Holly's Decision

by JRParz

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Lesbian, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Harem, Oral Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Direct inspiration for this story came from the author deirdre. I wrote this in honor of the 2006 "deirdre-fest" celebration. This is my take on her story, EXPERIMENT. This tale is seen through Holly's eyes as she is the target of a beautiful lesbian professor.

Direct inspiration for this story came from the author deirdre, and the 2006 "deirdre-fest" celebration.


first met the university professor at the library on campus. Her name was Rachel and she was introduced to me by my roommate, Cindy. What struck me right away about Rachel was her beauty and how young she looked. Cindy had met Rachel at a one day seminar two months ago and it was obvious my roommate had a case o hero-worship.

"Cindy has told me a great deal about you and it is so nice to finally meet you," Rachel greeted me with a smile, and it was about this time where things turned weird. You see, I'm very attractive myself, standing about 5'6", weigh 120 lbs, and possess shoulder-length blonde hair. I also sport a healthy pair of boobs and a killer ass. I'm used to being leered at by men, but not women. Not that they don't steal glances at me, but they're much more subtle about it. What disturbed me about the way Rachel looked at me was she made it obvious that she wanted to fuck me, and what made it eerily worse is that she was a professor.

I asked Cindy later if Rachel was gay and I was surprised at how defensive she became. I told her how the professor leered at me and Cindy insisted I was imagining things. Incidentally, Cindy is very cute herself, although rather shy and naïve. On this day, though, she had her claws out and defended the professor like she was her lover.

Anyway, after our classes the next day, I was hoping to patch things up, but the second Cindy came in, she bee-lined it straight to her bedroom. I knocked on her door and she told me to leave her alone, and the only sounds I heard were her sobbing and that new age music she was playing lately.

As the week progressed, Cindy mysteriously snapped out of her depression and started being extra nice to me. It was during this time when she dragged me to the Administration bulletin board where they posted early class sign ups for the next semester. Cindy begged me to take a psych course with her, something I really didn't need, but because it meant so much to Cindy, I went ahead and signed up for the class as an elective.


When I walked into my psych class on the first day of the new semester, I was stunned. I never put it together that Rachel and Professor Sterling were one in the same. I was tempted to leave but Cindy pleaded with me to give her a chance.

The first thing Professor Sterling did was put on that damn new age music and eventually I calm down. Then as the class progressed, I was starting to feel better about the professor, and actually found her theories quite captivating.

With every class I took, my fascination with the professor grew. It seemed like she possessed a genuine concern for every one of her students, and I especially loved the tranquil atmosphere of the class. Oh... it must also be noted that I loved the music she played and asked to borrow a CD from her.

It was about this time that I learned Cindy and the Professor were seeing each other. Cindy spent an awful lot of her free time with the Professor and the one time I tried breaching the topic with Cindy, she mumbled something about assisting her with psyche experiments.

I also discovered a change in my sexuality and was feeling constantly horny. What surprising was it wasn't just sex I wanted, but lesbian sex! I started to question my new feelings, and wondered if Cindy's lesbian relationship with the professor was somehow triggering some suppressed bi-curious feelings in me.


One late afternoon, I ran into Professor Sterling outside her office. Did I mention how beautiful she is? Anyway, she gave me a great big hug and I remember feeling so comfortable in her arms. I also felt a little nervous because I felt the stirrings of arousal as well. She didn't see me, but I know I blushed.

"Are you hungry?" the Professor asked me out of the blue.


"Look, it'll be my treat, you're coming with me."

I was about to gladly accept the invitation but then I remembered something.

"What's the matter?" the professor asked.

"I'd love to come but what about Cindy?" I whispered, knowing Cindy would be devastated if she missed out on this opportunity.

"Call her and have her join us," the professor replied with a smile.

Instant happiness! Anyway, I called Cindy on my cell and guess what? She declined! Cindy insisted that she had too much studying to do and told me to enjoy myself! This didn't make sense and I wondered what was keeping her away.


Professor Sterling took me to the Coven, which was a cozy little restaurant across town. She also insisted that I call her Rachel and we ended up talking about all kinds of things. Politics, philosophy, and eventually we even talked about sex. I remember wondering what it was about her that made it so easy for me to talk to her. I mean... I told her things about myself that I never told anybody in my life before. Not even my diary for the fear of someone finding it! I told her about the boys I'd been with and what it was about them that turned me on, and I even got specific about the various positions I've indulged in during sex.

"Have you ever felt attracted to a girl before?" Rachel asked with a smile.

I'll admit it; I wasn't prepared for this question. I know I should have been given her sexual orientation and the fact that she was fucking my roommate, but for whatever reason she caught me completely off guard.

"I'm not like that," I finally replied in a soft submissive tone.

"I didn't ask if you were like that... I asked if you've ever felt attracted to a girl before," Rachel replied.

"Yes," I admitted, blushing.

"Does she go to the University?" Rachel asked with an even wider smile and the image of who I'd been lusting over as of late came to the surface. I must have turned beet red.

"It's nothing to feel ashamed about," Rachel told me and then asked, "Anyone I know?"

"I... I don't think so," I replied, wondering if it was possible to turn any redder.

"You know, it's healthier for you to share your feelings with someone you trust and respect."

"I didn't respond other to look at her.

"You do trust and respect me," she told me.

"I trust and respect you," I whispered, and then suddenly I realized Rachel was right!

"Now, who might this girl be?"

"She's a cheerleader," I replied with a smile, feeling better than I told Rachel.

"A cheerleader... ? How precious... describe her," Rachel responded with excitement.

"She has long dark hair, a beautiful oval face, and I've never seen a more beautiful pair of boobs before!"

"You certainly are present an arousing picture," Rachel commented with a grin, and I sat there blushing at my admission.

"And does this girl have a name?"

"I don't know her name... I... I wish I did but I don't," I mumbled in response.

"Well, does she at least know how you feel about her?"

"Huh? No way," I replied with alarm.

"Have you been fantasizing about her?"

"I... I can't help it. I... I get real horny and she's right there inside my head all the time."

"Why do you torture yourself?" Rachel asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror recently?" Rachel asked.


"Holly, you're a Grade A hottie that epitomizes the very definition of blonde goddess. I bet you have every guy and half the girls on campus fantasizing about you."

I just sat there unable to respond.

"Wouldn't you like to take what you're feeling for this girl to the next level?"

"I couldn't do that," I whispered, blushing again.

"Are you afraid of rejection?"

I turned redder.

"What if I could guarantee she would feel the same way about you?" Rachel asked.

"She has a boyfriend," I started to reply.

"It doesn't matter. Give me the word and I'll deliver this cheerleader of yours on a silver platter," Rachel responded.

"How do you even know she's into girls?" I asked, hating how this discussion turned me on.

"Doesn't matter," Rachel replied.

"I think I should leave. I have a lot of studying to do and it's getting late," I mumbled, thinking this whole thing got real weird.

"Okay, Holly, but try to understand I can make what I said happen. It doesn't matter how the girl felt before," Rachel responded.

"Oh my God... Cindy?" I whispered.

"Oh yes, sweet, sweet, Cindy. A perfectly healthy heterosexual girl before I got my hands on her. Now, she's my devoted sex slave," Rachel replied with a smile.
"How can you say that about her... she loves you," I replied, tearing up.

"Yes, irresistibly so, and she will for the rest of her life," Rachel added.

"What... what did you do to her?" I asked.

"Listen to this new CD I put together for you," Rachel responded, ignoring my question. I looked at the CD in my hand knowing I would.


On Friday afternoon, Cindy told me we had to meet Professor Sterling in the lab. I'll admit, I was pretty apprehensive about it, but there I was following Cindy anyway. On the way over, I asked Cindy if she loved Rachel. Cindy told me she never loved anyone more, and now that I was looking more closely at Cindy, I realized there was something very different about her.

When we arrived at the lab, Professor Sterling was sitting at her desk.

"Go tend to your programming," the professor commanded Cindy, and I watched as Cindy immediately exited through the door.

"Why am I here?" I asked, trying to muster some backbone.

"Decision time, come with me," Rachel replied.

I followed Rachel into the same room Cindy had just entered, and what I saw floored me. There were three completely naked girls lying on three different examination tables, and one of the girls was my crush.

"At the moment these girls are in a subconscious state and undergoing standard conditioning."

I looked over at Cindy and wondered how she could be part of this.

"Don't be too hard on your roommate. It isn't her fault. She's quite powerless to do anything other than what I command."

"This is insane! This is kidnapping!" I then turned back to the girls. "What are you doing to them?!"

"Altering they're sexual chemistry," Rachel replied with a smile.

"This is my fault, isn't it?" I asked, tearing up.

"I guess it might, but anyway, I have a proposal for you."

"This isn't right..." I whispered, feeling sorry for the girls.

"Which one of these lovelies are you fantasizing over?"

I turned away from them.

"Come now, Holly. Turn around and point to the girl," Rachel commanded me and suddenly I felt compelled to turn around and point... but I didn't.

"Cute. You're resisting," Rachel replied with a smile. "I knew you were special... you're the first girl that has ever been able to resist my subliminal programming."

"Is this how you made Cindy love you?" I asked, glancing over at Cindy who appeared oblivious.

"Cindy feels the way she does because she's received the whole package... the subliminal programming is just a portion."

"The new age music..." I whispered, suddenly realizing.

"Yes, the music allowed me to implant suggestions and loyalties into your subconscious. I needed your trust and honesty, and it was only by accident that it surfaced latent lesbian feelings."

"This is also why I confided in you?"

"Yes, the music works wonders, but as you proved it isn't fail-safe."

"But how is it possible to alter someone's sexual orientation?"

"You'd be surprised what can be done by manipulating some chemicals inside your brain. It really is rather easy. In Cindy's case, she happened to be one hundred percent into guys so I had to add chemicals inside her sexual chemistry in order to turn her bi. Then I personalized her conditioning and bonded her to me. She loves me more than life."

"You're sick," I whispered, tearing up.

"In your case, given you're already bi, the standard conditioning will turn you pure lesbian."

"Didn't I already prove that there are flaws in your procedures?" I asked.

"In the subliminal programming there might be, but not the personalized programming. I do the personalized through a computer program that combines the use of Virtual Reality and micro computer chips implanted inside your body. I can make a girl lust or love depending on my needs."

"That's impossible," I whispered.

"You're wrong. If I want a love slave, all I have to do is send a signal to the micro chip inside your brain and trigger an endorphin rush."

"But why did you target me?"

"Because I wanted you the moment Cindy showed me your picture. Now, be a good girl and tell me which girl you want as your lover."

"No," I replied, finding it easier to resist.

"Come now, Holly. All three of the girls here are cheerleaders. This girl here with the short hair is a major hottie and those boobs of her are out of this world. Plump and heavy would be the best way to describe them. This girl with her hair down to her butt is another major hottie and my personal favorite. Damn oh damn did that make her sexy. The third girl here isn't necessarily as hot as the other two, but you got to admit she has an impressive rack. I had to abduct all three of them because I didn't want to take a chance at snapping the wrong girl."

"You'll go to prison for this!"

"No, Holly... I won't. Once these girls undergo their full treatment it won't matter to them that I abducted them. Ask Cindy is she minds."

"Please, Rachel... you need help," I responded.

Rachel walked over to me and slapped me across the face. I was so stunned that I didn't react when she slapped me a second time. I just stared at her and began to cry.

"No more nonsense, now which one?" she asked.

I pointed to the girl in the middle.

"Now, was that so hard? I swear you're making this out to be so terrible. Cindy has been my love slave for months now and she still attends her classes here and functions quite nicely. She gets good grades and still communicates with her family. The subliminal programming she receives these days, help her deal with her new life. And with the exception of her love for me, she's very much the same person."

"You talk about her like she's not even here. Is this my fate as well?"

"That depends on you, Holly. Join me of your own free will and I'll suspend all subliminal programming on you. I won't even expose you to any personalized conditioning, just the standard treatment."

"Why can't I stay like I am... ? Why do I have to be a lesbian?"

"That's my offer and I personally think I'm being generous. I would ask you to consider my offer seriously."

"If I do agree, can I have Cindy?"

"Not permanently. What's done is done, but I can loan her out to you from time to time. Cindy's devotion to me is absolute and forever. This is probably the only part of the personalized conditioning that I'd some day like to change, because right now there's no turning back."

I wondered how Cindy liked being talked about in this manner. "Would I have to be your lover?"

"Come now, Holly... isn't this the whole point of this exercise? We'll be having lots of sex, but what I could do for you is not force you to love me like Cindy loves me. I'll prime your libido towards me specifically, but I'll leave that mind of yours alone."

"You said I wouldn't undergo any personalized treatment," I responded, thinking she was already changing her mind.

"I guess I forgot that little exception," Rachel replied with a smile.

"What about the two other girls?"

"We'll split them. You pick one and I pick one."

"Who else have you done this to?" I asked in shock.

"I have an attractive divorcee in her late twenties as my live-in maid and a lawyer who performs does work for me pro bono. I let her lick my pussy and she handles my legal affairs."

"Do I end up like them if I don't join you?"

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