Donna's Vacation

by Heatheranne

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Cousins, Fisting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: In a rewrite of one of my early stories, Donna's high school boyfriend breaks off their intimate relationship. She takes a vacation to mend her broken heart and make some new conquests.

Donna ran to the front door when she heard the bell ring. With a tingle of anticipation in her pussy, she opened the door. John, her boyfriend, stood there with a seductive smile on his handsome countenance, "Hi there," he said. His eyes devoured her figure that was exposed by shorts and a braless, tight tee.

Donna smiled back. "Mom and Dad went to the mall. It's their night to shop and eat out," she told him eagerly.

"Way to go, good old mom and dad," said John.

He stepped inside and pushed the door closed. He wrapped his arms around Donna's slim waist and kissed her hard. She kissed back until she had to pull away to catch her breath. Donna could feel his hard-on growing against her hip. As John went on to kiss her cheek and then her ear, Donna giggled, "You can't be all that horny. How many times did we do it last night, three?"

John grabbed Donna's hand and pulled her toward her bedroom. "I did it three times. God only knows how many times you came. And I bet you're hot for some more."

Donna scuffed her feet and resisted his pull. "Don't be in such a hurry. Don't you want to eat something, or watch TV first?" Watching TV was their code for making out and heavy petting. Donna liked to cuddle first.

John acted as if didn't hear or just didn't care. He pulled insistently on Donna's arm until they were in her bedroom. "Come on Donna, you know you want it just as bad as I do." John threw her on the bed and then piled on beside her.

"Damn John, we've got time, don't go so fast." Donna was about to get pissed. She didn't like it fast and rough. She would have to admit though, that she liked sex. In fact she liked it a lot. John had been her first and only lover, but even before him she'd been no stranger to orgasms. Unlike most girls, she'd found that erotic sensation easy to come by from an early age. And she'd discovered that sex with John multiplied those sensations ten fold.

They had been sophomores in high school for their first sexual encounter, and now they were just days away from graduation. For most of her life Donna had been the tall, self conscious, awkward girl in class. The one who was always seen stooped over when walking in the school halls, trying to blend in with her friends - girl friends that is. The boys didn't want to have anything to do with a female who towered over them. Then, the summer after her freshman year, Donna blossomed. Her five foot ten stick figure suddenly became curvaceous — her B-cups grew to size D. A summer of exercise in the sun gave her body a tan and added blonde highlights to her light brown hair, not to mention a flat stomach and shapely legs. Donna should have noticed the heads of numerous horny teen males turning her way at the beginning of the next school year. If she had waited a while, Donna would have found the boys buzzing around her like the proverbial bees around a beautiful flower, but John was the first one to approach her, and he blocked the other guys from her consciousness.

John was a member of the cool, in crowd. He was good looking, with thick, dark hair and, best of all, taller than Donna. The inexperienced girl was overwhelmed when John turned his sexy smile her way. It came to be that they had more in common than only a physical attraction, but the non-physical mattered a lot more to Donna than to John.

John rolled over and kissed her, jamming his tongue in her mouth. His hand went under her tee shirt and cupped one of Donna's generous breasts, rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger. For a few seconds Donna resisted his rough groping, but then her body betrayed her. The heavy, warm, wet feeling began to gather between her legs, and she started to respond. She began to suck on John's tongue and tug at his shirt. Her mind told her not to encourage his behavior, but her body was beginning to anticipate another thrilling orgasm.

"Yeah, that's my girl," whispered John in her ear.

Donna could only moan in response. John jumped up. He had his clothes off in seconds. Retrieving a condom from his pants, he rolled the latex over his hard cock with practiced ease. She loved his cock; it was thick and straight and longer than average. Donna watched its head bob and weave in the air as he reached down and tugged off her shorts. Her bikini panties followed shortly.

John crawled back on the bed, pushing her legs apart. Grabbing his cock, he bent it down and pushed open Donna's pussy lips. In one shove he buried his cock as far he could into her warm, clinging wetness.

"Ow damn, John," she complained. She may have been aroused, but she wasn't ready for this indelicate treatment. She started to ask John just what in the hell was going on, but he covered her mouth with his, stuck his tongue nearly into her throat, and began to drive his hips back and forth.

For two minutes John pounded away, making the sturdy bed squeak. Despite her initial pain, Donna was beginning to feel the first budding sensations of her orgasm.

"That's it, baby," she said with passion. Her clit was getting its due just right. She was on the edge of a hot cum, when John suddenly shuddered and groaned in her arms. His back arched, his eyes rolled upwards and Donna knew that he was filling his condom with hot cream. Well, maybe not filling it, she thought. After cumming three times the night before, he must be pretty well drained. Suddenly, without so much as a kiss on her cheek, he was off the bed and into the bathroom.

Donna sighed. At least he'd gotten that initial surge of horniness out of his system. She could have her fun on the second go around — and even the third if they had time. John's sexual technique could best be described as enthusiastic and full of stamina.

But when he came back into Donna's bedroom, John didn't jump back on the bed or reach for another condom, he began to get dressed. "Listen babe, we have to talk," he said seriously.

Donna's face turned red, and not from sexual passion, "You're damn right we do. If you think you can rush in here for a quickie just to get your rocks off then..."

"Donna," he interrupted, "I'm not going to Ellington."

"What?" Donna's anger turned to amazement. For over a year they had planned on matriculating into Ellington College together. It was a small, academically exclusive and very expensive school. They both had satisfactory grades and money was no problem, at least for Donna. Her parents were well off. But John was going to have to depend on winning a golf scholarship to pay his tuition. Ellington had an outstanding golf team, whose quality was all out of proportion to the size of the school. They had their pick of golfers, but John was a hell of a player, and Donna felt that he could win a scholarship.

"The coach at State offered me a partial scholarship and I'm going to take it. I hear that the coach at Ellington had a heart attack and they wouldn't be deciding on scholarships until late this summer. If I wait until then, I might be left with my dick hanging out," he pulled up the zipper on his pants, "so to speak," he finished. John reached for his socks and began to put them on.

Donna stood up, hands on hips, not the least concerned with her state of undress. "But that'll put us hundreds of miles apart. What about our plans?"

"Look babe, we've had a good run, but this'll mean long separations... and... and I think we ought to call it quits." John finished with his socks and reached for his cross trainers, but before his could touch the shoes Donna reached down and scooped them up.

"Call it quits, huh?" Her voice was low and quiet and menacing. In fact, for the first time in her life, Donna knew what "seeing red" meant. It was as if a sanguine mist was filling the room. Her face was so red and flushed she could feel her pulse in her cheeks.

"You come in here, practically rape me, and then announce a break up?" she said, barely above a whisper. "You're not even willing to put out even the slightest effort for our future?"

John had completely misread her tone of voice just like he'd misread her feelings for him. "Put out? Yeah, for two years I put out plenty of stuff for you, babe." John patted his crotch with a smug smile. "It was great, and we both had our fun. Now, can I have my shoes?"

Donna broke. "Shoes!" she screeched. "You son of a bitch! I'll give you fuckin' shoes" Donna was no mean athlete; she gave John one of his shoes just as hard as she could give it. She swung the shoe at his head with all the force she could muster with her legs, hips and shoulders. The shoe whipped off an upraised hand that John had barely managed to get in harm's way, and then the shoe ricocheted into his forehead hard enough to leave tread marks.

Whacked into the reality of what he had brought out in his now very former lover, John leapt off the bed, one hand over the growing welt on his head.

"Damn, Donna..." He looked up to see the look in her eyes through the tangle of wild hair that lay over her face. He began to back away through the bedroom door. Donna stalked him through the house like a panther warning an intruder out of her territory. When John got to the front door he said, "OK, I guess you can keep the shoes."

As John turned to open the door, Donna launched one of the shoes at the back of his head. John yelped in pain as it connected. He turned to retrieve his shoe. When he bent over, he made the mistake of taking his eye off his attacker and the other shoe bounced off his head.

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