A Night in Vegas

by Rockster98

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Cuckold, DomSub, Humiliation, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A white couple with their life in the typical middle class rut, fly to Las Vegas to rejuvenate their marriage. An evening with a self-possessed black couple ends up being a potentially life changing event.

Patty and Bill Peters had flown in to Vegas from Omaha late that afternoon. Bill, a 42 year old accountant at a local insurance company, was taking his first vacation in over a year. Bill was a very slight and near sighted man — 5'8" tall and no more than 150 pounds — and practically the embodiment of the popular stereotype of an accountant.

Patty was 40 years old and at 5'4" she was a pretty brunette with a slightly plump but well filled out figure. A mother of two teenage boys, she was as consumed with the daily high school routine as her husband was with his job. Neither had much time for the other during the past two years, and certainly their sex life had been infrequent at best. This was to be a chance for them to become reacquainted over a long weekend.

They checked hotel, dropped their luggage in the room and changed clothes, then quickly headed down to the casino to try the slots and relax over drinks. After losing a few bucks, the couple took a break from the bandits and grabbed a table where they could still do some people-watching. Catching the eye of a tired looking blonde waitress, Bill ordered another Vodka Tonic and a Cosmopolitan. Patty was now on her third drink — already above her usual limit of two.

Drinks soon in hand, they continued to watch and make random observations on the crowd. Each simultaneously noticed that another couple had approached the table as their attention was elsewhere.

"Hi, I'm Nick Simpson and this is my wife Brenda. Do you mind if we join you?" enquired a large friendly looking dark black man.

Bill said, "No — not at all — have a seat. I'm Bill Peters and this is my wife Patty," as he reached out to shake hands.

Nick was a heavy set graying man - in his late fifties, making him at least fifteen years older than Bill or Patty. While he had a large stomach, at about six feet he was a large man in general with thick arms and a wide chest. Brenda appeared to be a bit younger but certainly over fifty. She was a plump woman with large breasts to go with the rest of her curvy body. Both were drinking red wine.

The two couples made small talk as they nursed their drinks. Nick and Brenda were both outgoing and very self-assured, and they all felt very comfortable sitting together. As they finished off their drinks, Nick asked "If you don't have any other plans, would you like to join us at the tables?"

Glancing at each other Bill and Patty replied "Sure," in unison.

They ordered refills and then headed to the blackjack tables. Bill made a mental note that Patty was on her fourth Cosmo, but also noticed that he was feeling the effects of the vodka himself.

The two couples played well into the evening, keeping up a steady stream of laughter and banter as they lost, won, and then lost again. Patty ordered two more drinks over as they played while Bill had three. The Simpsons drank sparingly, ordering two more glasses of wine.

By midnight Patty was quite drunk, although not obnoxiously so. Bill was also feeling the effects of the booze and suggested to Patty that they head for their room.

"Why not come up to our room for a night cap?" Brenda suggested with a smile.

"That sounds like a great idea," Patty bubbled to Bill's surprise.

The four headed up to the sixth floor, where it turned out that the Simpson's had managed to snare a small suite. In addition to the king size bed and usual tables, there were two side-by-side sofas that faced a television in the corner of the room. Bill took a seat at the end of a sofa, while Patty sat next to him but nearer to the other sofa. Brenda sat across the end table from her, where they could easily chat.

"How about a bottle of red?" Nick asked.

"That's fine by me," Patty said with a slur. Bill did not reply, having started to nod off shortly after sitting down in the comfortable seat. He noticed that Nick brought the first two glasses over and set them on the table, but was out before he returned with the other two.

The next thing he became aware of was of a hand rubbing his chest and a voice in his ear murmuring "How are you feeling honey?" His eyes slowly focused on the face next to him until he realized that Brenda had moved over to face him. "I'm ok — but a little tired," he mumbled in a drunken stupor, looking up at Brenda. "Where's Patty?"

Brenda had turned on the couch so that she faced the semi-reclining Bill, smiling down at him as he slouched back. Sitting back, she said, "Oh, she's doing fine." As she reclined back into the sofa, Bill could see Patty sitting on the other sofa with Nick.

Nick stared at them with bleary eyes as Brenda slowly moved her hand up and down his chest. It suddenly penetrated his foggy mind that the two were snuggled up in the corner nearest to him and Brenda. Nick had Patty pulled against him with his left arm around her shoulders. Bill stared open mouth in shock as Nick tongued her mouth deeply. Patty's shirt had been unbuttoned from neck to waist and her lacy white bra pushed up over her breasts. Patty slowly responded to Nick's kisses with a glazed look in her eyes as he kneaded her ample white tits, and rolled her large rigid pink nipples between his fingers.

Bill mumbled, "What the hell!" and tried to sit up — all of which Nick and Patty were oblivious to as Nick worked on her.

"Sit back down Bill, your little wife is having a good time," Brenda said with a friendly but authoritative voice. She pushed him back on the couch with a firm hand on his chest. He stared up at her with a surprised but compliant look, but said nothing. She continued to rub his chest and stomach and said, "You can keep an eye on her from over here."

Bill lay back on the couch and tried to collect his thoughts, but to little avail, and Brenda felt confident that he was in no state to disagree with her. After staring up into Brenda's eyes while she continued her massage, he managed to lean forward a bit to see the other sofa. He gave a start as he noticed that Nick had tugged Patty's skirt off so that it now lay around her ankles. "Calm down Bill," Brenda murmured, lightly holding him back on the sofa.

Patty's blouse was still on, but was now wide open. Nick was still kissing her deeply, but his left arm was now around her neck as he reached down and tightly cupped her left breast in his large black hand. Bill could see that her nipple was trapped between two of Nick's fingers with the pink tip barely peeking out. Nick's right hand had delved into her white panties and it was obvious that he was slowly working her clit as Patty' hips slightly twitched.

"Do you like that Patty?" Nick asked softly, "If you want more you have to ask for it."

"Y ... y ... yes, give me more," she moaned, her eyes closed.

"I think its time to see what your wife has been getting," Brenda said with a smile as she dropped her hand lower. She unzipped his pants and fished through his underwear to pull his now rigid cock out through his pants.

"Why Bill, you have such a cute little pink cock," Brenda chuckled in his ear as she lightly stroked it. His four and a half inch penis easily fit in her hand with just the pink head protruding past her palm. His face flushed at her words, but he continued to mutely stare at the other sofa where Nick pulled Patty's panties below her knees, then began to slide large black finger up and down her slit, parting her thick brown bush. Bill thought he could hear Patty moan behind Nick's mouth.

"Take off your shoes Bill," Brenda gently commanded. He slowly complied as if in a daze. As he sat back on the sofa, Brenda pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees, then pushed them off with her foot. She then removed his shirt as Bill let her finish undressing him as if he were a small boy.

Brenda kissed him lightly on the lips as she resumed stroking his little prick. "Patty is just getting what she needs tonight. She's going to be fucked by a big strong black man," Brenda cooed in his ear. "She is going to take his big black cock in her pussy more than once — because Nick is a man that loves to fuck white women and will go all night."

Bill glanced to the other sofa where Nick had now managed to fully strip Patty of her clothes except for the black high heels she had worn to the casino. She lay back on the sofa — her pale white skin completely exposed to their hosts. Her ample breasts rolled to the sides of her chest, with her large nipples thrusting up from her crinkled aureole. Her soft belly bulged somewhat but sexily, especially for a forty year old woman. Nick had her legs widespread so that Bill and Brenda were looking right into her crotch where her brown bush could no longer completely hide the wet pink lips beneath it.

Nick was standing and had undressed completely except for his underwear. He would be described by anyone as a fat man given the large belly that hung over his waist. However, he was still a powerful looking man and no one would easily trifle with him. He bent over as he pushed down his underwear. When he stood up again, his cock sprung out from under his stomach. Bill looked at Patty - she seemed to be mesmerized as she stared at it drunkenly. It was coal black, about eight inches long and well over two inches in width. A huge bright red knob protruded from the uncut foreskin.

Brenda whispered in his ear, "He's going to put that big cock up your wife's tight white pussy soon Bill. He'll put it where yours could never reach. Then he'll fuck her long and hard before he fills her with black man's cum."

She grabbed Bill by his cock and gently pulled him up off the sofa, saying, "Let's help Patty out Bill." Brenda pulled him over to the other sofa and pushed the compliant man down between Patty's legs. As she pushed his head into Patty's crotch, she leant into his ear and whispered, "Lick her pussy good Bill, you want it to be ready for Nick's big cock." Without protest, Bill began to lap at his wife's already erect clit as he stared up between her breasts at her face. Even in his own state he still noted the drunken glaze in her eyes.

As Bill stared up at her, Nick knelt on the couch and rubbed the head of his cock along Patty's lips until she opened them and took the big cock head into her mouth. Nick held her head as he slowly moved his shaft back and forth over her red lips. Bill could hear Patty slurping as the big prick filled her mouth completely.

Patty began to roll her hips as Bill dutifully attended to her pussy. As she continued to suck him, Nick bent his head back and moaned with pleasure. At a murmur from Nick, Brenda pulled Bill back into a kneeling position.

Patty started in surprise as Nick pulled out of her mouth with a loud pop. He quickly reached down and pulled her up off the sofa, positioning the white woman with her knees on the front of the sofa and her arms and shoulders resting on the back. Her round white ass stuck out, and as Nick pushed her thighs apart Bill and Brenda could see her wet and slightly gaping lips spread open to Nick's gaze.

"Do you want my black cock Patty?" Nick asked, following the same routine. "If you want me to fuck you, you have to ask."

"F ... f ... fuck me," she moaned weakly.

"Fuck you with what?"

"Fuck me with your big black cock!" she said in a throaty whisper.

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