A Fantasy Come True

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We all have fantasies, some more than others. I read an article about another female and her experience with a motor cylcle gang. "On the Block" I started to have fantisies myself, well as they say be careful what you wish for it may come true...and it did


This story contains material that may offend some readers. It has sexually explicit content... please don't write to me afterwards and complain... I'm warning you now.

Again thanks readers for taking the time to write to me, I do like constructive criticism, and flattery even more. I hope you all enjoy Christmas and New Year with friends and loved ones and if you are out and about on the roads, drive carefully and don't drink and drive... one or the other but not both.

I recently spent some time in Hawaii and enjoyed every moment. Hi and thanks to Steve, Terry, Brad and Tony... if you are reading this you'll know who you are. Thanks guys I had a great time

Fantasies and notions of group sex have ran through most our minds from time to time I imagine. After reading Martha Spacey's article about her experience on a gang bang or being put on the block by a Motor Cycle Gang had me going, in fact I read the article a couple of times more and had to admit it stirred certain carnal feelings in me and leaving a wetness in my pants.

God... how could she have taken all those guys... how many had there been there that night, twenty she said? My mind going into overdrive as I visualized it all happening... one... by one. I'd had group sex myself before, but not on the scale Martha had described. There had been six guys and myself,. I was so naïve to think I could go to a quiet beach with six horny guys and not get pounced on. I mean here I was with only a bikini, a fully developed female, drinking beer and wine, the guys getting hornier and hornier staring at my body, flirting with them, then I get tackled to the ground and next thing is, my bikini bottom is being torn from me... oh I kicked and struggled to start with, but once Mike was inside me, I was a different person. I couldn't just stop for one, I had to do it for all of them... but six was a lot different to twenty. Oh god I had to stop thinking about it, it was just too much, my heart and pulse were racing and my body was all a tremble.

Well its one thing to have a fantasy... real life is another thing and I wondered if given the opportunity I would and could handle them all. I mean twenty guys fucking you one after another... over a week maybe... but all in one night.

The thought of it all just wouldn't go away, it continued to harass my mind and thinking, whether I was at home at work or out with the girls for a drink I found myself daydreaming and fantasying about it. The thing is the more I thought about it the more I wanted it to happen, but if given the opportunity would I actually stand up and carry it through... or would I renege at the final moment and remain safe, happy and contented within my fantasy.

Well there's an old and true saying. "Be careful what you wish for... it may just come true"

That beautiful Wednesday morning as I drove between Buxton and Grassmeads little did I know I was about to be keeping a date with destiny. It was a beautiful day, hot and not a cloud in the sky, the type of day you're glad to be alive and just wanted to keep driving... go somewhere... anywhere, who cares? I was going to dress in jeans and light top, but I then decided it would be shorts and top. I always liked my denim shorts on these occasions and they did show off my long shapely legs... not that I'd anticipated showing them to any guy before I arrived at Grassmeads. The route I'd chosen was the scenic one, it ambled through some of the best countryside in the county, alongside the river, through bush and forest, sometimes the trees forming a canopy of shade from the hot overhead sun... it was just so beautiful and breathtaking. My fingers tapped the steering wheel in time with the music coming from my CD... life just didn't get any better than this. Then at approximately the half waypoint, it happened.

You ever had that sinking and sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when something goes wrong with your car... well that day I got it, trusty old Tommy Toyota started to overheat. I have no idea how long it had been happening. I just looked at the gauges and saw the temperature one was well above where it should have been and rising.

Oh shit... shit... shit. Then mercifully I saw the sign, telling me there was a picnic area ahead, only a few more yards. Just around the next bend I saw it and slid in and parked. It was the usual well-kept rest area, wooden tables and benches, shady trees and tidy rubbish bins... nothing else of course, it was just a picnic/rest stop, but at least it told me that at sometime some would come by.

I lifted the hood to a mass of smoke, steam or something and hissing. I just stared at it; I hadn't the faintest idea what I was looking at or for. I felt lost and abandoned, what had been such a great day not moments ago... well I must say I felt lost. I tried my cell phone, but this area was outside the coverage area... now I felt even worse, but ho... wait. I'd heard a car approach and my spirits lifted, only to be dashed again when the car kept going. Two cars and a truck passed and I was starting to panic a little, then I heard what I thought was a helicopter... no... no not a helicopter, but what. Then I saw them as they came around the bend. My whole being was filled with fear... my blood turning to ice; it was a motorcycle gang. Black leather clad individuals sitting upright, holding on to sit up and beg handlebars.

Oh god no... please no. Visions of being raped and left there were my immediate thoughts... gone were my fantasies of being put on the block.

They saw me and peeled off the highway, the deafening sound of their Harley's as they circled around me... then silence as they stopped their machines.

The big bearded tattooed brute, who was their leader, came toward me.

"Well now little lady... you seem to be in some kind of trouble?" he asked.

I could hardly reply, hot as it was I was cold with fear right then.

Oh god no. Please don't rape me... please... was the only thought going through my mind.

He leaned over the car and took a look at the engine.

"I have no idea what's wrong with it... I... I just opened the hood and out came all this smoke" I said

"Steam... little lady... it's steam... not smoke... looks like you have a busted water hose and the engine has overheated... let's hope you stopped in time eh?"

"Well... I think I did" I replied.

I took a look around as the others alighted from their cycles, some lying on the grass, others making toward us.

As if reading my mind the boss guy said. "Relax little lady... no one is going to harm you... contrary to what they tell you we don't go around molesting women" then gave me a reassuring smile. Somehow I believed him and felt the tension drain a little.

"I'm glad to hear it... I mean you hear so many stories about bikie gangs and what they do to women" I replied.

"No... not true... only those who consent to it" he replied.

"Oh I see" I replied and blushed bright red at the thoughts that had just returned to my thinking and at the same time surveying all the riders in the area.

"There's twenty of us little lady... if that's what your thinking"

God could this guy read my mind. "No... no I was... I was just..." I broke off... trying hard to think of something to say

"Well I mean I've heard so many stories, I mean about being put on the block and the like... does that really happen with you guys?" God I couldn't believe I'd just asked that... who was this guy, my father confessor... I should just keep quiet before I dug too deep a hole.

"Yes well it's mostly true, yes we do have a block and yes we do put women on it"

"Oh I see"

"But as I said... only those who consent to it... those that do become honorary members of the chapter"

"Oh right"

"You wouldn't consider becoming a member would you?" he asked with a cheeky smile.

"Oh no... no... hey... I mean twenty guys that's an awful lot of" I was going to say cock but stopped just short. "It's an awful lot of guys" Then turning to peruse the twenty riders. My thoughts and fantasies returning at warp speed and a stirring in my loins.

His eyes had been raking my body, his own fantasies in mind and what he'd like to do to me.

"Oh I'm sure you could handle us all... we'd loved to make you an honorary chapter member little lady... what's your name... I'm Gus by the way"

"Oh... Lisa" I proffered

"Well Lisa we'd better see what we can do about this car of yours eh?"

"Well if you could I'd be real grateful, you're the only ones who have stopped" I said

He asked a couple of the guys to take a look and see if they could do anything with the car. Whilst they did so I grabbed my water pack and sat with Gus and friends, talking and chatting. I was surprised at myself asking so many questions about bike life and how they lived. At the same time my thoughts wondered to my fantasies and right here and now I was at the door of opportunity to my fantasies... fantasies that could become reality, all I had to do was acquiesce to their invitation. I looked from one guy to another, trying to imagine if I could take them all on. There'd be little or no time or intervals between one guy and the next, as one finished the next would be ready for me.

My thoughts were suddenly broken into.

"Sorry what was that?" I asked

Gus had asked a question.

"I asked if you thought you could take us all on... it is what you were thinking, isn't it"

Again I blushed bright red, how could this guy read my most inner and intimate thoughts.

"Oh gosh... no... no..." I started to protest.

He held up his hand stopping me further.

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