Come The Dawn

by Ernest Bywater

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vignettes, Incest, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been ruining his experiments, by using the drugs to turn them into sex slaves.

Table of Contents

Research and Development
Research Results

Caught Intruders
Games Night

The titles I use are: a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Research and Development


Evelyn Percival is a senior researcher at a private medical research facility. He’s qualified in biology, medicine, and chemistry - having doctorates in three disciplines gives him a wider knowledge base than most researchers, especially in the fields of study for this facility. Because of this, and his past performance, he’s very well paid by the owners. Last year Evelyn married one of his assistants, Jasmin. In February the doctor informs them she’s pregnant, and they’re happy.

The current research projects are to develop drugs to treat penile dysfunction and impotency. The team has many promising early leads, but hasn’t been able to develop a marketable product in the eight years of research conducted to date. They have one line of research that treats both issues - formula T-3, but it has one very nasty side effect, rapid premature ageing. Another line - formula V-1, is very effective against penile dysfunction only, its one side effect is a much increased heart rate with high blood pressure. All other lines of research end without any worthwhile results. The researchers are working hard on both promising lines. Their contracts offer them a percentage of the sales; so they work very hard, because they know success will make them all very rich people, despite the low royalties percentage, because it will have a very high sales rates, and result in millions for each of them.

The cost of the research into formula T-3 is becoming very expensive while not providing any encouraging advancements. Because of this the owners of the facility stop further funding for that line, and end the side project. Evelyn and Jasmin have been leading the research on this line. Now Evelyn and Jasmin concentrate on formula V-1, so do all the facility staff working on the project.

In November Jasmin gives birth to twin daughters, Daisy and Lily, it’s a difficult birth. She spends the last four months in hospital under close observation, after developing a toxicity problem in her second trimester. After the birth she’s very weak.

Note: Jasmin never recovers her full strength again, and remains very weak for the rest of her life. She continues to help with the research, but only works half a day - at a desk doing theoretical research and computer modelling for the others.


There’s a breakthrough with formula V-1, variation A-G has an ingredient to counteract the worst of the heart rate and blood pressure increases. This formula still gives an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, but not as life threatening as the original. Further refinement results in a formula that’s safe for general use, only those with existing heart or high blood pressure issues need be concerned about using it. The research team moves into a detailed testing phase. They soon have enough good animal research test results to justify asking for approval to test on human volunteers.

Approval for human testing is given, on the condition it stays in testing until the health authorities are happy with the possible effects of long term usage. This phase will take many years, and is handled by a large number of medical practitioners. The research team takes on other projects now this one is seen as being successfully completed. All their notes on the failed research lines are placed into storage in another building, while all the notes on the successful work are stored in the main vault at the corporate headquarters.


Jasmin’s health continues to deteriorate. Evelyn resigns from work to spend more time with his family. He has more than enough money in the bank for them to live off for a long time to come.

Mid-year a lightning strike at the research facility sets fire to the auxiliary building where the records on closed research projects are stored. Being a simple wood structure it burns down, and sets fire to the grounds. The nearby main research building is safe, because it’s built out of cement blocks, due to safety concerns about the chemicals used in it.

Mid December Jasmin dies of the cancer she’s been hiding from her family since finding out about it during her pregnancy. Going through her personal effects and computer Evelyn finds copies of all the notes on the penile dysfunction and impotency research, including the computer models they’d been using. He’s surprised to find Jasmin had continued doing theoretical and modelling work on the T-3 compound, where she tested variations based on the changes made to the V-1 formula.


Evelyn finds it hard to live in the house he and Jasmin built when they first got engaged. He sells it, and moves to a small property on the edge of a town. It’s a half hour’s travel outside the city, and he sets it up like a large country estate. His daughters start school in this town. He lives at home, and continues the theoretical research Jasmin started, because he feels he should continue and finish what she spent the last years of her life trying to perfect.


The final V-1 formula is patented in 1996, and approved for general use by the health authorities of many countries in 1998 and 1999. Sales soon exceed a billion dollars per annum, making the researchers all very rich, because high sales rates add up to big money, despite low percentages and high production costs.

Jasmin’s royalties go straight into a trust account for the girls. With the extra income from his royalties from formula V-1 Evelyn builds a small chemistry lab on his estate. It’s near the house, and he starts to conduct experiments into the suitability of the formulas developed in the computer models. He spends half a day doing this, starting after returning from seeing the girls to school, and ending when he must go to the school to pick them up.

Time passes, and the girls grow up into very beautiful women after going to primary school and high school in the town, and university in the city. They both do well in their grades, and in their social lives. They do well socially, despite many other students saying their father is a crazy old man, because he spends all his time in his lab and is heard saying strange things to himself while walking around town. He’s always had a habit of talking to himself, because it helps to align his thoughts if he says them under his breath. While Jasmin was alive he talked them out with her. Lily is studying biochemistry while Daisy is studying medicine. When the girls are at home he talks over his research with them, and shows them his experiments with the latest results. The girls are very intrigued by the work.


Daisy and Lily finish the four year degree courses with high marks, as usual. They lodge plans for their Master’s post graduate studies, and the plans are approved. The only concern for the university is the research funding costs, which is handled by Evelyn funding both their projects. He also funds the research costs of their two best friends doing research that overlaps with the girls’ projects. Most of November is spent sorting out all the paperwork involved, and all is set for them to start in late January 2008. It’s now early December, and they’re home for the holidays, to spend time with their father.

When wandering around town while they do some shopping they’re concerned to learn, from friends, a number of the high-school seniors think it’s fun to go and harass their father at his lab. They’ve broken-in to damage experiments and steal lab animals on several occasions.

Without telling their father before doing it, the girls arrange for a security specialist in the city to visit and install a high quality security system throughout the estate while improving the security of all the buildings: the house, garage, lab, pool, and gym. Evelyn isn’t happy to learn about it when the work is half done, but soon admits it needs doing, and is very happy with the approach taken in setting the system up.

The security system will warn them of anyone breaching the grounds, and show them where the intruders are while they move about. It’s also set up to allow them to capture any intruders. They’re well prepared for any more student pranks, and the girls are even ready for a few pranks of their own.

Research Results

Evelyn’s research goes well, because he does find a better way to chemically improve male potency and erectile responses. Much of the answer is from the post project research and modelling done by Jasmin. Applying the formula changes to reduce the heart and blood pressure changes in the V-1 formula to the T-3 formula reduces the side effects a lot, but not enough. By reducing the strength of the T-3, and adding some of the S-2 formula, he gets a better result, but not quite there. The final formula has parts of the T-3, S-2, and T-1, with others added to counteract the earlier side effects. The final formula even includes antioxidants, a good selling point with health enthusiasts. Because of the formula codes for the three main ingredients he calls the final drug Testy. During the research he discovers a variant to improve female sexual responsiveness, so he now has an effective aphrodisiac for each gender.

The only possible side effect he notices in the test animals is with the use of high dosages in a short period: repeated couplings with the same mate causes the treated animal to become very dependent on the mate, and it happens with both the male and female variants. This doesn’t happen with low level doses. He’s still researching why this happens, and refuses to release anything until he knows why this is so. He keeps no secrets from the girls, and they know to keep this secret from everyone else. All three Percivals find this effect to be quite interesting, and amusing. Lily jokes about how he can sell it to the government as a brainwashing treatment, and they all laugh at the concept of making enemy agents sexually dependent on their own people.

Caught Intruders

Early afternoon on Friday December 21st the Percival family are sitting in their lounge room listening to a musical program on the radio when the security alarm goes off. It’s set to give a quiet alert to the residents, so nothing is heard or seen of the alarm outside the house. Checking the nearest control unit, there are six in the house, they see a group of seven people have climbed the three metre tall outer wall, and are crossing the lawn towards the lab. They known this due to the microwave sensors, infra-red sensors, and cameras about the property.

With a huge grin, Daisy says, “Let’s catch these buggers, and teach them a lesson.” Lily nods her agreement. Evelyn is reluctant to agree, but does so. Daisy enters a code to activate a few extra goodies the security expert installed. They continue to watch the intruders while they move towards the lab.

Reaching the lab building one invader bends down near the lock, and starts manipulating it. After a few minutes the group enters, to find a new entrance room for the lab. Daisy reaches up, and touches a button. The door slams shut behind them, and solid locks engage. The intruders rush towards the door, and beat on it. They soon learn it’s a metal door with a light wood covering. They examine the frame, it’s steel. They examine the new wall, it’s cement block, like the outer walls. They’re trapped in a nice little cell.

Speaking into the microphone in the panel, Daisy says “Do you scum-bags realise the experiments you’ve destroyed actually cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars to duplicate. You’ve had your fun at our expense, and now we get to have ours at your expense. The room has a hidden camera in it, and we’re watching you. You will now turn off all your cell phones and remove the batteries. Don’t worry, as they won’t work in there, anyway.” They all pull their phones out of their pockets and look at them, no signal. Grumbling, they turn them off and remove the batteries. She says, “Thank you for being good little thieves. There’s a little table in the corner, it’s the only one in the room, so it should be easy for you to know which one. Put your phones on it, and place the entire contents of your pockets there, as well.” They do as told. When the last one moves back Daisy hits a button, and the table top drops on a hinge, allowing the things on it to fall into the chute it’s covering. The intruders all gasp in surprise. Daisy says, “Now take your shoes and socks off, and put them on the table.” Four do as told, while two refuse with abusive words, and one girl just stands there and cries. Daisy says, “Do as you’re told or I’ll punish you all for disobedience by anyone, so it’s in the interest of you all to ensure full compliance by all.” The crier complies, while a couple still refuse to take their shoes off. Daisy hits another button; a very high pitched and extremely annoying sound echoes around the little cell. When she releases the button the two troublemakers are quick to take their shoes and socks off. They vanish down the chute. Grinning, Daisy says, “I see you’re learning to do as you’re told. Now take off everything but your underwear, one at a time, starting with the one near the table and working away from it.” The person near the table starts to argue, the others threaten to grab her and strip her to see it’s done. Each set of clothes goes down the chute when the person steps back from the table. Soon it’s evident the intruders are three girls and four boys, since they’re now in their underwear the bras make it obvious. With an evil laugh, Daisy says, “Now guess what goes down the chute next?” Crying, the girl nearest the chute strips off her underwear, and places it on the table. A few minutes later the intruders are standing naked in a bare cell. Daisy says, “Line up against the back wall, and be still while I send someone for you.” They do as told, crying while they stand against the wall in the cold room.

Daisy continues to monitor them and talk to them while Evelyn and Lily walk over to the lab. When they reach it Daisy opens the door, and lets them in. The door locks behind them. The intruders appear to be tensing to attack their captors, but they seem to settle down on seeing the cattle prods the two have. One at a time they come forward, turn around, and are handcuffed. These restraints are like those used for prisoner transfers, and have a chain that goes around the waist to keep their hands behind their back. With all seven cuffed Lily places a studded dog collar around the neck of each one, and uses a set of strong dog leads to clip them together. Lily leads their captives back to the house while Evelyn gets all the things from the bin in the main lab, and puts them in two large garbage bags to bring along.

Back inside the house Lily leads the captives down to the girls’ playroom. Evelyn hasn’t been down here in years. He knows they had it remodelled, but is surprised to find it now looks like a cross between an orgy room and a dungeon. The centre of the room is one huge circular bed four metres in diameter, while the walls have shackles to hold people to them by their hands and ankles, it can accommodate about twenty people. So the girls could play loud music without disturbing him the room was heavily soundproofed when the house was built; it also stops anyone hearing any shouts or screams of anyone in the room.

Lily says, “When we learned some of the locals were causing trouble we remodelled this room to allow us to teach them a lesson, if we ever managed to catch them.” Evelyn looks around the room in amazement, while the captives look around in fright. Daisy soon joins them.

Evelyn watches the captives while Lily undoes the clips, and secures them to the wall by their hands and ankles, feet spread about one and a half metres apart. Daisy is busy going through their belongings, to identify who they are. From the driver’s licences she can identify the boys and one of the girls, the other two girls don’t have any photo ID with them. Taking a heavy duty marker she goes over to the captives, and writes their first names on those she can identify, writing them across their foreheads. She asks the last two girls to identify themselves, and writes their names on them when they say their names.

Steven, 179 cm, athletic build. Robert, 175 cm, athletic build. Peter, 178 cm, solid build. Roy 176 cm, solid build. All the boys are very fit and reasonably well hung. Daisy makes a point of checking this last bit, to their great embarrassment. Mary, 175 cm, athletic build, pert breasts like orange halves. Janet, 175 cm, solid build, firm breasts like rock melon halves. Susie, Junoesque build, surprisingly firm breasts like small watermelon halves and well-endowed for her age, also very fit. All of them are in year twelve at the local high school, and are 18 years of age. They must all do a lot of exercise to stay as fit as they are.

Daisy asks, “Why did you start coming in here and destroying Dad’s experiments?”

Susie replies, “Your dad is such a recluse and very good looking. When in town he ignores us girls like we don’t exist at all. He gets sent paperwork about all the school fund raisers, and never replies or makes a donation. It’s like he thinks we’re beneath him. I got upset about that, and suggested to Steven and Roy we do something to make him take notice of us. We talked Peter, Robert, Mary, and Janet into helping us get his notice. At first we did no damage, but made it obvious we’d been here. He treated us with contempt by not reporting the break-ins to the police. So we started to raise the ante. We had no idea the experiments were so expensive or were anything more than just playing around with chemicals. We’re sorry, we’ll make good on the damages, please let us go.”

Grinning at them, Lily says, “Oh, you’ll pay all right. Hey, Dad, how would you like these three school girls as permanent fuck toys and servants ready to do your slightest whim? I know I’d love to have any two of these boys as my toys and servants.” The captives all go wide-eyed, and start shouting.

Evelyn hasn’t been with a woman since his beloved Jasmin died, seventeen years ago. That’s because he couldn’t bring himself to date and pursue a woman he wasn’t prepared to have a long term relationship with, and didn’t like using prostitutes. But personal sex slaves, now that’s an idea he hadn’t considered before. Licking his lips, he smiles, and nods yes. Daisy says, “You lot shut up, no one can hear you, but us. Lily, we take turns choosing - paper, rock, and scissors for first pick.” Lily nods her head. They move their hands while Evelyn calls it, this is how the girls have been solving choices since they were old enough to understand the game. At the call Lily has rock while Daisy has scissors.

Turning to the naked boys Lily fondles all four sets of genitals before squeezing Steven’s dick, and nodding at him. Daisy walks over to Peter, and grabs his balls, saying, “These are now mine, so take good care of my property from now on.” He gulps, and nods while she squeezes his balls. Lily moves over to Roy, and squeezes his dick hard. Gulping, he nods when he gets the message. Daisy moves to Robert, and grabs his dick. He also nods. Meanwhile, Evelyn is wandering along the line of naked girls, fondling their breasts. He stops to look at Susie’s large offerings. He can’t believe they’re so large, and yet so firm. The girls are crying, because they expect him to rape them.

Standing back from the girls, Evelyn says, “I think we’ll give your boys 100 mg of Testy M 3 every two hours while we give the girls 100 mg of Testy F 4 every two hours. That should ensure a good reaction during the night, and for the future.”

Lily smiles, saying, “Yes, tomorrow’s dawn is winter solstice, and tonight’s the longest night of the year. We have just over fourteen hours to make them permanently ours. We can let them go at dawn, if they want to go, then.” All three Percivals laugh at the idea, because they know what the Testy will have done to them by then.

The captives can’t understand how they intend to ensure a permanent link by dawn. They all intend to go to the police when the night is over and they’re released. They realise there’s nothing they can do until they can get away, and their captors are talking about letting them go at dawn. They think they can bear with whatever their captors have in mind, until the dawn.

Evelyn releases Susie from the wall, and takes her to the bed. Finding some clips built into the huge bed, he places wrist and ankle restraints on her, and secures her to the bed with her legs spread wide; the restraints are secured shut and to the clips with little padlocks. He soon has all three girls spread along one quadrant of the bed. All spread wide ready for him, with pillows under their hips to provide better access for him. Daisy and Lily have their toys similarly secured to the bed, but the boys’ legs aren’t spread wide, just enough apart to allow the girls to play with their balls.

Evelyn leaves to get the appropriate drugs from his lab. He enters the reset override in the control panel before he leaves the house. Reaching the lab he opens his formula file, and soon starts to mix up suitable doses for tonight’s little experiment. These drugs are still being researched, and aren’t yet available as pre-made doses, so he has to mix each dose up as a powder or fluid. He’s very experienced, and much of the stuff is already half prepared. He’s quick to prepare doses for everyone for the night. Twelve sets for each captive, with ten sets for his daughters and himself: these are lower dosage levels, and a little different mix. He adds food dies to colour code the dosages for the intended recipient. The extra doses are in case any get knocked over and spill. He heads back to the house.

The drugs don’t need to be injected to have their effect, in fact, they work best if taken as a fluid or tablet, and allowed to seep in through the tongue or stomach. Because of this Evelyn prepares the doses in syringes without needles. This way they can be force fed into the mouth, and allowed to soak into the tongue or down the throat.

Entering the playroom he places the tray on a table, and explains the colour codes to the girls. Pink for the girls he’ll be treating, dark blue for their boys; these are 100 mg mixes in a special liquid to assist with a quick absorption. The light pink are for Daisy and Lily while the light blue is for him; these are 25 mg doses mixed with the absorption fluid. They both smile at him. The 100 mg will get a reaction in only a few minutes, while the 25 mg doses will take a little longer.

Both the high and low dose drugs will increase the recipient’s sexual desire and ability to perform sexually, because it acts as an aphrodisiac and performance enhancer. It also increases fertility in both the male and female variation. The male version increases the sperm production as well, while greatly reducing the recharge times. In essence, he’s ready to come again; and very soon, too.

Five 100 mg equivalent doses within twenty-four hours with five couplings is all it took to ensure dependency in the test animals. So several doses in twelve hours should have a very profound effect on the captives. These drugs are not dependent on the weight of the recipient.

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