An Evening at Work

by Kwestor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: While hanging out with a female friend, I get more that I bargained for, and then so did she.

I was working the 11-7 shift as a dispatcher. Since it was a small company, there wasn't much to do once all the paperwork from the previous day has been completed and until I have to get the morning paperwork and assignments together at about 5:30. Unless the previous day was very busy, I usually finish the paperwork about midnight. After that, I tend to nap or watch a movie. And they paid me for that.

It was about 12:30 in the morning when my phone rang. The caller ID said 'Michelle R', a girl I sometimes hang out with. Nothing serious, just watching a movie with occasionally, or going out to a bar with.

"Hi, Michelle. What's up?"

"Nothing much. I was bored, and wondered if you wanted some company."

"Sure. I'm done with everything until the morning paperwork needs to be done. Bring a movie if you want. I didn't bring anything tonight."

"OK. I'll pick something out, and I'll be there in about a half hour."

"OK. See ya then."

Michelle is 22, and, like me, taking classes at the local community college. We met during a class we shared. She is about 5'4" tall, with long black hair and bright green eyes. She's a big girl, but she carries it well. She is easy to talk to, and has a great sense of humor.

Michelle showed up about 45 minutes later, carrying a backpack and a small cooler.

"I brought a couple of movies to pick from, and popcorn and soda. Let me go pop the corn, the soda's in the cooler."

She went into the small 'kitchen' — a table, sink, and countertop microwave. No refrigerator (although there is a small one in the boss' office. Lucky bastard) — and started popping the popcorn while I moved one of the monitors to where we could both see the movie. Luckily, some of the computers they bought for the office have DVD players that they would have had to pay to have removed. They know we watch movies at night, but no one says anything as long as the work gets done right. I usually have something playing for background noise while I'm working.

We moved the chairs next to each other for better viewing, and so we could share the popcorn, and settled down to watch the movie. It was some chick flick, but they aren't bad every now and then. Watching it with Michelle was fun, because she was making comments through the whole thing.

After the movie ended, Michelle took the garbage to the break room to throw out, and I returned the monitor and chairs to their appropriate locations. When she came back, she came up to me and gave me a kiss, rubbing herself on me. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I didn't think she had those feelings for me. My shock didn't last long, though, and I was kissing her back.

We were rubbing each others backs, when she moved her hand to my dick. I was getting turned on from the kissing, and when she grabbed me, I got hard quick. It was painful at first, because my dick actually bent, but she straightened me out, and started rubbing.

She moved me backwards, and when I bumped into the chair, I sat down. She knelt down in front of me, and started opening my pants.

"I've wanted to do this for so long," she said just before she got me free. She moved her head down and started licking me like a popsicle. I ran my hands through her hair, and then slid them down towards her breasts. They were large and firm, and I teased her nipples up.

She started working my dick into her mouth, and I started squeezing and rubbing her tits through her shirt and bra.

"Take off your shirt and bra so that I can play with these right."

She lifted her head up to take them off, but I grabbed her by the hair and said, "I didn't say stop, I said to take off your shirt and bra."

She closed her eyes and moaned, but started to unbutton her shirt with my dick still in her mouth. I kept my hands in her hair to make sure she didn't stop and watched as her tits came into view. She was wearing what looked like a heavy-duty bra, and when she took it off, her tits burst free.

She was bobbing her head up and down on my dick and rubbing what wasn't in her mouth and my balls. I reached down and started playing with her tits, squeezing and rubbing them. I slowly worked them up to where I could reach the nipples, and then I started pinching and twisting them. She moaned, and started moving her head faster and sucking harder then before.

I started to cum, and I slid my hands down and grabbed a handful of her tits and squeezed as I shot into her mouth. She swallowed most of it down, but a little leaked out of her mouth and dripped down her chin. She scooped it up with her fingers and sucked them clean.

She went to clean off her face and get something to drink. When she came back, I was closing up my pants. I grabbed her and started kissing her again, rubbing my hands on her back and tits.

"I have wanted to do that for months."

"Why didn't you say anything before?"

"You were seeing someone, and then I didn't want to ruin our friendship if you didn't feel anything for me."

"Well, that was great, and if anything, it can only make our friendship better." I leered. "Did it turn you on sucking me off like that?"

"A little. You were a little rough, though."

"I think it turned you on a lot more than that." I grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back a little and whispered, "I'll bet you're soaking wet right now." I moved my hand down and cupped her pussy through her jeans. "You loved it; you're jeans are soaked."

I rubbed her pussy through her jeans, driving the seam into her pussy, and she closed her eyes and moaned. Still holder her by the hair, I whispered "Open your jeans."

She shook her head and said no.

"Open you jeans, now." I said louder as I pulled her head back more and rubbed her pussy harder through her jeans.

She moved her hands down and opened the button and pulled down the zipper. It was a little awkward, as I was still rubbing her pussy, but she managed. I slid my hand inside her jeans and rubbed the top of her pussy through her panties. I could just smell her arousal, and she moaned again, louder this time.

"Pull your panties away from you. I want to feel your pussy."

She moved her hands to her panties, and I took my hand away. She pulled her panties away from her body, and I slowly slid my hand inside. When I came to her bush, I tugged on the hair there, then moved my hand lower.

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