by Duke of Ramus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, MaleDom, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She's a drunk, but does that mean she can't be useful, entertaining even. Only time will tell.

OK, I'm not really sure why I'm writing this, I don't think I'm feeling guilty but that could be one explanation for this missive. The other is that I want to pass on a good idea that worked out very well for me and I don't see any point in keeping the idea secret. I don't know which is the closest to the truth, and really I don't care. You, gentle reader can make up your own mind.

This story really started one Friday night at the beginning of spring. I had been out for the evening, well that was the original idea, with a young lady. Unfortunately it had turned into a disaster. The silly bitch had been too impatient to get at my money and had blown the whole night I had planned for us.

Just to help you understand where I'm coming from I'll give you a little background on myself. I'm in my early forties, and a little overweight but I have a healthy bank balance brought about by hard work and a little bit of luck. The luck being that I got out of the dot com business before the bubble burst.

Anyway, back to that spring evening. I'd pissed the money grabbing bitch off early and was making my way back to my Bimmer in a pretty foul mood. It was still early and most of the shops where still open, their bright lights depressing me as I strode through the city centre, which was still a chilly place at this time of night.

My personnel misery was rudely interrupted by a grubby hand being thrust under my nose and a whiny voice bleating, "Got any spare change, mister?" Normally in these situations I just brush past, I might be a bit paranoid but I'd worked hard to get my money and I didn't see why I should give it away for nothing. This time, for some reason, I looked at the owner of the hand, thinking to give some young sponger a hard time about being lazy.

The first thing I noticed was that it was a female and she wasn't that young, she had long, dark, straggly hair, pushed back behind her ears. Her face had that worn, dirty, lined look that being out in the wet and cold burdens a person with. Her clothing was a dark blue, ragged tracksuit that looked a little too large for the spare frame it covered. She looked to be in her mid thirties, but that really was just a wild arsed guess on my part.

The hand that wasn't thrust out in front of me was clutching a tatty old duffel bag that I guessed carried her belongings. The most striking feature in an otherwise weather worn face where the green eyes, they were still bright, almost sparkling, undefeated despite her current condition.

"And what would you want my change for?" I challenged, uncharacteristically for me.

"A coffee, sir, on this cold night." She said, trying to sound pitiful.

"Bullshit," I responded. My mind started weighing the options, what would it be, drugs or booze where the obvious choices. Booze, I decided. "You'll just go and get a beer and that'll last you thirty seconds."

She started to look a little angry, "So what if I do, what do you care?" She tried to straighten up, "A little bit of change isn't going to bankrupt you is it?" Her tone no longer weak and bleating.

I smirked at her honest answer, "No it wouldn't bankrupt me, but I'd get nothing for it either." I was about to walk away when a stupid idea hit me. I looked the woman up and down and actually smiled at her.

"I'll tell you what, you show me your tits, here and now, and I'll buy you a six pack, what do you say to that?"

She looked like a rabbit caught in a couple of spotlights, those green eyes grew incredibly round and her head shook from side to side. Whether she was saying no or looking around the street to see who was there was debatable.

I took a look around. I was on one of the side roads off the main thoroughfare. There was one of those cheap booze places on the corner where the street met the main road and close to the junction were a couple of the small shops that were still open. About half a dozen other people were walking along the street we were on, none of them closer than thirty yards.

"Well?" I pushed.

She still hadn't said anything, her mouth was opening and closing, a bit like a beached fish, inarticulate noise were slipping past her lips.

"No, Oh well you had your chance." I turned to leave, before I'd taken a couple of paces she called out.

"Wait, please wait." I looked back over my shoulder.

"Here, you mean I have to get them out here, now?"

"Yes, that's right, strip completely to the waist, right here, right now and I will go to that booze place and buy you a six pack. Anything else and I walk away."

I looked at her expectantly. Would she?

Her free hand was fiddling with zip that held her tracksuit top closed, the other hand, still holding her duffel, was swinging at her side. She cocked her head to one side, obviously appraising me. You could see her thinking, 'how much to show, will he cough up if I do, could I get away with less?'

Our little corner of peace and quiet was broken by the sound of her duffel hitting the pavement between her legs. She grasped the tag on the zip and quickly pulled it down. I caught a glance of a grey coloured top before it vanished from sight as her arms twisted around pulling it over her head.

Keeping the top in one hand she grasped the front of her bra, which I could now see had once been white, with the other hand and pulled it over her head without unfastening it exactly as she had done with the top.

She stood before me, in the middle of the street, her hands by her side, one holding her top the other her bra. Her little tits were topped by small, stiff nipples which she kept pointed straight at me.

She tried to give a little jiggle but not a lot happened, "Happy now?"

I smiled mostly with surprise. I hadn't really expected her to do it.

"Do I get my booze?"

I nodded my head, and set off back down the street, walking past her. I may be a bit of a bastard at times but I will always keep my part of any agreement I make. By the time I came out of the off licence she had her tracksuit top back on.

Still smiling I handed her a 6 pack of lager, "I look forward to seeing you again, " I said with a leer. Without a word she grabbed the six pack from me, twisted around and forced the six cans into her duffel before turning and running away from me.

Though surprised at her abrupt departure I continued my journey home, smiling and a lot less depressed than I had been.

So here I was wandering the city streets in the early evening, staring at the various dropouts and bums and that littered the streets. I'll admit now that I was curious about the little bit of stuff I'd had some fun with last week.

Various thoughts kept going through my head, not all of the charitable. Was she all right? How far would she go? Was she clean? And a million similar ideas. That was the reason for my evening stroll on the darkside of city life, a mix of curiosity and dark fantasies.

It was the duffel bag that lead me to her, though I hadn't consciously remembered it, seeing it triggered a buried memory. On the bottom had been a picture of a fish in a slightly darker blue than the rest of the bag. There, resting on a bench by the bus stop was that same bag.

I made my way over, almost sneaking up on my intended victim. As I stepped in front of her she jumped and started looking for a way to escape, it was only after she saw she was effectively trapped that she even looked to see who I was.

When she looked straight at me it was I who got a shock. She'd been beaten up, it was obvious from the discoloration around one eye and the healing split on her lower lip.

"What the hell happened to you?" I burst out before she had a chance to say anything some of my shock no doubt showing through.

Her breathing slowed as she realised I wasn't attacking her, then I noticed recognition in her eyes.

"Oh, it's you." She said. "Well I didn't get to drink the booze you got me. A couple of blokes took it from me." Her hand came up and touched her lip, "and they wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Tough, and don't tell me there was nobody to report it too."

"What do you think, the pigs are more likely to give any of us a kicking than help us, even if we're in the right."

Now that I could understand. The police might be a fine upstanding body but it was your average citizen that paid their wages, not layabouts who didn't have jobs.

"So, do you want somewhere to stay?" I asked surprising myself.

She looked me up and down as though trying to fathom my intentions, I reacted badly to her inspection. "God No!" I exclaimed, "I've got a shed in the back garden you can use for a couple of days, nothing else."

What I didn't tell her was that my shed as I'd called it, was actually a three roomed summer house made of twenty five millimetre seasoned pine. It was triple insulated and had a log burning stove to keep it warm. As well as full plumbing and power to it. I'd actually stayed in it for the odd evening when I'd had to much to drink and couldn't be bothered to go back to the main house.

I glanced about before looking down at her and saw that she was trying to spot the catch. So I'd give her a catch, hopefully I thought, smiling internally, one she'd go along with.

"If you want some booze" I paused, "I'll get you the same as last time." Another pause, "All you have to do is ride home in my car, topless."

She swallowed, her Adams apple bobbing noticeably as she did so. "Topless, you mean like I was when you were staring at my tits?"

"That's right, nothing on above the waist from when you get in the car to when you get out."

"Why the bloody hell would I do a thing like that." It was almost as if she was trying to convince herself that she was angry at my suggestion.

"For a few cans of beer and somewhere safe to drink it, along with somewhere sheltered to spend the night." I replied, doing my best to look serious.

Despite my best efforts to convince her I could see she was going to say no. For some reason I was trying to think of some way to sweeten the deal but hadn't got any inspiration. Events then lent me a hand.

The whole time the conversation had been going on both of us, her more than I, had been keeping an eye out for any signs of, I suppose, danger. She must have spotted something because she froze, looking off to the side. I followed the direction of her gaze and saw a large, scruffy looking bloke, another street dweller.

"Someone you know?"

She jerked her head round to me, "Yeah, one of the blokes from the other night." She wasn't panicking but I saw her face change as she made a decision. "I'll take you up on that offer after all."

"Good," I said, "Lets go see what we can find for you." I turned and walked back towards my car, and the corner booze store I'd used the previous time. The woman grabbed her bag and followed along, though she did keep glancing back towards the man who trailed along behind us.

The trip through the booze supermarket was carried out as quickly as possible, partly to give her no time to change her mind and in part to keep her safe. Yes that's right safe, I didn't want that bloke to get brave enough to approach us.

As it was he'd just started to move up when I came out of the exit. I gave him a hard look and he retreated back the way he'd come. What I'd have done if he'd kept coming I've no idea but I've found that if you project the right attitude people just expect things to happen.

"Come on then, the car's in the underground garage." I didn't give her time to respond just walked off and let her chase after me. I led the way to my car pondering the best way to carry through on our agreement, I expected her to run now that we'd lost our shadow.

"OK, here's what I've got for you," I said holding the carrier bag open to display a six pack of beer and a half bottle of vodka. Once she'd seen what was in the bag I placed it in the back of the Bimmer and closed up the tailgate.

"Now, get your top off and well go home."

"Can't I get in first?" She asked.

"No, the agreement was topless the whole time you were in the car, that means from when you get in to when you get out." She hesitated, so I walked around to the drivers door before calling out, "Your choice, I'm going, you can either get in or stay here."

I slowly got in and looked across at her. She paused for a moment then even quicker than I remembered from last time stripped to the waist and jumped in the car, dropping her bag between her feet. She held her clothes in front of her obscuring my view.

I scowled at her, "Put the clothes in your bag and fasten your seat belt, we haven't got time to play silly games."

I suppose sheepish is the best way to describe the look she favoured me with before she leant forward and stuffed her clothes into her bag. After she'd fastened her seat belt I took a good look at her. Her small breasts were nicely separated by the cross belt, her nipples were firm red tips sticking out, whether due to excitement or the cold I couldn't say.

I wasn't in any rush and really wanted to see how she'd react so I took the long way home, circling around the city centre to find the route home. This gave many people a chance to spot the half naked woman sat in the front seat but as far as I was able to see nobody noticed and after the first couple of minutes she stopped fidgeting and just sat normally.

Two important points came out on that drive home, the first was her name, Alison, which was the only personal information I asked for. The other was the fact that she stunk, in the enclosed space of the car it was bad, only the fact that it came at me slowly enabled me to keep my mouth shut, but it also gave me something else to do when we got home.

After parking on my drive I led her around the side of the house and into the back garden. She'd been sat there with her mouth open from the time I'd driven onto the development. The houses on our estate were all on separate plots with plenty of land around them, my own house had five bedrooms, a finished cellar and a swimming pool in the back garden. She followed me around the side of the house saying nothing until she saw the shed I'd said she could use.

When she saw it she stopped in her tracks, looked at me and then burst out, "What the fuck is that?"

"It's the shed you're staying in, if you still want to." I answered, trying not to sound smug.

She slowly moved forward and climbed the two steps up onto the veranda, without touching anything she glanced through the windows, then moved over to the opposite side of the veranda and looked through the second window.

What she saw was an open space divided into a sitting area and a small kitchenette. A couple of small sofas provided the seating around a glass topped coffee table. Hanging on the wall was a small flat screen television and under that was the music centre and DVD player combination. The kitchenette had a small fridge/freezer, a hob and a sink along with a couple of cupboards for storage.

In the centre of the rear wall of the main living area where two doors, the right hand one led into a bathroom which had a sink, toilet and shower. The left hand door led into the bedroom, which had built in wardrobes with mirrored doors, a couple of bedside cabinets and a queen sized double bed.

After her inspection Alison turned back to me, "You're letting me stay in here?"

I nodded.

"Why?" She asked.

Yes indeed, why? I didn't know and told her so. "I don't know. When I suggested it, it just seemed like a good idea and one thing I won't do is break any deal I've made."

She looked at me as though I was mad, which I suppose from her point of view I probably was. "Don't worry, the deal was a place to stay for a couple of days and the booze," I held up the bag I'd recovered from the back of my car before leading her into the garden, "for travelling here topless." That was when she remembered that she hadn't put her top back on.

It was amusing to watch her go bright red and throw her arm across her chest before glowering at me and dropping her arms back to her sides when she remembered that I'd seen everything already. When she'd calmed down I handed over the beer and took the key for the summer house off my key ring.

"Here, let me open the door," I pushed it open and stepped back, passing close to her, catching a whiff of her as I did so, that reminded me of how much she stank. "If you give me your clothes I'll get them washed for you."

"I thought you said you didn't go back on deals!" She exclaimed.

I looked at her confused, "Bollocks." I said, under my breath, though I'm sure she heard from the way her face tightened again. "Go in there," I said waving at the door, "and pass those filthy clothes out. I'll leave them on that chair," I indicated one of the chairs on the veranda, "in the morning."

She looked suspicious but I was having none of it. "Just do it."

She pulled her top and bra out of her bag and dropped them on the floor before moving through the door, it didn't take long before the rest of her clothes were passed through a barely open door and dropped on top of the pile.

I bent to pick up the clothes, carefully minimising my contact with them. I smiled as I caught a glimpse, through the window, of Alison scurrying across the room, her pale naked ass wiggling as she headed for the bedroom.

I dropped the, now, clean clothes on the chair I'd indicated the night before and banged on the door. As I waited for a response I chuckled over the previous nights performance, especially when I'd had a go at using the washing machine and tumble dryer. They may have been in the utility room since I'd bought this place but I normally sent everything out to be cleaned so their operation had been a minor challenge.

Inside the summer house nothing much appeared to happen so I thumped the wooden surround again as hard as I could. After a couple of minutes the bedroom door opened and Alison peered out at me. I smiled brightly at her and spoke up, "Your clothes are here," I pointed towards the chair but doubted if she could see them from where she was. "If you want some breakfast come over to the house and join me."

I left it at that and headed back to the coffee and the morning paper I'd left in the kitchen. Half an hour later I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up. There was Alison freshly washed and dressed. She hadn't done much to change her appearance, probably because she didn't have any cosmetics or anything, but at least she was clean.

I waved her into the kitchen and pointed at a stool, "Grab a seat, what would you like?" I asked.

"I don't know, it's been so long since I had a breakfast." She looked a little wistful, "I'll have whatever you're having."

"I'm having toast and coffee, do you want the coffee or something stronger?"

I watched as she struggled with herself and was surprised when she said coffee. I threw some thick sliced bread into the toaster and while it was cooking collected the butter, cheese and various jams from the refrigerator. I set the whole lot on the breakfast bar, in front of Alison, and sat down myself.

We didn't speak much as we worked our way through half a loaf and a couple of pots of strong filter coffee. I for one was having a few strange thoughts about this woman in front of me, teasing dominant type thoughts. Thoughts that I hadn't had in any normal relationship before, but you could hardly call our relationship normal could you.

I finally broke the silence between us, "Do you have any plans for the next few days?" She looked up and scanned my face, I guess she was trying to figure where the trap was, then shook her head negatively.

"Fancy staying here for a few more days?" I asked.

Her face took on a deeply suspicious look, you could almost see her brain trying to weigh up all of the options. Finally she asked, "What for?"

I thought about my answer for a moment before saying, "More of the same, I'll get you to do things like going topless and in exchange I'll provide you with all the booze you want. You can stay in the shed, I'll even let you have the key for it so you'll feel safe. What do you say?"

She was totally focused on what I was saying, still looking for the trap I was building. After a couple of deep breaths she spoke up, "I'm not going to let you fuck me no matter what you offer."

"In case you hadn't noticed I hadn't mentioned sex." I said with a slight snarl, I took a deep breath to calm myself. "The way I see it," which was a lie, I was making this up as I went along, "is that I will ask you to do something. If you are willing to do it we will then negotiate a price for doing that thing. What this means is that, if you don't want to do whatever it is I've asked for, you say no, and that is the end of it. If you are happy to do the task then I get you what we agreed on and, after you've carried out your part we move on to whatever I think up next."

That sounded a little confused, maybe even complicated, to me but I'm sure I got the gist of the idea over to her.

"No sex." She reiterated.

"If I ask for sex and you say no that is the end of the matter. If I ask you to stand on your head and you don't want to that is the end of that as well. I can ask for the same thing over and over but just because you said yes once doesn't mean it's yes every time. You can always refuse to do something." I stopped and took a sip of my coffee and watched as she mulled over my offer.

Finally she looked up, "OK," was all she said.

I stuck a hand in my pocket and pulled out the key to the summer house, "Here you are," I said, passing it over to her. "Make yourself at home."

The next couple of days were pleasant as I allowed Alison to settle in. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of security she'd gained and started to come out of her shell a little. I guess the only down side for her was me and all I did was keep her topless most of the time.

I don't think it was the sight of her dinky little tits that did it for me. It was more the feeling of power I got whenever she appeared with her stiff little nipples on display.

In the end it was me that got bored, bored of hanging around the house, bored of seeing her in the same old outfit, bored of... well you get the idea. It was the tracksuit that finally did it for me. We had to get her something else to wear, something much more revealing.

"Come on, let's go get you some clothes," I called out.

I was going to have to do something about that look she kept giving me, I just couldn't figure out what.

"Why?" she asked, "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"I don't like it, it's time for something different." I answered.

"So is this one of those offer, accept, decline things we talked about?"

Got me, "I guess it is. So, what is it going to cost me to get you to come shopping for some new clothes, then?" I asked.

"A bottle of vodka." She stated.

"Too much." I shook my head to emphasise the point. "A half, and you have to do as I say."

"Throw in a six pack and you've got a deal."

"You sure?" I asked.

She stopped, thought over our conversation and nibbled at her lip in concentration. "I can still refuse if you get extreme but I think I'm sure."

Well that was as clear as mud wasn't it. "OK, we'll give it a try and see how we go." I could always throw her out if she got to objectionable.

I made sure I'd got my wallet and we headed for the nearest shopping mall. As I drove along I tried to decide what I was going to get her. A dress of some sort was a certainty, as were a couple of blouses and short skirts. Was there anything else she needed?

"What do you think we should get?" I asked hoping for some ideas.

"I don't know, what do you want me to have?" Alison had a very expressive face and the look she was giving me now clearly said that this was your idea not mine.

"Alright," I said, glancing to the heavens, "I'm getting you a dress and a couple of blouses and skirts," after a short pause I added, "very short skirts." I flicked my gaze over to her. Can you think of anything else you'd need now?"

She was silent for a couple of minutes and then half turned in the seat, "Underwear and shoes."

I gave her a questioning look.

"I doubt if tatty trainers," she held up a foot to show me the state of her footwear, "will go with skirts and dresses."

I nodded in response.

"And if you expect me to wear very short skirts out," she raised an eyebrow and I nodded back, "then I'm going to want some underwear that is better than plain grey knickers, aren't I?"

"I guess you are," I agreed, then had a thought, "What about stockings." I couldn't help but smile as I asked.

"In your dreams," was the reply, though the smirk that went with the comment led me to believe that she wasn't as averse to the idea as she sounded.

After we'd parked up I led her through the mall, just looking at what sort of shops were there. I can't say that I was that familiar with the sort of shops that women went into for clothes. After we'd walked from one end of the mall to the other I decided to call a halt and stopped for a coffee. As I sat next to a silent Alison I contemplated what I'd seen. There seemed to be three general categories of shops, the designer outlets that were expensive in the extreme, the mundane chain stores that catered for the everyday needs of your typical house wife, call it boring. Then there were the shops that targeted the youngsters, fashion clothes that were cheap and cheerful, almost disposable but not expected to be worn by anyone over the age of twenty five.

From what I'd seen in the windows they were the shops we'd be looking in. I finished my coffee then pointed Alison at a shop called New Look. "In there first, I think." Alison didn't say anything just followed me as I trailed a couple of, what looked like, fourteen year olds into the store.

The noise was horrendous, I guess being brain dead allows you to waste money without to much thought.

I looked around and saw a store layout guide fastened to one of the pillars next to the escalators. I made my way over there and had a read, looked like the dresses were on the upper floor thought the rest was down here on the ground floor.

I pointed at the escalator and shouted across to Alison, "Dresses first," and followed her up the escalator.

The upper floor was quieter than downstairs, for which I was grateful. I looked around and realised that I was going to have to look at the whole floor as there didn't seem to be a sign for disgustingly short dresses. I took Alison by the arm and started out in a clockwise direction, just following the natural walk ways and mooched about. Occasionally I'd stop and inspect something that caught my eye but generally kept moving.

A muttered "Nice," from Alison attracted me. I looked over at her and found she had stopped at a rack that I'd somehow missed and was running her fingers over a blue dress. I joined her and looked at what she'd found.

It was deep blue and made out of some sort of clingy material, from what I could see on the hanger it had a deep v-shaped neckline and there appeared to be cut-outs in the sides. "Grab that one, you can try it on in a bit, let's see what else we can find," I said as I headed off.

The next dress I found was also blue, but this time a very pale blue, the attached label described it as a tube dress with a front cut out detail. I handed it over to Alison and pointed towards the changing rooms.

"Try them on and come out to show me." I said, "Don't bother wearing anything under them, OK?"

She nods and just heads for the changing room, collecting the little green tag with the number two on as she passes the shop assistant. I hang around for a couple of minutes, watching the young girls going in and out of the changing room. God they're noisy.

Alison came out in the darker of the two blue dresses, approached me and just before she reached me she spun round causing the skirt part of the dress to flair out. It didn't go high enough to reveal what she was, or wasn't, wearing underneath but it was enjoyable to watch. Where the front plunged down it allowed easy access to her breasts and if they had been large enough would have exposed their edges nicely. As Alison was small on top it merely displayed them nicely. The cut-outs would allow my hands to touch flesh in a normal cuddle and slide inside to cup her ass for something more intimate. On the downside they did show how pale she was.

"Not bad at all," I told her, "Now go try on the other one." Without a word she turned and walked away, flicking her hips from side to side as she did so.

After another short wait she reappeared in the pale blue dress. This one clung to her like a second skin following every move her body made. There was no need to spin in this dress, the skirt wasn't designed to flair at all. Her nipples were making clear marks in the bra like top. Although she hadn't spun round as she approached me I had her do a twirl, just to see how the dress emphasised her ass.

"So what do you think?" I asked.

"I think I prefer the other one, the colour of this one does nothing for me." She sounded like she should have been pouting when she said that.

Still, she was right, white skin under a pale dress made her look washed out, but add a tan and it would have been a very nice sight. Still we only needed one dress for now. "OK, well take the darker one, go get it and we'll head downstairs."

After a short wait she came out of the changing room in her tracksuit clutching the blue dress. We descended back into the maelstrom that was the lower sales floor and started hunting out some blouses and skirts.

Down here there was a much greater selection that met my requirements, Alison mentioned that it was because they had their summer collection in. What this meant for me was a large range of short miniskirts for Alison to try on. Add an array of thin, cropped or tight tops and it took some time to come up with a selection that filled my needs. Three skirts, a tight black one, a blue denim skirt with a full length zip and a flouncy black skirt.

The tops I picked consisted of a thin white blouse that was worn with the tails tied under the boobs, a stretch denim cropped top that was really just a sports bra but it matched the denim skirt. The last top was described as a sexy net tank top and it was, though how any self respecting mother would allow her daughter to wear it I don't know. It looked like elasticised black crocheted work with very large openings that allowed everything to be displayed.

When Alison had come out of the changing room with it on most of the girls around had blushed or giggled. The shop assistant had gone so red she looked like she was going to burst a blood vessel. I suppose that you were expected to wear a pretty bra under it or something, without the bra it was an excellent device for humiliating the wearer. Alison seemed immune to that, smiling at me as she paraded in front of more than a dozen teenage girls. The kick I got from her performance was immense and something I looked forward to repeating before a more appreciative audience.

As we queued to pay for the goods I spotted a small black bikini hanging on a rack and grabbed it without having Alison try it on. I figured she needed something to wear around the pool.

After paying for everything I glanced at my watch and realised we'd been in there for over an hour, a very enjoyable hour all things considered. That just left us underwear and shoes on the shopping list but that could wait until I'd had another coffee.



"Should I put the dress on before we go and get the rest?"

"I guess so, I doubt if high heels would look right with your tracksuit."

She stood up and grabbed the bag containing the dress, "Back in a minute." She said as she headed for the ladies room at the back of the room.

I had another moment of introspection whilst she was away. What did either of us get from our actions, apart from the obvious. It had only been a few days and already I'd seen a tremendous improvement in Alison, whether it was permanent was open to debate but she was much more out going and appeared healthier. I was getting a real kick out of the control games we were playing but strangely felt no need for them to get extreme. I watched as Alison approached, now wearing the blue dress. She had been right, it did look ridiculous when worn with trainers.

Before she could sit, I rose. "Come on, lets get rid of those trainers first." I said as I headed for the nearest shoe shop.

Picking a couple of pairs of shoes didn't take long and wasn't that much fun. I'd envisaged some assistant being flashed by a red faced Alison but it turned out that the average shoe shop was a self help place, the two assistants just collected odd sized products from the store room out the back or rang the items through the till.

As we left the shop, Alison now some three inches taller in a pair of blue court shoes, whispered gently in my ear, "You'd have much more fun in the designer shoe shops, there the assistants have to help you put the shoes on and make sure they fit correctly." Her dark brown eyes were smiling as she spoke, "Wouldn't that be good to watch, some poor boy helping me with a pair of thigh high boots..."

I stared in surprise, Alison could see right through any pretence I could offer.

I choked out, "Underwear!"

She led the way grinning at my embarrassed look.

I determined to get my own back, even if the dig had been true.

We ended up in a specialist underwear store, not a Victorias Secret with all the sexy items but a pretty evocative place none the less.

The assistant, a middle aged woman with dark hair and fashionable glasses, approached us and started speaking to Alison, effectively ignoring me. Although a little miffed initially I figured that most of the customers where women and men who came in here were there because their partner had dragged them in.

Alison was looking around, with the assistant, fingering the various pieces of lingerie. The two of them talking in subdued whispers, smiling and casting glances in my direction. It took awhile but they reached some sort of decision and approached me with several sets of lacy underwear between them.

"Which of these do you like the best?" asked Alison, spreading the various sets out across her hands.

"Not sure," I responded, "Why don't you go and try them on and come out and show me." I waited for the explosion but it didn't come, Alison just grinned at me.

"Excuse me Sir," the assistant called for my attention, "If the young lady tries on the knickers," her hand waved in Alisons general direction, "she needs to keep her own on under them, hygiene reasons you understand?"

"I take it I'll have to buy them if she doesn't?" I asked.

"Yes Sir," she exclaimed, as though that should be obvious, even to a mere man.

"OK, not a problem." I turned to Alison, "Start with that black set," I pointed at her left hand, "and then work your way through to the lightest colour." I paused before adding, "Don't bother wearing your own knickers, I'll pay for the lot."

She nodded her understanding then turned and headed for the changing cubicle but stopped when I called out, "Don't forget to come out and show me." I heard the assistant gasp next to me as Alison again nodded her understanding.

"Sir, I'm not sure if that is allowed." Blustered the assistant.

I looked the woman over. She was a little younger than my initial impression had lead me to believe, it was just her wardrobe and the glasses that made her seem older. "I'll tell you what, as long as we're the only customers in the shop she can come out and show me." I paused, "If anyone else turns up I'll let her hide in your changing rooms until they've gone. How's that?"

"I don't know..." She hesitated, I could see she was interested in the idea.

"Come on, admit it. You'd like to see your customers parading around in some of the kit you sell as much as us men would. Well this is your chance." I watched as she swallowed, "And you can always say that you told us it wasn't allowed, which you have, and that we just ignored you. Can't you?"

I smiled as a similar smile broke out on her face, "Yes Sir, I can, can't I." She then got a curious look on her face, "How did you know I'd be interested?"

"I didn't," I said looking at her name badge for the first time, "It was just a lucky guess, Sonia."

We stood and looked at each other, the pause getting just a little embarrassing but our isolation was broken when the changing room curtain was pulled back and Alison slid through the gap, looking around nervously.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but Alison had washed up well and now, despite her nervousness, or maybe because of it, she was looking incredibly sexy. I managed to keep my jaw clamped shut and beckoned her further into the shop.

She was wearing the black underwear, a wonderbra, which created a cleavage that hadn't been there before and a pair of high sided knickers that covered all the important bits. I twirled a finger and watched in fascination as she responded. Her body had no fat on it at all, living rough had taken care of that. What was surprising, to me anyway, was how much muscle definition she had.

I glanced across at Sonia and almost burst out laughing. She was almost drooling as she looked on, no attempt at subtlety at all.

"So Sonia, what do you think?"

Sonia physically shook as she came back to herself, her eyes, as big as saucers, shifted over to me. "God she's hot," she breathed.

"Want to see more?"

Sonia just nodded, yes.

"Alison, get the bustier, then come back and show us how that looks." After I'd said it I realised that I'd tried to be commanding, and Alison hadn't objected.

The next fifteen minutes where very entertaining as Alison shot in and out of the changing room presenting a different view each time she returned. First the black bustier, which was nice but not as impressive as the wonderbra.

Then came the pale blue wonderbra and thong panties, which present all her charms in a very nice manner. After that she appeared in a pale cream bra and matching French knickers, which were nice without being provocative.

Last of all came the white selections, initially she came out in a full bra and boy short knickers which, to me, seemed ideal for everyday wear. I sent her back to get the other white underwear and whilst she was in the changing room winked at Sonia.

As she returned, I indicated a spot midway between Sonia and myself. "Right, just there, now swap the bras." I said.

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