Older Is Better

by Rotedrachen

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a short story I've had lying around for a while, about a guy who finally grows up.

I spent the entire evening, so far, wondering why I was miserable. Here I was, twenty-five and fresh out of a marriage made in hell and on a date with the most beautiful eighteen year old creature I have ever known.

Sue had long blond hair, was fun loving, outgoing and had a figure straight out of Penthouse. I had known her since she was twelve and had lusted after her since I first laid eyes on her.

This was my first date since I had finally managed to shed myself of the heinous bitch I had been married to. Halfway through the concert I was beginning to feel out of place. It was odd for me because I liked the bands.

I couldn't understand why I wasn't overjoyed to be out with this girl. I struggled through the concert, happy we couldn't talk over the amps. The frequent joints moving up the row helped a lot, as did the bottle of tequila we had smuggled in.

When the concert finally ended, I had a horny blond bombshell to deal with. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so we parked. It had almost felt like I was raped.

She acted like she had never heard of foreplay. Before I knew what was happening her sweater was around her neck and her short skirt was playing parachute over my bare waist as she rode me hard. When I was her age the sight alone would have made it impossible to last over a minute, but in my present state of mind I lasted until she had cum three times. When she felt me finally join her, she collapsed on my chest and gave me a sloppy kiss.

"I knew an older guy would be a lot more fun! That was fucking awesome!" she gasped.

It was better than I'd had in a long time, but that wasn't saying much. I played tired, even though she was still ready to party, and took her home. Sue lived with her mother in a small one bedroom apartment that was all they could afford since her dad had run off.

I had known Donna as long as I had Sue. When we got there Donna was at the table fretting over bills. We sat on either side of her to visit but Sue was too hyper to be too involved in the conversation.

After several attempts to get me to go to some party her mom said "Why don't you just go by yourself and give poor Mike some peace!"

I assured her it was fine with me, playing the "tired old man" act some more.

When Sue closed the door Donna sighed "She wears me out!"

Donna didn't look too worn out to me. She was an older version of her daughter. She had made the mistake I was afraid Sue would before long. Donna had made it earlier. Sue had been born when Donna was sixteen.

I had to agree though "I know what you mean. I have never felt as old in my life as I did tonight."

Donna laughed "I figured as much. After four years in the Navy and married to 'Matilda the Hun' for five, it must have been a shock. I'll bet you didn't even enjoy the sex much, did you?"

I blushed at the though of her thinking I had nailed her daughter and she smiled "I have a nose, and I still remember that smell. Even if it has been a while since it came from me."

I looked at her and opened my mouth before I thought. "You've got to be kidding! A beautiful woman like you is bound to have guys falling all over themselves to get close to her."

She asked if I had seen a line outside the door. "Besides, working two jobs would make it hard to go out even if anybody asked. Tomorrow will be the first day I've had off in a month."

On a whim, I suggested that we should take advantage of that fact and go out for dinner.

She laughed again and said "What's this, you bag the daughter so you figure why not the old lady too?"

I blushed again and said "I regret that even more now. I like Sue and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. As for you, what's this old lady crap? You're gorgeous and you know it."

She liked the compliment I guess, because she suggested we go out for a late night snack. I was actually kind of hungry what with the weed and everything so I was game. She told me to wait a minute and disappeared into the bedroom.

Ten minutes later I thought Sue came out of there. "Wow Donna, you look amazing" was all I could manage.

She kissed my cheek in thanks and added her purse to the large bag she was carrying. When we got to the door, she had me wait a minute so she could leave a note in case Sue got back first.

There isn't much selection in restaurants after midnight so we ended up at a Denny's. Before we knew it the clock said it was 2 AM. We both still wanted to talk but were getting the 'You've been here too long' look from the waitress.

"Too bad the bars are closing" I lamented "but my house is still open. Can I talk you into coming over for a drink?"

She said she'd love to, and we were on our way. It wasn't far and when I showed her in she looked at the semi-bare state of things, and said "At least you got the house"

I told her I would have given that away too, but the bitch couldn't afford the payments unless she did something unheard of, like get a job. I had a new TV and stereo, along with a love seat in the living room. Other than that the only furniture was in the bedroom. It was all new.

I fixed a batch of Margaritas, and we sat comfortably close on the love seat to continue our conversation. We had always talked a lot when I was at their house, so neither of us was really surprised. At least until I found myself kissing her. She responded eagerly at first, but pushed me away after a bit.

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