The Bimbotech X-mas Special: A Present For St. Nick

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: The BimboTech staff and management decide to do something naughty and nice for their good friend Kris Kringle.

Disclaimer: Reading the following may potentially result in the reader being placed on the naughty list. The Sympathetic Devil and BimboTech Inc., its board members, shareholders and staff accept no liability for presents lost or lumps of coal received. Read at your own risk.

A Present for St. Nick

On the night before Xmas on floor 32

Tittiefuck was painting her fingernails blue,

All the clients were nestled in mindfucker beds

While visions of bimbohood danced in their heads.

When up on the roof top there came such a clatter

Tittie sprang to her heels to see what was the matter

She giggled and wiggled and climbed up the stair

Proceeded, of course, by her tremendous pair.

The air was quite chilly there on the rooftop

And in response, both of her nipples went 'pop'.

Parked on the roof was a reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Its driver was dressed in a Christmasy way.

Tittie knew in a moment it must be Saint Nick.

She had seen him before; She had sucked on his dick.

Old Santy Claus knows where the naughty girls are

And BimboTech girls are most naughty by far.

And since the girls fill up their stockings so nice

Santa often comes there; Hell, some nights he comes twice

But this X-mas Santa had someone in tow

An old woman bound with ribbons and a bow.

She looked quite distressed with her mouth stuffed with gauze

And Tittiefuck guessed that it was Mrs. Claus

About this T.F. didn't know what to think

But that never stopped Tittie, she called Mr. Fink.

The boss hurried up, saying ''Kringle! How do?

Are we finally going to pimp the old shrew?''

Santa said "George, I can't take all her nagging

For Xmas I just want a wife that's worth shagging!"

"Of course!'' the boss said, "You will not be denied!

We'll fix her up for you and do it with pride!

Before you have finished your holiday route

I'll see she's a bimbo, completely tricked out!"

Santa said, "Bless you! Now I must be gone.

I'll be back with gifts for you all before dawn!"

But Tittiefuck pouted. She'd never looked glummer.

Saying "Santa, don't leave without even a hummer!"

Claus checked his watch, "It's past midnight in Mali

But what the hell, Tittie. Come make Santa jolly!"

Fink chuckled a bit, then went straight to his work

As the gagged Mrs. Claus tried to call him a jerk.

He called up a team to escort her below

While Tittiefuck sucked Santa off in the snow

Caressing his cock with her lips, warm and full

'til the fat man went off like a prize-winning bull.

Once Tittiefuck swallowed the last of his stream

He patted her head and he readied his team.

And when Claus at last left on his gift-giving trek

His wife was receiving gifts from BimboTech!

They strapped Mrs. Claus to the mind-fucking chair

With probes in her twat and her old derriere

''You can't do this, '' she yelled "Don't you know I'm iconic?"

Mr. Corbin just grinned with a smile most demonic.

''You're an icon," he said. "That's in need of revision.

'So don't fret about it. It's not your decision!

The powers that be say you need an upgrading

'Cuz Christmas' share of the market is fading.

It no longer corners the winterfest game

And youth focus groups rate you well below 'lame'

Face facts, Mrs. C, you are rather slim pickin's

When up against Solstices' young sky-clad Wiccans

Kwanza just came out with ten Nubian dancers

To serve as its celebratory enhancers

And before your fruit cake has a chance to get moldy

Hanukkah will unveil a hot yenta named Goldie

Thus, in the face of such stiff competition,

What can Christmas do but abandon tradition?

No more with the grandma, what would be ideal

Is a Mrs. Claus dripping with pure sex appeal!

And so BimboTech has been given the chore

To makeover your ass into something hardcore

But before we can build you a beautiful booty

We must fix your 'tude; that is my humble duty.

As it is, I'm afraid, you're a stingy old bitch.

But I can fix that," and he flipped a red switch.

With a buzz in her head and a throb up her rear

Mr. Corbin told her she had nothing to fear.

She called him a villain, a scoundrel, a cad

If he didn't release her, he'd wish that he had!

Mr. Corbin said patiently "Here you must stay.

We're going to work now, then later we'll play."

I assure you that once you get over the shock

You won't crave release; you will only want cock!"

She called him a deviant, ill and depraved

And swore she would never become so enslaved

Corbin smiled and explained her free will was illusion

Bombarded with pleasure, she filled with confusion

"I'll resist," she proclaimed, though with little conviction

Disturbed by how much she enjoyed her affliction.

"You may think so," he said, with a little 'tut-tut'

"But it's so hard to think with that rod up your butt!

You're thinking in circles and straining your wit.

What good does it do you? Not one little bit!"

He derided her intellect, called it a liar;

She had best put all trust in her basest desire.

Her lust, overwhelming, could make Christmas merry

If she'd only ignore all thoughts to the contrary

What kept her from bringing true joy to the Season

Were the twin Scrooges known as her conscience and reason.

And turning a knob on the bimbo-device

Corbin told her what mattered was sugar and spice!

Confused, she said, "I make the holiday treats!"

Corbin said: "Your true talent is between the sheets.

You're the easiest lay between here and the pole!

You crave Santa's man-meat in every hole!"

The throb of the chair pounded into her brain

Lovely visions of sucking St. Nick's candy cane.

"But I shouldn't," she said, though she said it with doubt

"Is this truly what Christmas time is all about?"

Mr. Corbin grinned "Christmas is all about sharing

And fucking is too! They're both worth comparing!

Both Christmas and Fucking have specialty stockings

Filled up with goodies and not used for walkings

At Christmas the carolers sing out in the night

So too when they're fucking, if the fucking's done right!

At Christmas we all wish for good will towards men

And what do men want? Well, I think that you ken!

At Christmas men want what they want every day

Not cookies or trinkets, they want T & A!'

"But what of the children!" the matron objected.

"If I don't bake them cookies they'll feel so neglected!"

"Without fucking," he countered "No kids would be born!

Then who would unwrap gifts on Chrisimas morn?

Your hubby can cover the needs of the tots

With dollies and dumptrucks and puppies with spots

But what of the fathers of those little tykes?

For Christmas each man should get something he likes!

What joy to the season a lady could bring

By wiggling her lovelies and shaking her thing

At last, Mrs. Claus, you'll be given your due

As the kids love your husband, the dads will love you!

In malls around Christmas time thousands of chaps

Will queue up for a chance to sit you on their laps!

Yes, Mrs. Claus, how the men will flock to ya'

Shouting Joy to the World! Blessed be! Hallelujah!"

Mrs. Claus gave a shudder and started to sweat

Corbin knew she was close, but she wasn't there yet.

He twisted a knob to adjust the chair's throbbing

Her pussy clenched hard and her head started bobbing

"My dear Mrs. Claus, I don't mean to be brutal,

But surely you see that resistance is futile.

These days many icons have been recreated

Now it's your turn, yes your bimbo-hood's fated.

But as destinies go, yours is no cause to grieve

A bimboslut's happy, though sometimes naive.

You'll be so very happy you can't help but giggle

And so very horny you'll just want to wriggle!

When we're done with you, you will be so delicious!

Adored and adorable and meretricious.

A dazzling new life is about to unfold

Where you're young and vivacious instead of just old

Your stingy old mind is the only obstruction

In the way of your rebirth as Christmas Seduction.

Let go, Mrs. Claus, you know what you need

We can give it to you, that is quite guarenteed."

The old woman she trembled and stared at the man

And then swallowed hard twice before she began:

"My mind is just screaming, trying to warn me,

Not to listen to you but... I'M SO FUCKING HORNY!

I can't help it, although I still think you're pernicious

The lust you've awakened is so damned delicious

It's horrid, I know, but somehow it just struck me

I'd believe anything if someone would just fuck me!"

Corbin grinned "Mrs. Claus, you let me do the thinking."

Wide-eyed, the dame listened without ever blinking

And slowly but surely perverting her mind

Mr. Corbin helped her leave her old self behind

She listened to him now with rapt fascination

As he explained her role as a Christmas temptation

How she could fill the season with joy and with heat

By being a bimbo, both spicy and sweet

How Santa had needs she should strive to fulfill

How her heart's desire was to give him a thrill

Once they were done with her, Corbin assured,

Ms. Claus would be made a most lovely bird

And by dressing up sluty, and acting the whore,

With promise of pleasure and pussy galore,

She'd be certain her hubby would hurry on home

For the slut that awaited him there north of Nome.

And since Santa was generous, what would it hurt

If, sometimes, the elves got a glimpse up her skirt?

Such inspiration for those little men

If the lady rewarded them, now and again.

In the spirit of Christmas, a generous lass

Should never be stingy in off'ring ass.

The lady agreed, slack jawed and wide eyed

As Corbin extolled her new-found bimbo pride.

He promised her sluttiness would be rewarded

And to always be happy, she must always be sordid

Then once he had fixed what was in need of fixin'

He told Mrs. Claus that her new name was Vixen

Vixen, the trophy wife of 'ol Saint Nick.

Vixen, who sucked on his jolly fat dick.

Vixen the trollop, Vixen the slut

Vixen: purveyor of holiday smut

And when Mrs. Claus had embraced her new name,

Corbin pushed a button and oh, how she came!

She came quite emphatically, without restraint,

With a stream of profanity that would peel paint!

The chair and her orgasm deftly combined

To drive home her bimbohood and blow her mind.

She shuddered and shook, she spasmed and wriggled.

Then, collapsing, she sighed and contentedly giggled.

Then into the room came a buxom blonde lass

Whose moniker matched the tattoo on her ass

For though now a Vixen, Santa's wife was yet flawed

Still needing a makeover in BodyMod.

So off to the workshop the ladies they flew

And soon Mrs. Claus was submerged in green goo.

Gary Lorenz sat at the controls

While Ellie worked nozzles into Vixen's holes

Once things were set up, they all started to hum.

Vixen giggled and once again started to come.

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