Cruel Intentions

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Like the title says

Jake stretched out on the bed in the motel cabin where he was staying for the weekend. He was pushing into his mid thirties but still had a rugged chiselled look that caught some women's attention. He was a little taller than average 5ft8, average built and a fairly average life.

He had his own business on the outskirts of the city, but even that would get a little stressful, so every so often he'd retreat to a different part of town and stay at a cheap motel-- just like he was tonight.

There wasn't much on the small TV the room provided but somehow he'd managed to get a porn channel. Laying back on the bed in shorts and t-shirt he thought he's watch some just to kill time.

The scene was very hot. A petite woman with fiery red hair was sucking on a cock whilst being pounded in the ass. The screen only showed the woman's face and body as well as the pleasure she was receiving and giving. Jake felt a familiar stirring in his crotch, but continued to watch. The scene changed and this time the men switched places. Again the woman was being pounded in the ass whilst sucking the other man's cock.

Jake watched as the woman's tits bounced with incredible force from the fucking. By now he had a tent in his shorts, and his own dick was straining so bad to get free that it hurt. Never taking his eyes of the red-head he pulled his shorts down off his hips and the glans popped into view. Grabbing hold of the shaft he freed his throbbing dick and began to vigorously stroke himself. Pre-cum was quickly forming on at the tip and using it as lubrication he stroked himself with it in time with the man pounding her ass.

The scene went on for another ten minutes and Jake had to stop himself from coming several times. He wished the woman was in his room doing all those things to him especially fucking her curvy ass. From the rapid movements of the guy's hips he could tell he was about to come and starting to pump his hand faster too. Suddenly the screen went black but he was too far gone to notice, throwing his head back and with a groan, Jake exploded. Spurt after spurt of thick streams of cum onto his belly.

Recovering from the intense orgasm, he looked down to see that his dick hadn't fully subsided. "Oh man I need some pussy and fast" he thought.

He jumped out of bed and cleaned himself before changing into a shirt and jeans to head out and find someone for the night. Not being with a woman on a long term basis had its problems. But right now this was the last thing on his mind. His only thought was getting a fine piece of ass and releasing all his sexual tensions into every orifice she had to offer.

He stopped in front of a run down bar. It must've been the fifth he'd been to and still no luck. Walking into the smoky atmosphere he scanned the room and something immediately caught his eye. Standing at the corner of the bar was a woman with deep red ringlets. From what he could see she had a body to die for and that was only the rear view. Walking closely towards her, he tried to get a better view.

Since she didn't turn around, he walked up her and said "hi". The girl turned around. "Hey there stranger," she winked. The girl didn't look older than 18 or 19, but her eyes transmitted years of experience. She was shorter than him at 5'3", and she was hot. She resembled a sexier version of the woman on the TV; he just hoped she'd agree to go off with him for the night.

"Looking for fun sweetie?" Jake asked groping her ass for her to understand him implicitly.

"Depends on what you've to offer," she replied eyeing him and lingering on his crotch.

"How about 200 for the night and I get to fuck you anyway I like," he casually asked.

"How about 200 and you can fuck my mouth and cunt, but not my ass?" She replied before taking another sip of the cheap drink.

Jake thought about it, he'd hoped to fuck her everywhere, but maybe he could work on that once they were alone.

"My car's outside, let's go" he finally said.

"Are you forgetting something" she asked with her hand out.

"Here" putting the money discretely into the palm of her hand.

Gulping down the last part of her cheap drink, she took her purse and followed him. Whilst getting into his car, she told him that her name was Cassie, and she didn't usually do this sort of thing, but she had tried everything else at least once in her life.

Though the drive was not very long, her hand wandered onto his thigh and headed towards his crotch. She just made out the outline of his semi-hard dick and slowly began to rub it up and down before bending her head forward.

"Whoa there, girl, I'm driving. I know you want some of this, but we both need to be alive," he told her.

Stepping into the room, Cassie switched on the table lamp and began to strip from her tight little red dress. She had a body to die for. Nice firm tits, flat belly and toned legs. She was only wearing a thong when she walked up to Jake and began to go down on her knees very slowly.

Jake watched with great anticipation as the girl began to unbuckle his belt and undo his fly before pulling his jeans off over his hips. Since he was in a hurry to leave he hadn't bothered with any underwear. His semi-hard dick came into view. Without wasting time she engulfed it.

The heat of her mouth made him groan from the back of his throat. She didn't seem to have a problem taking him inside her mouth until he felt the back of her throat. Before she took him in deeper, she pulled him back out. Her tongue worked on him in frenzy, touching all the sensitive areas that would bring him close to cumming.

Winding her ringlets through his fingers, he managed to bring her head right to his crotch so that he was balls deep in her throat before fucking her face like an animal. She didn't seem to have a problem with his action and moaned around his dick as the speed increased. With the combination of her mouth and tongue Jake realised how close he was to the edge and rocked his hips faster and faster until his balls tightened up and he felt himself cumming deep in her throat. She didn't miss a beat as she swallowed his cum as fast as it came.

When he felt that she'd milked his cock, he pushed her off roughly and continued to undress.

"Man that was good" he said more to himself than to her.

She definitely knew how to blow a man despite being so young. Her youthful body looked tempting enough to eat, but he dismissed that idea. Tonight he was the one getting the pleasure. He jumped on the bed and grabbed hold of her thong and pulled it off her hips, down her thighs before discarding it on the heap of clothing.

She spread her thighs slowly. Her neatly trimmed bush indicated that she was a natural red-head. He kissed her thighs and up her body to her tits before turning her over onto her hands and knees. She grabbed hold of the rails of the brass bed frame and braced herself as he nudged the tip of his cock inline with her slick cunt.

With one powerful thrust he was in her. She grunted at the feeling of fullness and the pain of his near dry entry. Her walls were like hot gloves holding him in and caressing his shaft. Grabbing hold of her hips he began to pound into her with wild abandon. His one aim was to cum again. He could see her tits bounce from the fucking, but didn't make any attempt to fondle them just yet.

She moved her hand down to her clit and began to rub it fast. As her orgasm neared she could sense his was close too. However her's was quicker and before she knew it she exploded around him followed by his own. He was moaning right into her ear as her pussy milked him dry once more.

Pulling out of her abruptly he rolled over so that he lay on his back.

"Suck me" he commanded. Since she was being paid he left her with little choice.

The whole process began again, he was more sensitive now after the incredible fuck, but he still enjoyed her ministrations. Her tongue cleaned up their mixed juices before taking him in again. He closed his eyes as her mouth worked on him again.

However he didn't want to come in her throat again, so he pulled her off and grabbed her hips. As if reading his mind, Cassie swung one leg over his hip and slowly lowered her cum-soaked cunt over his hard dick. Inch by inch she sank down until he was balls deep, but this time she took her time as she was sensitive too from her previous orgasm.

He watched her tits bounce with every move her hips made. She clenched her pussy walls every so often making it deliciously painful. Reaching out Jake pinched her nipples making her squirm and wriggle. He backed off every once in a while as he wanted this sensation to last longer.

After ten minutes of lazy fucking he thrust his cock up hard into her. Doing this brought a familiar churning in his balls so he began to move faster and harder. Grabbing hold of her tits he used it as leverage until they both exploded simultaneously.

She rolled off him and fell into an exhausted heap. She was grateful when he offered her sleep. Pulling the blanket over them they drifted off.

Jake woke up to a hand fondling his sleeping cock. He smiled lazily as the girl used all her skills to awaken him. He didn't attempt to move even as he felt her hot breath before she engulfed him once again, all the way into her throat. He tried to lie perfectly still, but her mouth was driving him crazy. Grabbing hold of her head he began to thrust his hips upwards making her gag, but she handled his movements well.

Jake contemplated as to whether he wanted to cum in her mouth or her cunt, but the decision was made for him as she lifted her mouth off and resumed her position over his dick before sliding down on it. He noticed she wasn't as slick as before which implied she'd gotten up and cleaned herself. He preferred it like this as it would make the fucking more painful for her.

He noticed the morning sun creeping up and wanted to make the most of it. After a couple of minutes in this position, he pulled her off and rolled her over onto her hands and knees again. As he came up behind her, he coated the tip of his cock with her juices before moving up and rubbing it across her asshole. She wriggled slightly and he took it as an invitation. He started to push in, but she bucked him off.

"I said I don't do anal" she said, with slight panic in her voice.

He got back behind her and lined his dick with her pussy and pushed in hard. He began to fuck her much harder this time causing her to grunt in pain. He was so pent up that he wanted to punish her for not allowing him to fulfil his fantasy-after all that's why he'd gone looking for her.

He fucked her harder and harder, the whole bed was shaking. Then he threw his head back and thrust in hard before releasing jets of hot cum into her abused cunt. He didn't even let her climax, just pulled out and watched his cum slid down her thighs. She'd been a great fuck.

He headed off to have a shower. She stayed still until he left. His actions had frightened her a little and had it not been for feeling so sore she'd use the opportunity to get dressed and get the hell out before he could hurt her again.

Just as she was getting up to get her clothes, he walked out with a towel around his waist.

"Leaving already" he smirked.

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