Abby's Plan

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: She thought it was the only way to keep her marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .


We weren't the first couple to find ourselves in the situation. Fifteen years married and the passion was lacking. The affection was there and the love making was a little off - down from three or four times a week to twice and usually on Tuesday and Friday - but we were happy together. At least we were until she got her sister involved.

I never did find out how Abby and her sister Jane got on the subject, but one evening Abby said to me:

"Where did the fierce passion go Rob? It used to be that we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Our love making was spontaneous and never on a set schedule. I remember times when you would pull the car over and have me on the back seat on the way home from the grocery store. Remember your dad's birthday party? The one where you pulled me out into the garage and did me on the hood of his car? What happened to us Rob?"

"I guess we grew up Abby. I guess we finally realized what the consequences would be if we were caught on the back seat on the side of the road or the embarrassment we would have caused all concern if someone had come out into the garage and seen us. What happened Abby is that life got in the way and made us grow up."

"Are you saying that you are satisfied with the way things are?"

"If the question is "Am I satisfied with my life" the answer is a most definite yes. If the question is "Would I like a hotter sex life" then the answer to that is also a yes, but how do we do it Abby? Stop and think about why we are where we are. We started out young and carefree, but as time went on there were promotions at work; jobs that required more time, harder work and more responsibility. How many times did you come home from work to find me hot and ready to go only to hear you say:

"Oh God baby, not tonight. I need to go soak in the tub."

"How many times did I come home to find you horny as hell and have to tell that I couldn't because I was just to beat? It hasn't changed any Abs. Since making Division Manager you are putting in sixty or more hours a week and on any given night I can expect to get a phone call from you telling me that you will be working late. And that is if I'm here to take the call. Since my becoming a Regional Manager my hours are as stupidly long as yours. With our schedules we are lucky to get the twice a week that we do get."

"Well honey, I'm not satisfied with things the way they are and I want to do something about it. Jane says that there are a lot of things we can do to put some spark back in our love life."

"Jane says? You are taking relationship advice from a woman who is on her fourth husband? The same Jane who was named as a correspondent in three different divorce cases?"

"At least none of her problems were sexual."

I had to laugh at that. "Abs, all of her problems are sexual. She is having sex with another man and her husband finds out or the wife of the man she was screwing finds out."

"Rob, you stop that right now. We agreed not to talk about Jane and what she does with her life. All I meant when I said none of her problems were sexual is that she has a healthy attitude when it comes to sex and I trust Jane to know about sexual sparks. She told me several things we can do, that I can do, but I guess most of what she said can be boiled down to never saying no."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Just what it says; never say no. If we are driving down the street and I tell you to pull over and get in the back seat you don't say no. If we are at a movie and you put your hand on my leg and start working your way up I don't push your hand away and say, "No rob, not here." If you are in the mood and I'm not I don't say no, but give you the chance to work me into the mood."

"So if I want to make love to you on a picnic table in the park at high noon you won't say no?"

"If that is what you really want to do. We might go to jail, but we will go together. It is a trust thing baby. I have to trust you not to do anything that might hurt us and you will have to trust me to do the same. Bottom line is that we are the ones who let things go stale so we are the ones who have to put the spark back. It isn't a case of finding the time to do things; it is a case of making the time."

"So did Jane give you a game plan?"

"She just told me to stop whining and do something about it."

She stood up and said, "Let's go. I'm going to take you up to the bedroom and suck your dick so hard that your ears will be pulled inside your head and then we will go from there."

It was a long and very enjoyable evening for me and the blow job and furious romp in the morning started my day off just right.

That night something came up at work and I called home and told Abby not to hold dinner for me. When I did get home around nine I found Abby waiting for me in nothing but a pair of high heels. She had a drink in her hand and she handed it to me and said:

"Here lover, sip this to help you relax while I see to it that a certain part of your body doesn't get too relaxed."

She went to her knees in front of me and reached for my zipper. It was the first time I'd been blown just inside my front door; the first time I took my wife on the stairs just inside the front door and the first time I'd made love to a naked lady while I was still fully dressed. Abby waited until it was over before telling me how it felt when the hairs of her pussy kept getting caught in my zipper.

The next morning she woke me with a blow job and when I reached for her she laughed and got off the bed and told me that the blow job was just a preview for what I would get that night.

Abby made sure that things got lively in our bedroom. I did my part. I took her out for dinner and dancing on Saturday and when we left the lounge I drove out to the place that was the local 'lover's lane' when we were dating. We did some serious making out before I told her to move to the back seat.

"I don't know Rob; we haven't been here in years and years and who knows what the cops are like now."

"Wasn't it you who told me about never saying no? About how it didn't matter if we went to jail so long as it was together?"

She grinned and crawled over the seat into the back. She sat next to me on the drive home and played with my cock the whole way. Once in the house it was straight to the bedroom for one more romp before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Over the next month we made love in the Wal-Mart parking lot; Abby blew me as we went through an automatic car wash and I took her dog fashion in the reference section of the local library. The closest we came to having a problem was at one of the local theatres. We were in the back row and Abby was sitting on my lap with my cock well up in her when a man came down the aisle from the other end and sat down beside me. He leaned to me and whispered:

"This is a respectable place and I don't really want to call the cops, but I will if necessary."

He got up and left us alone and Abby quickly got up off my lap. Abby wanted to get up and leave, but I made her stay and watch the rest of the film.

The theatre episode fueled Abby's imagination and she talked me into taking her to an adult theatre to see some x-rated films. The Bluebird was having a nostalgia special, "Deep Throat" and "Behind the Green Door" so on Saturday night I took her to see it. We were five minutes into "Deep Throat" when Abby reached over, unzipped me and took out my cock. I glanced quickly around, but no one seemed to notice as Abby's head went down and took me in her mouth.

Abby gives great head and as she sucked on me I looked around and saw some of the action going on. We were on the rear row of the center section and I could see a couple over in the right section doing what Abby and I had done in the other theatre. Three rows down from us I could see a woman's arm moving as she jacked off the guy sitting next to her and five rows down and in the left section I saw two guys who seemed to be working on each other.

I was leaning back, eyes closed and enjoying the hell out of what Abby was doing to me when I heard a noise in front of us. I opened my eyes and saw two guys move in front of us and sit down. They turned to watch what Abby was doing and she noticed them and pulled off my cock and sat up and when she did they turned and faced the movie screen.

Abby waited a couple of minutes and then she took off her panties, got up from her seat and sat down on my cock facing the movie. She moaned as I slid into her and started fucking her and the two guys turned around to watch. They watched as Abby bounced up and down on me and I heard her moan:

"Oh God baby, they're watching me. I'm being watched fucking you baby; so fucking hot."

I couldn't see her face but the guys in front of me could. I don't know what they saw or thought they saw, but one of them stood up and took out his cock and leaned forward to push it at Abby's face. I put my arms around her and pulled her back tight against me and snarled at the asshole to sit his ass back down. The mood was broken and Abby got off me and a minute later she said she wanted to leave. On the ride home she said:

"I was just getting into it. It was such a kick to be watched. Why did that guy have to go and ruin it?"

I didn't have a clue as to how to answer that and Abby said, "Hurry up and get us home baby. I need to finish what we started."

It ended up being a pretty exhausting night for me.

It was the middle of the week following the adult movie fiasco when Abby said:

"Jane said something else we could try would be role playing."


"Maybe after we go out for dinner you could drop me off at the front door of a lounge, go park the car and then come in and pretend you are picking me up."

We tried it and it seemed to go okay. Abby got turned on by it and she told me about the guy who hit on her before I got there and then she went after my cock like a starving woman. The following Friday night we did it again only that time she asked me to give her a fifteen minute head start.

"I want to see if I can draw a couple of guys that you will have to separate me from."

I gave her the fifteen minutes and when I walked in she was sitting at the bar with three guys standing around her. I watched for about five minutes and when one of the three left to go to the john I walked over and said:

"Hi. I'm Rob and you look like a lady who needs to be rescued. Join me at a table?"

One of the guys looked like he was going to take exception to my butting in, but before he could say anything Abby said:

"I like take charge guys. Sure, why not."

She got off her stool and we moved to a table. We talked, had a few drinks and danced and then I had to go to the bathroom. When I came back she was out on the dance floor with one of the guys who had been with her at the bar. The song ended and she headed back for our table. The band started the next number and before she could get to the table one of the other guys from the bar intercepted her and led her back out onto the dance floor. She ended up dancing with all three of them before returning to the table. As Abby sat down she said:

They want me to go with them to a party."

I didn't say anything and she said, "I told Ben, he's the last one I danced with, that I'm sticking with you because of the size of the lump you keep poking into my leg. He told me that if size was my thing he had nine and a half inches. I laughed and told him that all the guys say that and he offered to show it to me the next time you go to the bathroom."

"I'll just have to make sure that I won't have to go to the bathroom before we get home."

"Oh come on honey; this may be my only chance to see one that big."

"This is role play Abby; where we pretend, remember? Pretend I have ten inches."

"Spoil sport. You probably won't let me go party with them either."

"Good bet Abby."

"You're no fun."

"You want to pull a train Abby? That's what they have planned for you if you go."

"Oh my, wouldn't that be kinky. Would you join in or just watch?"

"We will never know Abby because we won't be there."

She pretended to be pissed and then said, "Oh well, lets get out of here then so I can check out this ten inches you say you have."

To get a good blow job while you are driving down the road you need to push the seat all the way back as far as it will go. Sometimes that makes it hard to reach the pedals, but I managed to get us home safe.

The next weekend on Friday night Abby asked for a thirty minute head start and I told her that I didn't think that was such a good idea; that I wasn't comfortable with the way I had to separate her from the three guys the previous time.

"But that's what makes it so good for me honey. Seeing you see how desirable I am to these other guys and then letting you take me away from them and then take me home and fuck my brains out."

She kept after me until I caved and then I laughingly told her, "No going out to the parking lot to check out dick sizes."

"Oh pooh! There you go again being a party pooper."

I gave her a thirty minute head start and I was not pleased with the result. I walked into the lounge and saw her out on the dance floor with some guy and they were dancing close and the guy had his hand on her ass. What really torqued me was that she made no move to push it away. I took a seat at the bar and watched to see where she would sit when the music stopped.

The song ended and she walked with her dance partner to a table and sat down with him. I wondered how I was supposed to move in on her in that sort of situation and make it seem natural, but I couldn't come up with anything. Trying to cut in on the dance floor would probably get me a "Fuck off buddy" and cause a scene so I decided to wait and see what Abby might do to give me an opening. Half an hour went by and Abby danced three more dances with the guy and each time she allowed his hands to go wherever he wanted to put them and at no time did she ever look my way.

"Time to end this shit" I thought as I got up and headed for the table where the two of them were sitting. I walked up and then sat down on one of the two empty chairs at the table. I smiled at Abby and said:

"How's it going Abs? Looking good as always."

I turned to the guy and offered my hand for a shake. "Rob Turner. I used to date Abbey." He didn't know what to do so he took my hand and as we shook he said, "Jim. Jim Stanton."

"Pleased to meet you Jim. Hey, I don't mean to intrude on you two, but I have what you might call a social obligation here. Like I said, I used to date Abby. The key words here are "used to." The reason that I stopped dating her is that she gave me the clap. I just thought you should know. You all have a good time now."

I got up and returned to my seat at the bar and watched as the two of them talked and I could tell from the facial expressions that it wasn't "sweet talk." After a minute or so Jim stood up, threw a couple of bills down on the table and walked away. Abby looked around and spotted me and I raised my glass in 'salute' and then finished my drink and headed for the car.

I was sitting in the car when Abby came out of the lounge and I flashed the lights a couple of times so she could see where I was parked. She was steamed when she got into the car.

"How could you do that to me? Have you any idea how much you embarrassed me?"

"Pretty good idea, but then you had it coming."

"Why in the world would you say something like that?"

"You were supposed to go in there and take a seat at the bar and put yourself in a position where I could move in on you. No way to do that when you settled in at a table with one guy and then just stayed there. I had limited options and I was pissed with you for what you were letting him do with his hands without even making a token effort to stop him. I think I handled it pretty well. No direct confrontation with the guy, but I got you separated."

"Who knows what he will tell and who he will tell it to. I won't ever be able to go back in there again."

"Oh well, too bad, but I guess it was my fault that things turned out the way they did. I knew that giving you a thirty minute head start wasn't a good idea, but I let you do it anyway."

She said nothing and for the first time since we started these little weekend role playing things Abby did not slide across the seat and sit next to me. When we got home she went straight to bed, pulled the covers over her head and ignored me when I got into bed next to her.

Saturday I had a golf date. We had a ten o'clock tee time and I left the house at nine-fifteen intending to stop on the way to the golf course and get gas and some coffee and donuts on the way. I was a block from the house when the right front tire went flat. I opened the trunk and found that the spare wasn't there and then I remembered loaning it to one of the guys I worked with. We got off work one night and when we got to the parking lot we noticed that he had a flat. He opened his trunk and found that his spare was flat also and since our tires and wheels were the same size I loaned him my spare Abby's car had the same size tire and wheel so I walked back to the house to get her spare.

I went in the front door and was just about to call out for Abby and tell her I needed her keys when I heard her on the telephone in the kitchen.

"--hand on my ass and Rob was watching. I was hot enough to fuck and Jim thought he was on his way to getting some."

I didn't like the sound of that so I didn't move and just stood there and listened.

"No, but he did get his hand half way up my leg while we were sitting at the table."

"Well, maybe a little."

"No. Rob managed to fuck it up for me. I have his phone number, but calling him now won't do any good after the shit Rob pulled."

"I've done everything you have suggested Sis, but Rob just won't loosen up."

"No Sis, not at all."

"No Jane, I'm just going to have to accept that he is a stick in the mud and work around it. He is never going to loosen up and be the man I need him to be."

"Of course I love him. Why else would I be trying so hard to move him to a point where we can do it together? The problem is that he is just too straight."

"Oh yeah. I'm not going to stop. If he doesn't come on board I'm still going to do it alone."

"You think?"

"Okay then, I'll try that this weekend. I'll get with you later on the timing. "(giggle, giggle, giggle) and won't that be a kick."

I backed quietly out of the house and closed the door. I used my cell to call Chuck and tell him that I would have to cancel and then I made a lot of noise opening the front door and going into the house. "Abby?" I called out as I walked in. "In the kitchen honey." As I walked into the kitchen she was saying, "Got to go Jane. Talk to you later."

When she hung up the phone I told her what had happened and told her that I needed the keys to her car so I could get her spare.

"Sorry honey, but I had a flat day before yesterday and my spare is on the left rear of the car. The other tire is at the Goodyear place and I told them I would pick it up Monday. Why don't you call Triple A? We've belonged for years so it's about time we used them."

If I hadn't already overheard her half of the conversation with Jane and become suspicious what she had just told me would have had alarm bells ringing loud and clear. Anything, and I do mean anything, that went wrong with Abby's car was reported to me immediately. I heard about every squeak and rattle -real or imagined - and was expected to look into it. She even came to me with stuff like:

"I think the interior light is going bad. When I open the door the light looks dimmer."

If Abby had a flat I would have heard about it as soon as it happened. For some reason Abby did not want me looking in the trunk of her car. I could have verified that easy enough by saying, "No need to call Triple A. We will just throw my flat in the trunk of your car and take it over to the Texaco station." But I didn't want to push things until I knew more.

I called Triple A and they said it would be about thirty minutes so I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table and sipped it while I waited. As I sipped I thought about what I needed to do. Something smelled rotten her and I was going to find out what it was.

I had a set of keys for Abby's car somewhere in my desk and after Triple A had gone I went looking for them. I dug through my desk drawers until I found them and then waited for what I knew would come. At two Abby asked what I wanted for dinner and I told her that I thought that we would go out for dinner.

Knowing Abby as well as I did I knew what telling her that we would eat out would do. Sure enough, around four, Abby told me that she was going to shower and get ready to go out. As soon as I heard the shower running I hurried out to the garage and opened up the trunk of Abby's car. Sure enough the spare was there and so was an overnight bag. I opened it and found two pairs of high heels, several pairs of nylons and a garter belt. There was also some Astroglide, nine condoms and some frilly under things that I had never seen before including a pearl thong.

It appeared that Abby had a secret life. Well, it wasn't going to stay secret much longer. I put everything back the way I found it and went back into the house.

Abby was still in the shower as I stepped up to the bathroom sink to shave and as I looked at myself in the mirror I considered what I had found out. From the phone conversation I gathered that Abby was running around on me ("I have his phone number, but calling him won't do any good now"). Also from the phone conversation it appeared that whatever she was doing she wanted me to get in on it.

If she was playing around it could only be at certain times. It had to be during the day when she was at work - perhaps long lunches - or on the nights she said she was working late. The only other possibility was on Saturday when she had a standing appointment at Audrey's Hair and Nail Salon. As a betting man I would go for Saturday and the nights she worked late and I would make it my immediate priority to find out.

After dinner and on the way home Abby slid over next to me and started rubbing my cock through my pants. She suggested that I find a nice dark side street where we could park and play on the back seat. I debated, based on what I suspected, on finding some reason not to have sex with Abby, but I reasoned that

(a) It wouldn't be a normal response from me and that might make

her wonder if maybe I was having thoughts she would rather I

didn't have and it might make her more cautious and

(b) If she had picked something up in her travels it had probably

already been passed to me so there wasn't any real reason to

be careful at that point.

But I did make a mental note to make an appointment to be checked out.

I did find a dark side street and we did climb in back. I did give Abby an orgasm and I did cum, but I can't say that I got any real pleasure out of it. My heart wasn't in it and I was pretty much just going through the motions. We had sex once more when we got home and then I fell into a troubled sleep.

Monday at lunch time and armed with some information I got from the guy who does our IT work I went to Radio Shack and purchased a voice activated tape recorder, an external microphone and a pair of small alligator clips. I left work early and went home so I could do what needed to be done before Abby got home.

I plugged the external mike into the recorder and then cut the microphone off. I attached the alligator clips to the two microphone wires and then took the unit down to the basement. I found where the telephone wire came into the house and then slit into the outer casing and found the two colored wires that Sam had told me to look for. I stripped the insulation back on those two wires and attached the alligator clips to the bare wire. If it worked, and Sam assured me that it would, I would have a phone tap that recorded everything that went over that phone line.

I got back upstairs just in time to hear the phone ring and the answering machine pick up the call.

"Hi honey. Working late tonight. Should be home around nine or so. Love you. Bye."

I went back down into the basement and checked the recorder and found out that Sam was right - it had worked like a charm. I fixed myself some dinner and then went looking for the instruction manual for the answering machine. I had never used it, but if memory served me it had a remote call in feature that would allow me to call home, enter a code and hear any messages that were on the machine. I found the manual and wrote down the code and procedure and put it in my wallet and then watched TV until ten to nine. I was in no mood to face Abby so I went to bed and pretended to be asleep when she came to bed.

In the morning while Abby was taking her shower to get ready for work I checked out the trunk of her car. Her overnight bag contained three fewer condoms and that pretty much erased all doubt that I might have had about what my wife was doing. I wasn't sure that I could face Abby that morning and not give away what I was thinking so I got out of the house and headed for work while she was still in the shower.

Starting at four I called home every fifteen minutes and used the remote feature to check for messages. None from Abby, but that wasn't really a surprise since she had never, at least that I could remember, worked two late nights in a row. At five I called home and left a message that I would be working late. I didn't really have anything to do, but I didn't want to go home and spend an evening with Abby pretending that everything was just hunky-dory.

Instead, I went to Maury's and sat at the bar nursing a vodka tonic while I tried to think of what could have happened to turn my wife into a cheating slut. For the life of me I couldn't think of a thing. I hadn't noticed any lack of love or affection over the last few years (and I was making the assumption that her cheating was a recent development) and our life together had been, or seemed to have been very good. No arguments or fights over anything. I thought maybe it could have been the frequency of sex, but that didn't make much sense. All Abby had to do was mention it and it would have changed. After all, wasn't that what had happened over the last couple of months.

Then I had to think about the other part -- what was I going to do? I loved her and had from the first day I met her, but I couldn't think of any set of circumstances that would allow me to accept her infidelity. I just wasn't made that way. She was mine or she wasn't. There was no in between.

I stalled until I thought she would be in bed and asleep before I went home. She was in bed and she was asleep when I got in bed, but as soon as I laid back she rolled over and snuggled in next to me. I suffered through another night of troubled sleep.

In the morning while Abby showered I went down to the basement and check the recorder. I figured that Abby would talk to Jane since I wasn't home last night and I wasn't wrong.

"Hi Sis."

"Hello yourself you slut."

"Is that anyway to talk to your little sister?"

"The truth is the truth Abs. So what do you think of Troy?"

"What do you expect me to say, that I didn't like it? Hell Janie, you watched. How do you think I liked it?"

"Why do you think I called you a slut? If I had taped it we could have made some serious bucks selling it. I've seen professional porn that wasn't as hot. He wants to know when he can see you again."

"Why? Did he like my ass that much?"

"I don't know about him, but you sure went nuts over it. Does Rob do much anal with you?"

"Oh God no. He's never done my ass."

"He think it's disgusting?"

"No, it was me who thought it was disgusting. I've been telling Rob no for years."

"You sure didn't think it was disgusting last night."

"I didn't know what he was doing until he was in me. I guess I kind of got into it huh?"

"Did you ever. You going to let Rob try it now?"

"Hell no! The last thing I need is for him to start wondering why after all these years I want him to fuck my ass. If I get him on board with what I'm doing I'll give all of it he wants."

"Then you better make sure that if he gets on board that you never let him see someone else do you there before he does. If he finds out you have been giving other guys what you won't give him it won't be pretty. You going to let Chuck have it on Saturday?"

"If he wants it."

"Oh he will. He loves going up the Hershey Highway. What should I tell Troy?"

"How about Thursday night?"

"I'll tell him. What's the latest on your plan to get Rob to watch you do another guy?"

"Not making much progress there. Given the way he reacted last weekend I'm beginning to doubt that I can make it happen."

"You still going to try the adult book store thing?"

"Yeah. I love Rob and want him to be on board with me so I have to keep trying."

"Well slut sister; let me know when so I can set it up for you. Someone is at the door so I'll have to let you go. See you Thursday if I don't talk to you before."

"Okay Janie. Love you, bye."

Well, there it was. Not only confirmation that she was a cheating whore, but the answer to the questions of when and where. All that was left for me to do was put and end to it. If there had been even the slightest chance of the marriage surviving and I was honest enough with myself to admit that there wasn't, it would have been crushed by the anal sex thing. I had tried for years just to try it once. I might not have even liked it, but I did want to try it at least once, but I was always met with distain and even outright disgust. But not only could this Troy guy have it, he could even have more of it if he wanted and some shithead named Chuck could have it too if he wanted it. This from a bitch who said she loved me!

I hurried upstairs so I could get out of the house before Abby came down from dressing for work. If ever there was a good time for avoiding the wife that was the time. Nothing good would come out of my speaking to Abby while in the mood I was in right then.

I spent the drive to work making mental lists of what I was going to have to do. First thing would be to see an attorney to get some advice and to set things in motion. There wasn't a lot else that needed to be done. Abby owned the house. It had been left to Jane and her when her parents died and she had bought out Jane. It was a no fault state so basically it would be an even split. Our incomes were comparable so there wouldn't be any alimony. The only arguments would be over who got what out of the household furnishings and things like that. I would take a "possession is nine tenths of the law" stance on that and get what I wanted before the papers were served. The hard part was going to be living with Abby and pretending that everything was all right. To be honest; I wasn't at all sure that I could do that, but I would have to try.

I got out the Yellow Pages and found a divorce attorney close to work and called for an appointment. He had an opening on Wednesday afternoon and I told his receptionist that I would take it. Then I sat at my desk and made a list of what I wanted out of the house. It turned out to be surprisingly little. My clothes, desk and desk chair and computer from my den and my tools and things in the garage. With someone to help me move the desk I could have it all out of the house in an hour.

The list of things to do was just as short. Handle the credit cards, checking and savings accounts and having my name removed from the gas, electric and phone accounts. I would need to change the beneficiary on my insurance and get change of address cards out to everyone I could think of.

I used the 'working late' excuse to avoid Abby that night, but she was waiting up for me when I got home and she wanted to make love. To have said no would have been out of character so I fucked her. I didn't make love to her, I fucked her. I treated her like anyone of the bar pickups I'd had before we got married. It seemed to be good enough for her and when I came I rolled over and pretended to go to sleep.

In the morning I checked the recorder but there was nothing of interest on it. My appointment with the lawyer went pretty much as expected. Everything would be split fifty/fifty and the house was exempt although I could try and recover what ever I had put into the house, but he advised against it saying that it would just complicate what could be a quick divorce. He went on and covered the various scenarios that could take place if Abby contested the divorce. I told him that it was highly unlikely that she would and then he suggested filing under irreconcilable differences because that filing, uncontested, would shoot through the courts and things would be over in a matter of months. A contested filing would take longer as would a filing of infidelity contested or uncontested. I told him to go ahead and do the paperwork for irreconcilable differences and then call me when they were ready to be served.

When I got back to the office I called home and used the remote feature to check for messages and there were none from Abby telling me that she would be working late. I had to go home since it would not have been normal for me to work too many late nights. Either Abby had gotten enough the night before or she was saving up for Troy the next day because she made no move to have sex that night and I didn't go after her on my own.

Thursday morning I checked the recorder, but all that was there was a short call from Jane telling Abby that Troy would be there when she got there Thursday evening. At four Thursday afternoon I checked the answering machine and at four-thirty there was one from Abby telling me that she would be working late. At five-twenty I was parked where I could see Jane's front door and at five thirty-five I watched as Abby pulled up, parked and then got her overnight case out of her trunk and then she went inside Jane's place.

I didn't really need to be there since I knew from the recorder what was going on, but I'm the kind of guy who likes to make sure he has his facts straight, his 'eyes' dotted and his 'tees' crossed and so the need for visual confirmation. As the door closed behind Abby I started the car and headed for home.

I was in bed when Abby got home and I just mumbled and lay there when she shook me and asked:

"Are you awake baby? I'm horny honey; are you awake?"

I pretended to be asleep and finally she got undressed and got in bed and snuggled up to me. I laid there wondering if she got a charge out of coming home and giving me used pussy.

Abby woke me with a blow job the next morning and when she had me hard enough she climbed on and rode me while I tried hard not to think of the fact that just twelve hours earlier someone else had been in her faithless, cheating cunt. I decided that the only way I was going to be able to make it until I hit Abby with the divorce papers was to just think of her as nothing but a cum receptacle - a place to dump my juices.

I called home and left a message that I would be late, but Abby was waiting for me when I got home and she wanted to fuck. We fucked twice and then on Saturday she left the house to go to her standing appointment at the beauty parlor. I wondered if she went before or after she went to Jane's. Did she get herself beautiful for Chuck (or whomever) or did she get herself all dolled up after she fucked.

As soon as she was gone I went down to the basement and checked the recorder. I knew she would have talked to Jane the previous evening since I didn't come home until late.

"Hi Sis."

"Hi yourself you sexy bitch."

"Hey Sis, all I was doing was following your lead."

"Tomorrow night still on?"

"Unless for some reason Rob says no."

"Why would he do that?"

"He's probably still pissed over what happened last weekend."

"He hasn't said anything, has he?"

"No, but I know him and I know he hasn't forgotten it."

"In that case how are you going to work it?"

"Just tell him that I want to go out for dinner and then drinks and dancing after. He will probably balk, but I'll tell him that I don't want to play pretend like the last couple of times. Just him and me and no games and he will probably go along with it."

"Okay. Call me just before you leave the club and I'll call Mike, Chuck and Paul and let them know. Remember, the next to last booth on the left. Chuck will be in the end booth and Mike in the next booth to make sure that it is available for you when you get there. Paul will be in the aisles talking to Mike on his cell and he will let him know when you walk in. Mike will then leave the booth so you can have it. Chuck is going nuts over the fact that you might be able to play with his cock while Rob watches. What do you think Rob will do?"

"No idea, but there are only two choices, right? He either lets me or he doesn't. If he let's me I'm one step closer to having him do what I want."

"Okay sister slut, let's hope for the best. Can you get loose Monday or Tuesday? Troy and Mike want to double team you again."

"How about Paul? You going to let me have him so I can try three at once?"

"If you want Abs. I'm sure that he will go along. He couldn't take his eyes off you last night when you took on Troy and Mike."

"Have you thought anymore about the gangbang? I really do want to try at least one."

"Give me a number Abs."

"How about six?"

"Tell me when."

"Let's see how tomorrow night goes with Rob."

"Any thoughts to the next step?"

"If tomorrow goes all right I'll do it the next weekend."

"Isn't that a little quick? Shouldn't you spend a little more time softening Rob up?"

"I really don't have all that much more time Janie. Rob isn't stupid. Sooner or later he is bound to figure out what is going on. If I'm to have any chance at all of hanging on to him it has to be by getting him involved before he finds out on his own."

"You could always stop what you are doing Abs."

"No I can't Sis; now that I've found out how big of a slut I am I'll never be able to quit. I love Rob and I don't want to live my life without him, but I won't be able to live without what I've been getting at your place lately so my only hope is to get Rob involved."

"I'm sorry baby sister; I'm sorry that I got you in this jam."

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