Come The Dawn

by Ernest Bywater

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vignettes, Incest, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been ruining his experiments, by using the drugs to turn them into sex slaves.

Table of Contents

Research and Development
Research Results

Caught Intruders
Games Night

The titles I use are: a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Research and Development


Evelyn Percival is a senior researcher at a private medical research facility. He’s qualified in biology, medicine, and chemistry - having doctorates in three disciplines gives him a wider knowledge base than most researchers, especially in the fields of study for this facility. Because of this, and his past performance, he’s very well paid by the owners. Last year Evelyn married one of his assistants, Jasmin. In February the doctor informs them she’s pregnant, and they’re happy.

The current research projects are to develop drugs to treat penile dysfunction and impotency. The team has many promising early leads, but hasn’t been able to develop a marketable product in the eight years of research conducted to date. They have one line of research that treats both issues - formula T-3, but it has one very nasty side effect, rapid premature ageing. Another line - formula V-1, is very effective against penile dysfunction only, its one side effect is a much increased heart rate with high blood pressure. All other lines of research end without any worthwhile results. The researchers are working hard on both promising lines. Their contracts offer them a percentage of the sales; so they work very hard, because they know success will make them all very rich people, despite the low royalties percentage, because it will have a very high sales rates, and result in millions for each of them.

The cost of the research into formula T-3 is becoming very expensive while not providing any encouraging advancements. Because of this the owners of the facility stop further funding for that line, and end the side project. Evelyn and Jasmin have been leading the research on this line. Now Evelyn and Jasmin concentrate on formula V-1, so do all the facility staff working on the project.

In November Jasmin gives birth to twin daughters, Daisy and Lily, it’s a difficult birth. She spends the last four months in hospital under close observation, after developing a toxicity problem in her second trimester. After the birth she’s very weak.

Note: Jasmin never recovers her full strength again, and remains very weak for the rest of her life. She continues to help with the research, but only works half a day - at a desk doing theoretical research and computer modelling for the others.


There’s a breakthrough with formula V-1, variation A-G has an ingredient to counteract the worst of the heart rate and blood pressure increases. This formula still gives an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, but not as life threatening as the original. Further refinement results in a formula that’s safe for general use, only those with existing heart or high blood pressure issues need be concerned about using it. The research team moves into a detailed testing phase. They soon have enough good animal research test results to justify asking for approval to test on human volunteers.

Approval for human testing is given, on the condition it stays in testing until the health authorities are happy with the possible effects of long term usage. This phase will take many years, and is handled by a large number of medical practitioners. The research team takes on other projects now this one is seen as being successfully completed. All their notes on the failed research lines are placed into storage in another building, while all the notes on the successful work are stored in the main vault at the corporate headquarters.


Jasmin’s health continues to deteriorate. Evelyn resigns from work to spend more time with his family. He has more than enough money in the bank for them to live off for a long time to come.

Mid-year a lightning strike at the research facility sets fire to the auxiliary building where the records on closed research projects are stored. Being a simple wood structure it burns down, and sets fire to the grounds. The nearby main research building is safe, because it’s built out of cement blocks, due to safety concerns about the chemicals used in it.

Mid December Jasmin dies of the cancer she’s been hiding from her family since finding out about it during her pregnancy. Going through her personal effects and computer Evelyn finds copies of all the notes on the penile dysfunction and impotency research, including the computer models they’d been using. He’s surprised to find Jasmin had continued doing theoretical and modelling work on the T-3 compound, where she tested variations based on the changes made to the V-1 formula.


Evelyn finds it hard to live in the house he and Jasmin built when they first got engaged. He sells it, and moves to a small property on the edge of a town. It’s a half hour’s travel outside the city, and he sets it up like a large country estate. His daughters start school in this town. He lives at home, and continues the theoretical research Jasmin started, because he feels he should continue and finish what she spent the last years of her life trying to perfect.


The final V-1 formula is patented in 1996, and approved for general use by the health authorities of many countries in 1998 and 1999. Sales soon exceed a billion dollars per annum, making the researchers all very rich, because high sales rates add up to big money, despite low percentages and high production costs.

Jasmin’s royalties go straight into a trust account for the girls. With the extra income from his royalties from formula V-1 Evelyn builds a small chemistry lab on his estate. It’s near the house, and he starts to conduct experiments into the suitability of the formulas developed in the computer models. He spends half a day doing this, starting after returning from seeing the girls to school, and ending when he must go to the school to pick them up.

Time passes, and the girls grow up into very beautiful women after going to primary school and high school in the town, and university in the city. They both do well in their grades, and in their social lives. They do well socially, despite many other students saying their father is a crazy old man, because he spends all his time in his lab and is heard saying strange things to himself while walking around town. He’s always had a habit of talking to himself, because it helps to align his thoughts if he says them under his breath. While Jasmin was alive he talked them out with her. Lily is studying biochemistry while Daisy is studying medicine. When the girls are at home he talks over his research with them, and shows them his experiments with the latest results. The girls are very intrigued by the work.


Daisy and Lily finish the four year degree courses with high marks, as usual. They lodge plans for their Master’s post graduate studies, and the plans are approved. The only concern for the university is the research funding costs, which is handled by Evelyn funding both their projects. He also funds the research costs of their two best friends doing research that overlaps with the girls’ projects. Most of November is spent sorting out all the paperwork involved, and all is set for them to start in late January 2008. It’s now early December, and they’re home for the holidays, to spend time with their father.

When wandering around town while they do some shopping they’re concerned to learn, from friends, a number of the high-school seniors think it’s fun to go and harass their father at his lab. They’ve broken-in to damage experiments and steal lab animals on several occasions.

Without telling their father before doing it, the girls arrange for a security specialist in the city to visit and install a high quality security system throughout the estate while improving the security of all the buildings: the house, garage, lab, pool, and gym. Evelyn isn’t happy to learn about it when the work is half done, but soon admits it needs doing, and is very happy with the approach taken in setting the system up.

The security system will warn them of anyone breaching the grounds, and show them where the intruders are while they move about. It’s also set up to allow them to capture any intruders. They’re well prepared for any more student pranks, and the girls are even ready for a few pranks of their own.

Research Results

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