Master PC: Leftovers

by JRParz

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Harem, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Transformation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Heather suddenly finds herself free from an unscrupulous man who used the Master PC program to alter her physically, mentally and sexually, but then someone else gets a hold of the program, is Heather recaptured again? Is the scrupulous man able to resist temptations any better?


Dan McCarthy entered the condo stunned. His cousin, Cash, who he hadn't seen, nor talked to in over a year, died the previous month in car accident, and strangely enough, made him sole beneficiary of his entire estate. This included his condominium, all his belongings, and liquid assets of over two million dollars. Shocked... ? That was an understatement as he had no idea his cousin had this kind of money.

As Dan walked through the condo, he was impressed with the size. The place was huge with five bedrooms filled with expensive furniture. To top it off, sitting on top of his new desk was a brand new state-of-the-art Dell Latitude X800 Laptop!

Just then the doorbell rang, prompting him to rush back to the living room and open the front door. There stood the most incredibly beautiful young woman he had ever seen.

"Hi," the woman greeted him with a smile.

"Hi... uh... can I help you?" Dan asked as he desperately tried not to stare at the woman's incredibly large breasts.

"Is Cash here?" the woman asked; sounding anxious and nervous at the same time. The woman attempted to peak around his shoulder to look inside, adding, "Did I catch you at a bad time?"

"I'm sorry... I... uh... who are you, anyway?" Dan asked with confusion as to why a woman of this caliber would want his cousin.

"My name is Heather Templeton, and I live at the Meadows Apartment Complex across the street."

"Maybe you should come in for a minute so we can talk," Dan responded as he opened the door wider to allow her a path.

Heather paused for a moment before she stepped inside, and he closed the door behind her before escorting her to the couch.

"Please, take a seat," he encouraged her, and Heather sat down, looking nervous.

"Is Cash here?" Heather asked, looking restless and scared.
"I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but Cash died in a car accident a month ago."

Heather's face lit up in shock before her features turned to confusion.

"Were you close?" Dan asked Heather.

"We were," Heather whispered... and then she stood up. "But not no more," she stated with a smile, and then turned and left.


Heather walked as fast as she could in her high-heeled shoes. Had the last six months really happened?

"Of course it happened," she mumbled to herself, gazing down at the proof before her. Her G cups bounced every which way as another reminder of the magic.

When Heather entered her apartment, she headed straight for her bedroom, and gasped upon seeing her reflection in the mirror. While she had been laboring under Cash's spell, she never really took the time to focus on how truly incredible she looked and now stood there in stunned silence.

Heather possessed long wavy blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a pair of boobs that put Pamela Anderson's to shame. What Cash had done was transform her into a living, breathing sex goddess! The ultimate bimbo! The adolescents wet dream!

Then Heather's eyes lit up when she remembered Cash's rule that she wouldn't be able to cum unless she had his permission. Was this rule still in effect? Heather had to know, so she quickly stripped off her tee shirt, springing free her incredible boobs, followed by her jeans and black thong panties. She gasped at the sight of herself and then "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried out in ecstasy.

Heather came too on the floor... feeling more elated then she could ever remember.

"Heather... ?" her roommate called out from the living room, causing her eyes to light up in alarm. The last thing she wanted was her roommate to catch her masturbating, so she quickly redressed.

"Hi there," Jennifer greeted her from the doorway.

"Hi", she responded, blushing. She was naked from the waist up and grabbed her tee shirt.

"Well?" Jennifer asked her.

"Well what?" Heather asked, slipping her tee over her head. She saw Jennifer breathing deeply through her nose and she could feel herself responding to her.

"That smell is nice," Jennifer whispered.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, wanting Jennifer to change the subject.

"You're boyfriend... is he back?"

"No, he's gone forever," Heather replied, hating how wet she grew from the sight of Jennifer.

"What do you mean, he's gone?" Jennifer asked, stepping closer.

"Gone as in dead," she responded, smiling.

"Why are you smiling and where is that smell coming from?" Jennifer asked as she continued breathing through her nose.

Heather saw Jennifer's nipples harden and realized with shock that her friend was getting horny.

"I feel so strange," Jennifer whispered as she brought her hands up to caress her neck.

Heather suddenly realized what was happening... her scent from her pussy was affecting Jennifer like an aphrodisiac!

"I'm... horny," Jennifer whispered.

With a burst of will power, Heather rushed past Jennifer and out of the room.

"Where're you going?" Jennifer called out to her.

Heather rushed to the bathroom and locked the door, then stripped off her jeans and entered herself.

"Unggghhhhhhh," she groaned while she finger-fucked herself and didn't stop until she exploded to several orgasms.

After she was fully satisfied, Heather showered and went back to her bedroom. Then she looked for something to wear. Everything she owned was either too tight or revealing... and the only underwear she could find were sexy thongs. She saw a few dozen pairs of low riders and realized she would have to wear this until she could afford to go shopping.

When Heather walked out to the living room, Jennifer was on the couch and flipping through a magazine. They made eye contact and she could have sworn she saw Jennifer blush. "Feeling better?" Jennifer asked her.

"Yeah, much better, and you... ?"

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked, turning beet red.

Heather smiled and took a seat on the couch next to her.

"Why are you acting so strange all of a sudden?" Jennifer asked her.

"Do you notice anything different about me?"

"You mean in the way you dress?" Jennifer asked, looking confused.

"No. I'm talking about my physical appearance. I mean... don't you think I've gone through a lot of changes since we became roommates?"

"Not really," Jennifer whispered, looking more confused.

"Jenny... I used to have short dark hair instead of long blonde hair. I used to have hazel-green eyes instead of these blue ones... and believe it or not, I used to be an A cup before these," she responded while cupping her boobs.

"You're crazy," Jennifer responded.

"Do you remember the time I seduced you?"

Jennifer blushed.

"Did you ever stop and wonder why it was so easy for me?"

"I was bi-curious and wanted to experiment, why you bringing this up?" Jennifer asked, defensively.

"Bi-curious... ? I don't think so. Were you bi-curious an hour ago?"

"Wha... what do you mean?" Jennifer asked, blushing.

"I know you wanted me earlier," Heather responded.

Jennifer blushed again.

"Do you know why?" Heather asked.

"I... I guess I'm attracted to you?" Jennifer whispered.

"Nonsense," Heather replied with a smile.

Jennifer just sat there staring at her.

"I know this because you aren't attracted to me now, right?"

"I... I'm not sure. I guess not, but you're right, I was earlier," Jennifer responded.

"You're not attracted to me now because you aren't bisexual. It was magic that allowed me to seduce you that one time... and it's the same magic that made you feel horny for me earlier."

"Magic... ?" Jennifer asked, and the rolled her eyes.

"Yeah... I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Cash had access to a computer program called Master PC. It allowed him to alter reality."

"I don't believe you... and what does this have to do with seducing me?"

"Maybe this picture might help you understand," Heather replied as she handed Jennifer the picture. "That was me before Cash transformed me."

"And you expect me to believe this?" Jennifer asked.

"Look at the face... you know it's me!" Heather argued, trying to make her understand.

"I'm sorry... it may look like you but as long as I've known you, you've always had those huge boobs and long blonde hair," Jennifer replied as she handed Heather back the picture.

"Look, that Master PC program is responsible for this and everything else that has happened."

"Yeah, right," Jennifer responded.

"Cash was a very sick man and I'm not the only victim. He turned other girls into sex toys as well. He made everyone of us look like bimbos and crave sex with him. He also turned us bisexual and forced us to love it."

"Do you hear yourself? Let's pretend for a second that you're telling the truth, when did this start?" Jennifer asked.

"About six months ago. Remember Cody Wisk?"

"Yeah, I remember that creep."

"Well, it started when you were out on a date with him."


Dan sat stark naked in front of his new laptop. The Master PC program was absolutely amazing and to think, it really worked! Either that or he was losing it. He had just given himself a complete physical makeover to include a six-pack, a very muscular physique, a handsomer face, and a major enlargement down below... and to think it all became reality by hitting the enter button.

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