Getting There

by Mat Twassel

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mike and Jill take a road trip to visit Mike's estranged son. A story about map making and love making and leave taking.

I figured it was about a four hour drive, most of it on the Interstate, to Camp Hoyle, where my son is stationed. Kevin had a weekend pass and invited us up to see the place and maybe do some fishing. I had our gear in the big chest back in the bed of my pickup. The day was warm and sunny, but not too hot. Good for driving. We had the windows cranked down—no AC in my old Dodge—and a nice breeze blew through the cab.

"Are we almost there yet?" Jill said.

She smiled impishly and tossed her sunshine hair in a way that let me know she was teasing me. The highway breeze blew her mane right back across her face. She wiped the hair away from her eyes and smiled at me. What a pretty smile she had, and that twinkle in her bright blue eyes. Every time I saw her I fell freshly in love.

"It's a hot one, isn't it?" Jill said. "I wish you'd get your radio fixed."

"I've been meaning to," I said. "Maybe we could play an animal guessing game. I used to play them with Kevin way back when. I'm thinking of an animal that is soft and furry."

"It's too hot for animal guess games," Jill said. She took the hem of her dress, a short light thing with big blue flowers on it, fanned it against her slim thighs. "Did you used to fish with Kevin?" she asked.

"Not really," I said. "I remember I used to pitch him baseball practice back when he was in Little League. He was a pretty good little ball player. Way back when."

Jill continued to waggle the dress. "So hot," she said. Suddenly I couldn't keep my hands off her. One hand, anyway—the other needed to stay on the wheel.

"Be good," Jill said, but I knew she didn't mean it, and it didn't take long for my hand to work its way under those big blue flowers. The skin of her lovely legs was warm, then cool, then warm again, almost hot.

"Be good," she repeated.

"Yes, we're almost there," I said, and my middle finger strove forward, found the furrow, the slippery wet slot.

"Nnnn," she whimpered. "Shouldn't you be... mmmm... driving?"

"I'm driving you, honey," I said. "You're clit's like a little gear shift. First, second, third." I wiggled her little button back and forth."

"Oh, oh, oh," she said.

"That's it, baby," I said. "I think we're getting close. A mile passed. Then another. My finger circled all the while. Jill's oh's grew deeper. Breathier. When I sensed she was about to come, I stopped. I curled my hand under and pushed my middle finger as far into her cunt as I was able. How could something so slippery be so tight? "Just checking the oil," I teased her. I could feel her cunt clench—little kitten-like sucks on my finger.

"Oh, oh, oh," she said. I knew if I touched her clit again she'd come. If I moved my finger at all she'd come. I let myself soak in her cunt. Her excitement slowly ebbed. I knew it would be all the stronger next time. When she was far enough from orgasm, I slipped my finger out.

"You're naughty," she said.

"You're naughty," I countered. "Smell." I stuck my finger under her nose. "What's it smell like?"

"I don't know," she said.

"You know," I said. "Tell me."

"Me," she said. "It smells like me."

"You can say it," I teased her. "Come on, say it."

"It smells like my pussy," she said.

"Your cunt," I said.

She sighed.

"Come on, say it."

"No," she said.

"I love when you say it."

"Cunt," she said. "My cunt."

"Your sweet sweet cunt," I said. "I love your sweet sweet cunt. It smells like a flower. Like a beautiful little flower all filled with syrupy fuck juice."

I was going way too fast. But not many troopers out. I eased off the accelerator. But not too much. The road was free and clear except for a single semi up ahead. I moved into the passing lane.

"Put your finger in," I told Jill. "Touch yourself."

"The truck," she said.

"Put it in," I said. "He won't see."

"He will," she said. But she put her finger in anyway. "Hurry," she said. "Go fast."

She had her eyes clenched shut. Her lips were pursed. Her finger was working.

"That's it, baby," I said. "Make yourself feel good. Make yourself come."

Jill has a harder time doing it herself. The touch of her own hand doesn't work as well as the touch of someone else's hand. My hand.

I pulled even with the semi. Red Arrow Express the panel said, with a picture of a big red bull's-eye. The semi was really speeding along. I could have passed, but for some reason I didn't. I stayed even, cruising in the cab's shadow. "That's it, baby," I said. "You're getting there. A little more. Almost. Almost."

I moved my right hand onto her flower print dress. I pulled it up. I could see the work of her hand beneath her panties. So could the trucker, if he was looking down. Those pale blue panties bumped and wiggled with Jill's rapidly working little hand, her fingers frigging the tiny bean of her clitoris as she struggled to bring herself off. I helped her out. I put some pressure on her mons. "Oh, you're gonna come so good," I said. "Come for me now, baby. Come."

The pressure of my hand and the soft chant of my words and the touch of her own fingers... it wouldn't be a moment more.

Her breath grew quick, and then sharp, and then she wailed, a long wailing oh. Her fingers stopped. Her hand held fast. I kept my hand pressing down, luxuriating in the tremors, one after another, a cavalcade of tremors. Then I put my foot on the gas pedal and shot past the semi and on down the highway.

"Let me smell," I said some miles later. "Let me smell your fingers."

"Uh-uh," she said.

"Don't be shy," I said.

"I smell too..."

"What?" I asked when she hesitated.

"I smell too cunty," she said.

"Show me," I insisted. I smiled. "I mean it."

She put her fingers under my nose.

"Mmmm," I hummed. "So good." I took her fingers into my mouth. I sucked them, swiping and swirling my tongue everywhere. I didn't want to let go of her fingers. Eventually I did. "I could drink you," I said. "I could drink your cunt morning noon and night."

"You're sweet," she said.

"I'm going to make you come again," I said.

"No," she said.

"Why not?" I asked. "You want to."

"It's too much," she said. "You make me feel... too much."

"Too much is good," I said.

But I didn't do anything. I just drove.

"You made me feel so good," she said after a while. "A little sleepy."

"You can take a little nap," I said. "Go ahead, I don't mind."

She put her head on my shoulder. After a few miles she fell asleep.

I could feel the highway under us and the bulge of Mike's dick against my cheek. It felt good, so big and firm under his pants, but I wanted to feel it in my mouth. After I've had a couple of orgasms I just love to suck cock. I don't know why that is, but I love it.

I squirmed a little until I could mouth the coarse denim.

"Mmmm," I hummed.

Mike stroked my head. He was gentle, but I knew he was excited. I could feel the throb of his cock.

"Hey," I said, turning so I could stare up at him. "How we doing?"

"Fine, just fine," Mike said. What a sweetie my guy is. I mouthed him again for a while, and then I unsnapped the button of his Levis.

"What you doing, hon?"

"Nothing," I said. "You just drive. You just get us there in once piece."

"Okay," he said.

I worked the zipper down. That was better. Now his cock had more definition. I could see the shape of the head poking up at the waistband of his underwear, just a bit blurry from being so close. A little more and he'd be out. I gripped the shaft from the side with my mouth. The helmet came clear of his briefs. Oh, such a plump, plum-shaped cockhead he had. I nuzzled the edge of it with my nose. He smelled like the far off sea. A soft swollen smell. Waves of sex. I wanted his dick in my mouth so bad.

But things were a little cramped. I inched his underwear down. His cock, still trapped at the base, rose straight up along his belly. I mouthed it from the front, getting at the special spot in the wedge. He loved it when I licked him there. I took it slow, tasting him, but never getting his whole head into my mouth. I knew if I swallowed him he'd come immediately. He was so at the edge. Even too much tickling of the front could trigger him. He might shoot all the way to the ceiling. I giggled a little bit, thinking of his hot come raining down. But I didn't want it in my hair. I kept sucking him from the front, but slowly, keeping him going, but not letting him go over the edge. The highway hummed beneath us.

I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled over. I eased out from under Jill, pulling up my underwear in almost the same motion. "Why are we stopping?" Jill asked.

"We're not," I said, getting out, slamming the door, coming around the passenger side and opening the door.

"Huh?" said Jill, still half sprawled on the seat.

I pulled her towards the edge. Pulled my pants down just enough. Pulled her the rest of the way to me and jammed into her hot cunt. So unbelievably good. So fucking hot, so fucking slick, so fucking fine. I fucked her hard and fast, slamming myself in all the way, burying myself again and again in her sweet hot honey pot. She was smiling at me—a soft, faraway smile.

"Oh, honey," she said. "Won't someone see?"

"I don't care," I snarled. "I don't fucking care."

I pushed up her dress so I could see her breasts. Little beauties with rose tips. The bottom of her flower dress was bunched up under her chin. Her little breasts bounced with the motion of our fuck.

A car rushed past.

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