling; he too had a tooth missing.

"Let Dante get in first, I'm sure he's tired" Theo said laughingly. He knew how energetic his niece and nephew could be.

"Good to see you Dante. How was your trip?" Maya asked as she walked towards him followed by her husband Cliff.

"All the better for being here now," he said smiling.

"Here let me help you with your things to your room" Cliff offered.

"There's plenty of time till the guests arrive, so relax and make yourself at home" Theo said as he led the twins and his sister off to continue with the preparations.

Dante followed Cliff up onto the third floor. Everything still looked the same since he'd last stayed here six years ago. He was looking forward to taking a shower and to relax a little before the party.

He spent the first half hour unpacking before jumping into the shower. As he stepped out he could hear a woman's voice outside his door. When he opened it he saw her struggling with the door.

"Come on you stupid thing," she moaned in frustration banging the door.

"Here let me help you" Dante offered.

She spun around to see a tall handsome man with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His body was lean and slightly tanned. His features were sharp yet delicate. His short dark hair which was now wet swept behind his ears. He had a twinkle in his eye and she knew that smile very well.

"Hello Dante" she said.

He was taken aback at first and studied her. His eyes narrowed as he tried to recognise her. Then it hit him; Belle. His friend's family were all good-looking but this little minx was something else from what he could remember. She'd been 18 the last time he saw her and now she'd grown up into a woman. She wore tight jeans and a simple black t-shirt but he could see her features very well—definitely gilled out very nicely. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had no make-up on. From what he could see she had just arrived herself and was staying opposite him.

"Do you want some help with that door?" He offered. She stepped aside. He brushed past her and smiled. She rolled her eyes, still as arrogant as ever. He pulled the door in sharply before turning the handle. As the door swung open the double bed came into view.

"Sharing it with anyone?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

"A lady never kisses and tells" she said smiling sweetly.

"Well, if you get lonesome you know where I am," he said with a wink.

"In your dreams," she replied before slamming the door shut.

Dante stood outside her door; that went as well as could be expected. He smiled at the opportunity that had presented itself. He always enjoyed teasing her and right now he had a raging hard-on that he had to get rid of. He walked back into his room and back into the shower to jerk off.

Dante walked down the stairs as it was approaching 8 o' clock. He was dressed in a simple pair of black trousers with its matching jacket and light blue shirt. His hair was ruffled slighted and it suited his natural attributes well. He could already see that many of the guests had arrived and the hosts were busy. The twins were busy with their own friends, so at least the evening wouldn't be boring for them.

"Did you sleep well, Dante?" Maya asked once he reached the foot of the stairs.

"Yes, thanks. I can't believe I slept so much. I guess I was more tired than I thought. Need any help?" He asked looking around. There were some very attractive women. He hoped some of them were single who knew what the evening held; and after all Theo's parents weren't here, so he didn't need to worry about any embarrassment.

"Could you go over and help Belle in the kitchen? I'd rather have her out here than in there all night," she said before going to answer the door.

Dante walked off. He passed the dining room where he saw Theo surrounded by three women—none of whom he recognised. He laughed to himself. His best friend could be a dark horse at times. Walking into the kitchen he didn't see anyone but a beautiful cake.

"Belle, are you in here?" He asked, walking closer towards the cake. It had a distinct cherry liqueur smell mixed with rich chocolate. There were glazed cherries on top but it didn't look finished.

"Did Maya send you?" Came her voice as she walked out of the pantry.

He spun around and stopped immediately when he saw her. She was a vision. A royal blue dress just off the shoulders with a deep plunge accentuating her more than generous sized breasts, though the dress reached down to her ankles there was a long slit up to her mid-thigh on the left side. Her hair which was swept up with some loose strands added to her height, simple long gold earrings barely touched her slender neck. Her smoky eyes and light lip gloss on her full lips made her look very sultry. She looked good enough to eat.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, concerned when she realised he was staring at her so intensely.

"You look wonderful" he replied never taking his eyes off her.

"I'm just making the final touches to the cake. Do you like it? Black Forest Gateau—Theo loves it" she said as she continued putting on the glazed cherries before placing the cake in the fridge.

"Do you need any help" he asked watching her as she placed a finger in her mouth licking the cream off so sensually. He wanted to walk over and ravish her mouth. She then scooped the cream again and offered it to him. He leaned forward and sucked on her finger. He did it never blinking.

"You must be Dante" a defensive voice stated from the kitchen door.

Belle took her finger out of his mouth and smiled before turning towards the door.

"Dante this is Claude. He's a friend of mine from the city" she explained. She didn't like the way he looked over at them as if they had been caught in a compromising position.

"I see" Dante replied. He too had noticed the look in Claude's eyes and could sense that he must have feelings for Belle; not that he could blame him. She had filled out very nicely and was one hot babe.

"Dante, I'll try to catch up with you tomorrow, properly," she said before he turned to leave.

"Interrupting something?" Claude asked when they were alone. She looked stunning and he'd always been fond of her, even tried to bed her but never succeeded but never gave up either.

"Don't be silly. Dante has been a family friend for over twenty years with Theo. I haven't seen him in six" she never got to continue.

"So you thought you'd greet him by letting him suck on your finger, and tomorrow catch up will be with you on your back I suppose?" He asked in a mocking tone.

"That's enough. I do not have to explain myself to you or anyone else" she replied hotly. Why did guys have to be such assholes?

Claude left in a huff, leaving Belle to calm down before she left too. She just wanted to have a nice time and enjoy her brother's birthday especially as she'd gone through the effort of making the cake too. Taking a deep breath she went out and began to greet the new arrivals.

The evening went on with great success and everyone mingled with everyone else. Though she spent most of her time at Claude's side, she managed to spend it with others too. Dante looked over at the 'couple'; they looked odd. He could clearly see that he was all over her and being over protective, yet she was being courteous or maybe that how she wanted it to be perceived. They hadn't even had time to get reacquainted, yet she had seen him in a towel and had his finger in her warm wet mouth. Damn if all reunions could be this sexy.

As the evening continued Dante managed to find time with Belle alone on the balcony. She was using it as an excuse to get away from all the attention Claude was giving her tonight—she was glad she didn't have to see him in the morning.

"Running away from all the action?" Dante asked lazily leaning against the cool stone wall and looking her up and down.

"Something like that. How are you anyway? I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to talk. It's been so long; six years," she said thinking. He had been such a pest, always teasing her, but that was then and six years was a long time.

"Good. I'm working in my father's firm but at the moment it's mostly from home which is great. You?" he asked walking towards her.

"I'm working in the city, but I've taken a three month vacation without pay. I need some 'me' time—you know how stressful life is," she replied with a tired smile.

Dante reached out and lifted her chin so that he could look directly into her eyes. The looked haunted her and she felt herself blush at the intensity of his stare. He leaned forward to kiss her lips, but she turned her face away.

"Dante, I don't think that's a good idea. We've hardly been friends, and now you're out here trying to kiss me" she said sadly.

"I love kissing beautiful woman. Would Claude mind, are you planning on entertaining him privately afterwards?" he murmured into her ear pulling her dangerously close into his body. At his last words she pulled herself away sharply and raised her hand, but it was caught in mid-air by his tight grip.

"How dare you imply anything," she said with such contempt yanking her hand from his.

"Ohhhh have I touched a nerve Belle? Do you always play hard to get?" he asking with mockery in his voice.

"What the hell is wrong with you men tonight? Grow up!!" she said before turning to leave.

Claude noticed how flustered and angry Belle was as she walked through the hall and into the dinning room where the cake was to be cut. He also noticed Dante walk in after her and he seethed.

"Belle the cake looks wonderful" Maya said, but she noticed something had upset her and she immediately realised Dante and Claude had to be behind it. Her little sister had turned into a woman and was getting all the attention but didn't know how to handle it.

"Thanks" she said attempting to look as if she didn't have a care in the world. Tonight was Theo's night and nothing was going ruin her mood.

It was nearly two before Belle announced that she wanted to go to bed. Only a few of Theo's close friends were still there, and her sister, brother-in-law and children had already gone up. As she climbed the stairs she saw Dante standing very close to a blonde, she just ignored them and went up.

Walking into her room, she kicked off her heels and began to unzip her dress. She pulled on her simple cute nightie before going into the bathroom to wash off her make-up. Climbing into bed, her aching muscles screamed for sleep, and no sooner had her head hit the pillow sleep consumed her.

It must've been close to seven the next morning when Belle woke up and had a strong craving for some of the cake. She crept out of her room and down into the kitchen where she cut herself a generous piece and quickly made it up to her room. Just as she was about to enter, she heard a sound.

"What are you up to?" she heard Dante's voice whisper.

She turned around for him to see the cake. He smiled before reaching out to take a cherry and sucked on it.

"Mmmmm sweet cherry" he said with a wink.

"Hey baby, what's keeping you so long?" they heard a female voice whining from his room. He studied her face for a reaction, but she just turned to leave.

God she could die from the embarrassment. After six years he was still teasing her and what was worse he was using another woman. She felt nothing but contempt for the man.

The sun shone in her face as she opened her eyelids and glance over at the clock. It read 11:30am. She groaned at the thought of having to get up and face Dante especially after early this morning.

Mustering the energy she jumped out of bed to grab a quick shower before joining the others. The house was already being cleaned as she walked down the stairs and walked out onto the balcony where Theo, Maya, Cliff and Dante were. The twins were running after each other as usual.

"Morning, sleepy head," Theo said laughingly as Belle stretched her arms. She was dressed in a yellow dress and flip-flops, her hair still wet clung to her head. She went over to the table that was laid out for Brunch, and poured herself juice before joining the others.

"Not hungry?" Maya enquired.

"Are you kidding? I caught her around seven in the morning eating a big slice of the cake,, " Dante said laughingly looking in her direction. If looks could kill he'd be dead.

"And what were you doing up at that time?" Cliff asked curiously.

"Yes, what were you doing at that time?" Belle asked sweetly.

"Well as much as this is such an interesting conversation we need volunteers to go into town and buy some supplies. Otherwise we starve" Theo cut in quickly. The tension between the two could be cut with a knife. He knew exactly who had been in his friend's room and didn't want the others to find out.

"I'll go if you want" Belle volunteered looking away. She sat there with the sun shinning onto her face and naturally drying her hair.

As Belle went over to the car to get in, she saw Dante in the driver's seat.

"What are you doing?" She asked in irritation.

"I'm driving us into own for supplies," he said smiling sweetly.

"Fine," she replied as she got in.

The drive to and back was fairly quiet except for the radio. Neither had much to discuss especially after early this morning and Dante knew when he'd put his foot in it and respected her space. The reunion hadn't started off as well as expected after all.

"Auntie Belle what are you doing?" Jemima asked when she saw her aunt busily working around in the kitchen.

"I'm marinating chicken for tomorrow night but I'm making lasagne for tonight, sweetie," she replied.

"I love your cooking," she said with a smile.

"Me too," Jeremy said when he heard what was on the menu.

"Ahhhhh you're too kind," she said.

"Now you two run along and get ready to go swimming. I'll join in a moment. Dante will be with you, but do not enter the pool until one of us is there," she reminded.

"We won't" they said in union.

Theo, Maya and Cliff had already used the pool and were resting in their rooms so now it was their turn.

Belle walked out to the pool and saw Dante and the twins splashing each other. She tried to be careful they didn't splash her too much because she didn't intend on having dinner in a wet dress.

"Aren't you joining us Belle?" Dante asked as he helped the twins learn how to swim.

"Not today, I'm still tired," she answered as she sat and watched them. Dante was really good with Jeremy and Jemima—like a second uncle, in fact. Such a shame he had always been a jerk with her, but then again she'd never made his life easier, either. However, now she was older and wiser.

The next afternoon was hot enough for a good swim. Everyone was out so Belle had the pool to herself. Changing into her two piece suit she dived in. The cool water was such a nice contrast to her hot skin. Swimming a couple of laps, she got out to sit under the sun before going inside. Just as she reached for a towel she heard a wolf whistle. She turned around to see Dante leaning against the glass door and looking her up and down. She tried to ignore him and grabbed hold of her towel to cover herself.

"Please don't, I like what I'm seeing," he said with a wink.

"Where are the others? I thought you all were out," she asked, as she continued to hide herself. As she walked past he grabbed the towel from her body leaving her clad in her second skin.

His eyes lingered on her breasts, especially her nipples which clearly stood out from the swim. The bottom looked like a modest version on French knickers, but the top gave him a nice ample view.

"I do like what I'm seeing. Claude is such a lucky man—not so lucky as I am right now though," he said never taking his eyes off her nipples.

Belle shivered in disgust as Dante stood there commenting on her attributes. Claude was just as bad as him, so the only lucky person was her. Let them look; at least they would never touch. She was wrong when Dante leaned in and cupped her breasts. The shock of being touched so intimately was enough to keep her rooted at her spot. He leaned in further and kissed the tops of her breasts before moving up and kissing her throat.

Her senses suddenly snapped back and this time her hand made contact with his cheek before she turned to leave, grabbing her towel away from him. Dante stood there smiling; he'd let her slap him and he had deserved it. This was very interesting, Belle had let him go that far, he wondered how far she'd let him go under normal circumstances.

The rest of the day Belle attempted to ignore Dante as much as possible even though it was awkward as it was only five adults, but Dante was smart enough not to draw attention either. For that she was grateful.

Dante went to bed at the same time Theo did, leaving Belle to sit downstairs for a little while longer.

Dante grabbed hold of Belle and swung her around with such force that he fell backwards on to his bed, taking her with him. She leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on his lips. He lay there stunned for a moment, but quickly responded. She began to impatiently unbuckle his jeans and before he knew it, she was stroking his hardening member in her warm hands. He arched his back at the pleasure he was receiving. She pulled away from his mouth and concentrated on him before letting go to pull her dress up. He pulled at her panties 'til they ripped, and ran his hand along her slit, she was very responsive as moisture was being collected very quickly.

Without wasting more time, she moved forwards and took hold of him and rubbed the tip along her slit before pushing it into her heat. They both moaned as he arched his back in response. She knew what she was doing and was bringing him pleasure beyond his imagination. He thrust his hips upwards trying to sink in deeper each time and with the steady rocking of her pelvis he was able to rub her inner walls in a controlled way. She leaned backwards arching her back too and speeded up. She didn't care about taking it slow nor did her body want to either.

She felt her toes curl and moaned loudly as she exploded around him pulsing. His own climax triggered off, her walls spasm around his swollen member milking him deep into her body. When she didn't feel his throbbing, she lifted herself carefully and pulled down her dress and left his room. He lay there stunned with his member lying flaccid across this left thigh; she acted as if nothing had happened.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he realised it had been a dream, but the raging hard-on wasn't. He could hear her in her room moving around and got up to go to her.

Belle began to slip out of her summer dress and unhook her bra when she heard the door open and someone walk in; she turned around covering her breasts with her hands.

"Shhh, it's me," Dante said as he closed the door behind him. He was in a pair of navy blue boxer shorts.

"Are you crazy? Get out!!" She whispered when she recognised Dante. She looked so sweet in her white lace French knickers. He ignored her and walked up to her. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights yet she was still free. He reached out and ran a thumb across her bottom lip and she trembled at his touch.

He took her hands away and cupped her breasts in his hands before bending down and kissing the tops again. He looked up at her before pulling her in for a kiss. The kiss wasn't sweet but passionate and demanding. In doing so he pushed he onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She could already feel his hard member against her hip. She moaned as he took her hands in his and put them on either side of her head before moving down and rolling off her panties. She was in too much of a daze to react.

He then moved between her soft thighs and pushed his shorts down and began to rub the tip of his erection against her slit. She wasn't wet, but his pre-cum gave enough lubrication for the head to slip in. that's when her senses came back to her and she began to push at his shoulders. He didn't notice it at first until he heard her voice.

"Dante get off me or I'll scream" she said with panic in her voice.

"That's the whole point" he arrogantly replied before trying to kiss the hollow of her throat.

"No!! Get off" this time she said it more firmly.

Dante knew when he'd pushed it too far, and slowly retreated with great disappointment. In doing so Belle pulled the cover over her naked body—thank God there was no light. She watched him leave before getting up and locking her door. She couldn't believe herself or how close she had come to losing all control. Damn that herbal tea, but at least it would help her sleep till morning.

The next day Maya, Cliff, and the twins were leaving. Belle spent as much time as she could with the twins. She and Dante had been sharing that responsibility as Theo got to see them more often than Belle did.

They all had lunch together before the four set out to go. Theo and Dante too left to go into town leaving Belle totally alone this time to relax and use the pool at her leisure without prying eyes.

They arrived home just after eleven. The house was quiet for Belle packing her things for the next morning. She would need a lift into the city by Theo as she hadn't brought her car with her.

She was in the kitchen and didn't hear them come in. Dante walked in with Theo and very slowly crept up behind her placing a hand on her shoulder. He just missed smack on his jaw.

"Watch out. She bites, kicks, scratches—basically everything that a woman should not do," laughed Theo.

"Hey, stop that," she snapped.

"Don't be so mean Theo" said Dante said before looking up and smiling. She was definitely a handful.

"Guys, I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning, and Theo don't forget you've got to give me a ride. Goodnight boys," she said before heading up stairs.

Belle was woken up by a soft knocking on her door. She tried to ignore it at first but it wouldn't go away. Dante—who else would be at her door at this time? With a groan she got out of bed and opened it. Sure enough it was Dante only in black shorts.

"What do you want?" she yawned.

"I thought we could talk" he said shifting a little.

"Can't this wait till the morning?" she asked before another yawn.

"I might not have the opportunity Belle" he pleaded.

"Fine" she finally gave in and walked back into bed. Dante came in and sat on her bed.

"So talk" she said.

"Let me get in first, it's a little cold now" he whispered.

Before she could protest he slid between the covers and drew her body close to his. He studied her face and placed a loose strand behind her ear. She was so beautiful, sexy and basically everything he loved and wanted in a woman. She stared up at him unsure of what to do or say. She's known Dante for twenty years, and he was her brother's best friend and an ass at times.

Dante leaned in and kissed her lips lightly. She smelt of coconut and nutmeg. She didn't protest when his kissed her more deeply. She was melting around him as he moved on top. He pushed her nightdress up releasing her breasts from the confines of her bra, and immediately began to suckle on them. She moaned loudly and arched her back. He moved his hand down and pushed her thong off her hips and down her legs.

Her eyes looked glazed as she watched him undressing her, before coming back down with the exception that he was settled nicely between her thighs. She could feel the tip poking near her entrance. He took her hand down and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing member.

"This is what you do to me every time I'm near you," he murmured before going back to her nipples. However she let go and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. He smiled at her response and guided his tip to her entrance. He was too excited to explore her further and rubbed it around the outside puffy lips before nudging it in. She moaned again and pulled him in closer.

With one hard thrust he was fully embedded in her slick heat. They both moaned in union. She felt like a tight wet glove swallowing him further into her body. He moved back to her mouth and pushed his tongue in rubbing hard against hers. She raised her hips and tried to match his thrusts, however he was thrusting in and out of her harder and faster, even his tongue was mimicking his movements.

Dante never thought the girl he had always teased would be surrendering herself so wholly as she was doing at that moment. Claude was definitely a lucky man to be enjoying her as often as he wanted to. He was so far gone that he hadn't even thought about protection, but that was her problem he thought arrogantly.

Her vagina began to spasm around him harder, triggering his own orgasm. One more thrust and he felt jets of his semen entering her body. Even the girl the other night hadn't been as satisfying as Belle was. When he felt he could give no more, he came to rest within her and drew his mouth away. She smiled at him before her eyelids grew heavy from their intense love-making.

Very slowly he withdrew from her heat and did his best to clean and cover her up before kissing her forehead and slipping out of his room. If Theo knew what he just done with his little sister he wouldn't have a dick before he left.

Belle could hear footsteps outside her door and voices. She was a bit groggy as she woke up and felt weird as if in a daze. She wasn't sure whether she had imagined Dante in her room making love to her or it was all a dream. A dull ache between her thighs made her look down and when she saw she wasn't wearing anything she blushed.

She felt wetness still around and inside herself and realised what it was. He had been so passionate and she had been so responsive that it made her wonder how she had succumbed to him after all the times he had tried to touch her, and she had rejected him. Maybe it was the herbal tea-but she didn't want to be blaming it on that all the time.

No, it was a passionate one off intimacy that she didn't want to share again because there was no relationship between the two just something physical that she'd given into at a moment of weakness. Thank God she was on the pill.

She got up and stripped the bed before jumping into the shower. Dante must've been very well endowed as she still throbbed and felt tender. Getting dressed in her jeans and black t-shirt, she packed the rest of her bags and headed for downstairs. Even though she wasn't leaving till the afternoon, she wanted to be prepared.

"Have you started to pack?" Theo asked when he saw come into the kitchen. He had just finished his breakfast and was heading upstairs leaving her with Dante.

"Yes and I've stripped the bed too" she replied trying to void a blush.

"Sleep well?" Dante asked with a sly smile. She knew exactly what he was referring to.

"I did, thank you," she replied coolly.

"Oh? I remember it was better than well," he said before stealing a quick kiss and leaving her alone. She blinked in confusion. Why didn't he boast about it?

All three were busy making sure they hadn't forgotten anything as it was close to 5pm and Theo was loading up the two remaining cars. Belle came outside to help, but noticed that Theo had put hers in Dante's.

"Why have you put my things in Dante's car?" she asked in confusion.

"Because I can't take you back today, but Dante can," he replied never stopping.

"But I thought..." she began.

"Look, for once could you do as you're told?" he said in a stern voice.

"What's wrong, Theo?" She asked, his reaction was making her uneasy.

"Work, I was supposed to go back on Monday, but now they want me to start tomorrow so I'm kind of pressed for time as you can see, so I'm leaving right now" he said stopping for a moment.

"Oh, I thought it was something really serious," she said relieved.

"This is serious Belle," he said nearly laughing at the look on her face.

"You know what I mean" she said hugging him. Dante came down too, and the two friends said good-bye before Theo set off, leaving Dante and Belle in the driveway.

"Well we better get a move on too," Dante said looking at his watch.

"I'm ready," she replied softly.

The drive was in silence which made things really tense for Belle. She just kept looking outside her window and praying that she'd get home soon. She didn't know which was worse, the fact that they'd slept together, or the fact neither one mentioned it.

After a while Belle noticed that they weren't heading towards the city. She recognised that they were heading towards Dante's house instead. She sat back more sharply and looked over at him. They exchanged glances but she didn't say anything. She used to go there a lot when she was growing up; she knew the way like it was her own house.

As they unloaded the bags, Dante led her into the house and up into one of his guest rooms. She walked in warily as to why she was here. She turned to Dante with a confused expression. Before she could open her mouth he cut in.

"Theo suggested it would be good for you to stay with me. He'll be here at the end of the week," he said trying to assure her.

"This was before anyone discussed it with me I suppose," she said flatly.

"You did say you wanted a little time to yourself," he reminded her.

"Yes by myself, not with you or anyone else," she replied in annoyance.

"God, why do you all still treat me like a child?" She said—more to herself.

"You certainly weren't a child last night Belle. In fact you've turned out to be a fine woman indeed," he said reaching out to stroke her face. She flinched from his touch.

"Don't touch me," she spoke so low that he had to strain his ears to understand her words. They angered him.

"Anyway, it's late and I'm tired. There's not much food, so, if you're not hungry, I suggest you go to bed," he said trying to control his temper. He knew how strong-headed she could be.

Shutting the door behind him she sat on the bed and looked around her room. Hungry? Food was the last thing on her mind. What on earth had possessed Theo to make such a suggestion without consulting with her first? So many questions went through her head before she decided to give up and change into her night clothes.

The bed was nice and soft. Though she couldn't sleep at first she finally managed to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

When Belle woke up it was just after 1pm. She couldn't believe how long she'd slept, but then she remembered that it had only been just after 5am when she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.

She got up and dressed and went downstairs. She looked around the rooms and finally headed for the kitchen. She noticed some of her suitcases on near the front door and frowned. Dante was on the phone and had several bags around him; it looked like he's just come back from shopping. Seeing her at the doorway he swiftly ended the conversation and looked in her way.

"Theo dropped off some of your stuff; it's near the front door. I've managed to buy some supplies for us till the end of the week as my staff are off," he informed her as he started to put the things away.

"My stuff? How long am I to stay here, Dante? What's going on?" She demanded.

"I told you. We both think you're better off here than all alone in the city. Why else would you be taking off so much time? You haven't planned a trip have you?" he enquired never stopping.

"That's not the point. I have a life, job and friends. I don't want to be stuck out here in the middle of no mans land. I'll go crazy," she said.

"The more reason to stay here and be alone. Unless..." he stopped.

"Unless what?" she demanded.

"Unless Claude will be worried about you," he said mockingly.

"Actually he will" she said hotly.

"Not that I blame the poor man. Not sure I'd like the fact that my girlfriend stays in the room opposite her brother's best friend, and then makes love to him," he said, smiling sweetly.

"That was a mistake," she shot back trying to hurt him.

"Do you think he'll see it that way? Can't you just see him imagining me climbing between your thighs for a good fuck?" He said, still smiling, but no warmth in his eyes.

"God you are disgusting you know that!" She said with contempt.

"Obviously not enough not to sleep with, if my memory serves me correctly," he threw back.

"Fuck you," she screamed, before storming upstairs. God, she had never been so humiliated. What did he think she was?

Fifteen minutes hadn't passed when she came running downstairs and was about to open the front door when he pulled her away. She struggled against him before stamping on his foot and pushing him back to open the door and ran off. "Little bitch" he muttered before running after her.

She was fast, knowing exactly where she was going. She dashed through the paths and managed to avoid the tree branches which stood out in all directions. Suddenly she felt that she was alone and believed the idiot had given up. She stopped to catch her breath. No sooner had she done so when she felt a strong hand over her mouth.

Struggling like a wild animal she tried to kick out and wriggle herself free, but the iron-like hand clamped over her mouth, and the other around her waist didn't budge but held on tighter. She was dragged back towards the house before being shoved forward onto the patio.

"Let me go!!" she screamed. Her struggles and pleas had fallen onto deaf ears.

"If you don't quiet down, I'll be forced to gag you," he answered calmly, which did the trick because she ceased.

Dante was a strong young man and she weighed very little, so he had little effort carrying her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes into the house. Though she had stopped wriggling he was still very cautious of her. Her temper was very unpredictable and he wasn't taking any chances again. He dumped her on the floor in the middle of front room.

"Bastard," she muttered as she got up and walked towards the door.

"What did you call me?" He said angrily.

"I called you a bastard; because that is what you are being now," she said, her voice never quavering.

He didn't reply but went over to her and kissed her hard. She was stunned by his reaction. He shut the door and pressed her against it. She looked wild from the running and was panting—from fear or desire, he did not know. He didn't wait for her to react, but kissed her again, and this time she reacted.

He pressed into her, and she could feel his arousal pressing against her belly dangerously. A thrill went up her spine at being so vulnerable. He pushed her dress up and pulled at her panties until they ripped. All the while kissing her he unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down to just below his hips, to free his hard cock before lifting her left thigh over his hip.

He lined the tip against her heat, but didn't wait for her to be lubricated. He wanted to punish her, so he grabbed her shoulders and pushed in hard. Belle threw her head back in sweet pain. She wasn't completely dry but his size was still too much for her to handle in one go. She wasn't given enough time to adjust as he began to thrust his hips forwards and back. There was little space for her to move, so she relied on him.

"You're too tight," he groaned as his thrusts increased, feeling her tight walls rippling around his cock. She felt her snug walls stretching to accept him, hard, forceful and demanding.

His tongue was in constant battle with hers. She felt a tightening in the pit of her belly before she turned her head away and moaned deeply as she came hard for the second time around him. Her climax gave him some lubrication he needed to glide in and out of her with ease. Her body moulded into his so perfectly and the natural blush she had was enough to start his own climax. In doing so, she came again with him.

He went back to her mouth and slid himself in and out of her very slowly. and his tongue mimicked his movements before he withdrew from her and composed himself. She pulled her dress down but her pussy still throbbed and her thigh ached from being in one position for so long.

"Is it this good with Claude?" He finally asked. He didn't know why he was obsessed with her in bed with another man.

"I wouldn't know. You're the only man who's climbed between my thighs for a good fuck," she replied, throwing his words back at him. Before he could react she opened the door and went upstairs.

Dante stood there stunned and wasn't sure if he'd heard her correctly.

An hour later Belle was down stairs in the kitchen eating like a starved woman. Food had never tasted so good even though it was cheese and bread. She really couldn't stomach anything more. What a day it had been for her.

"What did you mean by me being the only man?" Dante asked when he walked into the kitchen.

"What's so unclear about that?" She asked.

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