The Original Sin

by Dick Coxxx

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A beautiful blonde wife makes atonement for The Original Sin

The curly-headed, pretty little blonde girl clutched her mother's warm hand as they made their way into the small church. At the tender young age of six, Miriam Posey was the perfect picture of a bright-eyed young lady, eager to learn about the vast new world all around her. The little girl and her mother sat at the front of the church like they religiously did every Sunday morning. Miriam smiled up at the man in the long white robe. She dearly loved her father, the Reverend Posey.

The topic of today's sermon was on brotherly love. Little Miriam wondered why her father didn't speak of 'sisterly' love as she didn't have any brothers. Her little baby sister was peacefully sleeping in the church's nursery where her mother would collect the baby after the church service before they headed to a local cafeteria for Sunday lunch.

The town where Miriam grew up was like any other typical small-town in Alabama. She walked to elementary school with her mother where her mom was one of its teachers. Miriam loved her mother very dearly and wanted to be just like her when she grew up. Being an elementary school teacher was Miriam's dream when she grew up.

It was only several blocks to school but one day as they were walking home, an old beat-up car with a flat tire was pulled-over to the side of the road. A dark-skinned man was sitting on the hood of the car and whistled at them as they walked by. Miriam thought that it was just the black man's way of saying hello to them but her mother hurried them down the sidewalk away from the strange man. She remembered hearing the man snicker as he said, "Momma, I's bets those pretty legs go all the way ups to yo' sweet little white ass."

When they got back to their home, Miriam could tell that her mother was flushed as her face was red and her breathing was heavy. The little girl didn't know why her mother was mad at her.

Her mother sat her down on a stool and bent down so that their eyes met.

"Miriam," her mother said. "Unfortunately, there are men in this world that only think about only one thing and that's sex. All black men want to have sex with white ladies but we just can't let that happen to ourselves. It's just not right and proper. The Bible tells us that we need to treat Negroes as people but the darkies just want to rut with white women like animals and God's teaching just won't allow that. Their terrible lusting ways are against God's will. Do you understand me? You must not even go near little black boys because they'll just get into your panties and do things to you that they shouldn't do. Do you here me?"

"Yes, Mother," was all the little girl could say in response. Miriam was nearly in tears.

That night, the little girl's dreams were clouded with the dark thoughts of the black man luridly whistling at them. She could see the Negro's wicked, lustful smile in her mind's eye. Miriam didn't understand it then, but the erotic dream stuck with her and resurfaced many times as she grew older.

Miriam didn't want to move just before her senior year in high school and leave her old friends behind, but her father was moving up to be the minister in a larger church in the suburbs of Birmingham. She would be going to a new high school where she knew no one. Back at her previous school, Miriam was very popular and was even one of the popular cheerleaders. While her mother wouldn't allow her to have a steady boyfriend, Miriam dated many boys. With her strict upbringing, she never let the boys do much more than a little bit of kissing or light petting. One of the arrogant football players even had the nerve to get mad at her when she pushed his groping hand away from her budding breasts. Miriam had earned the dreaded nickname of 'Ice Queen' but she was still very determined not to let those nasty boys take advantage of her. She planned on saving herself for her husband on their wedding night like a good little girl should.

One of the things that was definitely different from her previous school was that this one was integrated with 'coloreds.' The city's fathers had combined the high school in town, Booker T. Washington High School, with the one in the suburb, General Robert E. Lee High School. The new school was now just called Lee High School and they changed the name of the school's mascot from 'The Rebels' to 'The Black Panthers' to pacify the many blacks on the new school board. This was during the time of much civil unrest and turbulent times for all.

Fortunately for Miriam, her family moved to her new home in time for her to try out for the new school's cheerleading squad. She easily made the team from her being a cheerleader at her previous school.

The cheerleader outfits that they wore were much more risqué than what she had worn at her old high school. The new outfits were patterned after one of the professional football team's cheerleading outfits which consisted of a short skirt that revealed the girl's midriff and belly button. The top was just a little more than a bra with some fringe on it. They also wore white patent leather 'Go-Go' boots. Their hair was required to be up in a ponytail so they looked similar. The cheerleader sponsor, Mrs. Bird, was very particular with 'her' girls.

Mrs. Bird was one of the most popular teachers and Miriam wanted to be just like her. Not only was the pretty blonde teacher the cheerleader sponsor, she was also the art teacher. Mrs. Bird was only a few years older than her own students. She had studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and was considered a specialist in obscure and unknown art and paintings. The pretty teacher had golden blonde curls similar to Miriam's and their bright sky-blue eyes seemed to be laughing together.

Mrs. Bird was also an avid photographer and took photos of the many works of art that she explored with a passion. She would project the slide on one of the few bare walls in the classroom. During her art class she would lecture on the different types of medieval paintings she had discovered while in Europe. One of them she called, 'The Original Sin.'

The painting was set in the Garden of Eden. In the apple tree, a Devil as a python wrapped itself around one of the tree's branches and grinned wickedly at the scene before him.

Miriam was taken back. She knew the story of Adam and Eve. God had granted the first couple the Garden of Eden but forbade them to eat from the apple, the 'Fruit of Knowledge.' The conniving and pretty blonde Eve enticed Adam to take a bite of the forbidden apple. God drove the couple from the Garden of Eden for committing 'The Original Sin.'

The stunning image now being shown on the Art Room's wall made Miriam gasp as it did the others. Miriam's eyes were drawn to the lovely Eve in the painting. Eve had a striking resemblance to not only Mrs. Bird but also to herself. Eve had golden blonde curls tumbling down to her bare shoulders. Her creamy, full breasts were exposed to Adam and showing the little pink buds of her taut nipples. Nestled between her thighs, were golden curls protecting Eve's maidenhood. Her arms were outstretched to Adam and offering him the forbidden fruit. Her piercing blue eyes were affixed on Adam as she encouraged him to sample the fruit.

Miriam gulped as she stared at the image of 'Adam' on the makeshift screen. Adam was painted as a Negro! If looked as if she or Mrs. Bird were offering themselves to the black-skinned man. The other prominent idea in the erotic painting was the depiction of Adam's manhood. His penis was flaccid as it hung limp but it was as thick as his forearm. In Miriam's sheltered life, she had never before seen such an appendage. Adam's impossibly thick cock almost reached down to his knees. Miriam knew in her heart that when erect, such a monstrous manhood could not possibly be taken by any woman.

Mrs. Bird explained the erotic and mystical symbolism of the painting now shown on the Art Class' wall. The pretty blonde teacher told about how woman first tempted man with her womanly charms but had to resort to wicked treachery to obtain what she wanted. This was where the saying, 'The Devil made me do it, ' came from but that it was Eve's way of justifying and getting what she really wanted and that was Adam's huge black cock.

Miriam went home from school that evening one very confused young lady. Her sordid dreams went back to that fateful day that she was walking home from elementary school with her mother and they encountered that black man. The image of the Negro turned into the painting of Adam. Her mother's image turned into that of Mrs. Bird who looked strikingly like the painting of Eve. When Mrs. Bird first spied the Negro sitting on the hood of his car with the flat tire, her demeanor changed from that of the loving mother of Miriam and wife of a religious preacherman to that of a slutty whore offering her luscious white body to the lusting Negro, Adam. Miriam saw her mother's stride turn from a normal walk into a sexy strut like a peacock trying to tempt her mate. Miriam awoke in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. She also realized that her fingers had been between her widespread legs as if a lover were between them. The throbbing bud of her inexperienced clitoris was blood-engorged and extremely sensitive. She made herself come for the very first time. Miriam's imaginary lover was none other than that of the image of Adam from the erotic painting of 'The Original Sin.'

It was ironic that the lovely white high school cheerleaders were cheering on a mostly black football team. Miriam knew that some of the pretty cheerleaders dated the black boys and even Mrs. Bird had been seen with one of the black assistant coaches from time to time. Her strict mother, however, forbade Miriam from dating any of the black boys.

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