Blood Night

by David Caspian

Tags: Ma/Fa, Horror, Superhero, Vampires,

Desc: Horror Story: A bloody night of vampires, revenge, and escape from immortal life.

Niya could already hear the tell-tale screams of cries of agony that marked Ashen's arrival as stood trapped in a small room at the back of the mansion. Looking for any possible escape she saw the window as she shot the bolt in behind her in time to see the door shake on its hinges.

Rushing forward she burst through the glass rolling as she hit the ground. Not wanting to turn around, she broke into a run past the bodies of the dead strewn about the front yard of the lonely mansion, her only hope was to make it to the car before her pursuer caught up to her.

Blood soaked the ground and many of the bodies had been torn to pieces by what Niya knew had been Ashen's bare hands. Most had been heavily armed with guns, and had been wearing body armor but they had been unable to stop him.

Bullets never penetrated, and no body armor could withstand his powerful sharp claws. In the end if you stood and fought you died. It was an old lesson but one Niya had been reminded of again and again.

Too many places in Niya's past reminded of this grisly scene as he found her in each hiding places. It was always shouting, cursing, and those blood curdling screams that marked his coming. When it was over she was always on the run again with him right on her heels, barely escaping his grasp.

How he had found her here as with all the other times she did not know. Niya had hoped this time this Vampire house could protect, but now she finally realized there was nowhere she could hide that he would not find her.

No nook, cranny or fortress or deep hole that he would not dig her out. His pursuit of her was tireless and relentless.

Slowing her steps she stopped just at the open gates that Ashen had thrown open, while bullets by hundreds had struck his body leaving only welts on his skin and tearing his clothing.

Looking down she could see the evidence of the shell casings.

He had always been unique in this way. An unstoppable juggernaught he had destroyed all that lay in his path. It why she had chosen him: A choice she had regretted ever since that fateful night.

"This must end." Niya whispered looking at the carnage she had caused by leading him here to those that might offer her shelter, "Too many have died already."

Turning around she looked towards the mansion ready to accept her fate. In the early morning air her body trembled at its cold touch and penetrated her body to the core. Niya could see the frostiness of her own breath and witness the snow still falling.

Nailed fingers sharp and dripping with blood brushed the hair from her neck exposing soft pale skin underneath.

Taking a shuddering deep breath Niya whispered, "Ashen?"

"So you do remember me after all these years, but you do not even give me the courtesy of calling me by my true name." Ashen said his voice cold and calm.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you Hiseph: For making you one of us. Please end this I beg you. No more lives need be lost." Niya said turning towards him.

Ashem was a bearded blood drinker who had tan skin unlike Niya. Originally raised in Arabia he had been Bedouin tribesman who traveled the open desert freely.

"Lives that you could have saved long ago, even after you made me a blood drinker. Each time you ran I made an example of those that would think to protect you.

You took everything from me Niya: My life, my mortality, and family, and last but not least you damned my immortal soul, because out of fear I wanted to live after you drained me to the point of death. In a moment of weakness you cursed me forever.

So by all means run if you wish. I can always find you. Your presence calls to me like a distant whisper, growing ever louder as I draw near.

Taking life is what you made me for, and I no longer feel any guilt in extinguishing one after another. That was the last thing you took from me, and now witness the monster you created when you forced your will upon me." Ashen said.

"What do you want of me? What can I do that this century's old hunt will at long last be set to rest?" Niya asked desperately.

"What you would not do so long ago when first asked you the first year after my turning: Release me. I have tried to die to die a hundred times, but always I heal even from the worst of injuries. I searched the whole of the world for the secret, and it is you.

Your guilt keeps from me from a final peace, and I will endure it no longer. Free me from this torment. I only want to die." Ashen said his mind on the images of his family long dead.

His only wish was to be with them again as the man that he once was.

"I can't your soul is damned: There is only one place it can go." Niya said dashing all of his hopes.

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